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Worldwide Experiences ITINERARIES

Western & Oriental offer a special collection of exciting holiday experiences designed are on hand to advise you on your unique

Cape Town, Garden Route & Safari Self-Drive, South Africa 136 Rock Art and Meerkats 138

itinerary. Traditional holiday elements such as

beautiful scenery, delicious dining and luxurious

accommodation are combined with thrilling

Costa Rica Family Holiday 144

adventures, historical sights, local culture and hands-on activities to form our exclusive itineraries.

Rickshaws, Elephants & Tigers - Rajasthan for Families, India 146


specifically for families, and our experts

Safari & Beach, Kenya 140 The Wild, Wild West, North America


Culture, Wildlife & Beach - Sri Lanka for Families 148

Africa is a fantastic destination for families looking for an adventure. See animals stalking in the wild, gaze out over vast plains under big skies and enjoy magnificent tropical beaches,

Sri Lanka

all complemented by fantastic delicacies, vibrant

A visit to Sri Lanka guarantees a myriad of

culture, and warm hospitality.

enriching experiences – from ancient fortresses, vast aromatic tea plantations and treasured Buddhist

North America Riding on horseback, driving cattle across the wide open prairies, cooking on a campfire – experience real cowboy life with your family. Our

temples to prehistoric volcanoes rising up from the earth, and the chance to see graceful elephants in their element.

specialists will match your riding ability to your


ideal ranch, all set within a scenic, rugged Wild

India is an experience for the senses. Children can

West terrain.

absorb the vibrancy and culture of this dynamic country. From bustling cities, breathtaking sights of

Latin America Fly to Costa Rica for a hands-on holiday. Families will never forget the time they explored the

extraordinary landmarks to discovering the diverse wildlife, India will engage your family’s imagination.

rainforest from the tree tops, helped locals make chocolate from scratch and played on white sandy beaches and in the picturesque blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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