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Spring 2000 Issue Volume XIX, No. 3

THE AGGIE BAND ENDOWMENT KICKOFF Lead Gifts to Band Endowment Top $130,000!! The campaign begins‌ Thanks to tireless efforts by alums like Larry Sound, Jim Berry, and Elisa Levy, the Endowment is a reality. The Aggie Band Endowment formally kicks off its fundraising campaign this Picnic Day after receiving lead gift pledges exceeding $130,000! UCD started us with what we thought was a low goal of $100,000, but with a $50,000 challenge grant from Hal and Carol Sconyers, and numerous $10,000 pledges, we blew right past that. As of this article, we need only $11,000 to lock up the Sconyers' pledge. Stunned by the outpouring of support for the Band, the Development Office set a new goal of $250,000 - though with what we've already seen, they may have to up that amount by September. How does the Endowment work? Money donated to the Band Endowment is kept forever for investment by the UCD Foundation. For the year ending June of 1998, the general endowment pool generated total returns of 20.5%. Part of the growth generated each quarter goes back to the Endowment to insure its continued expansion. The rest of the income goes directly from the Foundation to the Aggie Band's operating budget (this past quarter the Aggie Band received its first income from the Endowment) for unrestricted use as the Officers of the Aggie Band see fit no one in the administration can tell the Band how to use it. This guarantees the Band's student-

run status cannot be circumvented with conditions attached to the income, and gifts to the Band won't be used up - they'll keep working for the Aggie Band forever. Can the university cut the Band's budget if the Endowment gets too big? NO! NO! NO! The Endowment contract - signed by the Chancellor and seven other administrators, Band alums, and Band officers - specifically requires that the Endowment is strictly to "supplement" the Band's current budget. That is legal jargon prohibiting the administration from cutting the Band's budget based on the Endowment. How many alums remember meal money? In the late '80s the Band's operating budget was about $28,000 for a 100 person band whose farthest regular game was Humboldt. Because of the '89 recession and system-wide budget cuts, the Band's budget was reduced almost by half to $18,500. Meanwhile, almost every team in UCD's division folded their football program. The Aggie Band now travels to conference games in Colorado, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas (no, that does not include playoffs) and, last season, the Aggies marched over 160 for pre-game. While we used to get a few bucks per game to offset the cost of meals, the current Band isn't that lucky. Two years ago, to send a small contingent of bandsmen to every game cost the members about $600 each to be in the Aggie Band. Last year the figure jumped to $2,000, with a couple parents loaning airline/bus fare to numerous bandsmen on their credit cards. That's in addition to the geometric growth of tuition. Meanwhile, the men's basketball team took the National Championship, and yes, the Band-uh was there. In short, the Band really needs the Endowment for long-term stability. Okay, you've sold me. How much do you want? The Endowment is thrilled to receive any gift you deem appropriate, and the Band appreciates all the support. Gifts of $100, $50, $25 or less all help the Band and will continue to do so forever. But before you decide, please consider the following: •

• •

Many companies match charitable donations by their employees (e.g., Sun, IBM, Chevron, Genentech). Talk to your employer and find out if they have any matching programs. Pledges can be paid over several years. A five thousand dollar gift, matched 1 for 1 and paid over four years, for example, is only $625 per year. Of course the sooner the Endowment gets the money, the sooner it works for the Band, but UCD is happy to work out almost any sort of payment plan you want. Can I donate anything besides cash? Yes. You can donate stock, bonds, real estate, rents receivable, royalties, and virtually anything of value. The IRS grants bonuses for certain charitable gifts. For instance, if you donate stock that you bought for $100 that is now worth $10,000, you can write off the entire $10,000 even though you never pay tax on the capital gains as you would if you sold it.

