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Maija Kettunen


Vinkkejä ja verkostoitumista ASLA-Fulbright -alumniyhdistyksen il-

ASLA-Fulbright Graduate- ja Ful-

lanvietto toi yhteen yhdysvaltalaiset

bright-Technology Industries of Finland

stipendiaatit, Fulbright-alumnit sekä jo

-stipendit maisteri- ja tohtoriopintoihin

valitut lukuvuoden 2018–2019 suomalai-

Yhdysvalloissa lukuvuodeksi 2019–2020

set Fulbright Graduate -stipendiaatit. Jo

tulevat hakuun jälleen helmikuussa 2018.

perinteeksi muodostunut illanvietto järjestettiin uusien suomalaisten maisteri-

Teksti ja kuva: Maija Kettunen

ja tohtoriopiskelijoiden orientaatiopäivän päätteeksi. Uusille stipendiaateille ilta tarjosi verkostoitumisen ohella vinkkejä yli­

Lisätietoja: stipendiohjelmat-maisteri-ja-tohtoritason-opintoihinja-tutkimukseen

opistopaikan hakuun Yhdysvalloissa.

Fulbright Made Me a World Banker Linda Tammisto

Two years ago, I started my Master of Science in Foreign Service program at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Two years later, I find myself working at the World Bank headquarters a few miles down the road.

Two Fulbright Finland Alumni Named UNESCO Chairs

Fulbright brought me to Georgetown. Georgetown brought me to the World Bank. At the World Bank, I help rebuild conflict countries in the Middle East and

As the UNESCO Chair on Values, Dialogue

ther highlight the role of education in

and Human Rights, University of Helsin-

responding to, and building awareness

Georgetown was extremely helpful in

ki’s Professor Arto Kallioniemi (2015-2016

of contemporary global challenges. Inte-

providing the knowledge, access and con-

Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars on

grating peace, human rights and global

nections. I had both classmates, alumni

Religious Pluralism in the U.S.) will be in a

citizenship education into the curricu-

and professors who helped me navigate

leading position in Finnish society to pro-

lum, teacher education, teaching mate-

the organization that employs more than

mote values, shape dialogue and increase

rials and learning environments are

10,000 professionals in 120 countries.

the awareness of human rights issues in

at the core of the project. It will have a

None of this would have been possible


very important role in developing both

without the opportunities that Fulbright

teacher and school education in Finland

provided me with. Thank you, Fulbright

and beyond.


Having University of Helsinki Professor Hannele Niemi (1989-1990 ASLA–Fulbright Short Term Grant) as the UNESCO

North Africa.

Fulbright Finland congratulates the

Chair on Educational Ecosystems for

two new UNESCO Chairs!

Miika Tomi

Equity and Quality of Learning will fur-

Text: Mirka McIntire

ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grant 2015-2016


Profile for Fulbright Finland

Fulbright Finland News 2/2017  

The Fulbright Finland News is a biannual magazine published by the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

Fulbright Finland News 2/2017  

The Fulbright Finland News is a biannual magazine published by the Fulbright Finland Foundation.