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Lifelong Learners Through Academic Excellence

Mission Statement The mission of Gulliver Schools is to provide a superior, personalized college preparatory education fostering well-rounded, successful, lifelong learners. Gulliver is committed to developing the unique gifts and talents of each student in a nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence, innovation, global understanding and character.

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Your Path Starts Here For more than 60 years, Gulliver Schools has been committed to providing a superior college preparatory education. Gulliver Schools was founded with the mission to recognize and nurture each student’s natural abilities and talents by providing an atmosphere that encourages him/her to strive for excellence in values-based living, academics, integrity and physical well-being. Our innovative and rigorous curriculum provides broad exposure in all disciplines and presents students with opportunities to pursue special areas of interest. The Gulliver Schools experience stretches beyond the classroom and extends to athletics, extracurricular activities and the greater community. In the pages that follow, you will be introduced to a sampling of Gulliver’s Enhanced Academic Programs. This series of courses is unique to Gulliver and offers our students an opportunity to further explore and develop their academic interests. Gulliver is renowned for its International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, Visual and Performing Arts offerings and Guidance and Counseling program. We invite you to contact us for a tour of our facilities and to meet our faculty, staff and students.

Gulliver Schools


Academic Programs

International Baccalaureate New Thinking for a New World “The IB MYP puts the entire world within the reach of every learner!” – Juan Carlos Garcia, IB MYP Coordinator

The Middle Years Programme provides a framework of academic challenge that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world in order to become critical and reflective thinkers. Through its three fundamental concepts of holistic education, intercultural awareness and communication, the Middle Years Programme promotes and develops: ■

International mindedness

The understanding of one’s own history and traditions

A command of one’s own language

The acquisition of a foreign language

A competence in information technology


Community involvement

Program Highlights Encourages international mindedness, starting with a foundation in one’s own language and culture Develops a positive attitude towards learning Emphasizes the development of the whole student – physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically Provides an interconnected curriculum that balances subject breadth and depth, and considers the nature of knowledge across disciplines Middle Years Programme courses are recognized and accepted worldwide

The ultimate goal of the program is the development of the whole student -– physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically. Middle Years Programme students take courses in five core disciplines including a spoken world language, plus physical education, technology and fine arts. Instruction emphasizes collaboration, problem solving and both formative and summative assessment using International Baccalaurate and standards criteria. Admission to the Middle Years Programme is by application. Students selected for the program are expected to be enthusiastic, independent learners.

Gulliver Middle School 5

Gateway To Technology Where the Future Happens “Engineering students at Gulliver gain the confidence necessary to tackle difficult problems and create practical solutions.� - Yolanda Valencia, Middle School Science Department Chair

Gateway To Technology (GTT) is a progressive program that addresses the interest and energy of Middle School students while incorporating national standards in math, science and technology. GTT is activity oriented, demonstrating to students how engineers actually use technology to solve everyday problems. Instructional units excite and motivate students to use their imaginations and teach them how to be creative and innovative while acquiring the skills they need to design and produce useful devices. The course also promotes communication and collaboration by emphasizing a team approach in instructional activities. This cooperative approach utilizes the strengths of each team member to accomplish the goals of the group project, while offering eager students appropriate learning challenges.

Program Highlights Prepares students for entrance into the Preparatory engineering program Provides experience with professional computer design programs (Autodesk Inventor) Offers the only Middle School engineering program of its kind in the area Covers complete design process from computer design to actual construction of operational devices Reinforces mathematical and scientific concepts by providing real-life applications of theoretical concepts

Gulliver Schools

Our Middle School GTT students participate in the international robotics program FIRST LEGO League, which ignites an enthusiasm for discovery, science and technology. LEGO MINDSTORMS ÂŽ robotics technology reinforces basic engineering principles while developing cohesion amongst student teams. Students plan, design, construct and program their robots to accomplish engineering challenges. Gateway To Technology consists of four independent units: Automation and Robotics, Design and Modeling, the Science of Technology and the Magic of Electrons. GTT integrates practical applications in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), helping students develop and practice skills that will enable them to enter the Preparatory engineering program with a sound foundation. Gulliver Schools is proud to be a nationally recognized Project Lead The Way Model School.


