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WHAT WE OFFER We provide new ideas and experiences to make sure the design, organisation and production of your event is easier, more effective and fast.

WHY CHOOSE US? Our UNIQUE features and INNOVATION inspire us to make continuous improvements. We have become a perfect destination for SPECIAL events, organized by true PROFESSIONALS.

WHAT TO EXPECT We are pleased to present a selection of MICE activities, hosted in the NATURAL SURROUNDINGS of our hotels. We will mention just a few, but there are many more options available.

From working with you, we know how difficult it is to find new destinations, spaces and activities that are different and attractive. This is why we have created NEW EXPERIENCES for the MICE sector.

New times, new experiences

Price Conditions subject to number of people and activities selected.


Fuerte Estepona Hotel Gymkhana Destination: some 10 km by main road in very good condition. The estimated length of this activity is two hours, although it can be adapted to the needs of the group.



Consult for the hotel opening and closure dates.

Experience Box Spain Rob Magits Tel. 695 85 52 62

Photographic Gymkhana With the help of a dossier and a map, participants must walk round as a group or couple the different picturesque spots and places indicated. Estepona

Casares (15 km away)

During the route, they must pass

different tests with the clues they must unravel by taking photos. When the route has finished and back at the hotel, anecdotes are exchanged. Marks are checked and the winner is selected.

Regatta Experience Price


Conditions subject to number of people and activities selected.

Fuerte Estepona Hotel - Estepona Marina: 4.5 km by road in very good condition. Length of the activity: 4 h.



Consult for the hotel opening and closure dates

Experience Box Spain Rob Magits Tel. 695 85 52 62

Sailing can become a unique experience for creating team and improvement spirit among the members of a company. According to the needs of the customers regattas are organized where the participants compete in different groups and sailing boats. Crews will sail under the supervi-

sion of the captain, who will give instructions about the competition, the rules of behaviour and safety, and who will assign their role to each member of the time Depending on the kind of regatta chosen, groups between some 15 and 80 people can be taken in.

Mini Olympic Games Mini Olympic Games are an ideal team-building activity for companies, mixing together entertainment, sports, competition and challenge. The group is divided into different teams to compete and win a number of sports activities. We select and design the kind of sports events according to the

customers’ needs through activities such as running, ping-pong, padel, tennis, water sports, volleyball, darts, pÊtanque, indoor soccer, beach soccer, and all of those that because of our environment and facilities make possible to revive the Olympic spirit. The most touching moments come with the overall classification, medal awarding and closing ceremony.



Conditions subject to number of people and activities selected.

This activity is carried out in the facilities of Fuerte Estepona Hotel.



Consult for Fuerte Estepona Hotel opening and closure dates

Experience Box Spain Rob Magits Tel. 695 85 52 62

Selwo Adventure

Fuerte Estepona is just a few minutes away from Selwo, a theme park of fauna, nature and adventure where it is possible to meet the most representative species of Africa almost in the wild. It is a unique experience that allows

you to watch closely fascinating animals such as lions, cheetahs, giraffes, griffon vultures or rhinos. You can even make the route on all-terrain vehicle to live a true safari!



Adult groups (minimum 20 people): 22€ per person (guide price).

Fuerte Estepona Hotel Selwo Park: 10 km by highway and main road. Easy access and well signposted.



Consult Selwo Aventura opening hours and calendar.

Selwo Aventura A7 Autovía Costa del Sol, km 162,5. Las Lomas de Monte 29680 Estepona - Málaga Tel. 902 19 04 82 / 952 57 77 73

Road Show Automoción Length/distance

Fuerte Estepona Hotel - Manilva: 8 km approximately. Route: CN-340 and local road (A-377), both in very good condition. Fuerte Estepona Hotel – Estepona Marina: 7 km. Route: CN-340, in very good condition. Fuerte Estepona Hotel - Casares: 17 km approximately. Kind of routes: CN-340 and local road MA 3800, both in very good condition. Fuerte Estepona Hotel - Castellar de la Frontera: 33 km. Kind of routes: highway, main road and restricted access roads. Fuerte Estepona Hotel - Sierra Bermeja: 20 km.



Subject to weather conditions Consult for hotel opening and closure dates

Juan Ramón Pérez Fuerte Estepona Hotel Manager

We offer the possibility of having the hotel exclusively for your event.  Tel. 952 80 80 20 

Fuerte Estepona Hotel is an EXCLUSIVE and DIFFERENT option for presentations or Automobile Road Shows. We offer outdoor locations and

ideal spaces in our facilities to organize this kind of events so special and demanding. We also suggest some routes in close sites to test the vehicles for varied-driving events. Do we start?

The constant concern of Grupo El Fuerte for quality and excellence has been rewarded with the prestige, trust and admiration from our customers, and from companies and institutions all over the world. Numerous external and internal audits certify these results but the most gratifying acknowledgements granted to our corporate group come from:

Certificado de Excelencia TripAdvisor 2012 y 2013 Fuerte Estepona, Fuerte El Rompido, Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz, Fuerte Calaceite and Fuerte Grazalema have been given the 2012 and 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awarded to the tourist establishments most valued by user reviews in this travel website.

Zoover Recommended 2012, 2011, 2010 y 2009 Our hotels Fuerte El Rompido, Fuerte Estepona, Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz and Fuerte Calaceite have been single out by, among 185.000 hotels and resorts, as one of the best in Europe thanks to the reviews of the customers themselves.

the German tour-operator to tourist establishments most committed to the world environment. Particularly, three hotels from our chain have achieved to be in this sustainability ranking, where we highlight the 4th place worldwide achieved by Fuerte ConilCosta Luz Spa.

Fuerte Hoteles has received eleven times the prize Tui Environmental Champion (TUI Umwelt), given by

In 2006, Fuerte Hoteles received the Andalusia Tourism Prize, granted by the Andalusian Government, as recognition for excellence in management, being Andalusian leader in the business sector, its careful training program, watching over service quality and promoting concern for the environment.

Holiday Check Award Fuerte Conil - Costa Luz Spa and Fuerte Estepona have received the prestigious prize “Holiday Check Award” that single out them as the most popular hotels in their area, for their quality, friendly service and customer satisfaction. Marked as an exceptional hotel.

TUI Holly

TUI Campeón Ambiental

Premio Andalucía del Turismo 2006

Our hotels have won this prize nine times, the last by Fuerte ConilCosta Luz in 2012, one of the most valued awards given worldwide by the customers of TUI. It recognizes the dedicated services offered by our staff and the good maintenance of our facilities.

V Doñana Award to sustainable business Award given to our company as a recognition from the Doñana Forum to the environmental efforts that Fuerte Hoteles has carried out for many years in the Group’s establishments.

Socially Responsible Company In 2011, Fuerte Hoteles received the ‘Socially Responsible Award’, granted by the Malaga Provincial Council and whose aim is to recognize companies that implement ethical codes of conduct and social responsibility.

In addition, consult for these activities that you must be interested in: Dinner under the stars • Flash Mob • Yoga School • Solidarity Event • Tapas circuit • Flamenco Workshop.

For any information or request you can phone me:

Anne Christine Johansson, Account Manager Nordic Market Tel.: (+34) 646 534 410

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