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On Saturday, January 11th First United Methodist Church will be hosting a Leadership Training event to plan for the future. All Chairpersons and committee members are encouraged to be in attendance. The training will begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 2:30 p.m. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided for all attendees. The training consists of instruction and a time where particular groups have an opportunity to come together, build ideas, and plan for the future

Know... Fellowship Lunch Sunday


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FUMC Beaumont

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7



One of my favorite pieces of art hanging in my office is a framed woodcut of our church mission statement that was made for me by James Ruby. “FUMC: In the heart of the city to love the city with the heart of Christ.” Both the heart and the church spire are cut from wood and laid over the rest of the statement so the piece is 3 dimensional inside the frame. I love it not only for its artistic value but also because I think the mission statement is exactly who God calls us to be as a congregation. I have spent a lot of time in prayer over the past few months asking God how we are to live into that mission statement as we move forward into 2014. I will be sharing my insights about this at the church leadership planning retreat on Saturday and I want to share it with all of you in this column. I think 2014 needs to be a year of discipleship. The 5 goals that grew out of our small group discussions in 2012 are discipleship goals—developing children’s ministry, developing youth ministry, emphasis on evangelism and outreach, creating worship experiences that allow people to encounter the living God, establishing a fine arts academy. The purpose of children’s and youth ministry is not entertainment but developing children and youth who are disciples of Jesus Christ. Evangelism, outreach, and worship have as their goals the making of disciples as does the new fine arts academy. We made progress in each of these goals in 2013 and will be continuing that progress in 2014 with an eye toward developing discipleship systems that allow us to work together and make the wonderful ministries of prayer, LRE, and connect groups that Proactive Ministries taught us part of the ongoing life of the church.

I am delighted every time I hear one of you describe our church with our mission statement. It lets people know who we are as a unique community of faith called by God to serve the cause of Christ where we are. We work better together when we have a common purpose and we can tell others what that purpose is. I’m glad you know our mission statement and I am even more delighted that you share it freely with others. I want to add 3 more words to your mission statement vocabulary: “belonging, becoming, and blessing.” These are words that speak to how it is we put loving the city with the heart of Christ into practice. People don’t want to be part of a faith community until they feel a sense of belonging. We can have the best bible studies, worship services, and mission opportunities in town, but if people don’t feel a sense of welcome, acceptance, and belonging, they are not going to be part of our faith community. Being a disciple means growing in faith, becoming more and more Christ-like in our lives and actions. Being a disciple also means blessing the world through mission and service. In the year ahead, we’ll be offering people who are new among us opportunities to explore what the Christian faith is all about, opportunities to understand their own spiritual gifts, and opportunities to be part of a small group of folks who really care about them. As part of these efforts, I think everyone of us needs to participate in the opportunities that are offered. When a special study is offered, I trust you will participate. I know you will make an effort to be sure that any small group you are part of is a group that embodies belonging in the sense that anyone, “regardless” is welcome, becoming in the sense that every time we gather we should be growing in discipleship and practicing our faith, and blessing in the sense that every small group within the life of the church should be engaged in ministry that touches lives and makes the world a better place. Many creative minds will work on these ideas in the months ahead. I welcome your thoughts and your participation as we move forward in this year of discipleship. Karen

DePauw Chamber Choir I am very pleased to announce that the DePauw University Chamber Singers, the choir LANCE & DALLAS sing in, will be in concert in our sanctuary on Wednesday night, January 13 at 7:00 pm!!!! We are looking for HOST FAMILIES to put these college kids up for the evening. There are 24 students (13 girls & 11 guys) and a director (male) and accompanist (female). I know this is very short notice, but I know we are all interested in hearing this group and our scholarship students are thrilled to be able to share their music with us! Tell your friends, invite your families, let's fill the house! Renee

Youth News Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. For 2014, we will continue to put together the Kairos Kitchen food bags. We are also planning to schedule a day at the Giving Field and another afternoon visiting the Nursing home. We are planning to participate in Relay for Life again. Youth start thinking of some fund raisers so we can raise lots of money for the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life is May 2nd. Hot Hearts is January 31 and February 1st. Sign up now! Switchfoot is one of the bands who will be playing. I also need a chaperone to help out. We have Youth Sunday schedule February 9th. The youth will lead the Open Doors service. We need everyone’s help. Mark your calendar for some of the summer activities. Summer camp is June 16-21. UMARMY (senior high mission trip) is July 7-12. I am looking for a male chaperone for this trip. And Big House (junior high mission trip) is July 24-27th.

Oyster Supper is approaching...



