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CULTIVATOR Cultivating Christ’s Presence in Our Congregation

April 2014

Volume 12, Issue 4

Homegrown Stories Reflect People Of The Passion Of Lent


s you have walked the hallways of the church building, please look for a simplyconstructed booklet entitled People Of The Passion on display in various places. This devotional for Lent was written by, and for, the congregation of First United Methodist Church. It was comprised by Discipleship Pastor Karin Carlson, after she gently nudged church members to share their stories. Karin says the idea for creating a booklet played on her heart long before she became a staff member. Finally the time was right to ask randomly selected people to write what’s on their hearts. Karin says there are two purposes for printing this devotional. The first is to showcase the wonderful, humble servants who are First United Methodist Church. The second purpose is to show the rest of us how easy it is to share the simple, beautiful, and variety of stories that abound within this congregation. It is a witness of their walk with Christ. It is LIFE. In the introduction, Karin writes, “In the pages of this book you will encounter people who have been transformed by the l o v e of Christ: Sinners who have been redeemed. Some are stories of suffering and sacrifice. Others are stories of great triumph. Most all of them are stories about learning and growing in faith. I hope you will learn and grow, as well, through the reading of

people’s personal testimonies that bring us closer to the cross. I want to thank all of the contributing authors for sharing so muc h about themselves in the pages of this book. I especially want to thank those who are new to First United Methodist Church Odessa for opening up and letting us get to know you. I hope you will be inspired this year and that this book will help you to have a holy Lent.” Printed copies are available at the church. It is also on the church website, click on People Of The Passion. People Of The Passion con trib u tors: S h a n e B ra n e cky, J on e ll S im s, J oyce H e n e ga r, W illia m S te wa rt, M a ry B la in , L e e E m e rson , L a D oyce L a m b e rt, J od y W a llin , G loria L a m b e rt, W a yn e J oh n son , S u sa n H e n ry, K a y B ra m le y, S h e rry S n od gra ss, J a y G e orge , C rysta l F oste r, S ylvia W a tts, J a ck L a m b e rt, B rita n i S e ve ra n ce , K a rin C a rlson , a n d T e rry T a m p le n .

Maundy Thursday Service

Holy Communion 6:30 pm pm— —Chapel

Holy Communion will be served in the Chapel beginning at 6:30 p.m. on April 17, preceding the choir performance. In the Sanctuary at 7:00 p.m., the Sanctuary Choir will be joined by the Odessa College Choir and will perform a choral concert. David Corman, Director of Traditional Worship at FUMC, will be directing. Come and bring a friend for an evening of worship through music.

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Volume 12, Issue 4

Imagine More Capital Campaign Concludes This Sunday, April 6! It is hard to believe that three years have passed since our Imagine More capital campaign began and now it’s time to celebrate the completion of this highly successful adventure! Let me remind you of the vision represented by Imagine More and share how your giving has impacted our community. The vision of FUMC is to be a community that welcomes all people into a life-changing relationship with God and others. The projects of Imagine More were strategies designed to move us closer to the fulfillment of that vision.  Project one – Imagine No Malaria. We felt it was important to give beyond ourselves to help thousands of others in our world survive and live a better life!  Project two – the construction of our playground/plaza area. It turned out exceptionally well and greatly enhances our ministries with children.  Project three – the allocation of funds to develop a launch team that has now become our satellite campus called The Bridge!  Project four – Because we now have an elevator, we have been able to expand the floor space of the Children’s Center to the second floor.  Project five – Funding for infrastructure at the future site of The Bridge.  Project six – We will begin the repair of the mortar deterioration of our main building and the Rodman Fellowship Hall in early May this year. A tremendous response: On April 3, 2011, we saw 134 of our giving units pledge for the projects of this capital campaign. Since that time we have seen an additional 37 participants who have given without a pledge. That means 67% of the giving base at First United Methodist Church have given toward seeing Imagine More become a reality – far above the national average! When we launched the Imagine More campaign we communicated a goal of $1.8M to complete the projects identified for this initiative. Unfortunately, we have not been able to purchase the Hadden building on Lee Street. Therefore, the project for creating a new parking lot across from our main entrance is now on hold. Since we were unable to complete the parking project from that list our adjusted goal was $1.5M. Since that goal has already been surpassed by your generosity I want to encourage you to be present in the services this Sunday, April 6 as we celebrate the goodness of God and review the ministry impact we have experienced with Imagine More! Imagine More! All Glory to God, Rev. Terry Tamplen Journey together with others in short-term groups and small groups. Passionately follow Jesus with prayer, Bible study, gifts, and worship. Joyfully serving with others to impact ministries inside the church.



Ministries and mission fields that impact the world outside the church.