Donor levels for the Campaign include Bandsman ($500); Mav'rik ($1,000); Blue & Gold ($2,500); Full Dress ($5,000); Aggie Pride ($10,000); and Pride of the Regents ($25,000). The Band will recognize donorsa at the Mav’rik level or above on a commemorative plaque that will be displayed inside the new band room at the new Rec Hall Annex. The Band has also asked us

to include that it will personally thank donors at the “Aggie Pride” or “Pride of the Regents” levels, upon satisfaction of their pledge, with a Mav'rik or Full Dress rally (respectively) on a date of the donor's choosing.c All donors during the Campaign will be recognized in the Fugawe.a The Endowment Campaign will continue through Picnic Day of 2001, and after that, the Endowment will provide sustained income to the Band and an excellent place to direct donations to the Band from now on. Hopefully, in a few years there won't be any need to roust parents and alums for quick donations in the fall and spring to make sure the Band can go to playoffs. Hopefully, in a few years Bandsmen can stop worrying about fundraising and focus on what they do best -supporting the Aggie Teams and building Aggie Pride. A pledge form is included in this Fugawe for your convenience. If you would like additional information, please contact Mike Levy or Jim Berry. Thank you very much for your support. - Michael J. Levy, '88 Campaign Committee Chair (415) 242-9856 (ed. note: Mike continues to put in an unbelievable amount of effort on this project - it is because of his dedication that the Endowment is a success.)

Pledges to Date LEVEL Pride of the Regents Aggie Pride



Hal and Carol Sconyers



5/30/99 6/1/99 6/6/99 7/99 12/7/99

$10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000





1/22/00 1/28/00

$3,000 $3,000

4/98 (1st Endowment Gift!)


Mike and Elisa Levy Bruce Raful Ray and Ann Graf Arlie Fertch (bequest) Scott Greene Karl Gerdes and Pamela Rohrich

Sousie/Pic Drums Bone/Pic Baritone

Full Dress

Raymond and Shirley Levy

Blue & Gold

Larry Sound Jonathan Elkus



Doreen Finkelstein


Jack Huhn ASUCD Jim Berry Bob Morrison Bandsman


Friends of the Aggie Band Charitable Trust

2/2/00 Fall, 1999 9/19/99 1/00

$2,000 $2,000 $1,000 $1,000

Bal. Fwd.





Donors may remain anonymous. Please indicate with your pledge. Valid for pledges made not later than Picnic Day of 2001. Subject to availability and prior arrangement with the Band: not to exceed 90 miles of Davis. c

THE PREZ'S MESSAGE Picnic Day is almost here!! Picnic Day will be fast upon us, and for the first time in many, many years, an Aggie Bandsman - Curtis Mann - is in charge of the Parade (for more information, please read the CAMB-uh! News article). So, hopefully, this means that the speeches will be short and the horses will be behind us. Mark your calendar now, if you haven't already, for April 15, 2000. Break the Record Nights, parts 1 and 2, were moderately successful. For those of you who couldn't make it, there was some confusion on the part of the Athletic Department as to when Break the Record Night was. Originally scheduled for a Saturday, it was moved to Friday night about a month before, but unfortunately after the Fugawe was published. So half the Alumni Band showed up on Friday night and the other half on Saturday night. The attendance record was not broken and even the Davis Enterprise commented that it should have been held Saturday night. But most of us had a good time anyway (ed note: go to Photos From BTRN I and II to view pretty color photographs of BTRN). With Break the Record Night behind us, let's all remember that the Aggie Band owns Picnic Day. So dust off those instruments (and horns), oil those valves, lube those slides, and dig out your Mav'rik hat. This Picnic Day also kicks off the Aggie Band Endowment Campaign. Yes, finally, after many, many years of talking and planning, the Endowment is reality. So come on out to Picnic Day, learn about the Endowment, meet some of the current Aggie Bandsmen and learn what's changed in the Aggie Band and what's stayed the same after all these years. See you all at Picnic Day! - Jim Berry

