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15,00 00 Michigan n Manufactu urers and Only Eight A Are Selected d For Prestigious Awarrd Michigan Man nufacturers Assn. Recognizes Full Spectrum Solu utions For Its Con ntinued Growth, Innovation and C Commitment To tthe State

JACK KSON, MICHIG GAN – May 9th, 2012 – The Michigan M Manuffacturer Associ ation presents only eight man nufacturers in tthe state of Michigan the prestig gious John G. Thodis T Award each e year. The e awards progrram, in its 30th h year, recognizzes the positive e contributions eir local communities. This ye ear, award recipients were Ch hrysler Group L LLC, Amigo of Micchigan manufacturers to the industry and the Mobility Internationa al, Automatic Spring Products s Corporation, Eagle E Alloy, Incc., Anderson G Global, and Fulll Spectrum Solutions, Inc. In the e midst of Full Spectrum S Soluttion’s Michigan n Energy Aware eness Campaig gn, the award ccould not have e come at a bettter time. “We know that we have a huge talent base, b and a hug ge foundation for f resources in n Michigan. If w we can buy something here, procure it here e, ake it here, we are going to do o that. These awards a solidify y that others be esides Full Spe ectrum Solution ns are making tthis or ma comm mitment to Mich higan’s econom my,” stated Mich hael Nevins, CEO C of Full Spe ectrum Solution ns, Inc. Severral other execu utives in attendance had similar perspectives s as Nevins, su uch as Scott G Garberding, Vice e President of Chrysler Group p “Mich higan has a lot of natural stren ngths from a manufacturing perspective and d we see a lot o on investing go oing on, in fact even some businesses are mov ving back from overseas to Michigan,” comm mented Garberrding. The h honorees were presented with h their awards at a luncheon held h in conjuncction with the M MMA CEO & Exxecutive Forum m on May 8, 2012.. The event wa as held at the Henry H Center fo or Executive De evelopment in L Lansing and fe eatured an address by Govern nor Snyder and d keyno ote presentation from Charles s G. McClure, CEO C of Meritorr, Inc. and Direcctor of Businesss Leaders of M Michigan. McClu ure implemente ed an overall th heme during his presentation, and introduce ed a video that included several different pe erspectives from m organ nizations such as a the Ford Mo otor Company and a Delta Airlin nes. The them me to the video was “Share It. Talk It Up. Drivve It Home.”, and p proposed the viision of the Mic chigan Turnaround Plan: A Blueprint for a N ew Michigan. The plan sugg gests that Michiiganders, and Michigan business owners o need to o support one another a and mo ove Michigan fo forward togethe er. The e event brings ma anufacturing le eaders togetherr from across th he state to disccuss the most p pressing issuess impacting ma anufacturers each year, manufac cturer to manufa acturer. No oth her event provides the same kind of interacction, open dialo ogue and hone est sharing aboutt what matters most, not only to manufacturers, but specifically to Michig an manufacturrers.

In add dition, Governo or Snyder signe ed the proclam mation at the event for May 6th h through May 13th to be Micchigan Manufaccturing Week. Snyde er also discuss sed several res sources availab ble to Michigan businesses an nd emphasized d Michigan tale ent, and teamw work. ### Aboutt EverLast® Lig ghting: EverLastt® Lighting is a subsidiary s of Full Spectrum Soluttions, Inc. and ha as quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energyy-efficient lighting g solutions for ro oadway, parking structure, facility y and area lightin ng applications. F For additional pro oduct information n, visit www.e m, call 888-383-75 578 or send an email e to For ad dditional product information, visitt www.everlastlig, call 888 8-383-7578, or em mail info@everla For press inquiries, contact Kyle Leightton at 517-783-3800 ext.231 or email e at If you would like e to support EverrLast®, please fo ollow EverLast® o on Twitter or visit them o on Facebook.

15,000 Michigan Manufacturers and Only Six Are Selected For Prestigious Award  

The Michigan Manufacturer Association presents only eight manufacturers in the state of Michigan the prestigious John G. Thodis Award each y...

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