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A report to the community from the

Fremont Union High School District


Cupertino High School Fremont High School Homestead High School Lynbrook High School Monta Vista High School Adult and Community Education


FUHSD Board of Trustees: Bill Wilson, President, Barbara Nunes, Vice President, Jeff Moe, Nancy Newton, Hung Wei, and Sriya Srinath, Student Representative

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Polly Bove, Superintendent of Schools

June 2014

The Heart of 
 Silicon Valley

Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) serves residents of Cupertino, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Los Altos, Saratoga, and Santa Clara. Our nearly 11,000 9th - 12th grade students attend either Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook, or Monta Vista High School. The Adult and Community Education program serves an additional 22,000 students in part-time programs offered at a variety of venues throughout our community.

Fertile Cultures in Which to Grow

Consistently recognized as one of California’s highest performing high school districts, FUHSD has resisted the national trend to narrow curriculum in response to tight budgets. We have maintained and even expanded student access to a wide variety of rigorous academic classes and learning opportunities in visual arts, music, career-preparation, athletics, and performing arts. Learning extends beyond the classroom in clubs, sports, and competitions through which students have ample opportunity to apply their learning in new ways.

Expanding Enrollment As our community bounces back from recent economic challenges, we continue to draw new students and families. We expect an additional 1,850 students (an increase of 18% from 2010) by 2020. We currently have resources and plans to add 28 classrooms, but we project the need by 2020 for 37 additional classrooms beyond those in current plans. Additional Students

New Classrooms Needed Classrooms Financed by 2008 Bond



665 2015


2 28




Existing capacity handles most of the classroom needs through 2015 as the 2008 Bond measure provided 28 classrooms. However, additional new students will require 37 more classrooms and the dollars to staff those classrooms.

Enriched by Our Diversity On a recent visit to Fremont High School, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan observed that our district “reflects the best of the United States, it’s incredibly diverse with many first-generation college-goers, many who are new to the country who are chasing the American dream and a highquality education. Those two things are inextricably linked.”

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan with Fremont students

Parents and students are some of our biggest fans “We are really blessed to have a district

Beacons of Excellence


Our students continue to thrive: • 94% of students earn a diploma in four years • 94% of students pass the California High School Exit Exam on their first try • 72% take Advanced Placement or honors course work while in high school • 85% enroll in college immediately after graduation from high school • District test scores consistently exceed county, state, and national averages • FUHSD students generously volunteer multiple thousands of hours to benefit and enrich the lives of others in our community and the world “Empirical studies have shown that the various measures of school quality have a substantial impact on housing prices.” (Source: Cleveland State University)


where everyone works together. It is really the best environment for our children and for us grownups and a joy to participate in.” Jean Fujiki Lynbrook High School parent

“My involvement in sports and student leadership have made my high school years truly special. The environment at Cupertino High School became my second home and molded me into who I am today.” Farica Carroll Cupertino High School student

“Monta Vista is a good fit for our son. In addition to the excellent academic environment and class offerings, he gets a lot of enjoyment from participating in some of the extracurricular opportunities such as the Robotics Team and Jazz Combo.” Jim Cunningham Monta Vista High School parent

Facilities Classroom Instruction Operations and Admin.

“I am so grateful that I attended Fremont High School. Not only have

Locally Funded and Supported Federal Revenue Local Revenue State Revenue



Unlike most California school districts, only 5% of our revenue comes from state or federal government sources. FUHSD is dependent upon local community property taxes for 90% of its revenue. An additional 5% comes from the community’s support of a six-year Parcel Tax approved in 2010 and this has helped us to maintain and increase competitive staff salaries. The students and staff of the Fremont Union High School District thank you for your support!

I learned a tremendous amount in the classroom, I learned a lot about myself. I enjoy being the managing editor of the school newspaper and a two sport varsity athlete.” Alex Bernauer Fremont High School student

“Homestead has an impressively talented group of students in the music department ranging from Marching Band to the Chamber Orchestra. I’m proud to say that I am a HHS graduate and now a parent in the Homestead community.” Audrey Jee Homestead High School 
 alumnus and parent

Fremont Union High School District 589 W. Fremont Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Non-Profit Organization US POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 33 Sunnyvale, CA



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RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER, LOCAL Joyfully serving the communities of Cupertino, Los Altos, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Sunnyvale


Your Bond Dollars at Work

• 28 classrooms • 4 cafeterias • 4 large meeting spaces • 1 library • 2 PE facilities • Solar equipment at each high school

• New track and athletic fields at each high school • Comprehensive master planning efforts for each high school



Cupertino High School Student Union Building


Rendering of Fremont High School Cafeteria Classroom Building (16 classrooms)

Rendering of Homestead High School Cafeteria Classroom Building (3 classrooms)

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Monta Vista High School Campus Center (6 classrooms)

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Rendering from Lynbrook High School Master Plan

We hope that what you see is that we took your dollars and tried to make magic. These are places that say to students, ‘You are important!’


Polly Bove, FUHSD Superintendent

Environmental and sustainability efforts mean more dollars for the classroom:


• $1,000,000 energy savings each year because of solar improvements • 42% reduction in water usage • Annual savings of 305,000 gallons due to synthetic fields replacing grass athletic fields

To learn more about the impressive educational opportunities, student achievements, school programs, and district leadership check out the FUHSD website at or phone 408.522.2200.

FUHSD Community Report  

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