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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. These are the words to live by according to a successful entrepreneur named Mohammed Kashif Joosub, owner and Managing Director of Light House Studio.

Light House Studio is a modern state-of-the-art studio that offers studio and equipment rental. Today, it is one of Dubai’s largest Fashion Shooting Studio Rental and caters a variety of high-quality photography services. But before hitting this status, Light House Studio started with tiny steps up the ladder. As a student of Business Administration in American University of Sharjah, Kashif found his passion in photography and a career that will change his life. He went from being a freelance photographer to a successful studio owner. He recalled vividly how his studio was formed. Whilst everybody’s businesses were down during the peak of the recession, an aspiring and hopeful Mohammed Kashif ventured the possibilities that can be found amidst the crisis. He began his journey with two employees by his side, a pack of good equipments, a fountain of knowledge and a handful of determination.

persona and his clear communication process. The same applies to his photographers and colleagues. In addition, he believes that good communication is the most important element in his organization. It is through these things that Kashif found a successful place in the field.

Business as Usual

Light House Studio can give you the best of the best offers that you can find in the market today. They offer a variety of services, from Photography, Video, Equipment & Studio rentals to productions. They always aspire to produce and develop high-end quality and professional photography and video services in the region. At the same time, they encourage upcoming talents to rent studios and equipment to better their works. They also provide workshops and training courses for those who want to advance in their careers.

For Kashif, building an empire is made of blood, sweat and tears. There are a lot of Four years later, he gained 25 employees with 2-state-of-the-art studios things to consider and re-consider before making it big. However, he stood by his and a numerous number of clients looking for him and his well-known belief that rules are not that as important as it’s supposed to be, rather, you must set quality service. guidelines that will truly help you to become better.

Jumping to the Dubai Vibe

As to why he chose Dubai to be his stepping stone, Kashif simply pointed out that Dubai has the “glamorous vibe” that will never ran out of great shooting locations, either indoors or outdoors. Hence, putting up a business in Dubai is a bold move where everyone is competitive and everything is evolving fast. What makes Light House Studio stand out is their innovation in terms of products and services that they offer. They firmly believe that they are in the forefront specifically on the product they offer and the pool of creative talents that they have. They pride themselves with simplicity, transparency and professionalism that they deliver to their clients.

Larger than life

Making bridges to reach out to the people you work with and work for is seemingly ideal attribution to a person who wants to make it on top. Because building a good and strong foundation among your workers is one thing, building a good repertoire among your clients is another thing. Kashif did both. For him, the key in having a good relationship with his clients is his personal touch to make them feel comfortable, his straightforward


Vol 02 | Iss 16 | 2015

Some of his personal guidelines are choosing your specialization to distinguish yourself from others; investing in the right equipment which can make a better end result; making effort to work with people who have the same vision as you; and most importantly being consistent with what you are doing in every aspect and angle of the work. It is not a secret that he decided to do these things everyday to make sure that all his hard work is being paid for. Lastly, here in Fullframe Magazine, we invite you to visit their website at http:// to check out the latest news for upcoming events and workshops. You can also contact them directly over the phone number +971-4-341 96 97 or send an email for any inquiries on Their studio is located at Corner 22 & 27 Street, Al Quoz 3, Dubai. U.A.E, PO Box 26864 They are open from 10am till 6pm Saturday to Thursday. Follow them on Twitter: @LHstudiodubai Instagram: @lighthousestudio Facebook:

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