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Alessandra Maggioni ‘17


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Steven Salstein ‘01 Recycles Your Sneakers for a Good Cause D O N O R S P OT L I G H T


...and much more!

An Enchanted Engagement 2017 Gulliver Gala

Hank Langston Educational Trailblazer, Community Activist and the Essence of Gulliver

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REALIZING THE POWER OF POTENTIAL For PreK3-8 admission information, contact 305.665.3593. For 9-12 admission information, contact 305.666.7937 or visit our website at gulliver.life/admissions

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Every gift makes an impact.



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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jana Bruns P ‘22 ‘24 ‘26 Marie Dieppa ‘04 Maegan Azpiazu Stephanie Sanchez Jasmine Frazier ‘07 Daniel Boston ‘00 Rachele Huelsman

MANAGING EDITOR Kimberly Bobson COPY EDITOR Rochelle Broder-Singer ART DIRECTOR Sabrina Gordon ‘04 PHOTOGRAPHER Doug Garland

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PROFILES Steven Salstein ‘01


Alessandra Maggioni ‘17


The Rahman Family


Hank Langston


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GULLIVER GALA An Enchanted Engagement


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from the head of schools

Dear Gulliver Community,


As summer gets underway, I’ve had some time to reflect on the year and how our community truly embraced our theme of “engage” this year. I am awed by the energy and commitment of our entire school to ensure our students have the best possible experiences.

Signature Event gala, An Enchanted Engagement, grew significantly this year. We hosted our largest group of attendees ever, with a hugely successful evening of fundraising more than $340,000, including more than $80,000 through our new “Raise the G” initiative.

Our dedicated teachers engaged from the very beginning of the year, with their overall approach to teaching and learning, leading to exciting developments in projects and programs at each campus. This energy transferred to our students, who achieved so much this school year. From entrepreneurs in the news, to state athletic titles, to a Silver Knight winner and a Congressional App Challenge winner, to six National Merit finalists, to a lengthy list of academic and community service award winners, our students truly shine on the grandest stages.

I am inspired by all of the hard work, endless energy, and dedication displayed by the Gulliver community. This summer, the Board and administration will continue turning the major elements of the strategic plan into action and improvements for our programs. We look forward working with you to realize our vision for the future of our school.

The level of engagement of our parents also extended far beyond attending school events and activities. They gave their time as volunteers, committee leaders and ambassadors for our growing advancement efforts, including admissions and fundraising. The result of these efforts, especially in building greater community and school spirit, is immeasurable. Our

Frank Steel Head of Schools

S U M M E R 20 1 7

With Gulliver Pride,

Thank You,

Leadership 2016 – 2017 BOARD OF TRUSTEES



Chair Jocelyn F. Woolworth P ‘19

Head of Schools Frank Steel

Executive Director of External Affairs Lori-Ann M. Cox

Vice Chair Michalis Stavrinides P ‘21 ‘22 ‘24

Assistant Head of Schools for Grades PreK3-8 and Primary School Principal Valerie Bostick

Director of Philanthropy Nicole Kaufman-Glasgow

Treasurer Vincent Signorello P ‘21 ‘23 Secretary Susan Henkin P ‘09 ‘11 ‘14 Tony Figueroa Cisneros ‘94, P ‘25 ‘27 Thomas Garfinkel P ‘22 ‘24 ‘27 Ana Hughes-Freund ‘89, P ‘19 ‘23 Dr. Narendra Kini P ‘19 ‘22 Priscilla Marrero P ‘19 ‘22 Dr. Constantino Pena ‘86, P ‘21 ‘23 Darlene Boytell-Pérez P ‘22 Charlie Phelan ‘85 Gloria Sesana P ‘07 ‘10 ‘12 Swapnil J. Shah ‘94, P ‘20 ‘23 ‘24 Kara Stearns Sharp ‘85, P ‘22 2016 – 2017 ALUMNI COUNCIL MEMBERS Hugh Schmidt ‘87 Julio-Diaz Jane ‘00 Monica Pardo ‘97, P ‘29 Carolina Pedroletti McCain ‘96 Marisa Alvarez Martinez ‘90 Faequa Khan ‘05 Laura Pina Pequignot ‘82 Nicole Baralt ‘12 Frank Rosenberg ‘95, P ‘31 Jill Paget Lowe ‘95 Justin Firestone ‘95, P ‘29 Valerie Berrin ‘07 Sabriya Ishoof ‘91, P ‘23 Joseph Traba ‘10

