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Holiday time is precious, spend yours wisely...

No job too big or too small. Founded in 2002, Full Circle Travel is a small owner managed agency. We can help with all your travel requests, great or small, from chartering private jets or exclusive island hideaways to shopping escapes to New York or spur-of-the moment London theatre breaks.

One to one service... At Full Circle Travel you’ll be talking to real people. Forget faceless emails, frustrating pre-recorded messages and careless call centres, we’re all about bringing back the lost art of customer service and human contact. We are there every step of the way, from the booking to the pre-departure call, a 24 hour assistance hotline and even a ‘welcome home’ call when you get back!

Going the extra mile... Niall Douglas, MD says “We go out of our way to make sure your holiday exceeds your expectations. The small things really matter to us. We do everything to tailor our customer’s holidays taking into account where they prefer to sit on the plane and organising little surprises! Yes, we do what a lot of others do, but we think we do it better.”

Independent advice... Full Circle believes in adding value, in quality not quantity. Being an independent AITO agency means we aren’t tied to anyone’s strings so we scour the market looking for the best. The well-travelled team do more than just share their honest, unbiased expertise, they aim to inspire.

Peace of mind... Many of our customers come to us following a bad experience with booking online, whether it’s an overbooked hotel that didn’t keep a room or a resort description that didn’t live up to its promises… Don’t risk disappointment, trust those in the know. Our free concierge services can look after every last detail, from restaurants to tee times and spa treatments, so you can kick back and enjoy.

Understanding the needs of our customers At Full Circle Travel we've noticed a surge in demand for bespoke travel and bespoke holidays. You have probably heard these terms quite a lot recently, so what is bespoke travel? Essentially it is another way to say tailor-made or independent travel. It seems that with the recession, holiday time and money is spent more wisely than ever before. More of us are looking for something perfectly suited to us, a unique experience tailor made for us, rather than a package created for the mass market. Whether it's a combination of destinations, a custom-made itinerary or simply a hotel that offers the ultimate in personal service, travellers are seeking to get the most out of their precious downtime. Full Circle Travel has been creating and sourcing bespoke holidays and bespoke travel for our clients for a number of years now. We work closely with the best operators in the world such as Audley Travel, Cox and Kings, Seasons and Exsus to make sure you get exactly what you want, how you want it and when you want it. In addition to their excellent products we ensure you get the best possible price and service and make sure we get to know you, the way you like to travel, the experiences you enjoy and what you expect from your holiday. Whatever your bespoke holiday requirements, however big or small please do contact us. We have an incredible amount of contacts and love a challenge. We often do the 'impossible' for our clients and would relish the opportunity to create your perfect holiday.

Why book with Full Circle Travel 1.

We are completely independent and are completely committed to ensuring you get the best price and service possible.


We have a fantastic array of contacts and work tirelessly to leverage as much as possible for your money and time away.


We love a challenge and the chance to do 'the impossible' whether it be finding rooms when none are available, sourcing tickets to sold out shows, creating a unique one-off experience - you name, we can usually do it.


We are contactable 24 hours a day and are a small experienced team who you will get to know and trust.


We have no-preconceptions of what you want or expect and therefore we listen and we listen carefully to what you want. Only then can we begin to find the perfect holiday for you.


You are 100% financially protected by booking with Full Circle Travel.


We work with many major tour operators you will have heard of but also hundreds you won't. We monitor the markets very carefully to ensure you are getting the best value for money with no compromise on quality or service.

Meet the team

In Wallingford, Oxfordshire 59 St Mary's Street Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 0EL

Tel: 0800 048 8772

Niall Douglas, Managing Director

Favourite Destinations: Canada, Mauritius, Tanzania, Menorca, Kalkan, Kefalonia and any ski resort! Visited most recently: Mauritius, Prague, Menorca, Cervinia, Alpe d’Huez, Sardinia, Turks and Caicos, and Jamaica. Favourite Hotel: It has to be Greystoke Camp on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. A truly outstanding experience and spending time with the Chimpanzees was incredible. Most memorable travel experience: Seeing the chimpanzees at Mahale hunting and celebrating after killing a deer. Hot tip: Iceland. It has something for everyone. Great food, great hotels and so much to see and do.

Kate Lee Favourite Destinations: Halkidiki, Mauritius, Tanzania, Maldives, Jordan. Visited most recently: Mauritius, Jordan, St Moritz, Vietnam. Favourite Hotel: Ngorogoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania. The most amazing setting and incredible architecture. Most memorable travel experience: Seeing my first wild lion whilst on Safari in Tanzania. Hot tip: Jordan. For something completely different with a wealth of culture and history I would recommend Jordan. Petra is something everyone should try to see in their lifetime.

Michael Lo-Monaco Favourite Destinations: Sicily (my home!), Japan, Lefkada and The Gambia. Visited most recently: Sicily, Japan, France, Mauritius and Peissey Vallandry. Favourite Hotel: Still can’t decide!! Most memorable travel experience: The bullet train in Japan has to be one of them. Hot tip: Lefkada - for pure escapism and the most stunning views I have ever seen.

In Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Sean MacDonald Favourite Destinations: Caribbean, Switzerland and Italy. Visited most recently: Barbados, Mauritius, Wengen, Verona and Lake Garda, Peru, Jersey, Basilicata, Saas Fee, Miami, Bahamas, Dubai, Antigua, Quebec, Montreal, and Alaska. Favourite Hotel: The Alpenrose in Wengen. Rate highly for the cuisine, views and friendly ambiance. Most memorable travel experience: A two hour trek through the jungle, then paddling a canoe down a tributary of the Madre De Dios river in the Peruvian Amazon. Hot tip: When packing, lay all the things you want to take and your money on the bed. Then halve the things to take and double the money!

Tel: 01582 969 022

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