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From the Participants The 8th Annual International Fulbright Conference of Ukraine (Lviv, October 7–9, 2005) We, the participants of the 8th Annual International Fulbright Conference «Intellectuals and Government» sponsored by the Ukrainian Fulbright Association, invite the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian community to institute fundamental systemic reforms in science and education in this country. Our conviction in the need for reform is founded on our belief that the quality of education and of research sciences in Ukraine is in a state of non-development and that these areas are irrelevant to the needs of a contemporary society. Specifically:


The quality of scientific publications, of the book industry, and of access to electronic communication in Ukraine is disproportionately low given the needs of the society. University and academic libraries in Ukraine can in no way meet the demands of modern information exchange.

There is no real academic freedom in Ukrainian universities. Subject matter, teaching methodology, and the decisions who will teach, who will be taught, and why, are all made by administrators, not by educators.

Research and study experience abroad for educators of even the most highly accredited Ukrainian educational institutions is not guaranteed administrative support. Institutes of the National Academy of Science have not been offering field or research trips for many years, not even domestically. There is a well-known incident concerning a young Ph.D candidate who was fired from his position at a major university for accepting a foreign research grant.

Fulbright Ukraine Yearbook 2005  

The 2005 Yearbook includes a short description of projects for this year by Ukrainian and American Fulbright scholars, which will be useful...