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Unlimited We believe every child has unlimited potential. That’s why we offer unlimited possibilities—for thinking, creating, discovering, and unleashing curiosity. In our experience, happy, confident, curious children who believe in themselves go on to be really successful adults. And after all, isn’t that what education is all about?


Mission-Driven For over six decades, our mission has been to create an academic community devoted to educational excellence, with a personal touch, that fulfills each student’s potential. Today we offer a superior, personalized, character-based, entrepreneurial education that prepares students for college, careers and life. Our mission drives everything we do, every single day.


Forward-Thinking At Gulliver, we push the boundaries of traditional education. Pedagogical coaches and EdTech Integrators keep our teachers on top of the latest research and best practices. Through innovative programs such as Multidisciplinary Design, modeled on a class at Stanford, and Project Lead the Way, we inspire, engage and empower our students. We even have coding and STEAM for 3-year-olds! At every age, our students are asking important questions and testing the ideas that could solve the complex problems of tomorrow.


Compassionate We don’t just talk about compassion at Gulliver— we put our words into action every day. Service learning is a big part of who we are, and is woven into our curriculum at every grade level. Serving food at homeless shelters, tutoring underserved children, and building homes and providing clean water for communities abroad in need, our students want to make a difference. They regularly give back to the local and global community. Gulliver students strive to understand what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes—it’s who we are.


Happy Joy. You’ll feel it the moment you step on campus. It’s in the air. Along our hallways. Throughout every classroom. And on every child’s face. Teachers feel it, too. And because of it, our students believe they can do anything. That’s the culture of empowerment and positive energy that is Gulliver.


Creative Creativity comes in many forms at Gulliver. From the start, every student takes part in our outstanding arts program. We offer plenty of choices for all grade levels, including performing arts (dance, drama, video, film) music (theory, band, strings, orchestra, jazz ensemble, chorus) and visual arts (drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, painting, photography). But creativity isn’t only found in the arts. It permeates our entire academic program, especially our engineering and STEAM classes, our student publications, our robotics team, our makerspace, and our entrepreneurial and architectural programs.


Extraordinary Getting involved isn’t just a sideline at Gulliver—it’s a way of life. We offer more student activities, clubs and athletic teams than any other local private school in South Florida. We have more than 75 clubs and activities and 90 varsity teams, middle school teams, and youth sports. We also offer honor societies, student publications, community service options, after school enrichment, and summer programs. Most of our students are involved in more than one extracurricular activity. There’s no need for outside lessons, sports or activities—Gulliver has it all!


Championship Gulliver is home to one of the most successful and storied athletics programs in the state of Florida. On more than 90 teams, our student-athletes develop sportsmanship and compete to win—many at the state level. Since 1990, the Raiders have won 55 state championship titles. And for 17 of the last 23 years, we have won the Miami Herald’s “All Sports Award” as a top program among small schools in Miami-Dade County. Our players and fans are passionate, but you don’t have to be an all-star to be healthy, fit and strong at Gulliver. We offer club teams and community sports—from sailing to bowling to water polo—for Raiders of all ages!


Open-Minded Gulliver students have open minds—and open hearts. We encourage everyone across our campuses to embrace new people, cultures and differences. We’re open to new ideas in learning, technology and innovation. And open to taking risks and tackling new challenges. Every day we’re learning to be mindful and ready for whatever life has to offer us.


Inspiring At Gulliver, teachers inspire students and students inspire teachers. Ours is a community where we push each other to achieve beyond our own expectations. In fact, 54% of our teachers hold advanced degrees. Our student teacher ratio is about 8:1, and our average class size is 16. This means that teachers can really get to know children and what will inspire them to achieve. It’s no wonder they develop deep, meaningful bonds that last, even after graduation!


Innovative At Gulliver, we’re not afraid of breaking the mold. Our research-informed curriculum gives students a solid foundation in all traditional disciplines, yet offers unique opportunities for them to explore and develop their own interests and passions. This is the basis of our innovative Signature Academic Programs, which allow students to concentrate in architecture, biomedical science, engineering, international business and entrepreneurship, or law and litigation.


Challenging Gulliver’s classes are student-centered, academically engaging, and tailored to meet individual needs. Enrollment in our optional International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) has grown exponentially – we offer a 6th-8th grade IB Middle Years Programme and an 11th-12th grade IB Diploma Programme with optional bilingual diplomas in English and Spanish or English and French. We also offer over 30 Advanced Placement courses, an Honors Program, and the option to take courses at the University of Miami, Florida International University or Miami-Dade College. Every student, no matter where they are academically, will find an exciting challenge at Gulliver!


Inquisitive We believe that learning should be about discovery and adventure. And that asking the right question is as important as getting the right answer. The Gulliver community values intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning. So we encourage students at every age level to be inquisitive, ask questions and solve problems creatively!


