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October 23, 2013 | Volume 12 Issue 16



A Newsletter Publication of First United Methodist Church, Jackson, Tennessee

Sunday, November 3

October 27th Celebration Sunday

Jackson FUMC is hosting

“A Call to All” with Bishop McAlilly

Bring your 2014 Giving Card and Time and Talents Survey to worship

November 3rd 5:00-7:30 p.m. Clayton Hall

Everyone will have the opportunity to bring cards forward during the worship services. Children will sing in both 8:55 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. services. Following the 11:00 a.m. service at the downtown campus, come to the gym for a complimentary Sunday Brunch. Brunch Menu: • Shrimp and grits • Egg casserole • Bacon • Fresh fruit • Biscuits, muffins, and croissants • Pancake Station with all the toppings • Orange juice, coffee, milk, tea

Nursery will be provided and a special gathering of children who attend will be participating in some creative ways.

“Reflections on My Journey of Belief” Hear guest speaker

Dr. R. Kirby Godsey Sunday, Nov. 3, 10 a.m.

during the Sunday School hour All are invited

Clayton Hall


st Things First

Dr. Godsey, author of “When We Talk About God…Let’s Be Honest,” is a noted scholar with doctorates in philosophy and theology.

All Saints Sunday, November 3

d Giving an Guide to Card of Giving Estimate

The church gathers in worship to remember and honor those who have passed away in the last year.


Giving 201

t Church

d Methodis

First Unite

Register at






First Edition October 23, 2013


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CONFIRMAND READER My name is Leonardo DeLaCerda. I was born in Nashville, TN on April 9, 2002. I have three brothers and one sister. I go to school at North Parkway Middle School. I am in the sixth grade. I am planning to play soccer at school. My favorite hobbies are playing soccer and hanging around outside. I hope I do great in the sixth grade confirmation class of 2014 with Mrs. Tracy Adams and Mrs. Kelly Nye.

Download the free Jackson FUMC app today! • Sermons • Newsletters • Calendar • Event Sign-up • and more! Nursery Says Farewell to Dedicated Nursery Employee Lance Hare will be leaving us to move to Nashville this week. He will be joining the Williamson County School System as a Special Ed. Assistant at Allendale Elementary in Spring Hill, TN. Lance has been a lifetime member of FUMC. As a faithful employee in our nursery since 2004, he has been wonderful to work with and loved by the children! We will miss Lance greatly and will always appreciate his dedication over the past nine years!

Lance Hare

25 Books Every Christian Should Read by Jennifer Trently

During his lifetime, John Wesley compiled a list of 100 books that he believed all Christians should read. Borrowing from this idea, Renovaré, a ministry dedicated to helping people live a life with God through the process of Spiritual Formation, published the book, 25 Books Every Christian Should Read. These books were selected by Renovaré and a specially created editorial board that includes such writers and teachers as Richard Rohr, Richard Foster, Phyllis Tickle and Dallas Willard. If you have ever felt intimidated when looking at a copy of Augustine’s Confessions or when someone talked about the discipline of spiritual reading and study; then 25 Books Every Christian Should Read: A Guide to the Essential Spiritual Classics; is a great place for you to start. This book not only contains excerpts from each of these 25 classic books but also notes and study questions for each excerpt. 25 Books Every Christian Should Read opens with a foreword by Chris Webb President of Renovaré which leads into an introduction that provides a reader with a description of the process of how and why the 25 books were chosen. As a bonus; at the end of the book there is a contemporary authors section in which they have selected living authors whom they recommend. A description of each author and his/her recommended works is given. Each of the twenty-five chapters follow the same format; there is an introduction about the book, some explanation about why

reading this work is essential and how to read it followed by the excerpt of the work and then study question perfect for individual or group study. Also, throughout the book the various members of the editorial board share their top five personal favorites that they would recommend for spiritual reading. Since the 25 chapters are each excerpts of different works; they did not have to be read in any order making it more enjoyable. For example if you found Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton particularly taxing; you could then jump to read the excerpt of The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri J.M. Nouwen. Then perhaps you might go back and read an excerpt from The Rule of St. Benedict followed by C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. This book is available in paperback, kindle and epub formats. In 416 pages, the reader will gain a vast knowledge of some of the best literature representing the various streams and traditions with Christianity. I personally purchased the book in order to study some of the famous works that I found intimidating but I love it also for its excerpts of some of my favorite Christian Classics that I have read in their entirety including A Testament of Devotion by Thomas Kelly and The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton. The book is a very worthwhile investment not only to provide you with a challenge in your reading but access to a range of spiritual classics without having to buy all of the books. Julian of Norwich, Augustine, Gerald Manley Hopkins, John Calvin and Teresa Avila are among those whose works are included along with those previously mentioned. The rest... well, you will just have to read the book to discover them.