IMPACT Series 2014 is new and specifically designed to equip people for serving inside and outside the church. Each session is an opportunity to connect with people and discern which area(s) he/she can make an impact for the kingdom of God. Those serving in each area and those interested or ready to serve are encouraged to attend. Explore where you can make an impact and how to get connected on the journey of faith. LAST TUESDAYS OF THE MONTH 5:30-6:30pm Room 104



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Silent Witnesses

Special Services for Lent 6:30pm FUMC Chapel T h ere were m a n y witn esses to th e even ts wh ich took p la ce on th a t h ill ou tsid e J eru sa lem n e a rly 2 , 000 yea rs a go. A n a n gry crowd ga th ered to b e certa in th a t th eir verd ict of “gu ilty” be ca rried ou t in th e sen ten ce of d ea th b y cru cifixion . B u t th ere were oth er witn esses th ere a s well, witn esse s we d on ’t u su a lly th in k a b ou t, a lth ou gh th ey were even closer to th e even ts th a n th e crowd . I n fa ct, th ey a ctu a lly p a rticip a te d in th ose even ts in u n iqu e wa ys. T h ey a re th e S ilen t W itn esses. I f on ly th ese th in gs cou ld sp ea k! W h a t m igh t th ey tell u s a b ou t th e even ts from th eir viewp oin t? T h rou gh ou t th e L en ten S ea son we will b e given th e op p ortu n ity to h ea r th em ! W W W W W

ed n esd a y, ed n esd a y, ed n esd a y, ed n esd a y, ed n esd a y,

Wednesday Lenten Services,

March 12—April 9 6:30 pm Chapel

Sunday, April 13 Easter Eggstravaganza 4:00—6:00 pm


April 17 Maundy Thursday Sanctuary Choir Requiem 7:00 pm Sanctuary April 20 Resurrection Easter Sunday 9:00 am Traditional Service Sanctuary

M a rch 1 2 The Thorn M a rch 1 9 The Robe M a rch 2 6 The Nail A p ril 2 The Spear A p ril 9 The Shroud

11:00 am Fellowship Service Sanctuary

9:00 am The Bridge, LBJ School 10:16 am The Bridge, LBJ School

W orsh ip p ers a re seen h ere a s th ey ga th er in th e ch a p el p rior to th e weekly W ed n esd a y L en ten com m u n ion service. T h e th ou gh t-p rovokin g series tells th e story a s in a n im a te ob jects, th a t a re a lwa ys a ssocia ted with th e cru cifixion , com e to life. T h e 3 0m in u te service is a restfu l, qu iet p a u se in th e m id d le of th e week to reflect on th e sea son of L en t.


Wednesday, April 9

HOST CHURCH Lutheran Church of the Risen Lord 1603 N. Grandview St. John’s Episcopal Church  401 North County Road West

THEME “I am thirsty.” (John 19: 28)

PREACHER The Rev. Greg Morris Crescent Park Baptist

“It is finished!” (John 19: 30)

The Rev. Larry Hood Lutheran Church

P a ge 4

Volume 12, Issue 4

Around The Town With Student Ministry

T h e S tu d en t M in istry M a rch R E C n igh t sca ttered a n en th u sia stic grou p of stu d en ts to every corn er of O d essa . T h ey were in p u rsu it of ra b b its, in p a rticu la r, th e icon ic ra b b it th a t is O d essa ’s m a scot. T h e R a b b it R ela y wa s a sca ven ger h u n t, with d irection s to th e n ext ra b b it h id d e n with cryp tic d escrip tion s of th e critters. I n ca se you d on ’t recogn ize th e ra b b it in th e p ictu re, th e stu d en ts a re p osed in fron t of M a rk K n ox F lowers. R E C n igh t, on th e th ird S u n d a y of th e m on th , is on e p a rt of th e yea r lon g a ctivities for stu d en ts. W ed n esd a ys fin d th e stu d en ts ga th ered to rea d th e W ord a n d to W orsh ip . T h e F ea st, on th e first S u n d a y of th e m on th , is a com m u n ity sit-d own m ea l sh a red with frien d s.

T h e S eeke rs a n d C h a ra cters S u n d a y S ch ool cla sse s h a ve com b in ed th is yea r for growth a n d fellowsh ip . O n M a rch 2 , retired M eth od ist p a stor, R ev. M a rk A lexa n d er b ega n a stu d y from A D iscip le ’s P a th . T h e p u rp ose is to focu s on D eep e n in g Y ou r R ela tion sh ip with C h rist a n d th e C h u rch . T h e cla ss in vites every on e seekin g to b u ild a C h rist-like ch a ra cter in a sm a ll grou p settin g to join th em on S u n d a y m orn in gs from 1 0-1 1 a m in R oom 2 02 in th e sa n ctu a ry b u ild in g.

