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April-May 2011

Neighborhood News

LDCHA Resident Services

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April-May 2011

LDCHA Resident Ser vices 1600 Haskell Ave #187 Lawrence, KS 66044 Phone: 785-842-1533 Fax: 785-841-8541

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May Dates : 2nd: Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF) 3rd: Girl Scouts (Cadettes) 5:30pm-7pm (HCF) 4th: Job Club 10-12pm (RSO) SEAT 4-6pm (HCF) 5th: Homeownership Workshop 6-7:30pm (HCF) 6th: Excel Class 9-12pm (RSO) 9th: Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF) 10th: Boy Scouts 6-7pm (HCF) 11th: SEAT 4-6pm (HCF) 16th: Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF) 17th: Girl Scouts (Cadettes) 5:30pm-7pm (HCF) 18th: Job Club 10-12pm (RSO) SEAT 4-6pm (HCF) 19th: Homeownership Workshop 6-7:30pm (HCF) 23rd: Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF) 24th: Boy Scouts 6-7pm (HCF) 30th: Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF) 31st: Girl Scouts (Cadettes) 5:30pm-7pm (HCF) *Please Stop by RSO for an up-to-date calendar. Or look for it on our web site*

Quilt Group Every Saturday afternoon in March, a group met to sew star quilt pillows. The result was lots of fun and the creation of beautiful pillows!

Edgewood Parks During the Summer of 2010, new play ground equipment was installed in all the common spaces of Edgewood. These are great places for picnics, neighborhood parties, and for kids and adults alike to get out in the fresh air.

New Bike Racks in Edgewood! At the end of March, new bike racks were installed at various locations around Edgewood. Take advantage of these new racks on family bike rides. Make sure to invest in a bike lock to prevent theft and take some time to enjoy a different mode of transportation this summer.

IN THIS EDITION: Financial Literacy

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Tax Assistance

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Employment Programs

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April Calendar

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Open Letter

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Fair Housing & Earth Day Flier

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Neighborhood News

April-May 2011

Neighborhood News

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April is Fair Housing Month

Financial Literacy month is recognized in April to raise awareness about money and how we use it. Financial Literacy, which is the ability to understand finances, can help you make better decisions about everything from managing income, household budgets, consumer spending, debt, credit cards, retirement savings, buying a home, taxes and much more. The Resident Services Office provides services and offers workshops that can help you manage your money and create healthy spending habits. This month is a great opportunity to take advantage of our financial literacy workshop on “REBUILDING CREDIT.”

Celebrate Earth Day and Fair Housing!

When: Where: Time: Contact:

Thursday, April 7, 2011 Barbara Huppee Community Facility 1600 Haskell Ave #149/150 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Cynthia Jackson @ 842-1533 or e-mail if you would like to attend or if you need help with budgeting or other money matters.

Saturday, April 16, 2011 South Park Recreation Center 1141 Massachusetts Time: 11:30-12:30

Time: 1:30-4:30

immediately following the Earth Day Parade

Do It Yourself Home Energy Audit Presented by

11:30—Take Charge Challenge Presentation by Tony Hoch, City of Lawrence


Tax Assistance: VITA: Thursday’s from 5pm-6:30pm

12:00 Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodation Presentation by Robert Baker

Registration is required for this class. ergy%20audit

Housing and Consumer Credit, Inc.

KU Law Students will be providing free assistance filing taxes. This program will run through April 14th. It is recommended that you try to attend as soon as possible. If you have any questions contact Sarah Madden at 842-1533

12:00 The Complaint Process

Everyone who registers for either the morning or afternoon session will receive an energy savings package ($20 value) and a free lunch.

Jerry Little, Human Relations Division City of Lawrence

For More Information About this Event: call 785-832-3467

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Neighborhood News

April-May 2011

April-May 2011

Neighborhood News

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Employment Programs

Community Contribution

Workforce Center Orientation: Right now I’m in the middle of learning to live as a non-smoker because of the LDCHA smoking ban for Babcock Apartments. I don’t think I would have made the effort if this ban hadn’t occurred.

Sarah Kern from the Lawrence Workforce Center will be conducting a Workfoce Center Orientation about the services they have available for both staff assisted and self-directed services. This will include information on funds for training opportunities.

