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Parks, Justin Fulbright–CIMO grantee University at Buffalo, State University of New York Language and Literature Project: Speaking the Social Self: Democracy, Modernism, and the Transformation of the Lyric Subject University of Turku Randolph, Amanda Baylor University Medical Sciences Project: Gerontology NonDegree Studies University of Jyväskylä Robinson, Philip Fulbright–CIMO grantee Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Interdisciplinary Studies Project: Sound, Structure, Sensation - The Role of Architecture in Acoustic Perception Aalto University, School of Science and Technology Tasse, Amanda Fulbright–CIMO grantee University of Southern California Film Studies Project: Animated Features as Abstractions of Embodied Experience. A Neurocinematics View. Aalto University, School of Art and Design

Turner, Bradley The University of Chicago Economics Project: Economics as Empire: Testing and Appraising Economics Imperialism University of Helsinki

Weimer, Leasa Fulbright–CIMO grantee University of Georgia Education Project: International Student Market, Academic Capitalism, and Finnish Higher Education University of Jyväskylä, University of Tampere, University of Helsinki

Finnish University Presidents Exploring US Higher Education Governance and Funding Presidents from 11 Finnish universities explored US higher education governance and funding on a recent study tour organized by the Fulbright Center. The five-day higher education leadership study tour included two seminars with key presenters from US national organizations and from universities from around the United States on issues of strategic management, governance, funding, development and fundraising, and site visit to five public and private universities around the North Carolina Research Triangle region. The tour provided the participants with an opportunity to discuss with expert speakers current issues regarding financial challenges, leadership structures, strategic planning and decision-making processes and the governance of universities in the United States. The study tour program including presentations and background materials as well as the delegation’s report on the study tour observations and analysis can be found on the Fulbright Center website. This is the fourth study tour orga-

nized by the Fulbright Center within the past three years in cooperation with its US partner, the Institute of International Education. Earlier Fulbright Center study tours have focused on graduate education, adult education, and international education. Programs of all tours can be found on the Fulbright Center website.

At the University of North Carolina School of the Arts the delegation met with the school’s Executive Council for a discussion on strategic management and funding at UNCSA as well as at art schools in the United States in general. UNCSA music majors treated the delegation with a trumpet quartet performance. g i br


Lee, Joan University of Pennsylvania Education Project: Intelligent Accountability: The Culture of Educational Assessment in Finland University of Jyväskylä

Tokic, Maja Art and Architecture Project: Alvar Aalto’s Civic Architecture and the Finnish National Identity Aalto University, School of Science and Technology


Horns, Richard Fulbright–University of Helsinki Graduate Award Amherst College Biology Project: Host-Pathogen Coevolution: The Effect of Space on Resistance Structure University of Helsinki

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Fulbright Center News 1/2011  

The Fulbright Center News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Center in Finland.

Fulbright Center News 1/2011  

The Fulbright Center News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Center in Finland.