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FIRST EDITION February 16, 2011 | Volume 10 Issue 4

A Newsletter Publication of First United Methodist Church, Jackson, Tennessee Dear Family and Friends of First United Methodist Church,

This Issue...

AT A GLANCE • Your 2010 Giving Made Possible... • 2010 Revenue and Expense Report Page 2-3 • Senior Adults: Nissan Plant Tour • WEF Classes for Spring 2011 • Memorials and Honoraria

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• Scouting Ministries Sunday Pictures • 2011 Women’s Retreat Page 5 • FUMC Members Joined USO Tour • Music Notes: Eroica Ensemble

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• My Funny Valentine’s Banquet Photos Page 7 • Kids’ News: Imagine No Malaria Event • Recreation: Mardi Gras Parade, March 8 Page 8 • Gifts of Love

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• Sunday Morning Sermon Topics

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We are excited to announce that we are going to create a new pictorial directory of our church family. The directory will help us connect names with faces. It will be an ideal outreach tool and will capture the history and life of our church congregation as we grow. Please participate! The difference between an average and great pictorial directory is PARTICIPATION. For the next several weeks you can sign-up online or we will be making appointments before and after our worship services and meetings at the church beginning Sunday, March 6th. Please sign up as soon as possible to get the best appointment to fit your schedule. • Every participating family/household that selects a pose for the directory will receive a free directory and a complimentary 8 x 10 Custom Natural Portrait. • You will come to the church only once for photography and portrait viewing. • The program is available at no cost to the church budget. • You will have the opportunity to order additional portraits during your scheduled appointment time. • If you wish to purchase extras, the portraits come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Monthly Support Group for those

Caring for Aging Parents This Sunday, February 20 5:00-7:00 p.m. • Room 109 Guest speaker: Nancy Choate,

attorney and well known speaker to senior adults on the subjects of Estate Planning and Elder Law Questions? Contact Tammy McCoy, facilitator/counselor, 437-0287 or



• Whether you decide to dress formal or casual, you will want to make the most of this opportunity. Here’s how, you can sign up online TODAY! 1. Click here: 2. Enter the church phone number like this 7314224002. Enter your family information and select a password. 3. Click on one of the given photography dates in April and pick your appointment time! You will receive a confirmation email and another 3 days before your appointment.

The Scheduled Dates for Photography and Portrait Viewing Are:

April 4-9 May 18-21 Weekdays 2:00-9:20 PM, Saturdays 9:30 AM-5:10 PM

If you have questions, please contact the church office, 422-4002. We look forward to seeing everyone in our 2011 directory. Our new pictorial directory just won’t be complete without YOU! Sincerely,

2011 Women’s Retreat

March 5-6 • Victory Ranch, Bolivar, TN

$95 early bird registration through Sunday, February 20




First Edition February 16, 2011

Your 2010 Giving Made Possible... • WINGS Tutoring for Children at Arlington Elementary School • Room in the Inn • Jackson Community Gardens • Mission Work Team - Gulf Coast • Joint Worship Services • Vacation Bible School • Youth Week • Wednesday Evening Fellowship • Summer Wednesday Evening Fellowship • Living a Better Story • FUMC State Fair • Front Porch Ministry • Women’s Retreat • Stephen Ministry • Lambuth Move-in Day • Guest speakers and artist • Monthly Mission Focus - Area Relief Ministries’ HUB Club - Operation Hope - Birth Choice - RIFA Soup Kitchen - Care Center - Youth Town - Aspell Recovery Center - West Jackson Learning Center - Wo/Men’s Resource & Rape Assistance Program - The Dream Center - Reelfoot Rural Ministries Toy Drive - Hannah’s Hope

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First Edition February 16, 2011

Revenue Offerings Other revenue

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2010 Revenue and Expense Report

2010 2010 Budget Actual $1,579,176 $1,593,927 99,109 69,745

Difference $14,751 -$29,364

Total Revenue 1,678,285 1,663,672 -$14,613 Expense Operating 68,069 62,721 -$5,348 Personnel 951,870 913,855 -$38,015 Programming 153,578 155,566 $1,988 Building & Grounds 184,375 186,934 $2,559 Apportionments 320,393 320,393 $0 Total Expense 1,678,285 1,639,469 -$38,816 Revenue over (under) expense $0 $24,203 $24,203

Explanation This is better than it appears. The 2010 Budget included moving $44,000 from the memorial fund to the operating budget. Since offerings were greater than anticipated at year end, this was not required. Copying and various other expenses less than expected. Decrease due to staff changes (Sr. Pastor, music assistants, custodial)

Various Various Our connection to the larger church paid in full

End of the year giving made the difference; thanks to all givers!