Executive Director of External Affairs Lori-Ann M. Cox Montgomery Drive Principal Donna Fong-Yee Chief Financial Officer Ron Hurst Director of Operations and Risk Management Edward Latour Lower School Principal Patricia Martello Chief Operating Officer Charles Rue Director of Human Resources James Santoro Assistant Head of Schools for Grades 9-12 and Preparatory School Principal Jonathan Schoenwald P ‘22 ‘24 ‘26 Middle School Principal Elizabeth M. Scott Miller Drive Principal Melissa Sullivan Founder Marian C. Krutulis

Director of Alumni Relations Rachele Huelsman Public Relations and Brand Manager Kimberly Bobson Communications Specialist, Grades 9-12 Maegan Azpiazu Communications Specialist, Grades PreK3-8 Stephanie Sanchez Graphic/Web Designer Sabrina Gordon ‘04 Social Media Coordinator Lauren Ricardo Alumni Relations Specialist Jasmine Frazier ‘07 Special Events Coordinator Marie Dieppa ‘04 Administrative Assistant Giselle Torres


Steven Salstein '01 This Young Alum is Reducing Our Carbon Footprint, One Pair of Sneakers at a Time by Jana Bruns


ow many pairs of sneakers do you own? And how many of those do you actually wear? Perhaps half, while the others collect dust and take up room in your closet? Now consider that over 200 million usable sneakers are thrown away in America each year. They end up in landfills, where they pollute groundwater and soil and, most significantly, produce greenhouse gasses, which are the leading cause of global warming. Worldwide demand for sneakers, however, is booming and shows no sign of slowing down, especially in the developing world, where brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma are coveted by hundreds of millions of people. So why not extend the life cycle of your sneakers and pass on that pair of Puma soccer cleats your son outgrew last year to a boy in Nicaragua, or give your old Nike running shoes to a woman in Ghana or Ukraine?

community or religious organization while doing something good for the planet and giving back to the community,” says Salstein. “At then end of a sneaker drive we arrange for pickup at our cost, count the sneakers at our facility and issue a check to sneaker recycling partner. For individuals looking to donate we also have convenient drop off locations, including one in Pinecrest – the Pinecrest Community Center.”

The idea for GotSneakers grew out of Salstein’s passion for sports, his environmental consciousness and his work at the Bay Rag Corporation, a secondgeneration clothing and footwear salvage company run by his family. “I grew up playing competitive baseball and always owned lots of sneakers. At Bay Rag, where I worked after college, I saw firsthand how much excess footwear and clothing exists in the United States. My family’s company had Enter Steven Salstein contracts with some ‘01, co-founder of of the country’s largest the sneaker recycling retailers. For example, Co-founder of GotSneakers, Steven Salstein ‘01 company GotSneakers. until 2011 they GotSneakers collects used sneakers, packs and received all of Walmart’s liquidation footwear, ships them to micro-enterprises in developing which they stored in two 100,000 square foot countries around the globe, where they are warehouses near the Miami airport. They sold refurbished and resold. Donors are paid a small these products to vendors outside the US, fee, one dollar per pair. “Sneaker drives are a who in turn resold them on the local retail fun and easy way to raise money for a school, market at a highly discounted, affordable price,


S U M M E R 20 1 7

prolonging their life cycle and helping reduce waste.” Salstein saw an opportunity to apply the principles of the salvage business to a more specialized venture aligned with his interests and, in 2015, launched GotSneakers with two childhood friends. “We piggyback on Bay Rag’s facilities, labor and contacts, so our expenses are minimal,” he says. “We pride ourselves on being very efficient. We have excellent courier partners and only two part-time warehouse employees.” Vendors handle the export shipping costs and they do not advertise. “We have no need for advertising—our clients find us,” says Salstein.