THE PIO'S REPORT Greetings! I just have one update: Phone Tree Survey: The survey yielded a whopping seven replies, with only two people willing to volunteer to make phone calls. Given that we have over 300 alums on the active list (there are over 1000 alums active and inactive)...well, you get the picture. Granted, the survey wasn't the best-constructed document in the world (don't tell my Research Methods professor). However, I had hoped for more replies. So if you have any ideas about improving communication, I'm all for hearing it. For now, though, I'm going to put the "Phone Tree" on hold. (ha! I just made a pun!) As always, my thanks to Gaylene, Charles, Brad, and the CAMBAA/CAMB ossifers for their assistance with the Fugawe, and all those alums who sent me neat-o stuff to put in the Fugawe. I would also like to thank Greg Sweatt for sending me some cool cartoons and for taking the time to photocopy all the past editions of the Fugawe (including the very first edition!) so that I can steal ideas read about the events of the CAMBAA and CAMB of yesteryear. - Pat Lourimore

THE TREASURER'S REPORT Many thanks to the following people who recently donated money to the Fugawe: Bruce and Susie Carstens


Paul and Sylvia Coombs

Amount unavailable

Kris Herman


Mark and Karen Willett


Funds raised go to any special projects the membership wishes to engage in and, in general, help us do all those things for the Band-uh! and the Alumni Band that the University and the CAAA does not provide funding to cover. - Teri Lynn Caughie

HOW TO CONTACT US By Snail Mail: The Fugawe P.O. Box 74151 Davis, CA 95617-4151

By Email: (to change your snail-mail address) (for Fugawe submissions - gossip, letters to the editor, et cetera) (to subscribe to the email lists, change your email address, and other email-related requests)

1999-2001 Ossifers: President: Jim Berry (530) 756-6629

Vice-President: Tammy Perkins (530) 792-1187

Secretary: Tawny Yambrovich (530) 756-8220

PIO: Pat Lourimore (408) 736-6872

Treasurer: Teri Lynn Caughie (530) 668-6478

Historian: Kris Herman (916) 424-4634

Librarian: Kevin McKibben (209) 957-1775

Equipment Manager: Mike Hevel (858) 792-0677

Conductor: Nate Whaley (530) 757-6611

PICNIC DAY SCHEDULE AND CONTACT INFO. Stay for the entire battle or “see the rest of Picnic Day”...? (Note: Many alums show up to watch the final CAMB-uh! Picnic Day rehearsal [that's Friday, April 14th, freshman!]. Contact the CAMB-uh! office for their exact schedule.)



What to Do


Maybe wake up...


Meet at the bandroom


Rally the CAAA Pancake Breakfast


Wander over to the parade route


Parade starts

After the parade

Picnic on Solano Field


Battle of the Bands at Spafford Pond

Later that evening

Barn Party (site TBA)

APRIL 16TH 8am

Go back to sleep...too early...zzzzzzzzz


CAMBAA Board Meeting at Sudwerks

CONTACT INFO. For instruments

For music

For any other information

Mike Hevel (858) 792-0677

Kevin McKibben (209) 957-1775

Jim Berry (530) 756-6629

GRADUATING SENIORS EVENT “...with all the rights and privileges thereto pertaining” Remember what it felt like to enter the “real world”? For some, it was exciting - a time of discovery and personal growth. For others it, uh, sucked rocks ("What do you mean I have 'no marketable skills'? I graduated from UC Davis!!"). In an effort to assist the future alumni band members with this transition from academia to the outside world, there will be a “Graduating Seniors Event” (time and date TBA, but figure on May or June-ish). Current alums can talk to the seniors about what to expect after graduation from your own experiences seniors can learn how to handle the transition, know what to do when friends are suddenly scattered across the world, and the like. The event can also be a place to share valuable career information and financial planning tips (e.g., how to handle student loan repayments when you’re making $10 per hour), or you can just show up and welcome the “new alums” into the fold. If you are at all interested in participating in this event - or if you have any suggestions for this event - please contact Jim Berry.

