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Tulsa Expo Square Provid des Enhanc ced Lightin ng for the 2 26th Annu ual Chili Bo owl Induc ction Lighting Makes M a Big Impact on Nation nal Racing Event in Oklahoma a

JACKSON N, MICHIGAN – January 24, 2012 2 – The Tulsa Expo Squarre is one of the e largest clearsspan buildings iin the world, and plays host to the widely accla aimed Chili Bow wl Midget Natio onals. Every JJanuary the eve ent boasts over ectators and atttracts NASCAR R and USAC drrivers from aro und the countrry. In preparatiion for this yea ar’s 15,000 spe event, the Square went th hrough a majorr renovation, an nd featured enh hanced lighting g. Due to the demands of an n indoor race trrack, the immin nent scheduling g of the event, and the Ameriican Electric Po owerPublic Serv vice Company (AEP) rebate requirements, r the t criteria for iindoor lighting was very string gent. Facility managers at the Expo Sq quare were con ncerned about light levels, dim mming capabilitties, installation n deadlines, a procuring a fixture that wo ould meet the energy e reductio on and US Mad de requiremen nts of the AEP reliability, and rebates. “When we began our testt period in Marc ch of 2011, I was surprised to o see how the q quality of the fixxtures varied m Our O process included a long research r period d, followed by a long test perriod and finally the between manufactures. installation. In the first we eek, half of the other manufac cturer’s productts failed,” said W Wayne Driggers, Grounds Supervisorr at Tulsa Expo o Square.  “We did not go forw ward with any L LEDs after we ttested a few single fixtures. T The LEDs did not n make it out of our preliminary testing for a number of re easons. The fivve EverLast® ffixtures we werre testing are still there with absolutely no problems or co omplaints,” Drig ggers commen nted. “Everyone was impresssed by the attentio on to detail thatt EverLast® pu ut into the produ uct. Right out o of the box, Eve erLast® stood o out. The packaging was even better.” b As a resultt, the Tulsa Exp po Square mov ved forward witth installing five e hundred and thirty-nine 400 0 watt, variable dimming EverLast® high bay fixtures in the winter of 2011. 2 The fixtu ures replaced 1 000w Metal Ha alides througho out e delivering a savings of appro oximately 1.5 million m kilowatt hours, and ove er $100,000 a yyear. the Square In addition,, Tulsa Expo Square officials received a refu und of nearly $ $150,000 for the e installation. The check refu und was part off AEP of Oklah homa’s energy--efficiency payb back program. “I am proud to o support a true e American manufacturer. We are loo oking forward to o a long relatio onship with Eve erLast® as we move forward w with our energyy on efforts. It wo ould be my plea asure to recom mmend the Eve erLast® produccts to anyone,” stated Driggerss. conservatio

About EverrLast® Lighting:: EverLast® Ligh hting is a subsidiary of Full Specttrum Solutions, IInc. and has quicckly grown into th he leading man nufacturer of energy-efficient lightting solutions for roadway, parkin ng structure, facillity and area lighting applicationss. For additional prroduct informatio on, visit www.eve, ca all 888-383-7578 8 or send an ema ail to info@everla For additional product inform mation, visit m, call 888-383-7 7578, or email in For press inquiries, co ontact Kyle Leighton at 517-783-3 3800 ext.231 or email e at If you would like to support EverLast®, E pleas se follow EverLas st® on Twitter orr visit them on Fa acebook. e.aspx?subjectid= =203&articleid=2 20100118_203_B B1_THEODD283 3513

Tulsa Expo Square Provides Enhanced Lighting for the 26th Annual Chili Bowl  

Induction Lighting Makes a Big Impact on National Racing Event in Oklahoma

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