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DetectaDye DNA Fuel Marking

Fuel Theft Solutions Limited

Fuel Theft Solutions have established themselves as a leading provider of advanced fuel marking solutions whether this be governmental, military or mining. Our extensive operational and application experience enables us to provide knowledge based solutions. DetectaDye is based on the design, production, application, extraction and identification of unique DNA molecules. DetectaDye involves four components with shorthand notations A, T, C and G. DetectaDye comprises of two locked sequence codes, which must be known before the full molecular code can be extracted and identified. The identification technology known as real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) is employed, allowing the amplification, quantitative determination and sequence identification of the DNA molecules in a single assay. This amplification procedure allows very low concentrations of DNA to be accurately detectable and identifiable DetectaDye is available in an unlimited number of batches with billions of codes available DetectaDye can be used in tiny concentrations, less than parts per billion DetectaDye is totally secure and unable to be counterfeited

Based in the United Kingdom, Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd offer bespoke fuel marking programs, to ensure fuel security. We have, for a number of years, worked in remote and arduous locations, providing solutions within the fuel supply chain. Organised Criminals have taken advantage of vulnerabilities within fuel security systems, which has afforded them substantial ďŹ nancial gains. Geographical management and security of pipelines is a major concern due to the location and response time. By adding DNA based fuel tagging you are able to identify the fuel and origin, ensuring program integrity. Sampling of suspected fuels will enable the detection of stolen fuel .This will allow resources to be More effectively deployed. Our products work in all fuels including Crude Oils.

Ensuring Military fuels reach the front line is mission critical and ensuring supply chain compliance through the use of local contractors is key. By using DetectaDye you have the ability to add multiple codes to fuels in order to indicate supplier origin and carrier and also the destination point. The advantage to multiple codes is the ability to pinpoint failures within the supply chain and take the appropriate actions.

The Mining industry is an essential part of the global economy, providing local employment and business Opportunities, ensuring fuel security is of paramount importance. Remote locations, alongside time-sensitive work, require effective solutions in order to maintain service levels. By adding DetectaDye to the fuel ensures traceability and accountability, as an individual codes allow businesses to maintain fuel integrity.

Transport Companies use various computer data systems for fuel management. All of these claim accurate management control. Telemetrics, Canbus and pump management all create data for analysis; however, most of this data fails to concur, as other variables such as driver style create irreconcilable differences. Identifying fuel theft becomes almost impossible. With the increase in fuel thefts, companies are increasingly targeted, as once the fuel is removed it is unidentiďŹ able. Gangs operate with vehicles ďŹ tted out with high speed pumps where 120 litres a minute can be transferred. A Large goods vehicle fuel tank can be emptied, from full, in 4 minutes. No amount of anti theft measures will guarantee to stop a roadside attack, however, by forensically marking your fuel with DetectaDye and applying decals to warn of DNA fuel marking it will act as the strongest possible deterrent. A major concern of fuel theft is from internal theft by Drivers, Maintenance Technicians, Security Personnel and visiting Contractors. DetectaDye will deter internal fuel theft as the forensic fuel ďŹ ngerprint is detectable for up to 5 years.

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DNA Fuel Marking