Other Departments and Funds - Net Revenue over (under) expense Revenue Expense Memorials - undesignated $25,395 $18,760 Transportation 1,259 2,523 Activity Center 3,365 4,599 Rental Property 9,600 9,847 Weddings Senior Adult Trips 46,416 45,200 Food Service 39,518 41,503 Social Service Fund* 43,194 36,886

Difference $6,635 These funds are used for capital items, see details below. (1,264) Bus expense greater than revenue this year. (1,234) Sports teams and church activities. (247) Maintenance greater than revenue - only one tenant. 0 Fees for non-member weddings. 1,217 (1,985) Cost of meals exceeds revenue. 6,308 Balance will be used as seed money for 2011 Pastor’s Fund.

Revenue over expense $168,747 $159,316 $9,431 Revenue over expense all funds and departments $33,634 *Includes Pastor’s Benevolent Fund

Pastor's Fund Undesignated Memorials Used for Capital Purchases This fund is used to help those in need of benevolent assistance. FUMC does not have a Capital Budget as such, but the church FUMC works with area agencies, like ARM and RIFA, and when is fortunate to have undesignated memorial gifts that are used appropriate, gives assistance, usually in the form of vouchers, for purchasing capital items and other items that are not in the to persons that cannot be helped elsewhere. The following budget. The following were purchased in 2010 from Undesignated amounts were given to or on behalf of those less fortunate in our Memorial gifts; thanks to everyone who made this possible. community: Backboards and rims for the gym $3,709 Computer upgrades 2,150 Meals and Lodging $2,405 Security system cameras 2,280 Utilities 745 Wrought Iron repair & paint 6,341 Gas 41 Repair dishwasher/Replace washer & dryer 2,289 Aid to Community Agencies 2,983 Training - Youth Ministry 609 Various other aid 2,387 UM Higher Education scholarship 1,000 Surplus carried over to 2011 6,308 Other - various 382 Total given to the Pastor's Fund in 2010 $14,870 Total Expenditure 18,760

2011 Budget Notice

The Finance Committee did not meet as scheduled due to the snow, so the 2011 Budget has not yet been adopted. The committee will meet later this month to review the 2010 Financials and to plan for 2011. To date, pledges are down for the third year in a row. To all who have made a pledge - Thank you for your valuable support of FUMC. If you have not made a pledge for 2011, it is not too late. Pledge cards are still available at the church office, or you may go online to pledge. Every gift furthers the mission and ministries of your church. Thank you!

First Edition February 16, 2011

Memorials & Honoraria IN LOVING MEMORY Jimmy Walker (Brother of Lula Bingham) Hugh, Sue, Dorothy & Suzanne Harvey Finis Bryant Sullivan (Father of Angela O’Brien) Melinda Glynn, Leigh & Donald Hanafee, James & Anne Barker, Dianne & Charles Taylor

Jim Ramer (Jane Ramer & Children) Dianne & Charles Taylor, Alan & Betsy Dement (Nicaragua), Edith & Warren Ramer, Steve & Nelda Young Myrtle Smith (Mother of Larry Smith & Michael Smith) Leigh & Donald Hanafee, Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wilson & Family William “Bill” Holland James & Anne Barker, Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wilson & Family Logan Carter, William Trently, Bryan & Joe Matthews, Frances Boone Alan & Betsy Dement (Nicaragua) Dr. Clarence Driver James Carothers Katherine Medlin Joyce Higgs Sylvia Hills Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wilson & Family

Church Family News • Congratulations to Lauralee and Trip Hise on the February 3 birth of their daughter, Mary McKay Hise, in North Carolina. Grandparents are Wanda and Pat Scanlon. Mary McKay has a brother, Chase. • Sympathy is extended to Carol Brush and family in the February 10 death of her husband, Ted Brush. • Sympathy is extended to Lula Bingham in the February 11 death of her brother, Jimmy Walker, in Minneapolis, Minn.

NISSAN PLANT TOUR Smyrna, TN • Cost $10 February 22

A 1-hour tram ride through the plant Dutch treat lunch at O’Charley’s. Leave church at 9:00 a.m. Please call church office (422-4002) or e-mail to reserve your spot.