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United Methodist Women


embers of our New Beginnings/ Faith Circle were greeted at their March meeting with a wonderful variety of treats for St. Patrick’s Day. A big thanks goes to Wanda Shugart and Gene Johnson for making the meeting a celebration of “the wearing of the green”! Marsha Melton presented the Mission Moment about three of FUMC outreach ministries – The Children’s Clothes Closet, Food Pantry, and Samaritans by Grace. The Children’s Clothes Closet arose from a suggestion by Jean Hawk to Estee Smith and Corrine Costello. They developed a shop working directly with ECISD counselors to make sure children have clothes for school. The Children’s Clothes Closet has provided clothes for 257 children since August 2013 and has dressed 7,209 children since the outreach began in 1997. The Food Pantry began around 1974, as simply a way of helping people in need of food and has grown to a system with electronic

Thank You to FUMC

monitoring to make sure the food is going to those in real need. Working with West Texas Food Bank, the outreach is providing food to 40 families every other week. Samaritans by Grace grew from a few men in our church offering donuts to the homeless in our area. They recognized these people needed more than donuts. The small committee is now making sack lunches which are distributed in Noel Plaza every Sunday. They feed between 12 and 24 people every Sunday. When the “sacks” appear, the people circle up for the blessing. They work strictly from donations. One committee member said they stress and focus on who is hungry and not what circumstance brought them to the park. The New Beginnings/Faith Circle program was presented by Sherry Nogle, entitled “Goldilocks & the Three Bears.” We were given a look into modern slang as spoken by typical high-schoolers. Sherry gave us a test and we all realized the modern spoken word is very

different from what we know. Sherry’s program stressed trying to look for the other person’s perspective of events, and not just rely on what we know or think. She emphasized the different learning styles can change how someone perceives an event. We were encouraged to use the most powerful form of communication – the written word. We need to write someone and teach someone. The April circle Meeting will be April 10th in the Fellowship Dining Hall. The program will be given by Charle Scott about Hope House. We will celebrate UMW Sunday on April 27. Mark your calendar for the Mother’s Day reception on May 11 during the Sunday School time. For more information about UMW, contact Jean Heggemeier, Gene Johnson or the Church office. — Cathy McKelvain

Thank You from Cheryl Sellars

Birthdays Are Listed on Web: Click on ‘About Us’ Then Click on ‘Monthly Birthdays’

Volume 12, Issue 4

P a ge 6

We l c o m e N e w M e m b e rs J erry F ireb a u gh join ed F U M C in th e tra d ition a l service on M a rch 1 6 b y tra n sfer of m em b ersh ip from a n oth er M eth od ist ch u rch . H e is retired .

Holy Baptism G ra y M cC oy T h om p son wa s b a p tized on M a rch 3 0, 2 01 4 . H e is th e son of A sh le e a n d J oe D e e T h om p son , gra n d son of R a n d y a n d L yn n C orre a , gre a tgra n d son of C h rysta l F ou ch e . H is p rou d b roth e rs a re G a vin a n d G ra h a m .

P a stor T erry welcom e s R a ym on d (R a m ey) a n d L a cy B owen , E rn est L yn ch a n d P a tsy H a m m on s d u rin g th e tra d ition a l worsh ip service on M a rch 2 . T h e B owen s join b y tra n sfer of m em b ersh ip from K eller U M C , K elle r, T exa s. E rn est L yn ch join s b y tra n sfer of m em b ersh ip a n d is a ctive in th e ch oir. P a tsy H a m m on s join s b y tra n sferrin g h er m em b ersh ip to F U M C a s well.


pice of Life group met March 20, and had a great time together. There were about 25 in attendance. Russell Kimble, Steve and Debora Meador prepared a wonderful meal once again. The main course of meat loaf was fantastic, along with veggies, home-made bread, salad and several wonderful desserts! What a blessing it is when people respond to God’s call on their lives and become such wonderful, willing servants! Our birthday honoree this month was, Bob Winn. Marsha Melton decorated our tables with decorations provided by Johnnie Williams. Our program was based on a St. Patrick’s Day, and Jody gave a short program based on the history of St. Patrick, again the material was provided by Johnnie. Jody played his violin and dedicated “Danny Boy” to his beloved violin teacher, Glenn A. Truax. If you haven’t come to “Spice of Life,” we hope you will join us next month. I believe you will enjoy the food and fellowship and be glad you came. We always meet on the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 – 1:00. Early arrivers are welcome and may be put to work! Next month we will be celebrating Easter! Blessings to you all, Jody Wallin, Congregational Care Pastor

Bob Winn holds the March birthday cake. Mary Lou Shaw models the St. Patrick’s day apron won at the monthly prize drawing. Ted Hogan, on the left, talks with his brothers who were visiting Spice of Life.

Genie Miller’s guest was her brother, Les Brownlee. We were greatly honored by Les Brownlee, former Secretary of the Army, attending our meeting. We thank you for coming, and we salute you for your distinguished service to our country, Sir.