page 3 First Edition October 23, 2013

Wednesday Evening Fellowship (WEF) Downtown Campus • 200 S. Church St. Dinner 4:45 p.m. • Clayton Hall $6 Adults, $4 Children, $20 Family Max. Classes/Activities 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

New Classes Through Nov 20 Move Those Muscles! FUMC Gym Leader: Mia Moore A Strength Training / Fitness course for men & women. Working through a series of high and low impact challenges and exercises, Mia will have you working hard and wanting more! Mia will customize workouts based on the fitness level and needs of individual participants as well as the group. Ms. Moore is an AAAI certified personal trainer and is certified as a group fitness instructor from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Cost: $5 per class or $20 for a 5 week course. Social Media Outreach Room: 119 - Family Life Forum Leader: Summer Paris, Public Relations, Younger Associates Join the Evangelism committee and Communications team to learn about social media and the ways that we can best utilize it for the church. The first two sessions will be led by Younger Associate, Summer Paris, who will explore ways that social media can be used in our church. The final three sessions will be a time to develop a lay-led system for incorporating social media into the life of communication for the church.

Ongoing Studies Through November 20th When We Talk About God... Let’s Be Honest Room: 118 - Religion for Life Leaders: Lane Camp, Rev. Paul Eubanks, Rev. Paul Clayton, Andrea Woods Participants will be asked to read the book, make notes, and come together for honest and thoughtful discussion about sometimes sensitive issues of the Christian faith. Books are available for $20 in Disciple Hall Isaiah Room: 109 - Genesis Leader: David Hollis In this study we will examine the book’s historical setting, features of Hebrew poetry and prophecy, and connections with a significant amount of New Testament material. Weekly reading and study is expected for this in-depth course. Soul Sister’s Presents: Namesake Leader: Inge Poole Room: 117 - Upper Room In this two part series, explore the transformational power of God through the stories of Biblical characters who met God, and discover how God offers an identity that shines with the purpose for which you were created.

Soul Sisters

Andrews Chapel Study Continues Through Nov. 20 Created for Community - Christian Basics

Leader: Dan Camp An overview of the timeless truths of Christianity and their intersection with our current “high-tech, frenzied” 21st century world.

Appreciation The Communion Committee would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Jim Price for their donation of antique silver bowls for serving the communion bread. They were used in this month’s communion service and made a beautiful contribution to the communion table. Pam McCarty Communion Committee

GIVING OPTIONS Automatic bank draft Automatic bank draft is the easiest and most effective giving option for both you and the church. 1. Reinforces your commitment to give to God first, 2. Reduces the cost of processing your gift, and 3. Reduces the cost of mailing envelopes and postage. Contact Charlene at the church office to set up. New! Prefer PAYPAL? Just click Online Giving under the Giving Tab on the website or use your phone app on the QR codes below! SCAN HERE to give to the FUMC Operating Fund

SCAN HERE to donate to Capital Improvements at the Downtown Campus SCAN HERE to donate to Capital Improvements at the Andrews Chapel Campus

page 4 First Edition October 23, 2013

Annual Charge Conference November 12 • 6:30 PM Clayton Hall Devotion by Dr. Richard Clark

Tuesdays & Thursdays

4:15-5:15 p.m.

FUMC Gym Leader: Pam McCarty Cost: $5/session

District Superintendent


Altar Guild Memorials

First Church Altar Guild is now accepting memorials and honoraria for use in decorating the church during the Advent season. If you would like to make a gift in memory or honor of a loved one, please mail or bring your contribution to the church office by Friday, December 6. Names will be listed in the Christmas Newsletter, December 11, and the Sunday bulletin, December 22. Please mark your check “Christmas decorations” and include a note with the name(s) as you would like them to appear. Contributions may be sent to: FUMC, Attn. Jacki Hoveskeland, 200 South Church St., Jackson, TN 38301. If you have any questions, please call Jacki at the church office, 422-4002 or email

Men of all ages welcomed!

Prayer Breakfast

Tuesday, October 29 7:00-8:00 AM Breakfast Donation $5 Clayton Hall

Guest speaker: Deputy Chief of Police Barry Michaels “Gang Violence in Jackson”

Recreation News Marilynn Eblen,

The Rebekah Circle Nov. 11 • 10:00 a.m. Hosted by Carolyn Clayton 5 Ridgefield Place

World Thanks Service Co-hostess: Doris Eubanks

Youth Church League Basketball 2014 Sign up NOW!