GOSSIP MONGER Fact-checked by the staff of “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire”

ENGAGEMENTS/MARRIAGES: As of New Years Eve, Anye Mercer (Bone, ‘95) is engaged to Mike Sellers (Alumnus of Univ. Texas Longhorn Band). They plan to wed in Houston on November, 30 2000. Dan Herman (Tenor Sax '93-'99) is engaged to Lori Wynne (civilian) - it happened during the Y2K countdown. No date has yet been set. He is also in the MD/PhD program (with Nikki Levine, incidentally) at UNC Chapel Hill. Lori is finishing up her PhD in Chemistry at Davis. At 12 am, January 1 (ed. note: I sense a trend here), Diane Dybalski’s (Trumpet/Sousie, ‘93) civilian boyfriend Matt Miller proposed and she accepted. Look for a wedding sometime in December. Matt Corey (Sousie, '94) and Betsy Orbacz (civilian) were married in the Martha Mary Chapel at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA on February 19th (photos available at According to Lance Larka (Sousie, ‘95), Ags in attendance were heard to have said "What's all this white stuff ...". Merissa Wright (Clarinet, ‘94) is engaged to civilian Tim Leamy and will marry in August! Paul Egli (Baritone, '89) got engaged to civilian Heather Mietz (UCSC '92) in December, wedding sometime around October 2001. He also quit his Silicon Valley job for a startup in Santa Cruz. Piero De Paoli (Tenor Sax/Drums, ‘92) and Tammy Perkins (Alto Sax, ‘97) are engaged to be married. Congratulations!

ADOPTIONS/BIRTHS: Diane Dealey Neill (Tenor Sax, ‘86) and Todd Neill (Alto Sax, ‘87) would like to announce the arrival of Marina Elise Neill into their family. They adopted her from Karsnoyarsk (central Siberia), Russia. The adoption was finalized on October 13, 1999, and she turned two years old on February 24, 2000. Congratulations! Lara (Bosh) (Mello, ‘93) and Ken Hall delivered Karenina Irramarie Hall on Sept 20, 1999. Mother and baby are doing just fine! Rosario Ruiz-Dark (Glock, '93) and her husband Chris Dark are expecting their second child in June. Daughter Angelica is 2 1/2 years old.

Scot (Baritone '93/ '95) and Melanie (West) (Baritone, '91) Templeton have a new child Robert Flynn Templeton was born on 12/23/99 at 4:11 am. He is 21 inches long and 8 pounds 2 ounces. The Caughies wish to announce the arrival of their newest "bundle of joy" - Aidan Richard Caughie was born 11 January at 11:15 am, to Ed (Lumberjack) and Teri Lynn (Parks) Caughie (Tenor Sax, ‘86). Aidan weighed in at 10 lbs., 2.6 oz., has brown hair, and is cute as a button! All are doing fine and big brother Tristan is loving having a baby in the house of his own!

RELOCATIONS/NEW EMPLOYMENT: Debbie (Cavalli) Massey (Clarinet, '92) is living in Sherman Oaks, CA with her husband Drew and working for the internet site Gordon Caulkins (Bari Sax, '91) has installed himself as Resident Sperm Donor at the UC Davis Hog Barn. A civic-minded animal lover and one-time Genetics major, Mr. Caulkins is 110% committed to recognizing and generating diversity through inter-species fraternization. Janelle Metz (Pic, ‘90) has moved to San Francisco and is now working as a Career Counselor at SF State. Larry Frisa (Mello, '80) moved to Dresden, Germany with his wife and two sons, ages 10 and 5. (Dresden is in East Germany for those you who have the standard American understanding of geography!) He's working with Motorola on a special semiconductor project and will move back to the USA by the end of 2000. Margie Harrison-Smith (Pic, ‘94) has a new job - she is the Guest Services Manager for the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito. In addition to having a window office that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge, she gets to sell tickets to such happening shows as "Bangin Twanging and Shakin with Miss Kitty" and "Smoosh and Squish". (ed. note: nope. Too easy) And just in case she didn't feel old, having children born in the late 1990's calling her "lady" makes her feel ancient. Mark Inouye (Trumpet, ‘89-’91) won the 2nd trumpet spot in the San Francisco Symphony. Mark loves being back in California and says that his job is not's fun! Patty Dalton (Sousie, '88) will be finishing her residency in pathology, and Colleen Coleman (Alto Sax, '89) will be completing her residency in General Surgery. They will both be out in the real world operating by June of 2000. If anyone knows of any good jobs in these areas, Colleen asks that you please let them know.