Academic Programs

Gateway To Technology for Females The Power to Make a Difference “Gulliver’s engineering class for females is one-of-a-kind because students implement the design cycle to tackle real life problems like real engineers do. The Gateway To Technology class empowers young girls to continue in the STEM fields.”

Program Highlights Builds confidence and empowers females to pursue STEM careers Develops a strong sense of leadership and community in a non-threatening environment

- Yolanda Valencia, Middle School Science Department Chair

Gateway To Technology (GTT) for Females is a tailored course offered as an elective for girls in grades 7 and 8. This course brings girls together with the goal of inspiring young females to realize their potential in a future career path. The class offers them opportunities to deepen their understanding of a specific field of study and gain awareness of the increasing role and importance of women in the expanding fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Students are offered hands-on exposure to engineering through projectbased activities, such as assembling and programming a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS ® and VEX®; constructing a prosthetic limb and designing a product to manufacture – from the purchasing of raw materials to the sale of the finished product. The four main units of study in GTT for Females are Automation and Robotics, Architecture and Design, Biomedical Engineering and Renewable Energy and Sustainability.

Gulliver Middle School 7

Performing Arts Nurturing Culture through the Arts “Performing Arts students learn from professional performers, who are also dedicated teachers. I find this to be the best way to learn how to be the best performing artist possible.” – Robert Keating, Middle School Performing Arts Department Chair

Gulliver Schools believes, that through commitment and experience in the performing arts, all students can acquire a creative way to view the world that can enrich and transform their lives. The performing arts curriculum at Gulliver’s Middle School consists of music, dance and drama. As their skills develop, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of stage productions and ensembles.

Program Highlights Music Grand National Champion awards at All Star National Music Festival multiple years Symphonic Band – Superior ratings for 15 consecutive years Jazz Band – Superior ratings for 9 consecutive years Instrumental Award (highest scoring instrumental ensemble) – awarded by All Star Music Festival for five consecutive years String Orchestra – Superior ratings All musical groups rank first place in their division at national music competitions Four levels of band – beginning to advanced Four levels of strings – beginning to advanced Choral opportunities or three levels of Chorus open to all Middle School students

Gulliver Schools

The award-winning Middle School Music Program offers beginning and intermediate classes in chorus, strings and band. Musicians then graduate to Advanced Chorus, String Orchestra and Symphonic Band, and may audition for the jazz band and chamber orchestra. In addition to a rigorous and stimulating curriculum, students are encouraged to hone their skills through individual after-school instruction. As their artistry improves, our musicians are given the opportunity to showcase their individual and collective talent by participating in a variety of concerts, competitions and solo and ensemble performances. The Middle School Music Department concludes its season with a spectacular recital at the University of Miami Gusman Concert Hall. The Dance Program at Gulliver Middle School offers aspiring dancers a healthy and supportive environment in which to develop their talent.


Students build their confidence, self-esteem and skills through movement training and directed choreography. The dance curriculum provides instruction in the techniques of ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance. Classes are divided into four levels: beginning, intermediate, advanced and dance company. Students also learn dance history, terminology and the art of choreography. Gulliver Middle School’s Drama Program introduces young minds to the wonderful world of theater. Students learn to express themselves with confidence through acting exercises, storytelling, character creations and puppetry. The stagecraft class then develops skills in costume, makeup, sound, lighting, set design, pantomime and film. Acting classes at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels help students understand the actor’s role through the rehearsal process. Individual and group performances and participation in district and state competitions promote artistic growth and ensemble appreciation. The year ends with the proudly staged annual spring musical at the beautiful Riviera Theatre. Gulliver Middle School offers an unparalleled performing arts education for all students, regardless of their experience. Our graduates are accomplished musicians, dancers and actors who go on to perfect their artistry in high school and beyond.