Spring 2011


Edward Moore (Father of Nelda Webb) James & Anne Barker, Dianne & Charles Taylor

Senior Adult Corner


Helen Fite (Mother of David Fite) James & Anne Barker, Dianne & Charles Taylor, Alan & Betsy Dement (Nicaragua), Larry & Frannie Smith, Leila Lawrence, Brad & Beverly Denton, Elaine Dooley

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Wednesday Evening Fellowship March 2 - April 27 Making Marriage Work Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott developed this class as a groundbreaking program dedicated to teaching the basics of good Christian relationships. No Fee • Room 112 • Led by JV and Erin Thompson One Thousand Gifts: Dare to Live Fully Right Where you Are by Ann Voskamp Drawing heartbreaking beauty out of the simplest of details, Ann Voskamp invites you into her grace--bathed life of farming, parenting, and writing-and deeper still into your own life. Book Fee: $12 • Room 107 • Led by Inge Poole and friends C.S. Lewis and the Christian Life C.S. Lewis has influenced more people’s faith positively than any writer in recent memory. Why does he remain so popular? What can we learn from this man’s Mere Christianity? How does he still make a difference? No fee • Room 116 • Led by Rev. Dan Camp Zumba Ditch the workout and join the party! $5/session • Gym • Led by Pam McCarty

Revelation and the End Times by Ben Witherington III In this unit, we will discuss various ways to understand the mysteries of John’s Apocalyptic vision. Particularly, we will attempt to understand how it would have been understood by its initial hearers and its meaning to the church struggling with persecution in the Roman Empire. Suggested: New Oxford Annotated Bible Room 111 • Led by Joel Allen Knit Peace A peaceful hour to learn new skills, support the Prayer Shawl Ministry and cancer patients, and share both fun and fellowship. Supplies: Bring size 13 needles. Questions? Call Elsie at 6640973. Meets in the Library off Disciple Hall • Led by Elsie Harris Principles and Practices of Prayer This class will be composed of a time for learning about prayer and a time for creative prayer experiences. No Fee • Room 109 • Led by Steve Mischke, Sally Rainey, Sandra McKnight, Clarice Cassada, Tharon Kirk, Kitty Allen, and Frannie Smith

Dinner 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. • Clayton Hall $6 Adults, $3 Children, $20 Family Maximum Classes/Activities 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Ash Wednesday - March 9 - No WEF Classes - 5:00 p.m. Dinner • 6:00 Service Holy Wednesday - April 20 - No WEF Classes - “Stations of the Cross”

First Edition February 16, 2011

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Scouting Ministries Sunday 30 Hour Famine February 25-27 @ Lakeshore UMA Sign up in the Youth Area Thanks to Patrick Teer, Scout Leader of Boy Scout Troop 12 sponsored by FUMC, Peyton Vaughan, Senior Patrol Leader and all the boy and girl scouts who attended and/ or participated in Sunday’s worship service. We're proud of each of you!!

2011 Women’s Retreat “Standing Up From a Kneeling Position”

March 5-6 • Victory Ranch, Bolivar, TN95 $95 through February 20/$115 after February 20

For Women of All Ages and Stages Comments from past retreats: 1. "A very worthwhile, meaningful time apart!" 2. "The Fellowship was amazing." 3. "Loved the wide range of ages at the retreat!" 4. "Far exceeded my highest expectations." 5. "Wonderful weekend - I was filled." 6. "I was revived spiritually." 7. " I loved the nice facilities...It is wonderful to be comfortable when away from home." 8. "The weekend was such a blessing."

Featuring: Rev. Rosemary Brown Nationally recognized preacher, teacher, and story teller Kim Hill Grammy nominated, Contemporary Christian music artist Andrea Woods A Gifted Spiritual Guide and Leader Nancy Piercey First Awakening Music Leader


February Mission Focus:

Operation Hope is a faith based ministry that began in 1995 in Jackson TN as a way to address juvenile crime and delinquency in the West Jackson area. Mission: “To break the cycle of crime and poverty by removing obstacles and equipping families to become everything God created them to be.” Mission Chest Needs:

After-school program supplies

• Pencils • Crayons • Notebook Paper • Colored Pencils • Markers These items may be placed in the Mission Chest located in the church lobbies through the end of February.

