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Año X - Nº 115 - Diciembre | December | Dezember | Décembre - 2015


Nicolás Gutiérrez Oramas – Mayor of the municipality of Puerto del Rosario

“We want to create a work team where tasks delegated to councillors are executed” FMHOY - Fuerteventura He was elected new mayor of the Ayuntamiento of Puerto del Rosario at the last elections. Born in this municipality, Nicolás Gutiérrez Oramas, has slowly entered into the world of politics, but his many years spent in education have given him this kindness and serenity that are so important in that sector. From our pages, we want the readers of our magazine to discover the person and the ideas he has brought in since becoming mayor. Have you spent much time in politics? Well, first of all I spent many years in education, working for 35 years as a professor, director of education centres, coordinator of the platform of directors in Fuerteventura and then for the political phase, I became island director of education in Fuerteventura from 2006 until 2011 then later and until 2015 I was Member of Parliament of the Canaries, as spokesperson for Coalición Canaria and now I am mayor. As Member of Parliament, you must have travelled a lot every week; this new stage must be a little more restful. It is of course more stable, but my earlier task was a very nice stage, a learned a lot, because I didn’t have any prior political experience. It was rewarding and although it was different from my current position, it was useful on my path in learning about the institutions and their vision of the Canaries. As you were born and raised in this municipality, it must feel good to be in this position. Indeed, it is nice to be mayor in my own town. Your predecessor left visible achievements, now we would like to find out about your projects. The previous group came from an absolute majority which had been maintained for the past two terms and now we have started with a new reality. Absolute majorities are very complicated with new emerging groups and since the beginning of the campaign we noticed the necessity to create pacts in order to govern. This is the reason why we have signed an agreement with the Socialist Party for those four years, with a programme that we signed in a project of execution for those years. Our first intention was to avoid interruptions in the administration, we were a new team and many new people had never had responsibilities in the Ayunta-

miento. Out of 11 councillors only 3 had experience from the previous term. I believe that we have managed to do it and from here on, we have continued with actions that were already running since the previous government and further to the experience from the past few months, we are integrating the kind of government that we want to create. We don’t want it to be ruled by a president, meaning that we don’t want the mayor to be the “supreme being” who handles everything. We want to create a work team where tasks delegated

to councillors are executed and are their own responsibility. As mayor, my duty is to coordinate the work team; thanks to my professional training, I am used to working and creating teams. Of course, working as a team is the best way to grow and achieve. Indeed, the idea is to make the end of a term known and visualise the achievements carried out by each councillor. I believe that it is a necessary change and another way

of doing politics which we feel is necessary nowadays. Another decision we have made is to keep the opposition informed at all times of everything that is being developed so that they can be the spokespersons for the other parties, as employees and charging the Ayuntamiento. What other innovations are you planning? We want to finish the waiting list of social services. There are many demands in those difficult times and there are already surveys on the table and we only need a meeting to search for solutions, which will probably mean dedicating our afternoons in order to advance in this task, as the mornings’ normal rhythm already occupies most of the day. We have also started a procedure regarding what used to be the spirit of the old Popular University that was very successful in the 80’s. The objective is for people to be able to train in various workshops that can help them get a job or self-employed occupation. Are there projects for the capital? Not for the moment: we are not planning large projects, we will carry out small projects with Cultural Centres and Associations, about ten of them that will also generate employment, which is so important. We will concentrate especially in embellishing villages in the municipality. In addition to the objective of maintaining all the embellishment already done in Puerto del Rosario (gardens, cleaning, etc.), we also want to make improvements on signposting of parking areas in the town centre, so that they can be found and used more easily. Any other novelties? One of the greatest demands from inhabitants, is a law regarding animals, especially regarding dog excrements in the streets. We are carrying out an information campaign where we give people a kit that consists of a torch with little bags and a bleach bottle to disinfect urine. We also add a pamphlet indicating the beaches where people can take their dogs and we remind them that if they don’t respect the law, they will be sanctioned. Although those habits should be implied when people adopt a pet, normally the sanction is what ends up educating them.


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Magazine gratuito mensual de noticias, eventos y lugares de la isla de Fuerteventura - Islas Canarias