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Never Dive Alone Programme

Thursday 11 June 9.30 am - 5 pm Bridgewater Hall Manchester

Agenda 9.30

Registration – coffee and pastries


Welcome & introductions


Where are we now? The new landscape


Mass participation


Comfort break


Experiences of inclusion – individual perspective & overview


Dream a Little Dream


Solution Circles


Preliminary Feedback or your thoughts so far & any questions


Lunch - a hot buffet

1.30 - 5.00

Open Space

Chris Hammond Cutting Room Experiment

Michèle Taylor Full Circle Arts


Refreshments will be served on a help yourself basis in the afternoon. There will be opportunities to reflect on your learning, and space for you to consider the implications of four short presentations. You will also experience first-hand some of the tools and approaches coming to the fore as mechanisms for transformative conversations.

Just a little bit about the sessions… Where are we now? The new the landscape The cultural landscape is changing. The way we interact, collaborate and create has a different topography. This presentation will look at how the social web, open source, and principles from inclusive education could provide routes for us, in the arts, to collaborate and be inclusive to all as we navigate our new landscape.

Mass participation How do you get 102 ideas generated, 1,051 people counted in and 185 comments made on a project in just over 2 weeks? What is the Cutting Room Experiment? Well think about flash mobs, think about mass participation, think about a collection of people in a space, at one time, all doing something together.… The guys from Cahoona and Ear To The Ground, who are behind the Cutting Room Experiment, have promised us an exciting presentation showing us just how they went about designing and producing this wonderful project for Manchester.

Experiences of inclusion Inclusion: does it sound like a tedious and rather onerous box-ticking exercise, or maybe a requirement that's driven by funding bodies, or even a genuine aspiration but nonetheless an indefinable and unattainable utopia? Michèle will provide a different perspective, presenting inclusion as a process which can transform the experience of each individual with whom you come into contact (and thereby the engine of organisational innovation and creativity).

Dream a little dream Vicki McCorkell will take Chris Hammond through a shortened ‘live’ development planning session to highlight some of our realities and mistakes and some of our dreams and goals. In the spirit of Never Dive Alone this will be an honest and open invitation to see how we work.

Open Space Event You don’t have to know about Open Space before you take part in an Open Space event and our session will be facilitated by Michèle Taylor a highly regarded and experienced facilitator. Open Space is designed to allow people to work in a style that most suits the way they like to learn and communicate. No one is asked to go to sessions they don’t want to attend; those who like to think out loud and be active have free rein to do so, and those who are more reflective can take their time and engage in a way that feels good for them.

Give what you can… Take what you need

What else do I need to know? To get the most out of Never Dive Alone, learn more about Open Space, presenters and other participants, and to make new connections and networks please join our event social network at You will have to choose a username and password, but after that it’s plain sailing, and it’s where we can get in touch and we will be posting up the conference, Open Space reports and actions, as well as hosting any ongoing conversations.

On the day Feel free to bring your lap top or mobile device if you like to use it to take notes, or to tweet, blog or post up to websites. We will have a charging station available and a few spare laptops for people to use. We will also have a twitter # hash tag and hope some of you can use that for questions, statements and conversations. For those of you who prefer paper, post it notes and pen, these will also be freely available.

Personal requirements This is a fully accessible event and all access, dietary or other requirements we have received by 4 June will be met. Unfortunately, although we would always do our best, we are unable to promise to meet requirements given to us after that date.

Getting there Bridgewater Hall is very close to public transport and nearby parking. There is a map below but you will find more detail at

Questions? phone us 0161 8720326 • text us 07939244722 • e-mail us

Never Dive Alone Programme  

Never Dive Alone - Your Opportunity to be with others and part of the debate The cultural landscape is changing. The way we interact, collab...

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