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American Fulbright graduate student grantee, Amanda Kaipio, will be in recital on May 5 at Helsinki’s Krystuskyrkan. “The music I will be performing reflects the unique beauty of the Finnish landscape, from the darkness of solstice to the sunshine and renewal of springtime. The art songs of Kuula, Merikanto and Madetoja express the characteristics of the “traditional Finnish soul” such as silence, melancholy, stoicism, and deep

internality of thought and perspective.” Amanda’s repertoire in the recital consists of all Finnish songs. “The complexity of the Finnish language and its intensity when set to music is unequal to any of the other languages I have studied. Putting together this concert has been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects of my musical career, and it is an honor to present it.” Amanda completed a Master of Music at Boston University, 2010, majoring in Voice Performance and is studying this year at Sibelius Academy. At the recital she will perform together with Anna Hersey, who is a Fulbright grantee in Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Royal College of Music) in Stockholm, Sweden.


An Evening of Nordic Song

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Two Finnish universities have awarded Senator J. William Fulbright wit h an Honorary Doctorate: University of Helsinki in 1976 and University of Tampere in 1992.

Kaj Franck Centennial This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kaj Franck (1911–1989), a Finnish designer of world class reputation, teacher at the Helsinki School of Art & Design, recipient of numerous prizes and awards, known for the iconic Teema tableware design and Kartio glassware, and an alumnus of the Finnish ASLA-Fulbright program, 1955–56, research program to Rhode Island School of Design. The Kaj Frank Centenary year is celebrated by several exhibitions, events and publications. Read more on the life and art of Kaj Franck and a full calendar of all related events:

Fulbright-kausi tutustutti toimintaan Yhdysvalloissa – Sairaalaklovnit Suomessa 10 vuotta Sairaalaklovnit ry juhlii tänä vuonna 10-vuotista taivaltaan. Sairaalaklovnit ry:n toiminnan toi Suomeen yhdistyksen taiteellinen johtaja Lilli SukulaLindblom. Hän tutustui sairaalaklovneriaan opiskellessaan Fulbright Mid-Career Professional Development -stipendiaattina Big Apple Circusissa Yhdysvalloissa syksyllä 2000. ”Halusin opiskella jotakin jossa ammattiosaamistani, näyttelemistä, voitaisiin tuoda myös sairaaloissa oleville potilaille ja heidän omaisilleen”, hän kertoo. Kymmenessä vuodessa sairaalaklovnit ovat kohdanneet lähes 300 000 lasta ja heidän vanhempiaan ja sairaalaklovnitoimintaa on pian kaikissa Suomen yliopistollisissa sairaaloissa.

Fulbrighters Gather in Europe

Graduate student grantees Mackenzie (left) and Jacquelyn checking in at the Checkpoint Charlie on an afternoon of sight-seeing at the Berlin Seminar.

Two major seminars are organized annually to bring together American Fulbright grantees in Europe. The Berlin Seminar, organized by the German Fulbright Commission, offers lectures and discussions on political, economic, and cultural topics, culminating in a concert performed by Fulbright musicians. Jacquelyn Gleisner and Mackenzie Lind represented the Finnish-American Fulbright Program this year. The Belgian Fulbright Commission organizes a one-week Fulbright Seminar on the European Union and NATO. American Fulbright grantees from each EU member country are selected to attend, three from Finland this year: Bryan Beamer, Benjamin Alldritt, and Kay Kohl. Participants attend a series of briefings for example, at the Court of Justice, the European Commission, the European Parliament, and NATO Headquarters.


Profile for Fulbright Finland

Fulbright Center News 1/2011  

The Fulbright Center News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Center in Finland.

Fulbright Center News 1/2011  

The Fulbright Center News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Center in Finland.