female clients—small vendors who are tough negotiators and passionate about their business. “They are completely dedicated to their work and don’t mind getting their hands dirty,” he says, adding that “dealing with small entrepreneurs all over the world is definitely one of the most interesting aspects of our business.” In Central and South America, Salstein’s proficiency in Spanish and familiarity with Latino culture are a big advantage. “My customers appreciate that I, a gringo, speak Spanish—which I learned at Gulliver,” he says. “Many of my school and baseball friends were Latino and I assimilated

"Never judge a book by its cover. People may look scruffy and not like you, but they know their business and you have to pay them their respect." His work as CEO of GotSneakers has taken Salstein around the globe—to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central and Latin America—and afforded him an insider’s view of local economies. “I just returned from a weeklong trip to Ukraine hosted by a long-time customer,” he says. “Like most of our vendors, this particular customer is totally selfmade. He got his start selling Salstein pictured here in his warehouse in Miami, FL T-shirts. He worked his way up and now owns 50 stores. And he treats me like I am into their community. That definitely comes a part of the family. His children are my age.” in handy in my dealings with customers.” His In Haiti and parts of Africa, Salstein has mostly most important lesson working with customers around the world: “Never judge a book by its cover. People may look scruffy and not like you, but they know their business and you have to pay them their respect.”



Alessandra Maggioni '17 On Why Failure is the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Her

Alessandra at 10 years old

by Maegan Azpiazu


ailure is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

This statement is not something you would typically expect to come out of the mouth of a teenage girl. Unless you’ve had a conversation with Alessandra Maggioni ‘17 and heard her story. Alessandra started playing tennis when she was four years old. Her lifelong dream was to become a professional tennis player and she was just a normal kid working to pursue her dream until, at the age of 10, she was diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis. The condition forced her to wear a brace for 20 hours a day; the remaining four hours were spent on the tennis court. Two and a half years later, she received the good news that her back had stabilized. She was able to take off the brace and she picked up where she left off, playing tennis vigorously and training hard to make up for lost time. But in 2013, the doctor told her that she needed to undergo surgery immediately – an intensive surgery called posterior spinal fusion, during which her back was reconstructed with two metal rods and 26 screws. After six months of recovery, Alessandra was cleared to play tennis again, but her return to the court was not at all what she expected nor what she had hoped it would be. “That day, I learned what failure really is; what incapacity feels like and what sadness and depression really do,” said Alessandra. “That was the day I learned that I would never be able to play tennis again. Although at that moment I felt like I was dying inside, I had to move forward. I had to stop looking at everything that I had suffered and start focusing on the positives of the situation.”


S U M M E R 20 1 7

Prior to that day, the only thing giving Alessandra the strength to move forward was the thought of her upcoming summer, as she had big plans to attend IMG Academy to play tennis and work to gain back everything she had lost in the past year. But instead, she did something completely different. She asked her surgeon for an internship, and from there her dream of playing tennis was replaced by another passion – giving back. Through volunteering at the hospital, Alessandra was able to watch the surgery previously performed on her own spine and she accompanied her surgeon on his rounds. She became an ambassador for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, spending countless hours visiting and mentoring children, and parents, who are dealing with her same condition or have learned they must undergo fusion surgery.

An x-ray from Alessandra's scoliosis diagnosis

“The greatest and most beautiful gift that I have gained from my experience is the art of learning to help others, and then doing so.” In 2015, with support from her engineering teacher at Gulliver, Alessandra created a patentpending device for patients in pain after fusion surgery. The 17-year-old speaks regularly at hospital fundraisers, conferences and seminars, and delivered a TEDx Talk titled Bent, Not Broken. Last year, at the hospital’s annual