Sign up at gym office or e-mail

Sign up deadline: November 15, 2013

Registration/Jersey Fee: $60.00* (* $25.00 reimbursement with returned jersey at end of season)

Teams: 1. Boy’s High School 2. Girl’s High School 3. Boy’s Middle School 4. Girl’s Middle School Coaches needed See Marilynn for info!

Games start January, 2014 Season ends mid-March

First Edition October 23, 2013 page 5

Adult Opportunities Pam Jaco,

IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Sign up by Nov. 25 and save $250!


“The Transformative Nature of Art”

Adult Council of FUMC presents...

France Magnifique

presented by

Lendon Noe

Local artist, art teacher, and designer Artist/teacher at the Noe School of Art Program 11:00 a.m. • Luncheon 12:00 noon Clayton Hall • $6.00/person

Departing April 24, 2014 ...come experience “April in Paris”

For reservations, call the church office at 422-4002 or sign up online at by Noon, November 11.

Interested? Contact Pam Jaco, 422-4002 or

Thursday, December 5 The Orpheum Theatre presents

Sister Act the Musical -Gloriously Broadway -Featuring all the original music -Ridiculously fun

Sav e the dat e!

Dinner in downtown Memphis prior to the production

Call the church office to reserve a ticket (422-4002) or email

First Edition October 23, 2013

Dresses for Haiti “Sew-In”

page 6

“The Current” Youth

Open to 7th-12th graders

Mary Beth Bernheisel,

y a H e h t BARF in iend

r F l a e R Bring a 7 2 r e b o t c O

Meet at the church at 5:00 p.m. or Frank Lawrence’s at 5:30 p.m. Prizes for best individual and group costumes. Dinner & s’mores over the campfire. Will return to the church by 8:00 p.m.

FUMC members, Robert and Karen Hopper will be returning to Haiti in January 2014 and taking dresses on their Medical Mission trip.

Junior/Senior High Retreat Deadline is October 25

Text, email, or call Mary Beth, 422-4002 or

Friday, November 8, 2013

Youth Day is November 9 (Deadline to sign up is November 3)

6:00 - 10: 00 PM

Text, email, or call Mary Beth, 422-4002 or We still need parents to help!

FUMC Mezzanine • You can sew? Awesome! Bring your sewing machine if you can and any of your cool sewing stuff. • Can’t sew? We will find a way for you to be a part of this amazing experience. Bring a snack and sewing stuff if you have it. Come ready to have a good time doing good! For more information:

Music Notes

Darian Krimm, Director of Music and Worship Arts

Sing for Christmas

All are welcome to sing with the Sanctuary Choir for their annual presentation of Carols & Candles. This treasured FUMC tradition features carols old and new with music by choir and orchestra. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. If you’d like to be a part this year, please contact Darian Krimm (422-4002 or and help us celebrate the season!

First Awakening Band

We are blessed to have a talented band to lead worship in our 8:55 a.m. First Awakening worship service. The band is looking for a few more members. Do you play electric or acoustic guitar, keyboards or piano? If so, maybe you’d consider sharing your talents and joining the FA band? Experienced players should contact Darian Krimm ( or Luke Woodruff ( for more details.

page 7 First Edition October 23, 2013

Service of Calendar subject to change. Please call the church office, 422-4002 or Prayer & Healing check the calendar at November 6

Calendar of Events

Sunday, October 27 8:30 AM Andrews Chapel Service 8:55 AM First Awakening Service 9:00 AM St. Luke’s Search Committee 10:00 AM FUMC Sunday School 11:00 AM Traditional Service 12:00 PM Celebration Sunday Brunch 3:00 PM Childrens Council Meeting 5:00 PM BARF in the Hay

Monday, October 28 9:00 AM Kids @ First Parents Day Out 9:30 AM Monday Mission Group 4:00 PM Hub Club 5:30 PM Staff Parish Relations Committee Meeting 5:30 PM Sr. Olympic Basketball 7:00 PM Boy Scout Meeting 7:30 PM Men’s Basketball Tuesday, October 29 7:00 AM UMM Prayer Breakfast 10:30 AM Note Writing Ministry 12:00 PM Canstruction - RIFA Luncheon 4:15 PM Zumba