OTHER INTERESTING STUFF: Doreen ‘Bruce’ Finkelstein (Pic, ‘84) will be performing in the chorus for a production of the Mikado. If you want to see her as a “little maid from school”, the show starts Saturday, March 25th at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose.

Jesse Means II (Baritone, ‘91) has finally made it to the web! He says that his new website ( is not totally complete, but it's finished enough for people to start visiting and giving a little feedback. Paul Takushi (Drums, ‘86) is rumored to have broken a drumstick the other day. The SWAT team has been notified and will be responding.... (ed. note: if you have any gossip, stories, letters to the editor, or whatever, please send it in email, snail-mail, it’s all good. I usually print messages verbatim, so bonus points for creativity [this edition’s points winner is Julie]. Thanks! - Pat )

CAMB-UH! NEWS The kids, as always, are alright. Hello, everyone! This is kiddie Jim. I hope by now you know me from my emails. This is a brief summary of happenings in band since the last edition. At first it seemed basketball would be business as usual (i.e., Aggie domination), but that has proven not to be the case. As it stands at the writing of this message, the men are ranked fourth in the west and the women are ranked seventh. Unfortunately, only the top six teams in the west make it to regionals. This means there will definitely not be any home playoff games, and the women will have to step it up just to grab the number six spot. If both teams get post season play, it means splitting two away bands on top of a regular season where four weekends were spent in Southern California and one of which included a stop in Phoenix, Arizona (can you say "pass/no pass?"). (ed. note: the men made it to the West Region Semifinals, but lost in the second round to Seattle Pacific - they end the season with a 22-7 record. The women were unable to move up and therefore ended the season with a 17-8 record) Besides attending basketball games, the band has been performing on the ski slopes. Squaw Valley, Northstar, and Boreal were all very nice and accommodating; most notably Boreal, which provided free lift tickets, rentals, lessons, and lunch. However, every weekend the band went to the Tahoe area, it snowed. The Northstar rally was especially interesting in that it was actually raining during the morning rally and then turned into a wet snow for the rest of the day. I believe it took five and a half to six hours to drive home that night. For those of you who have not been keeping up with campus news, the students voted last year to provide funds for a new recreation center. This new building will also become the new home of the band upon completion. Danielle Martinez, the general manager, has been working hard to get the most out of the deal as possible, so it should be exciting to see what will come of it all. I believe construction should wrap up in 2003, though do not hold me or anyone else to that. Also, long time Student Programs and Activities Director Ted Adams is retiring this year. After seventeen years, Ted probably has a more complete understanding of the band than any other

high-ranking administration official. Hopefully his replacement will make an effort to understand our organization and bandsmen as much as Ted did. (ed. note: oh, nevermind...) Other than the above, Picnic Day is right on our ass, and the officers are starting to feel the crunch. Last year's Student Director, Curtis Mann, is this year's Picnic Day Parade Director. Already I've seen how valuable a bandsmen on staff is - Curtis and Danielle have been working on getting more high school bands in the parade so that the Mav'rik band can join the back of the parade before First and A Streets. That will be all I'll say for now, so I hope all of you are doing smashingly. On behalf of all the kiddies, we look forward to seeing you in April! - Jim Shannon Assistant Manager CAMB-uh!