Greeters Greeters for Sunday, February 20 T. Robert & Tamara Hill, Joe Byrd, Jerry & Phyllis Barrix, Tom & Craig Stallings, Georgia Whitten, Woodson & Laura Farmer, Mike & Sally Smigielski, Johnny Byrd

Greeters for Sunday, February 27 Mary Helen Rudd, Denise Stuart, Joe Byrd, Mike & Pat Fox, Garey & Jan Littrell, Anita Jo Byrd, Paul & Mary Douglass, Bruce & Phyllis Maley, Jerry & Dawn Barrix If you are unable to greet, please find a replacement.

First Edition February 16, 2011

TWO FUMC MEMBERS JOINED USO TOUR IN SWITZERLAND & GERMANY! Through a rare opportunity this month, Dr. Brandon Goff, Assistant Professor of Music/ Director of Entertainment Music Industry Studies and Lambuth student, Nick Culbreath were invited to tour and participate in USO shows and worship services for American soldiers and German citizens.

Brandon Goff

Brandon’s Story: The first stop of our tour was in Lenk, Switzerland. There we led worship for a military men’s retreat. It never ceases to amaze me how humble and spirited a room full of hardened military men can be. The men at the retreat inspired us with both their service to God and their country. After the Lenk conference, we had two days off, so we spent some time in Heidelberg, Germany. Heidellberg sits right on the river Neckar and the city is overlooked by a stunning castle. We visited the castle, shopped the city and truly enjoyed our brief down time there.

and God’s ability to move throughout our different nationalities. The next day, we were blessed to provide entertainment for the USO at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. This hospital is the main trauma center for soldiers wounded overseas. The event was put together to honor the doctors and nurses as well as the soldiers that had come through the center. Several stars were on hand including Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), Robert Klein, Jeffrey Ross and others. While there, we were able to perform with Adam Duritz which was of course a big treat for us. Getting to meet so many soldiers that had suffered so much and to have them thank US for playing for them, was humbling beyond words. Here is a link that takes you to the USO blog that discusses this particular event: The days following the USO were an absolute whirlwind. We had a concert at Frontline Church in Rammstein that was followed immediately by a show in Weisbaden. Both audiences were absolutely fantastic and kept us pumped, even though by this point in the tour, we were all beginning to tire. The crowd in Weisbaden was heavily German, so we had to work with a translator for all of the verbal crowd interaction. While this provided a unique challenge, the excitement and spirit

Our next concert was at IBC Church in Stuttgart, Germany. There, we led worship for a mixed crowd (German and American) and again, we were touched by the reception

Music Notes EROICA ENSEMBLE SERIES RETURNS TO LAMBUTH UNIVERSITY Eroica Ensemble Announces Jackson Concerts for the 2011 season. All three ensembles will be performed at the R. E. Womack Chapel at Lambuth University. The Eroica Ensemble will perform their first concert on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. featuring Haydn’s Symphony No. 103 in E-Flat Major. Maestro Gilbert says, "We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Lambuth University. We are so grateful they opened their doors for another successful season.” Additional Eroica Ensemble performances at Lambuth are scheduled for April 10th, and June 5th of 2011. The Eroica concerts are free, and the public is warmly invited.

page 6 of the crowd made it all work in the end. Our final show was back in Rammstein and then began the long trip home.

Reflections from Nick:

Nick Culbreath

When asked how he learned of the USO opportunity, Nick shared that “Dr.Goff approached me one Sunday after church and asked me if I would like to accompany him and his band to Germany for a tour. I happily accepted the offer. It was an absolutely fantastic opportunity.” Both Brandon and Nick play guitar each Sunday in the 9:00 a.m. First Awakening Band and for Nick, the best part of the trip was,”getting to see a glimpse of what it is really like touring with a band overseas. I think it was the best real world music industry experience I could have ever had.” What was especially meaningful was “seeing Heidelberg on our only free day out of the whole trip. The history there is incredible with the castle looking over the city. It is a very good reminder of the mixture of new and old.” From sledding down mountains in Lenk, Switzerland to getting to know everyone on the tour, Nick is thankful for the great group of guys he worked with and appreciative of “ the opportunity of a lifetime.”

First Edition February 16, 2011

M My Funny M Valentine’s Banquet

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Paint, talk, scrap book, laugh, knit, snack, collage, draw, sew, talk, snack, CREATE! A time for women to nurture those things that feed the soul.