The FUMC Oyster Supper is scheduled for Thursday, February 27, 2014 from 4:30-7:00 PM. Tickets are $30 at the door. Presale are $25. FUMC has participated in hosting the Oyster Supper for over 50 years. This year we are expecting over 600 people. The proceeds of this renown event will benefit the Mission & Outreach ministries. Curtis Wilson, says, “We have all you can eat fried oysters, raw oysters, and chicken & sausage gumbo…Remember we have to-go’s as well.”

New Things Happening For the New Year FUMC has partnered up with local Christian radio station KLBT, found at 88.1 FM. This partnership began December 15, 2013. This advertising block is to let our community know what’s happening at First Church. It will give dates and times of upcoming events and the times of our Worship services. “Live By Truth” Glen Moon Mission & Outreach

What is Faith? Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. Hebrews 11:1-2



Memorials & Honorariums General Fund:

Some Other Place

In memory of Juanita Wamstad from: Doris Burris and Janet McClendon.

In memory of Milburn Amy from: Jennie & Johnny Atkins and Ruth & Pete Wade.

In memory of Milburn Amy from: James & Anna Lee Ruby, and Jean Lindsey.

In honor of SOP from: R.D. Burnside.

In honor of Dr. John L. Nelson, Bill Hathaway, In memory of Harold Shockley from: James & Anna Chrissie Joyner, Henry Joyner, and all women of the church who serve every 3rd Friday of the Lee Ruby. month at SOP. Most especially, Charlie & Robin Snoek in honor of their work from: Eliza Ann In memory of Rusty Shook from: Bill & Martha Nelson. Waidhoffer . In memory of Edward Franks from: Charles & Frances Alberto and Jean Lindsey. In memory of Jeannette Vaughn from: Oris D. Vaughn. In memory of Bob Campbell & Steve Arrington from: M ary L ouis Crim and Florence M edlin & R.P. Medlin.

Missions & Outreach In memory of Milburn Amy from: Eliza Ann Nelson.

Kairos Fund:

Society of St. Stephen’s

Nursery Fund:

Youth Department

In honor of Kairos Ministry from: Eliza Ann Nelson. In honor of Pastor Karen, Pastor Ben, and all the staff of FUMC from: Eliza Ann Nelson. In memory of Milburn Amy from: Tom & Mary V. Engelking and Florence Medlin & R.P. Medlin.

In memory of Milburn Amy from: Florence Medlin & R.P. Medlin.

In memory of Milburn Amy from: Lane & Rebecca Nichols .



January 10, 2014 2nd Friday Friends @ 6:00 PM

January 10-12, 2014 Confirmation Retreat

January 11, 2014 Leadership Planning & Training Event 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM

January 12, 2014 Fellowship Lunch 12:00 PM

January 15, 2014 UMW Board Meeting @ 9:30 AM

February 27, 2014 Oyster Supper 4:30-7:00 PM Presale:$25 Limited at the Door: $30


Did you know... New Sermon Series Jan. 12 What if Jesus lived among us now? Would he make use of all the social media available in today’s world? Would he have a Facebook page? That’s the interesting premise underlying a three-part sermon series beginning January 12. If Jesus Had a Facebook Page... How would he describe his profession? Who might be his Facebook friends? By what nickname would they call him? Come prepared to hear new insights as Pastor Karen explores the depths of New Testament scriptures through a 2014 lens.

Trip with the Clergy! We invite you to join us for a great trip throughout Scandinavia and St. Petersburg from June 4 -16, 2014. We will be on a cruise ship starting in Copenhagen and traveling throughout Scandinavia and Russia. A great way to beat the heat in the summer! For more information pick up a flier from the front office or call W.C. Hall (409-832-5711) or Ben Burnside (832-514-0680).

Genesis Sunday School Class Please join the Genesis Sunday School Class beginning Sunday, January 12th as we study: Andy Stanley’s “TIME of Your Life.” What time is it? Where does all the time go? Does time really fly when you’re having fun? Maybe we think about time so much because there never seems to be enough of it. Maybe there’s only one question we need to ask. What am I doing with my time? Simple question? Easy answer? It’s time you found out. In this 5-part series, Time of Your Life, Andy Stanley will help you discover that answer. Don’t waste another second. 15-20 minutes of DVD teaching followed by discussion. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Your Days are Numbered At Capacity Compounding Minutes When Less Is More Under the Sun

*Genesis class meets in room 218 at 10 am each Sunday. We hope you’ll join us for these interesting lessons.

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Fellowship Lunch This Sunday After Open Doors Service. Bring side dishes to share. Committee meetings afterwards. SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR THE NEXT SPIRE: January 16, a.m.

Spire January 12, 2014  
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