Academic Programs

Program Highlights Dance Junior High/Middle National Champion awards at Contest of Champions Nationals multiple years Three levels of dance – beginning to advanced Instruction in ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance Opportunities to perform in community events and competitions Drama Builds self-confidence Three levels of drama – beginning to advanced Instruction in all phases, including stagecraft Musical production staged in a professional theatre Fully staged one-act and full-length productions District Festival and State Competition Evening Parent Showcases – Stagecraft to Advanced Attend local professional productions Junior Thespian Drama Club

Gulliver Middle School 9

Visual Arts New Heights in Artistic Expression “As an artist-teacher, I encourage every student as they grow and learn, to never lose that child.” – Beth Harrison, Middle School Visual Arts Department Chair

The Middle School Visual Arts Program gives students in grades 5 – 8 the opportunity to experience and learn to appreciate the arts, while developing the skills that will enable them to continue their art education.

Program Highlights Exposure to famous artists, past and present, their works and a variety of media Opportunity to build a professional art portfolio Field trips to art museums and galleries Beaux Arts finalist awards Regional and National Scholastic Art Awards Gold and Silver keys Participation in exhibits at Miami Art Museum, Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, Burger King Headquarters, Z Gallerie, Allen Morris Building, First Exposure, Gallery of the Eccentric, Isabel’s, Fairchild Tropical Garden Challenge, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Gulliver Schools

The Visual Arts Program utilizes four foundational art disciplines to teach concepts and skills in a sequential course of study: creative tasks, art history, art criticism and aesthetics. Art instruction in the Middle School is designed to enable art students at any grade level or ability to develop increased perceptual awareness and creative expression. Fifth grade fine arts is integrated with drama; sixth grade art is a full-year program. Beginning, intermediate and advanced art are open to seventh and eighth graders as full-year programs.


Academic Programs

Speech and Debate Mastering Verbal Communication “Being entertaining, informative and confident as a public speaker/debater is both an art and a skill that is impressive, powerful and timeless.� – Mark Zipse, Middle School English Faculty

Program Highlights National tournament competitions with high school students Students overcome public speaking fears and learn to speak confidently Students become more aware of school and community issues Emphasizes persuasive and informative

Speech and Debate courses are designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop the verbal, non-verbal, research and written skills needed to become confident and persuasive public speakers and debaters. To accomplish this goal, the courses give students the instruction, practice and feedback necessary to develop their speaking and debating abilities.

speaking techniques

The first year of Speech and Debate provides students with the foundation needed to write and perform effective speeches on a wide array of topics and situations. They are introduced to the different styles and levels of communication needed to make good speeches and are taught the mechanics of speech, including posture and eye contact. Students also learn how to critique speeches and offer constructive feedback.

Teaches the rules of debate

Assists in the development of research and writing skills Promotes quick-thinking skills

Provides a transition into Preparatory School Debate

The second year of the program focuses on debate, a more complex style of speaking. The course is designed to introduce students to the technique and rules of debate. Through study and practice, young debaters develop their reasoning and critical-thinking capabilities and research skills. Debaters learn how to think quickly and how to perform under pressure. The study of debate also helps students become better informed on current events. Speech and Debate provides Middle School students with the fundamentals necessary for effective public speaking and persuasion skills that will serve them in high school and beyond.

Gulliver Middle School 11

Journalism A Student Voice on Campus “The bar is set very high for Gulliver journalism students. We strive to create sophisticated, thoughtful publications that truly embody the unique spirit of this school.” – Angelica Rossi, Middle School Journalism and Yearbook Faculty

Program Highlights All journalism students are actively involved in the production of publications Editing and writing skills strengthened Direct experience using the latest desktop publishing and design technology 2012 – 2013 Raider Yearbook named a Walsworth Gallery of Excellence Winner

The Journalism and Yearbook class provides seventh and eighth grade students with experience in news reporting, photojournalism, Web communication and desktop publishing. This course encourages students to broaden their worldview by reflecting on current media outlets. Journalism and Yearbook is open by application to seventh and eighth grade students who have a passion for writing, photography, design and global issues in the world of news. Through this course, we hope to enhance the digital literacy of each learner. Students learn the basic skills of Online Design, Adobe Photoshop, and other specialized programs for publishing and photography. This class provides students with a broad overview of journalism in today’s marketplace. Each student is challenged through interviewing, writing, photojournalism and preparation of pages for the yearbook. Students gain self-confidence through interaction with faculty, staff and their peers. The Gulliver Journalism program allows students to develop skills critical to all forms of expression. While working on assigned articles, students learn valuable research and observational techniques. They will gain organizational skills such as the ability to work cooperatively in a group setting, effective time management and productively manage projects and workloads to meet approaching deadlines. Critical thinking and communication skills are enhanced through hands-on, real-life interactive learning experiences. Students will use the latest digital technology to capture the vibrant community of Gulliver Academy.