Friday Evenings 6:00 PM Mezzanine

February 25 March 25

Bring a snack to share. Come and go as you like! Contact Marilynn Eblen at 422-4002 for more information.


March 21-26 Please sign up on the poster in Disciple Hall “If you missed the My Funny Valentine's Banquet... YOU MISSED IT! What a great night of great food, great music, a game show, and a great speaker to remind us on the importance of relationships. Our children had a great time at the parents' night out, (and we were so thankful that there was childcare during the banquet!) We hope that this becomes an annual event!” - Facebook comment from Ryan Roy

Thanks to Brad Denton who comes EVERY single morning at 8:30 a.m. to prep the food! Just what will I be doing? You’ll be serving the food from the kitchen line. The food is cooked and ready to go... all you need is a smile!

First Edition February 16, 2011

Weekly Opportunities

Sunday, February 20 9:00 AM First Awakening Service 10:00 AM Sunday School 11:00 AM Traditional Service 3:00 PM Team Stuart/Camp Basketball 5:00 PM Current UMY 5:00 PM Safe Sanctuaries Audit Team 5:00 PM Support Group/Aging Parents

Monday, February 21 5:30 PM Sr. Basketball 7:00 PM Boy Scouts 7:00 PM Men’s Basketball Tuesday, February 22 7:00 AM UMM Prayer Breakfast 9:00 AM Nissan Plant Tour 10:00 AM Lunch & Learn 1:00 PM Staff Meeting 4:15 PM Zumba 5:30 PM Church League Basketball 2011 6:00 PM Prayer Team Meeting 6:30 PM Foundation Meeting 8:00 PM College Life Group Wendesday, February 23 10:00 AM Pastor’s Bible Study 10:00 AM Invitation to Presence 3:00 PM W.I.N.G.S. Tutoring 5:00 PM WEF Dinner/W.I.N.G.S. Dinner 5:30 PM Angel Choir 5:30 PM Kids Who Care Club 6:00 PM Good News Choir 6:00 PM C. S. Lewis 6:00 PM Christian Believer 6:00 PM First Awakening Band 6:00 PM Knit Peace 6:00 PM Prime Ringers 6:00 PM Revelation/End of Time 6:00 PM WEF Children’s Programing 6:30 PM Celebration Singers 7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal 7:15 PM Team Simpson/Basketball Thursday, February 24 8:00 AM UMW Annual Day 3:30 PM Team Hare/Basketball 5:30 PM Team Eblen Basketball Friday, February 25 4:15 PM Zumba 5:00 PM 30 Hour Famine 2011 6:00 PM Art and Soul

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FUMC Kids’ News Proverbs 22:6 - Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Kids Who Care Club sponsors

Imagine No Malaria Event February 23 – 27, 2011

• Goal: $1,000 for 100 mosquito nets • Visit display in Disciple Hall • Bake sale on Sunday, Feb. 27

“You can help us change a life”

Recreation News WNWS: News/Talk 101.5

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Parade

Saturday, February 26 5:00 PM 30 Hour Famine 2011 Sunday, February 27 5:00 PM 30 Hour Famine 2011 9:00 AM First Awakening Service 9:00 AM KWCC Bake Sale 10:00 AM Sunday School 10:00 AM Newcomer Class 11:00 AM Traditional Service 3:00 PM Team Stuart/Camp Basketball 5:00 PM Prayer Card Commital Service 5:30 PM Roon in the Inn Monday, February 28 5:30 PM Finance Cmte. Meeting 5:30 PM Sr. Basketball 6:00 PM Security Team Meeting 7:00 PM Boy Scouts 7:00 PM Men’s Basketball

For every $10 raised, we will remove a mosquito from our net!

5:00 P.M. March 8, 2011 Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez! Want to be a part of the Mardi Gras Parade Float Crew?? Building: Call Scott Murray @ 695-3819 Painting: March 6 @3:00 in the church parking lot. Decorating: March 8 @11:30 in the church parking lot.

Ride the Award Winning FUMC float! We’ll provide the throw beads and a crazy hat. You provide candy, smiles and waves to share with the crowd! We have room for about 20 people. Contact marilynn@ to reserve your spot. Staging is at 3:00 p.m. Parade at 5:00 p.m. Contact Scott or Marilynn for more info.