Sunday, November 3 - All Saints Sunday 5:00 PM Junior/Senior High Retreat 8:30 AM Andrews Chapel Service 8:55 AM First Awakening Service with Communion 10:00 AM Dr. Kirby Godsey Sunday School Speaker 10:00 AM FUMC Sunday School 11:00 AM Traditional Worship Service with Communion 5:00 PM “A Call For All” with Bishop McAlilly Monday, November 4 9:00 AM Kids @ First Parents Day Out 5:30 PM Sr. Olympic Basketball 6:30 PM Youth Ministry Committee 7:00 PM Boy Scout Meeting 7:30 PM Men’s Basketball Tuesday, November 5 7:00 AM Men’s Weekly Bible Study 4:15 PM Zumba

Wednesday, October 30 9:00 AM Kids @ First Parents Day Out 10:00 AM Pastors’ Bible Study 2:30 PM Hub Club 3:30 PM WINGS 3:30 PM Kids Open Gym 4:00 PM Confirmand Scripture Reading Practice 4:45 PM Wednesday Evening Fellwoship (WEF) Dinner - Downtown Campus 5:00 PM WEF - Andrews Chapel Dinner 5:45 PM Andrews Chapel Campus Class 6:00 PM WEF - Strength Training Fitness Course for Men / Women 6:00 PM Handbell Rehearsal 6:00 PM WEF-”Study on Isaiah” 6:00 PM WEF”-When We Talk About God, Let’s Be Honest” 6:00 PM WEF-Social Media Outreach 6:00 PM WEF-Soul Sisters presents: Namesake Bible Study 6:00 PM Youth WEF 6:00 PM First Awakening Practice 7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir

Wednesday, November 6 9:00 AM Kids @ First Parents Day Out 10:00 AM Pastors’ Bible Study 11:15 AM Faithful Folders for Newsletter 12:00 PM Noon Worship “A Service of Prayer and Healing” 3:30 PM WINGS 3:30 PM Kids Open Gym 3:45 PM Brownies-Daisies (Troop 43088) 4:00 PM Confirmand Scripture Reading Practice 4:45 PM Wednesday Evening Fellwoship (WEF) Dinner - Downtown Campus 5:00 PM WEF- Andrews Chapel Dinner 5:45 PM Andrews Chapel Campus - Class 6:00 PM WEF - Strength Training Fitness Course for Men / Women 6:00 PM Handbell Rehearsal 6:00 PM WEF-”Study on Isaiah” 6:00 PM WEF”-When We Talk About God, Let’s Be Honest” 6:00 PM WEF-Social Media Outreach 6:00 PM WEF-Soul Sisters presents: Namesake Bible Study 6:00 PM Youth WEF 6:00 PM First Awakening Practice 7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir

Thursday, October 31 4:15 PM Zumba 5:30 PM Sr. Olympic Basketball

Thursday, November 7 4:15 PM Zumba 5:30 PM Sr. Olympic Basketball

Friday, November 1 12:00 PM First Friday Forum 5:00 PM Junior/Senior High Retreat

Friday, November 8 11:00 AM Grandmother’s LAP 6:00 PM Dresses for Haiti Sew-In

Saturday, November 2 5:00 PM Junior/Senior High Retreat 1:30 PM Birthday Party

Saturday, November 9 9:00 AM Youth Day


NOON 1st WEDNESDAY EACH MONTH The Wesley Sunday School Class invites anyone interested

Guest speaker Jerry Gilbert

will contrast the Faust Legend and the movie “Cabin in the Sky”

November 17 10:00 a.m. Room 120

Jerry, a professor of history at Jackson State Community College, is a member of the renowned classical music "Gilbert Family." Alan Gilbert is currently conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. And Noel Gilbert was conductor of the Germantown Symphony. Henry Harrison, Wesley Sunday School Class Teacher.

Connect with FUMC

Like us on Facebook FUMC Jackson TN

page 8 First Edition October 23, 2013

A Conversation With Loved Ones

Mission Corner David Hollis,

Sunday, Nov. 10th 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. Downtown Campus, Clayton Hall Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this discussion of crucial questions every family faces about end of life planning. A team of health and legal practitioners will provide valuable guidance and resources. Most of us avoid having a conversation about these issues with the people we love. Through this event, the Stephen Ministry of Jackson First United Methodist Church hopes to help people have conversations about care at the end of life, death, and their final wishes related to this life. The goal is to help people have these conversations in a more normal way - particularly while they are healthy and not facing dire circumstances. The three-hour session utilizes materials produced by the Church Health Center, including a video and a document called "Five Wishes". Through these resources, along with table dialogue and discussion by a panel of health and legal practitioners on different end of life issues, participants will learn how to share their own wishes with people who will walk alongside them when they face decisions. The Panel: Rev. David Hollis Kippy Miller, M.D. (retired) Tharon Kirk, R.N. (retired) Wes Clayton, Attorney at Law The Schedule: 1:45-2:00 p.m. Gathering 2:00-2:15 p.m. Welcome and Worship 2:15-2:45 p.m. Introduction and DVD 2:45-3:15 p.m. Table Discussion 3:15-3:30 p.m. Break (with light refreshments) 3:30-4:15 p.m. Panel Discussion 4:15-4:45 p.m. Table Discussion 4:45-5:00 p.m. Closing