In Memory of Sara Jones Given by Mrs. Beth Curry Marsha & Dee Melton In Memory of Earl Shaw Given by Marsha & Dee Melton Debra & James Morgan In Memory of Danny Sellars Given by Marsha & Dee Melton In Memory of Bob Miller Given by Doris Ann & Joe White In Memory of Bill Rea Given by Joyce & Virgil Trower Marsha & Dee Melton In Memory of Mary Ellen Crudup Alexander Given by Marsha & Dee Melton Toni Pettit The 8:00 am Class Virginia McLemore Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Todd Johnnie Williams Mary Lu Shaw Letha Allen In Memory of Jean Montgomery Given by

P a ge 7

Becky & Toby Latham In Memory of Mark Owens Given by Pam & Mark Mounts Paula & Scott Coulter Pam & Drew Crutcher Betty Foerster Kristi & Kevin Porter Beth & David Libson Jane Hoffmann Patty & Phillip Godwin Cathy & Randy Bredemeyer The Northwood Women’s Club Teddy Cabrera Stephanie & John Latimer Kaye Geiser Barrie & Thomas Choate Joyce & Paul Pieper Dennis, Janet & Emily Stieben Sherry & Richard Buck Phyllis & Billy Howell West Texas Dermatology Center Chris, Sandy, Ashly Cagle Anna & Steve Keller Mike Withrow Pat Summers Gloria May Stephanie & Craig Roberts Lori & Jeff McDaniel Robbie Ward Cathy Herzog Marva & Jim Mount Mr. & Mrs. Larry Melton The Alley Family Joe & Doris Ann White Gloria & LaDoyce Lambert Edith Libson Barbara & Rick Browning Brook Hendricks – Green

Susie Williams, Abby and Josh Bishop, Mallory and Harper, Reagan and Brian Whytlaw, Hadley and Grady for the loss of their husband, father, and grandfather Nick Williams

& Mark Green Maura & Timothy Castello Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Waddell, Mary Waddell, & Jeanell Spearman Dee & Mack Owens Jan & Roger Coltrin Glenda & David Johnston Melinda & Jose Garriga Vi & Don Taylor Elissa Sabel & Stan Hirschman Debra & James Morgan Janis Roden Sue & Buddy McDonald In Memory of Nick Williams Given by Jayme & Scott Wilson Becky & Toby Latham Thomas Whytlaw Friends of St. John’s Dorothy & Paul Chavez Debra & James Morgan Sherry Snodgrass Janie & Steve Hofer Jane & Johnnie Holbrooks M D Cowan Inc. Nick Fowler Gloria & LaDoyce Lambert Anne & Tommy Doran Janis Roden Nancy & John Elliott Jean & John Harris Vicki & Robert Perkins Terri & Tom Maynard Kristen & John Harris Maria & Jerry Compton Sue & Buddy McDonald Terry Fields The Officers & Employees of West Texas State Bank Sandra Looper

Deepest Sympathy to The family and friends of Ileana Cagel Becky and Toby Latham, and Brylee for the loss of Becky’s grandmother Jean Montgomery

Milam Felker Insurance

Youth Activities Fund In Memory of Mark Owens Given by Dick & Lura Sivalls In Memory of Bill Rea Given by Dick & Lura Sivalls

Children’s Clothes Closet In Memory of Sara Jones Given by Lee Ann & Wayne Johnson Corinne H. Costello In Memory of Mary Ellen Crudup Alexander Given by Minette Goodman Mary Wortham Gray Samaritans By Grace In Memory of Nick Williams Given by Kelly & Adam Allgood The Mosaic Class Courtney & Jay George Cindy Fowler Robbie & Dan Brazelton The Food Pantry In Memory of Mark Owens Given by Lynda & Bill Fowler In Memory of Nick Williams Given by Lynda & Bill Fowler

Susan and Donnie Butler for the loss of Susan’s father Tom Hawley Anne and Clark Dickson on the loss of Clark’s father Melvin Dickson



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First United Methodist Church, Odessa, Texas, founded in 1890, is a community of Christians who have pledged to support this church with their presence, their service, their gifts and their prayers. We dedicate ourselves to spreading God’s Word throughout our community and to providing meaningful worship experiences, fellowship, and opportunities to fulfill the teachings of Jesus Christ through a variety of ministries. As United Methodists, “our doors, our hearts and our minds are open to all those who seek God’s Grace.” The CULTIVATOR is a monthly publication whose exclusive purpose is to help FUMC-Odessa accomplish its Mission by communicating and “cultivating” the presence of Christ in the lives of this congregation.

First United Methodist Church-Odessa Mission Statement We exist to LOVE our neighbors, INVITE them into a caring community of faith, where we grow together as authentic FOLLOWERS of Jesus Christ, who are EMPOWERED to make a difference in our church, community and world.

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