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Scholastic aptitude and academic qualifications in Ukraine are determined according to archaic criteria controlled by the VAK (the Ukrainian Higher Certification Commission). Consequently, all research methodology is forced into an inflexible standard format. It is unacceptable for the VAK to dictate the presentation style and format of all research results

Research and education policies in Ukraine are being directed to conform to the Bologna Process by use of administrative methods. This is an example of administrative efforts to change Ukrainian higher education by maintaining the old context. Academic freedom is in no way encouraged in Ukraine’s academic environment.

There is no effective system in Ukraine for recognizing, motivating, and rewarding scholastic talent. The government does not offer programs to identify gifted Ukrainian students and talented young researchers and which support their development in quality domestic and foreign universities. An enormous national database of academic research makes it easy for desperate Ph.D candidates to plagiarize dissertations by cut and paste.

Based on the above, we affirm that national education and research must be reformed to meet the needs of society. The reform process must guarantee a climate which allows for self-respect, prevents the abuse of Ukrainian intellectuals and scholars, and which makes authoritarian rule in educational communities obsolete. We believe that the needed change having the highest priority is university autonomy — historically one of the fundamentals of democracy in Europe. An autonomous university will result in: •

A direct connection of academic and university science

Higher standards in intellectual creativity

Better qualified researchers and educators who are able to fulfill their responsibility to society

Positioning Ukraine for European integration

We look forward to a dialogue between the Ukrainian government and Ukraine’s intellectual community for the betterment of science and education in Ukraine through systemic institutional reforms.


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