Sponsored by Stephen Ministry

April 26-May 2, 2014 F U M C Mission Trip haitimissiontripFUMCjackson

Questions? Contact Susan Crocker at 731-267-7238

Recently an informal meeting was held at FUMC about the Haiti Mission Trip scheduled for April 2014. Debbie Curry, guest speaker shared with the group about her first experience going to Haiti with the Union Women's Basketball team. It was inspiring, funny, honest and truly uplifting! Her talk really got all of us so excited about the mission trip! We currently have twelve folks signed up to go. Here is where YOU come in... Please take time to prayerfully consider joining us on this amazing adventure...your life will never be the same! It has been a LONG time since our church has gone on a foreign mission trip... now is YOUR chance! Sign-up by January 5, 2014. Get your passport ready and join in the fun!! It will change your life! Contact Susan Crocker if you have any questions. Joy will be found in serving... let's serve well today, friends! Lorie White, Mission Education (

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works..." Ephesians 2:10

Reelfoot Rural Ministries Jubilee Celebration Sunday, October 27 • 3:00 p.m. Ellington Hall at Reelfoot

A celebration of the 50 year history and mission work of Reelfoot featuring Bishop McAllily, speaker. For more information, contact David Hollis at 422-4002, or

page 9 First Edition October 23, 2013

Soul Sisters

Pastors’ Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Women’s Ministries Mary Beth Bernheisel,

led by David Hollis 10:00-11:00 a.m. Room 119, Family Life Forum

“We have forgiveness for our failures based on God’s overflowing grace, poured over us with wisdom and understanding”

Ephesians 2:8

2014 Women’s Retreat

On the Right Track January 25-26, 2014 Victory Ranch Early Bird Registration Before January 1: $99 After January 1: $110

Soul Sisters

Register at or call the church 731-422-4002

This class will be similar to the course on Isaiah offered on Wednesday Evenings. See the WEF Fall brochure for class description.

Men’s Ministries

5:15-6:00 PM Mezzanine

Soul Sisters

Grab a plate of dinner and share your thoughts on the book of the month.

Book Club

“The Quilt”

November 27

by Gary Paulsen

Books available at Books-a-Million, The Book Lady, and

Soul Sisters presents

A Christmas Lights Sleigh Ride in our FUMC holiday bus All women are invited for a ride around Jackson looking at Christmas lights. We end with North pole desserts and eggnog at the church.

Tuesday, Dec 10th 6:00-8:00 p.m.

The Book of Isaiah

Men’s Tuesday Bible Study

Enjoy a cup of coffee and discussion Meets every Tuesday 7:00-7:45 a.m. Room 206, Conference Room near Clayton Hall Leader: Dave Bratcher

FUMC FOUNDATION Meet at the church ready to ride at 6:00 p.m. We return at 8:00 p.m. RSVP Dec 8th, so the Elves have plenty of desserts!

“Without proper estate planning, neither your church nor any charity can receive gifts from your estate. Be sure your estate planning is up to date. Do you know who your heirs will be? Is your church a beneficiary of your estate?” To learn more about FUMC’s Foundation and Planned Giving, contact Jim Scott, Chairman. 668-4775 or e-mail





First United Methodist Church 200 South Church Street Jackson, Tennessee 38301 Address Service Requested (731) 422-4002 A Stephen Ministry Congregation A Safe Sanctuaries Congregation

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FUMC Jackson TN

Sunday Morning Worship FUMC Downtown Services:

Andrews Chapel Services:

Celebration Brunch following David Hollis, preaching 11 AM service II Timothy 4:6-8 Children Singing in both services

“A Genuine Faith“

8:55 a.m. First Awakening 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Traditional Worship

Sunday, Oct. 27 Commitment Sunday

Sunday, Nov. 3 All Saints Sunday

“The Finish Line“

Dan Camp, preaching


8:30 a.m. Worship Service 9:45 a.m. Sunday School

Dan Camp, preaching II Timothy 4:11-16

“An Unlikely Saint“

Mary Beth Bernheisel, preaching Luke 19:1-10


Set clocks back one hour Saturday night, November 2.

First Edition Newsletter - October 23 2013  

First Edition Newsletter - October 23 2013