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BIENVENIDA A BECARIOS AMERICANOS William Crow PhD, Senior Specialist, Universidad Ricardo Palma, 2017 Fulbright Specialist advices the Universidad Ricardo Palma on Museum Studies Last June professor William Crow PhD, Educator in Charge of New York´s Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the most important museums in the world, visited Peru for 2 weeks to support the Universidad Ricardo Palma’s Instituto de Investigaciones Museológicas y Artisticas. The purpose of Dr Crow´s visit was to update the know-how of the students of the IIMA´s graduate programme on museum pedagogy, a field that is not well known in Peru. The head of the IIMA, Dr Alfonso Castrillon is a prestigious Dr. Alfondo Castrillon and Fulbright Specialist local authority on museum studies and is keen William Crow, PhD with Marcela de Harth to leverage the resources provided by Dr Crow and ED Henry Harman. to increase educational and cultural exchanges between the IIMA and the Met and New York University, where Dr Crow is a member of the faculty. One such mechanism is the 100,000 Strong in the Americas programme and it is hoped that an output of this visit will be the design and development of a project under the programme.

VISITAS Visit of Vincent Pickett, Special Projects Officer, ECA Vincent Pickett is in charge of supervising two innovative programmes in ECA, the Fulbright Public Policy Fellows Programme and the Fulbright Specialist Programme. He arrived in Lima in mid-April to meet the grantees and exchange ideas with host institutions regarding the impact of the programmes. During his visit Vincent met with Embassy officials, the Vice-minister of Energy, the Rector of UNALM and officials from the Ministry of Environment. In Peru we are lucky to host American grantees that make a Vincent with Commission staff significant contribution to strengthen the capacity of their host institutions and make a meaningful contribution to design public policy in selected fields. Under the Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship we have hosted five grantees since 2016 in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Energy among others. Two more fellows will arrive in September 2017 to OSINERGMIN and the Ministry of Production and Innovation. Junio de 2017 ● Volumen 34 ● ●

Newsletter vol. 34