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Why International Students Choose University of Alaska Anchorage

A Simple Admission Process No letters of reference, essays, SAT scores, or interviews are required for undergraduate students. You can find complete information here. Non-competitive – if you meet all the requirements for an undergraduate degree program – you’re in! Requirements for graduate programs vary. Check the web site of the academic department.

Low Tuition Costs Tuition & Fee Cost Estimates for One Year at Non-Resident Rates University of Washington


University of Oregon


University of California


Seattle University


University of Alaska Anchorage


English-as-a-Second-Language Courses are Available The TOEFL score required for admission is 40-45, but lower scores may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. A full-time schedule of ESL is offered at the intermediate and advanced levels, preparing students for program courses. Students earn 100-level credit for ESL courses, which can be applied as elective credit toward their degree programs.

A WIDE Variety of Programs, as Many as You Would Find at Any Public U.S. University Interested in business? Choose from Management, Marketing, Accounting, Global Logistics, and more! Feeling creative? Choose from Art, Music, Sculpture, Painting, Dance, and more! Are you a foody? Study Culinary Arts or Nutrition! Want to take to the skies? Study Air Traffic Control, Aviation Maintenance Technology, or Professional Piloting! Like to build and design things? Study Engineering, Drafting, Construction Management, or Project Management! Interested in the world? Study History, Anthropology, International Studies, Languages, Political Science, or Geography! Want to help people? Study Education, Human Services, Psychology, or Nursing! Fascinated by the law? Study Justice! Like to be in the lab? Study Biological Sciences, Chemistry, or Geology! Find a complete listing of majors and programs here.

Location – Anchorage Alaska The most temperate city in Alaska – no igloos or polar bears here, and STUNNING summers! A gateway to the natural world in both Winter and Summer with countless activities to enjoy!

Opportunity There are MANY oncampus jobs available. The office of International Student Services offers workshops on how to find a job on campus early each Fall and Spring Semester, and the office of Career Services offers several resources. Alaska has not been as deeply affected by the recession as the “lower 48.� There is still a great deal of opportunity here for internships and optional practical training.

Excellent Support Services The office of International Student Services in Enrollment Management provides the New International Student Orientation, ESL course placement, workshops, ongoing immigration advisement, intercultural/adjustment counseling, and advisement of the International Student Association. Other service offices include Career Services, the Student Health Center, the University Police Department, Advising and Testing, Residence Life, and Student Life and Leadership.

International Student Association The vibrant and active International Student Association holds activities every week, including: Discussion forums Passport Series presentations featuring current international students once each month during the Fall and Spring semesters Campus events like the International Food Festival Local outings Community service Community events like “Families of the World�

Climate – Anchorage, AK The range of Summer temperatures is 55 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (1326 degrees Celsius) The range of Winter temperatures is 5 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 - -1 degrees Celsius) Average Winter snowfall is 70.60 inches (179.3 cm) Great for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and sledding!

More on Anchorage Named “All-American City� in 1956, 1965, 1984/85, and 2002 by the National Civic League Population of approximately 280,000 Within a short drive of pristine wilderness

Things to Do In and Around Anchorage Hiking Wildlife Viewing Camping Biking Skiing Snowboarding Skating And more!

Getting Started – Welcome to UAA! Find complete admission information on our International Student Services web site. E-mail Doni Williams, International Student Advisor, for assistance during the admission process. Check out our video tour featuring current students on our Facebook Fan Page by searching Facebook for “International Student Services, University of Alaska Anchorage” OR view the tour on You Tube here. Welcome to Anchorage!

Why International Students Choose the Universit of Alaska  
Why International Students Choose the Universit of Alaska  

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