Character-Building We believe that good leaders aren’t born; they’re made. In class, on the field and after school, Gulliver students build self-confidence, respect for others, and a strong sense of character. With grit and determination, they reach for their dreams and learn from their mistakes. Today, our world needs intelligent, ethical, compassionate leaders more than ever. Gulliver students are ready to lead the way.


Hands-On We believe the best learning isn’t only based on theory and lecture. Our students roll up their sleeves to create, design, prototype and experiment with new ideas—transforming them into reality. Whether it’s through fieldwork, labs, projects, internships, makerspace, travel, service, or research, Gulliver students make the connections between what they learn in the classroom and the real world.


Global Gulliver students come from all over the world— literally. They represent 50 countries and every continent, except Antarctica! Walk down our halls and you might hear Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German or French—and that’s just the students! Our faculty and staff come from diverse backgrounds, as well. Located in Miami, we’re in one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. Our students are engaged global citizens, and all our programs have an international component—like the marine science field study class that travels to Bonaire to learn about coral reef restoration!


Welcoming Gulliver is more than a school—it’s a vibrant community. We celebrate diversity and nurture individuality. Gulliver students find their passion and cultivate it through learning, charting the path that will take them into the future. Welcome to Gulliver. Welcome home.


Exceptional Take a look at the numbers and you’ll see why so many people think Gulliver is exceptional: 30+ AP classes offered 7 National/international 1st place awards in engineering/biomedical/computer science competitions #1 Best in Miami-Dade County Architectural Program (for 23 consecutive years) #1 National Middle School chess champions 96% IB Diploma pass rate, since 1999 100% of Gulliver Prep seniors admitted to 4-year colleges 75% of Gulliver Prep students annually qualify for the Bright Futures Academic Scholarship Award, on average $12 million in scholarships is offered annually to our graduating seniors, on average

But we are more than our numbers. Gulliver is home to a student who launched a Baby Heat Stroke Institute billboard campaign, engineering students with 9 patents pending, a student who won a U.S. Congressional App Challenge for creating a free sign language learning application, and a student team that won the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge, gaining global attention for Smart Straws, a feasible deterrent to sexual assault. In collaboration with NASA, one of our teachers is working with students to grow, observe and recommend plants that could be grown on the international space station, and eventually on Mars. Look beyond the numbers and you’ll see the true Gulliver. A community of people making the world a better place!


Life-Changing At Gulliver, students are challenged and inspired. They are motivated to uncover their talents and embrace the possibilities of what they can achieve. They learn to think critically, solve problems creatively, and approach challenges with confidence. In short, they are transformed—physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically.


Surprising Gulliver has grown and changed dramatically over the years since its establishment in 1926. As a school and a community we are constantly questioning, learning and innovating, meeting the needs of our students and a rapidly changing world. It’s an exciting time to be part of the Gulliver community. Come see for yourself. Our campuses will welcome you. Our teachers will impress you. And our students will amaze you. Are you ready?



Gulliver is a thriving academic community devoted to educational excellence with a personal touch.

We offer a premier college-preparatory, character-based, entrepreneurial education with a focus on community service. Our students discover their passions and explore the many paths leading them to becoming engaged global citizens. We prepare students for the challenges they’ll face tomorrow by helping them fulfill their potential each day.


Academic Options IB Middle Years Programme (grades 6-8) Pre-IB/AP program (grades 9-10) IB Diploma Programme with bilingual diploma options in English and French or English and Spanish (grades 11-12) Academic Achievement Program Academic Resource Program English Language Learners Program Advanced Placement courses (more than 30 available for Prep students) Honors Program Dual enrollment courses at the University of Miami, Florida International or Miami-Dade College (for Prep students) Signature Academic Programs in Architecture, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, International Business and Entrepreneurships, Law and Litigation (for Prep students)

Above all, Gulliver is a school that values curiosity, discovery, and a strong sense of character. This means that on each campus and in

every program of the school, students learn to think deeply, explore intensely, and express themselves with respect and confidence. At Gulliver we don’t teach subjects, we teach students—students who come with different talents, abilities and learning styles. We encourage all children to challenge themselves and reach for individual academic achievement. To meet the diverse needs of our multitalented students, we offer a wide range of academic programs and options.


Extracurricular Options

When the bell rings at the end of the school day, Gulliver students are on the move. They can’t wait to get involved and try new things. We love that about them. To keep up with their energy and enthusiasm, we offer an impressive array of afterschool opportunities, including more than 75 activities and clubs, afterschool enrichment, and summer programs.

On stage or at an easel, with a bow or with a brush, Gulliver actors, dancers, musicians and artists are bold and creative.