Wine, Women and Shoes fashion event, she helped raise more Alessandra enjoys a fun photo opp with her parents following a surprise than $1 million. At ceremony at the Prep other events, such as the Flying with the Stars charity dinner, she assisted in raising $40,000. Alessandra has expanded her passion for giving back by partnering with an Italian organization called “James Non Morira” to open an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, she served as an ambassador for Gulliver, talking to prospective parents on visits to the Preparatory Campus, and was involved in the school’s Operation Smile Club and Smiling Tummies; a club that makes sandwiches for people in need. A member of the National Honor Society, Alessandra is the 2017 Silver Knight Award winner for Speech. She was also awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award for her exemplary work in the community, and commitment to leadership through service. “Doing my volunteer work has never been something that I do for recognition,” Alessandra said. “It’s always about helping others. But, to see that it does get recognized, and to see the difference I’m making in people’s lives, it really inspires me to keep moving forward, even through the hard times.” While her movement is limited in terms of playing sports, Alessandra leads a healthy lifestyle and is physically active. Her aspirations of becoming a professional tennis player may never come to fruition, but she is determined to continue to turn her perceived failure into purpose – a new focus on life, and a passion for giving back. “The greatest and most beautiful gift that I have gained from my experience is the art of learning to help others, and then doing so,” Alessandra said. “The blessing and the joy you receive when you help someone else is much more rewarding than winning a tennis tournament. My surgery has truly been a blessing in disguise.” Alessandra will attend the University of Miami this fall where she plans to major in public health and pre-med. Alessandra with her President's Volunteer Service Award


c opnr ot fei lnet s

Donor Spotlight: The Rahman Family Focused on Family and Philanthropy by Stephanie Sanchez


min and Zahra Rahman have an infectious enthusiasm for Gulliver. Zahra Rahman ‘90 joined the Gulliver family as a ninth grader in 1986 and remains fully immersed in the school community as a current parent at both the Academy and the Prep. As a legacy family, the Rahmans are meaningfully engaged as active parents and philanthropists, truly bringing their Gulliver experience full circle. Originally from Uganda, East Africa, Zahra’s family lived in Vancouver, British Columbia and Texas before relocating to Miami. One of the key reasons Zahra’s parents selected Gulliver, after extensive research on private schools, is one of the same qualities she loves about the school today: its diversity.

glasses, champagne flutes and beer mugs. They have played an important role in driving South Florida’s economic growth. The iconic warehouse, visible off the bend of the Turnpike in northern Miami-Dade County, was a visible indicator of their businesses evolution from five employees to more than 800. Amin’s leadership and the way he led growth of the business earned him the 2014 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in distribution and manufacturing. Selling the business has allowed the Rahmans freedom from the responsibilities of managing a large company, and they are enjoying having more time to spend with their sons and become further engaged in the school community.

Deeply dedicated to family and community, the Rahmans exemplify and promote the values that define a Gulliver Amin Rahman is originally student. "Amin and I both from Bangladesh. A college come from philanthropic tennis player, turned families and our hope is professional, he won the that Karim and Yannik will Davis Cup Championship continue our long family in the 1980s. After studying tradition of giving to our The Rahmans with world-renowned tennis player, Roger Federer in London, he came to the communities and to those United States on a scholarship to play tennis, in need," said Zahra. Karim, a ninth grader at and earned a degree in electrical engineering Gulliver Preparatory, and Yannik, a sixth grader from Florida International University, as well a at the Academy, have been raised with guiding master’s in business administration. principles of respect, perseverance, integrity and caring. Attending Gulliver since Kindergarten, The Rahmans are the former owners of they have been supported at school by an DiscountMugs.com, one of the largest factory organizational culture that promotes these same suppliers of drinkware United States for more values with an aim to ensure each child reaches than 22 years, with products including travel the power of their potential. mugs, sports bottles, martini glasses, wine


S U M M E R 20 1 7

What has that meant for the Rahman boys journey? Following in their father’s footsteps, they are flourishing student athletes. Avid tennis players, Karim and Yannik are balancing busy schedules of early morning practices and international travel tournaments, with the study demands of Gulliver’s college preparatory curriculum. Rejecting a traditional homeschooling model for youth athletes at their level, the Rahmans cherish the academic rigor and community that Gulliver provides. Zahra and Amin emphasized how the integration of sports and academics provides opportunities to teach discipline, time management, defeat, respect, patience and strategy. These qualities required on the court are needed off the court as well and will be the defining characteristics that will shape the Rahman children’s future. Both boys hope to play tennis at college level and both are expressing interest in entrepreneurial pursuits. The Rahmans asserted, “We’re at Gulliver because this is the school that will open these opportunities.” Karim and Yannik’s stories epitomize Gulliver’s growth mindset in action! Proudly sharing that Karim and Yannik are among the top tennis players in their respective age groups, Zahra and Amin also underscored their holistic approach to sports and life. “Some kids have a lot of pressure,” Amin says. “We tell them to enjoy the sport and not worry so much about winning. As long as they are trying their best and get better every day, that’s all we are looking for.” When they’re not busy on the courts, the boys enjoy playing chess, and are on the chess teams at their respective campuses. The boys also enjoy traveling with their family when their busy schedule allows. Zahra and Amin, who speak five languages combined, like to take advantage of the experience of visiting different countries to teach the boys about culture. As the Rahmans share their family stories, they emphasize how Gulliver has been an important part of their journey. They appreciate the leadership of Head of Schools, Frank Steel, pointing out that there are more and more

