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JokiLaakeri Oy is a contractor for Konecranes Oyj

The agreement has been signed for the next year. Managing director Asmo Talvikunnas Konecranes Oyj (center), managing director Jori Paatsjoki (right) and sales manager Pekka Ahola (left) JokiLaakeri Oy.


Service is the key when building sustainable cooperation

This is an era of numbers

3150 m3, +33 %, -1.26 %, approximately 500 people, approximately 120 kg, 1991, 8 years, 94 kg. There are a lot of numbers. Some of them are important to the company and some of them are even more important – on a personal level. Especially in this challenging situation that the world and Finland live in, different numbers and percentages have become vitally important.

3150 m3 - the cubic meters of the new JokiLaakeri Oy spaces, 453 pallet spaces. The new facilities are finally completed and in use. The extra space will help us to serve our customers better and it will also make working more meaningful. +33 % - the growth in our turnover so far this year. 2008 is a time of growth and I hope and believe that the growth will continue in 2009 as well. Fortunately many of

JokiLaakeri Oy is a contractor for Konecranes Oyj. Building successful cooperation always requires teamwork. ”The quality of a supplier’s service is essential,” manager Asmo Talvikunnas from Konecranes Oyj says. ”Work has been challenging and it has required a fresh approach,” managing director Jori Paatsjoki from JokiLaakeri Oy says. our customers have their order books full. Konecranes Oyj, introduced in this magazine, is an excellent example of this. Our cooperation has developed for several years and next year it will become even stronger than before. -1.26 % OMX Helsinki - today’s index. Is this the time to buy or sell? What I do know is that this is the time when hard work pays off and market forces will eventually follow - that’s for sure. Approximately 500 people visited the JokiLaakeri OPEN event on 18th of September 2008. The visitors consumed approximately 120 kilos of reindeer meat. Our goal was to create a successful event for the fifth time. We will pay more attention to service in the future creating the sense of a sincere atmosphere for the visitors. Thank you for visiting us!

The twins Aino and Bruno, the most important people in my life, were just born and now they are already 8-year-olds. Where did the time go?

Sense of realism required Cooperation is always developed together even if the parties vary in size as much as they do in this case. People must be realistic and adjust the range of cooperation in accordance with the available resources. ”That is how to avoid pitfalls and create cooperation that satisfies both parties,” manager Asmo Talvikunnas from Konecranes Oyj says. ”JokiLaakeri stores some of our products and ensures that the agreed products are available. We value JokiLaakeri for its quickness as a supplier. Their service has been quick in demanding purchases as well,” he continues.

94 kg - my personal weight. I cross my heart that when our magazine comes out next spring, I will weigh less than that. If this is not the case, a coffee break is on me!

Have a Great and Positive Autumn and Upcoming Winter!

Jori Paatsjoki Managing Director

A challenging customer

Konecranes Oyj is an engineering group specialized in lifting solutions and maintenance services. The company has a range of lifting solutions and components to serve all industries and ports around the world. The maintenance services include all the services that are

1991 - the year our company was established. A true depression year. But we made it. There are challenges in the present day as well, but with a humble attitude we will make it again.

required for a safe, reliable and continuous use of lifting equipment. Operations are divided into European, American and AsianPacific regions. The group and its partners operate in over 40 countries with over 330 service locations around the world. Konecranes Oyj 2007 Turnover (million euros)...........................1,749.7 Personnel....................................................... 8 404



”We have listened to the customer’s needs and tried to meet them. Our cooperation has become regular. Working with a company this large, working on a cooperation is a little more challenging, starting with the agreement procedures,” sales manager Pekka Ahola from JokiLaakeri says.

Quality of service is essential JokiLaakeri wants to provide each customer with best pos-

sible service. If a customer needs something urgently, we always work according to the same principle. If a certain product exists, our job is to find it. Konecranes sees these principles extremely essential.

Two approaches As a supplier, we store some of the products ourselves. The storage is close and products can be delivered on schedule. Agreements have been worked out well, down to the last line. Another, very remarkable part of our deliveries is the customized purchases made according to the project schedules. This business is very challenging but we have managed to make deliveries in a way that pleases the customer.

International connections. With this cooperation we have also become more international. Considerably more often we are searching for products from other countries and we also do more travel abroad ourselves. ”Cooperation requires the supplier to be on standby regardless of time,” Ahola says.



JokiLaakeri Open event in the new facilities The new storage facilities offer a lot of space and during the Open event they were used as a dining area.

JokiLaakeri Open day means good food. This time our supplier Matti Ahonen made sautéed reindeer with hearty mashed potatoes. It was delicious.

The fifth Open event

Quickly built

The traditional JokiLaakeri Open event was held on the 18th of September. This time there was even more reason for celebration. The very day was the opening day for the extended Joki­Laakeri facilities creating 550 m2 of extra space for the company. Storage capacity has been doubled and also the loading and working areas have been improved. There were over 500 visitors at the Open event. Visitors were offered refreshments and sautéed reindeer which turned out to be hit with a consumption of 120 kilos.