It’s exciting to see them learn to express their creativity and discover their artistic talents through music, theatre, dance and visual arts. Our arts program encourages students in every grade to explore inventive thinking and creative problem solving in every class—an invaluable lifelong skill. Gulliver’s arts program takes advantage of our location and the vibrant Miami art scene. Students love visiting museums and attending performances and concerts. Competing in local, regional and national competitions, our arts students often win awards and honors for their creations and performances.


Proud to make our home in Miami, we embrace and value the many cultures and perspectives of our community. Gulliver is a

diverse, caring community that respects and affirms each of its members. We watch with pride as our students become socially responsible citizens who care about the world around them. Service learning isn’t just a buzzword at Gulliver— it’s a central part of who we are, and woven into our curriculum at every grade level. Whether it’s mentoring underserved children in Miami, cleaning up our local beaches or bringing clean water to communities in need, Gulliver students are making a difference in the lives of others. With empathy, respect, and responsibility, they are making the word a better place.


Gulliver students are active, energetic and ready to compete. As one of the most

accomplished athletic programs in the state, our Raider teams have won 55 state championship titles in the past 12 years. With 90 interscholastic teams, community sports, club teams and youth sports, there’s an athletic challenge for everyone. In fact, more than 60% of Gulliver students K-12 play at least one sport—from yoga and sailing to soccer and water polo to football, bowling, lacrosse and much more!


Gulliver Prep seniors are consistently accepted to top-tier colleges and universities: University of Miami American University University of Michigan Barnard College New York University Boston College University of North Carolina, Brown Chapel Hill (UNC) University of California, University of Notre Dame Berkeley (Cal) Northwestern University University of California, Los University of Pennsylvania Angeles (UCLA) Purdue University Carnegie Mellon University Rhode Island School of Design University of Chicago University of Southern Columbia University California (USC) Cornell University Stanford Dartmouth College Syracuse University Duke University University of Texas, Austin Emory University Florida International University Tufts University Vanderbilt University University of Florida Villanova University Georgetown University George Washington University Wake Forest University Georgia Institute of Technology Washington University of St. Louis Harvard University of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins University Madison Massachusetts Institute of Yale University Technology (MIT)

With seven full-time college counselors, we can tailor the college admission process to the goals of individual students and their families. College counseling at Gulliver begins in

Middle School. Prep graduates have a long history of attending the most selective colleges and universities in the country. Gulliver students have been honored as Rhodes Scholars, UF’s Lombardi Award Scholars, W&L’s Johnson Award Recipients, UNC’s Robertson Award Recipients, Northeastern National Scholars, and Duke’s A.B. Duke Scholars.

Gulliver is four campuses, six academic divisions, and one community. Today, more than 2,200 diverse students, in grades PreK3 to 12, fill the hallways, classrooms and lush open spaces of the 40 acres in Miami we call home. Our school’s structure encourages school, grade-level and departmental collaboration—it is through these vibrant interactions that some of the most valuable learning occurs.

The Academy PRIMARY SCHOOL Pre-Kindergarten (PreK3) Junior Kindergarten (Jr.K) Senior Kindergarten (Sr.K) The Primary School is a bustling place filled with happy, curious children and passionate teachers. The curriculum is research-based and developmentally appropriate to the needs of individual children.

The Preparatory School

Grades 9-12 The Prep offers challenging academics, small classes, the latest technology, internships, labs, research projects, customized counseling, and more–all toward the goal of admission to the student’s first choice, best fit college.

Montgomery Drive Campus

Grades 5-8 Home to our distinctive Academic LOWER SCHOOL Achievement Program (AAP), Grades 1-4 Montgomery Drive is a great The Lower School focuses on each option for motivated students with child’s academic, social, emotional superior intellectual abilities who and character development. Lower want personalized instruction in School students are motivated to a supportive environment. AAP ask questions and generate meaning, students are on or above grade solving problems and learning to level. They complete core think using STEAM approaches. coursework at Montgomery Drive in the morning and take part MIDDLE SCHOOL in lunch, electives, extracurricular Grades 5-8 activities and sports at the Middle School students are Academy in the afternoon. learning to come into their own. The curriculum is vigorous and student-centered with an emphasis on inquiry, problem solving and technology.

Miller Drive Campus

Grades 9-12 The Miller Drive Campus offers our Academic Achievement Program (AAP), a challenging college-preparatory high school curriculum in a more intimate and nurturing environment. It is a good option for students on or above grade level who could benefit from more individualized attention. Students complete core coursework at Miller Drive in the morning and take part in lunch, electives, extracurricular activities and sports at the Prep in the afternoon.

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A Gulliver education is an invaluable investment in your child’s future that will last a lifetime. Numerous scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available to allow families to make the Gulliver dream a reality. To apply online, visit

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