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PRESS RELEASE Partner organisations agreement on the ECI Meetings in Denmark and Germany about the Minority Initiative

Visiting the Danish minority in Flensburg. Photo: from left to right: Jens A. Christiansen (Secretary General of Sydslesvigsk Forening), Hans Heinrich Hansen (FUEN President), Loránt Vincze (International Secretary of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ)) and Dieter Küssner (Chairman of Sydslesvigsk Forening)

Loránt Vincze, International Secretary of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) visited on the 22-23 November Copenhagen and Flensburg and had several meetings with the partners of the Minority European Citizens Initiative (ECI). He had work meetings with FUEN President Hans Heinrich Hansen and Director Jan Diedrichsen regarding the planning of the ECI. We are not just making statements; we actually act for the European solidarity, since the Minority ECI succeeded to have the broadest minority community solidarity ever. We also would like to focus on the states where the minority topics are banned in the public agenda – stated Loránt Vincze during the meetings. The International Secretary of the RMDSZ underlined that the initiators are at the end of a long, but necessary period of deep-analysis regarding the content and the possible partners of the ECI.


President Hans Heinrich Hansen recalled the strong founding partnership between the RMDSZ, the South Tyrolean People’s Party and the FUEN, based on the initial idea of the RMDSZ. He proposed the preparation of a joint letter and cooperation agreement of the presidents of the three organisations, addressed to the minority organisations who expressed their interest in supporting the Minority ECI. Jan Diedrichsen stressed that beside the success of the proposal regarding the minority protection initiative, two further aims should be obtained, namely raising awareness on the problems that ethnic minority groups and languages are facing in the EU and the adoption of a minority protection package that has arguments on all minority related fields, which later can be presented to the European Institutions or national governments. The Danish from Germany supported the initiative from the beginning and are ready to support it by all means – stated Jens A. Christiansen secretary general of the Danish minority living in Germany. In Copenhagen, Knud Erik Therkelsen, director of the Danish boarder association, considered that approaching the majority societies would make an even broader coalition on the initiative. The director of the European Centre for Minority issues (ECMI), Tove Malloy was very interested in listening to the developments on the preparations for the one million signatures and offered the contribution of the ECMI experts to the ECI.



Partner organisations agreement on the ECI