”We decided on the extension last year when it became obvious that the need for space was constantly growing. The main reason behind the extension was of course the rapid growth of our turnover,” managing director Jori Paatsjoki says. ”Also the working environment was becoming crowded and partly impractical. Now we have been able to provide appropriate spaces for assembly, not to mention the improved storage areas. ”We we’re extremely lucky that we were able to build such a large extension on our

properties,” he says. The design was done by architect firm Järvelin Design and the building process started this spring. ”Summer was very hectic since this project came on top of other work. Now we have a reason to be happy, although occasionally the building project was stressful because of the tight schedules. It was a little too tight, actually. They were still making the asphalt yard a day before the opening,” Jori Paatsjoki laughs.



More room for services ”This is not just for us, it is for customers. Our storage operations will become more centralized. For example part of the stored items in Lahti will now be transfered to Tampere. It has been our Lahti storage area that has suffered from lack of space. At this moment the shelves are still empty, but when you are reading this, they will be in use,” Jori Paatsjoki says.



Generation C – A new standard for deep groove ball bearings 50 % lower noise level and 35 % less friction - With Generation C, FAG sets a new standard for deep groove ball bearings The main reasons for the significantly improved performance are the optimized osculation of the rolling elements on the rings, the high-quality balls and the improved

Sanna and Petri join the JokiLaakeri team

raceway surfaces. Another new feature is the improved HRS sealing and the riveted steel cages. These structural changes have enabled more quiet applications, increased efficiency and higher speeds. The lifespan of the ball bearings increases while the energy consumption is significantly reduced.

Sanna, a fresh engineer of industrial management, graduated from Savonia University of Applied Sciences last spring and applied for the sales engineer’s position. Her advantages were her good language skills and entrepreneur-minded attitude. At the moment, she focuses on international purchases. Sanna will specialize in AT product sales, but her sales items will

JokiLaakeri Oy is the official retailer of INA FAG products.

The new WMX Wiper from Sandvik Coromant produces better surface finish in a shorter time. The new WMX Wiper inserts are ideal for turning steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Sandvik Coromant introduces the new WMX Wiper inserts with a new corner design enhancing the turning efficiency, allowing increased feed and improving the surface finish and tolerances. The WMX Wiper is designed for a variety of uses from demanding intermittent cuts in cast irons to high-quality surface finishing in stainless steels at high cutting speeds.

The users of the new WMX Wiper can double the feed without sacrificing the surface finish or maintain the feed, thus improving the surface finish and profitability. Machining becomes easier as the cutting proceeds smoother and the noise and vibration levels are reduced. The users will notice that machining with higher feed rates will enhance chip breaking and surface finish and thus secure production. The new WMX Wiper is an ideal solution for turnSAN157-Sandvik Coromant’s WMX Wiper inserts



ing with negative inserts and for most work involving ISO P (steel), ISO M (stainless steel) and ISO K (cast iron).

Sandvik Coromant Sandvik Coromant, a part of the Sandvik Tooling business, is a world-leading manufacturer of turning, milling and drilling tools as well as lathes and modular tool systems for machining centers. There are approximately 7000 representatives and professionals representing Sandvik Coromant in over 60 countries. In addition, the company has a stable retailer network. There are 20 upto-date productivity centers

that provide Sandvik Coromant customers and personnel with training to use the increasingly productive tool systems.

SAN157-Sandvik Coromant’s T-Max P CoroTurn and CoroTurn RC tools with WMX Wiper inserts

include both bearings and tools. Sanna will also be developing our sales and purchase operations. Petri started his career at JokiLaakeri as a summer worker in the storage, but the good employee was later given a permanent job. He is a professional with a positive attitude which makes him an excellent member of the JokiLaakeri team, and he has been very happy with his job. Petri has gained experience from a range of fields - from shoemaking to building and storage work. Thus the new storage building got a new employee.

Bar code collects information of tool data and usage Using bar codes is a reliable way to control the orders, stock and usage of tools. Information is accurate providing an opportunity for different follow-up procedures.

data on her computer. This eliminates the possibility of errors in the orders. In the future, the system will be even more developed.

Accurate bar codes

In the near future, customers can switch over to a system that uses automatic follow-up and ordering. With this system, when a tool is taken in-

Nowadays Kirsi Lehtiaho from JokiLaakeri scans the product bar codes of customer companies creating order

Automation will help

to use, it will be registered by scanning the bar code and then the data will be recorded. Data is always up-to-date both product-wise and user-wise. Each user will have their own code. Action limits go through the Internet according to collected data and agreed limits. JokiLaakeri maintains the data that the customer can access through the Internet.



JokiLaakeri - an expert in technical sales and service We have high-quality products, competitive prices, professional personnel and a wide range of services. The foundation of our services is based the needs and goals of our customers. Ask us how we can serve you.

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JokiLaakeri Oy is a contractor for Konecranes Oyj 2/2008 The agreement has been signed for the next year. Managing director Asmo Talvikunnas...