Gulliver Schools


and Counseling

Guidance and Counseling A Personal Approach “The most unique thing about the Academy Middle School is providing one counselor for every grade level. We are one of a few schools in the country that affords students and parents with this kind of quality service. We look after our students’ social and academic needs and counsel parents in ways to help their child have a happy as well as fruitful education and friends.” – Dee Tyler, Fifth Grade Counselor

Working closely with teachers and parents, Middle School counselors help new students transition to the Middle School, provide support strategies to help students perform at optimum levels and advise students and parents as they prepare for success at the Preparatory. In addition, counselors assist teachers and academic departments in determining appropriate course sequences and course levels for students at each grade level. Three major areas are emphasized: academic achievement, personal and social development and career exploration.

Program Highlights One advisor assigned to each grade level Assistance for fifth graders and new students in making a seamless transition to Middle School Parents invited to meet at least once a year and to communicate regularly with the counseling staff Sixth through eighth graders have the same counselor all three years Programs and services support students’ strong academic progress, preparing them for a successful transition to the Preparatory School.

Academic Progress: Early in the year, counselors invite each parent to meet to discuss their child’s progress. Strategies are formulated for students who need help with organization, time management, test-taking and study skills. Counselors review standardized testing results and suggest resources for academically talented students. Personal and Social Development: New students often need a support system to help them feel welcome. Programs like the Raider Buddies club integrate students into the Gulliver community. Character building is promoted by Anti-Bullying Week, cyber safety training and substance abuse educational awareness. Students learn personal, social and life skills emphasizing self-awareness, problem solving and conflict resolution. Career Exploration: After taking a career interest inventory, students explore career options to discover how these relate to their own interests and abilities. This process initiates course planning for the Preparatory School.

Gulliver Middle School 13

Advanced Placement/ International Baccalaureate Advanced Placement: Computers • Computer Science A AP English • English Language and Composition AP (British Literature) • English Literature and Composition AP (World Literature) Fine Arts • Studio Art Drawing Portfolio 1 AP • Studio Art Drawing Portfolio 2 AP • Studio Art 2 D Design Portfolio 1 AP • Studio Art 2 D Design Portfolio 2 AP • Studio Art 3 D Design Portfolio AP • Music Theory AP

International Baccalaureate: Group 1 (Studies in Language and Literature) • English A: Literature HL • French A: Language and Literature HL/SL • Spanish A: Language and Literature HL/SL Group 2 (Language Acquisition) • French B HL/SL • French ab initio SL • Spanish B HL/SL • Spanish ab initio SL

World Languages • Spanish Language AP • Spanish Literature AP • French Language and Culture AP • Italian Language and Culture AP

Group 3 (Individuals and Societies) • History of the Americas HL/SL • Economics SL • Psychology SL • Social and Cultural Anthropology SL

Mathematics • Calculus AB AP • Calculus BC AP • Statistics AP

Group 4 (Experimental Science) • Biology HL/SL • Design Technology HL • Environmental Systems and Societies SL • Physics SL

Science • Biology AP • Environmental Science AP • Chemistry AP • Physics B AP • Physics C Mechanics AP Social Science • Human Geography AP • United States History AP • Psychology AP • United States Government and Politics AP • Comparative Government and Politics AP

Gulliver Schools

• Microeconomics AP • Macroeconomics AP • European History AP • World History AP

Group 5 (Mathematics) • Mathematics HL/SL • Mathematical Studies SL Group 6 (The Arts) • Theatre Arts HL/SL • Visual Arts Option A HL/SL Theory of Knowledge

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Lifelong Learners Through Academic Excellence

Mission Statement The mission of Gulliver Schools is to provide a superior, personalized college preparatory education fostering well-rounded, successful, lifelong learners. Gulliver is committed to developing the unique gifts and talents of each student in a nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence, innovation, global understanding and character.

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