The kids at the “Best of Sacramento” party (in case you missed it, they were voted the “Best Marching Band” by the editors of Sacramento Magazine).

CAL AGGIE MARCHING BAND ENDOWMENT CAMPAIGN PLEDGE FORM To assist with the endowment of the Cal Aggie Marching Band, I/We are pleased to join you and others in giving/pledging a commitment of $________. ___________________________________________________

Name (for recognition purposes) _________________________________________

Name of spouse (if pledge is made jointly) _________________________________________

Address (where you wish pledge correspondence to be sent)

The undersigned may make the gift in cash, securities or property, and the securities or property will be valued as of the date of the gift.

Total Amount of Pledge: $______________ Amount Enclosed (thank you): $______________ Balance: $______________ Balance to be completed as follows

__ Annual installments of $________beginning________ __ Semi-annual installments of $________beginning ________ __ Other ___________________________________________ __ My employer will match this gift _______________________ Company name

Sincerely, _____________________ Signature/Date

_____________________ Signature/Date

The UC Davis Foundation does not regard this statement as binding in the event of unexpected financial reversal. The pledge may be modified with a written statement at any time at the option of the donor.

Please make checks payable to: The UC Davis Foundation

I/We wish this commitment to be binding on my/our estate. _____________________ Signature/Date

_____________________ Signature/Date

Privacy Notice "The 1977 California Practices Act requires UC Davis to provide the following information to individuals asked to supply information about themselves: UC Davis is requesting this information to maintain accurate donor files in the Office of University Relations. Furnishing the information is strictly voluntary, and it will be maintained confidentially. The information may be used by other university departments in the regular course of business, but will not be disseminated to others except if required by law. You have the right to review your own data file. Inquires should be forwarded to the Director of Administrative Services, University Relations, University of California, Davis, CA 95616." The UC Davis Foundation "The UC Davis Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation organized for the purpose of encouraging voluntary private support for the benefit of UC Davis and is recognized under federal and state tax laws as a qualified donee for tax-deductible charitable contributions. Responsibility for governance of the Foundation, including investments, is vested in its Board of Trustees, which is composed of community leaders and senior campus administrators." Donors Consent "The University is grateful for the support it receives from alumni and friends. One of the ways our thanks is expressed is through listing the names of donors in various publications. Should you wish that your name not appear as a donor, please notify us if you have not already done so." Stip Policy "It is the policy of the University of California, Davis to utilize a portion of the short-term investment income on current gifts and grants to support the cost of raising and administering funds."

INFO. FORM We know you don't live in Struve-Titus anymore... The Cal Aggie Marching Band Alumni Association is a chartered chapter of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association and is supported by the voluntary donations of its members. An annual donation of $10 is asked although larger sums are accepted and encouraged. Donations are used for the benefit of the Aggie Band-uh! and CAMBAA (like fixing and buying our own equipment, or purchasing [are you actually reading this? Cool! Please, keep reading...] mufflers for the trumpets). Donating members receive the FUGAWE three times a year (four times if there is a “Special Edition� issue). If you wish to send a donation, please print-out the form, fill it in, and send it in. Thanks for your support!

Enclosed is my yearly donation. Please keep me on the list of subscribers so that I can continue to receive the FUGAWE. This offer includes all three (maybe four) issues.

Name (former name, if applicable) / Year of Graduation / Instrument: ___________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Phone Number / E-Mail Address (if applicable): ___________________________________________________ Year of Graduation: ___________________________________________________ Donation Amount (please indicate if you want your name listed in the FUGAWE): ___________________________________________________

Please make checks payable to the CAAA Mail to: Cal Aggie Marching Band Alumni Association P.O. Box 74151 Davis, CA 95617-4151

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Fugawe XIX, No. 3 - Spring 2000  

Fugawe XIX, No. 3 - Spring 2000  

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