First Edition February 16, 2011

This pray er requ confidence est is given in and faith for:

(Give this card to the ushers at the ate time in approprito the prayer the service,

Signature (optional)


_ Date ____




August 6

If you would like to be a part of this revived ministry, please contact Tammy McCoy, 437-0287. Pray in the chapel, pray in the service. Even if homebound, you can participate. Give Tammy a call.

and it will be chapel or held for a taken directly pastor per your request .)



GIFTS OF LOVE by Bobbie Mays

Thirty years ago, Dr. John Nelson, a well known Jackson dentist (now retired) and longtime FUMC member surprised his daughter-in-law, Lou Ann, with a custom made dollhouse. Not only did he make one for her to enjoy but since then he has made more than thirty-five! John’s wife, June, who loved dollhouses, was a beloved volunteer at FUMC who faithfully worked for several years overseeing the nursery. After she passed away, in her loving memory, John donated a beautiful two-story Victorian dollhouse (pictured below) to the church nursery.

Last Friday morning, on that freezing twenty degree day, John drove onto the portico to see if someone could assist with holding the doors open. Reaching into his vehicle, he unloaded an amazing, red sided, white trimmed dollhouse. As a Christmas gift, he had received a dollhouse kit and knew that this was one he wanted to make and give to the nursery… once again. With seventy plus hours of work, John even added the miniature details of dainty curtains, wall papered rooms, crown molding and a look of wood floors. For all the many smiles and fun imagination you have brought to lots of children (and adults), thank you, John, for your special gift to FUMC!


“Proper estate planning can reduce administrative time, expense, and inconvenience. Document your estate planning properly. Consider giving the Church the administrative costs you could save.” To learn about FUMC’s Foundation and Planned Giving, contact Jim Scott, Chairman. 668-4775 or e-mail

Weekly Opportunities

Tuesday, March 1 10:00 AM Lunch & Learn 11:30 AM Key Leaders Meeting 1:00 PM Staff Meeting 4:15 PM Zumba 5:30 PM Church League Basketball 2011 8:00 PM College Life Group

Wednesday, March 2 10:00 AM Pastor’s Bible Study 10:00 AM Invitation to Presence 3:00 PM W.I.N.G.S. Tutoring 5:00 PM WEF Dinner/W.I.N.G.S. Dinner 5:30 PM Angel Choir 6:00 PM Good News Choir 6:00 PM C. S. Lewis 6:00 PM Christian Believer 6:00 PM First Awakening Band 6:00 PM Knit Peace 6:00 PM Making Marriage Work 6:00 PM One Thousand Gifts 6:00 PM Prime Ringers 6:00 PM Principles of Prayer 6:00 PM Revelation/End of Time 6:00 PM WEF Children’s Programing 6:00 PM Zumba 6:30 PM Celebration Singers 7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal Thursday, March 3 No Events Scheduled Friday, March 4 4:15 PM Zumba Saturday, March 5 8:00 AM Women’s Retreat 2011

New to FUMC?


Join FUMC’s Sunday Morning Prayer Ministry

Entire Cong regation Prayer Team s Pastors


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You are invited to attend

Newcomer classes Who Are We?

Sundays, February 27 March 20 10:00 - 10:50 a.m. Clayton Hall Conference Room

Save your Campbell Soup labels! The container is downstairs in the Newman Center area. These labels are for Reelfoot Rural Ministries, a mission outreach supported by FUMC.

First Edition

February 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Worship Sunday School 10:00 a.m.

First Awakening Contemporary Worship Service Clayton Hall • 9:00 a.m.

Sunday February 20

Traditional Worship Service Sanctuary • 11:00 a.m.

“Pushovers, Patsies, and Penitents!” Dan Camp, preaching • Scripture: Matthew 5:38-48

Sunday February 27

“The Great Burden of Becoming Carefree!” Dan Camp, preaching • Scripture: Matthew 6:24-34


• The rosebud on the altar February 6 was in honor of the birth of Everette Bond Teague, son of Trey & Ashley Teague. Grandparents are Fred & Sandra Teague. Great-grandparents are Richard & Keelen Yandell.

Get Connceted

First United Methodist Church SE E KI NG G O D | KNO WIN G CHRIS T | S HAR IN G HIS LOVE

200 South Church Street Jackson, Tennessee 38301

Address Service Requested

(731) 422-4002 A Stephen Ministry Congregation A Safe Sanctuaries Congregation

FUMC Jackson TN




First Edition Newsletter - February 16  

Newsletter for Jackson FUMC.