Zahra, Yannik, Karim and Amin

opportunities to get engaged with the school – from lectures, social events, sports competitions and alumni engagements to social media and networking. “The school is really stepping up to reach out to us. We now feel like we really have comradery and shared ownership – in a family way,” Zahra expressed.

"We’re at Gulliver because this is the school that will open these opportunities." The Rahmans have translated their feelings of gratitude to Gulliver into action. The family have been generous donors to the school since 2011. “The synergy and multicultural family atmosphere at Gulliver and how we feel so united to this school is what keeps us giving,” Zahra said. “Zahra and Amin represent true lifetime engagement in Gulliver - as alumni, parents and thoughtful participants in supporting the future of our school,” said Frank Steel. “They ask the question ‘what do you need’ and then make it happen! Their investment in Gulliver has a tremendous impact on our students.”




Article Headline This Is Where the Article Subtitle Goes by Author Name


Langston Educational Trailblazer, Community Activist and the Essence of Gulliver


S U M M E R 20 1 7



Hank Langston Educational Trailblazer, Community Activist and the Essence of Gulliver by Jana Bruns


ow does one capture the spirit of a man who has dedicated his whole life to helping others, whose resume boasts more civic and educational accolades than those of many high-ranking political and academic dignitaries, and who is so humble and selfless that he is reluctant to talk about himself? “Please don’t focus too much on that stuff,” Henry O. Langston says at the end of our interview. “I’ve had a lot of good laughs in my life and I’d like to share some of those with readers. That’s more important to me than being celebrated. I’d like to let my work at Gulliver and in the community speak for itself.” Hank’s many fans, however, are eager to sing his praises and to acknowledge how much he has done for them personally and for Gulliver. According to Ruben Valencia, Gulliver’s dean of academics and Hank’s longtime colleague, “Hank IS Gulliver. He is the school’s voice. No one has done more to get Gulliver on the map. In the Florida education community, he is a celebrity – a leader who commands utmost respect. He is our best ambassador and he has been a great mentor to me and many others.” John Krutulis, Gulliver’s director of schools emeritus and former head of schools, who has known Hank for almost fifty years, echoes Valencia’s sentiment. “Hank built Gulliver’s relationships with the community. He is a great networker and conduit: everyone knows him and he is great at bringing people together. It’s hard to say no to him because he is such a nice person – that’s how he manages to enlist support from so many people. His focus has always been on creating better opportunities for our students and faculty. He was instrumental in setting up our signature engineering and biomed programs at the high school level


S U M M E R 20 1 7

and bringing the International Baccalaureate program to Gulliver. He also oversaw Gulliver’s first accreditation as a member of the Florida council of independent schools. He is responsible for many milestones in Gulliver’s evolution into one of Florida’s top independent schools.” A generous, tireless worker who never calls in sick and whose dedication to Gulliver has no limits – that’s how his longtime secretary, Debi Van Stone, describes Hank. “He never stops working for the school,” she says, “even during weekends or when he is on vacation.” She recalls how Hank met the president of the university of Rome (Enzo Siviero) during a recent summer vacation. “They met by chance; Hank was in his tourist outfit, wearing shorts and flip flops. But that didn’t stop him from handing out his Hank Langston with Lauren Garcia-Stille ‘21, James Jackson ‘18, Kimberly Lampidis ‘28 and Ashton Ray Brown ‘31

Scan this QR code to view our video tribute to Hank! business card and inviting the Italian educator to Gulliver.” Eight months later, president Siviero travelled to Miami to speak at Gulliver’s annual chamber of commerce breakfast. In addition, Hank enlisted his support for his most recent venture, the ambitious GATE (Global Academic Teaching Experience) program, which will bring teachers-in-training and university students from all over the country to Gulliver for handson experiences in the classroom and beyond.

and you’d be in jail!’” Lawful or not, Hank and Mrs. K believed that fun was part of education. They made sure that Gulliver was a place of learning, exploration and fun. That mission permeated classrooms, athletic fields, performance stages, cafeterias and conference rooms and made Gulliver a very special place.

