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the star is brightly lit up. But at other times, it’s nearly invisible as part of Benefit of this geographic the elevator shaft and usually goes location is the symbiotic unnoticed. Unlike the famous landmark in Russia, Moscow here can not relationship between two boast having its own mausoleum. universities Moscow is located on the edge of Idaho State. Some eight miles away is a whole other state, the State of Washington, and another university town, Pullman. This geographic proximity has its advantages, albeit purely practical ones. Due to tax differences, groceries are cheaper in Moscow while other consumables are cheaper in Pullman. Historically, there was another fundamental difference. In Washington State, the legal drinking age used to be 21, and in Idaho State it was 18. In America, where the law is the law, selling alcohol to a minor is a serious offense. So, every night, Moscow would be crawling with university students from Pullman, all at the tender drinking age between 18 and 21. Loaded with legal liquor and tanked to the maximum on friendly Moscow territory, this group would then get behind the wheel to drive home. This commute resulted in a high fatality rate so lawmakers in Idaho State raised the legal drinking age to 21, presenting the lucky teenage crowd with a few more years of alcohol-free innocence. Another benefit of this geographic location is the symbiotic relationship between two universities. Students and faculty of these neighboring universities are able to take advantage of each other’s educational facilities. For example, students can attend lectures and even take exams at the partner institution while receiving credit. Sharing library resources is another advantage, and the American university library is a whole other topic which deserves an article. Moscow, Idaho, breaks down all stereotypes of what a metropolitan center and a provincial, rural area should be like. It’s hard to call a city with spotless streets and parks, and where there isn’t a single scrap of litter on the streets, «provincial.» Here, 24-hour hot and cold running water is taken for granted and the electricity never goes out. There’s a phone booth on every corner, each with its own telephone directory, all for calling home, or for calling abroad anywhere in the world. In fact, there’s more order here than in any capital city or world-famous metropolitan center. There is room in Idaho for spiritual development: churches of different denominations, local theatres, and respectable university basketball and football teams. Just about anyone can satisfy his or her spiritual and cultural needs by selecting from a long list of organizations, for example, joining a rose growers’ club or a Muslim students’ union. The Internet also plays an important role in providing materialistic and spiritual satisfaction, and, in this respect, Moscow is no different from any other American city. Every university is packed full of computers, thicker than raisins in a box of Raisin Bran

Cereal. Thanks to technology, you can hook up to the «global village» 24 hours a day and get just about anything you need, whether it’s to make a purchase or to get the latest news from Ukraine, or from Papua New Guinea, or from wherever.

Moscow Kremlin

At the same time, Moscow is blessed with rural peace and quiet and a home-town atmosphere. Everybody knows his or her neighbor and nearly half the entire town. Of course, not all of America is like Moscow. This idyllic corner of paradise has managed to escape a lot of serious problems like homelessness and crime — no doubt thanks to the residents of Moscow, Idaho, themselves.

Thanks to America’s well-developed air transportation network with its reasonable rates and all kinds of discounts, a person could get to just about anywhere


Fulbright Ukraine Yearbook 2005  
Fulbright Ukraine Yearbook 2005  

The 2005 Yearbook includes a short description of projects for this year by Ukrainian and American Fulbright scholars, which will be useful...