In the long past I used the first Nicorette to try. In the far past a doctor insisted with great confidence I use Wellbutrin to quit which put me on an emotional rollercoaster. Years later another, and now my primary, doctor began pushing a new drug which the company said would have supplemental daily telephone support if I wanted. I gave it a shot. That drug did nothing discernable to help, nor did the daily contact from the company. Another failure. I assumed I would never quit.

Wednesday, April 13th 10-11am Huppee Community Facility 1600 Haskell Avenue #149-150

I knew the LDCHA ban was coming, so I would quit, then start again in a few hours. I would quit, then start again the next day. One time I stayed quit for about two weeks, just gripping and holding on. At the end of that two weeks around 11pm the urge to smoke became so great I was sitting in my apartment with the money for a pack in one hand and frantically surfing the Internet with the other, praying that I would find something that would stop me from going out and buying that pack that would make me feel like a failure again. I did not buy that pack of cigarettes because I did find a web site that night. It was free. And it works for me. Quitting appears to only be the first step. Learning how to live as a non-smoker is bigger than quitting since that is how I stay a non-smoker. I have decades of habits tied up with smoking. Replacing these habits with non-smoking habits is proving much harder than the nicotine habit. clearly and loudly stated repeatedly this would be the case so I knew it was coming. told me step-by-step how to prepare for these long engrained habits and what to do each time one tries to shake me. I am not smoking and I am learning how to live as a non-smoker. January was hard. I was being hit hard with my cigarette association to dozens of daily moments and thoughts. I was not seeing any improvement as the days moved by. I did not smoke but it did not seem to get easier until the end of January when I finally began to notice a change in my breathing. A couple of weeks later I began to notice the ever-present urges had begun to be more manageable. Softer. Quieter. While my resolve seems to get stronger, more insistent. I do not smoke now because of the LDCHA ban that motivated me to find a way to not smoke and then finding the web site that worked for me to guide me on a way to quit, and quides me through the forest of staying quit. ………………anonymous contribution

Contact Deirdre Humphrey at 785-842-1533 or with any questions.

JOBS CLUB Come join the club! The RSO Jobs Club will connect job-seekers in the community to offer advice, create and expand a network of contacts and will help participants gain valuable job hunting skills. The RSO Job Club will help members focus on daily and weekly job hunting goals, as well as providing advice and encouragement. Support, networking and career strategies are the main focal points of the RSO Jobs Club. To support your success, we'll provide the basic tools to get you started and keep you motivated along the way. Get involved and make great things happen! Join us EVER 1st and 3rd Thursday 10am-12 at Resident Services.

Microsoft Excel Classes by Steven Mutz Microsoft Excel is a powerful program that can help you with: Personal budgeting Data Entry Accounting And is a must for many office & clerical jobs! Resident Services’ Employment Specialist Trainer, Steven Mutz, will be offering classes on Microsoft Excel Friday mornings 9am-12pm April 1st, 8th, 15th and May 6th, 13th, and 20th. These classes are specifically for tenants participating in the Moving to Work Program. Bad time? Class moving too fast? Call Steven to set up a personal appointment! He can also help with resumes, job searches, making business cards, and so much more. Steven Mutz-Employment Specialist Trainer 785-842-1533

Neighborhood News

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Neighborhood News

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April 2011 Sun




RSO: 1600 Haskell Ave #187

Phone: 785-842-1533

HCF: 1600 Haskell Ave #149-150

Phone: 785-331-4418







Excel Class 9am-12pm (RSO)






Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF)

Girl Scouts: Cadettes 5:30-7pm (HCF)

SEAT 4-6pm 6pm (HCF)

Job Club 10-12pm (RSO)

Excel Class 9am-12pm (RSO)

VITA Tax Assistance 5-6:30pm (RSO)


Homeownership Workshop 6-7:30pm (HCF) 10







Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF)

Cub Scouts 6-7pm (HCF)

Workforce Center Orientation 10-11am 10 (HCF)

VITA Tax Assistance 5-6:30pm (RSO)

Excel Class 9am-12pm (RSO)

Earth Day & Fair Housing Event 11:30-12:30pm At South Park





SEAT 4-6pm 6pm (HCF) 17






Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF)

Girl Scouts: Cadettes 5:30-7pm (HCF)

SEAT 4-6pm 6pm (HCF)

Job Club 10-12pm (RSO)




Youth Play Group 10:30-12pm (HCF)

Cub Scouts 6-7pm (HCF)

SEAT 4-6pm 6pm (HCF)

Homeownership Workshop 6-7:30pm (HCF)


April/May 2011 Newsletter