"He has been a teacher and an administrator. He has even driven buses. Hank has always been there when we needed him."

Hank’s former students, especially those that needed extra attention, are among his biggest fans. For Terry Dunn, one of South Florida’s leading home inspectors, Hank’s mentorship was a life-changing blessing. “I was completely lost when I had him as a seventh grade math teacher.

Hank’s association with Gulliver began in 1968, when Marion Krutulis wooed him away from Riviera Day School, where he was in charge of the football program, to run Gulliver’s burgeoning summer camp. Since then, “Hank has held almost every position imaginable at Gulliver,” says John Krutulis. “He has been a teacher and an administrator. He has even driven busses. Hank has always been there when we needed him.” Some of Hank’s fondest memories date from his time as summer camp director, a position he held until 1977. “We instructed campers in archery and the use of BB guns on the athletic fields behind the Academy,” he remembers. “We also took them fishing in Cutler Bay. The kids returned with scratches, mosquito bites and dirty, wet clothes at the end of the day, but they loved the experience. And the parents didn’t mind the mess.” Hank also liked playing pranks on students. “In the early 1980s, when I was middle school principal, I once hid inside a tent that a teacher had set up inside her classroom and spied on some rambunctious students. I came out at the end of class and students were flabbergasted!” Decades later, Hank and Mrs. K would sometimes reminisce about the good old days. “She would say to me: ‘Hank, if anyone ever found out what we did back then, I’d be out of business

Hank reading to Ashton Ray Brown ‘31 and Kimberly Lampidis ‘28

He made me a part of the Gulliver family and helped me gain a strong academic foundation. He also prepared me for life after school. He always asked us: what will you do with your knowledge? I owe my professional success to him. Without Hank I would not be where I am today.” Success stories like Terry’s – and there are too many to recount – are living reminders of Hank’s unique and enduring contributions to the Gulliver community. Moreover, they are signposts for future generations of students who, directly or indirectly, are benefitting from the “Hank Langston touch” and the Gulliver he created for them!


c o n etw e sn t s

Prep Trio Develops Drug-Detecting Smart Straws by Maegan Azpiazu

Article Headline This Is Where the Article Subtitle Goes by Author Name

Carolina Baigorri ‘18, Susana Cappello ‘18 and Victoria Roca ‘17 demonstrate the use of their product idea, the Smart Straw

Back in February, Victoria Roca ‘17, Susana Cappello ‘18 and Carolina Baigorri ‘18 competed against their classmates to be one of six teams chosen to present their original business plans at Gulliver Prep’s Business Plan Showcase. Nerves got the best of them, and they didn’t make the cut. A month or so down the road, the trio got a shot at redemption and succeeded, winning first place in the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge High School Track competition. Their winning concept? A discreet, reusable straw that can detect some of the most common date rape drugs.

Introducing, Smart Straws. An idea that started as a school project and has since been fueled by passion, Smart Straws can be placed in nonalcoholic or alcoholic drinks to test for common date rape drugs like Ketamine and GHB. If the straw turns blue, the drink has been tampered with and should not be ingested. If the device does not change color, the drink is safe to consume.

A Smart Straw prototype, created by a trio of Prep students.

Carolina, Susana and Victoria are awaiting a patent, and in the meantime, are working with a designer to finalize a Smart Straw model. The working product will be established once their project venture with a Kickstarter agency in North Carolina begins. Smart Straws was first featured in the Miami Herald and largely due to the product’s potential to make a global impact, has since garnered intense media attention from all over the United States to Europe and South America, including USA Today, Forbes, The Washington Post, Glamour, Inside Edition, Elite Daily, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, NBC6, and many more. Smart Straws has also been widely

shared and discussed on social media, as a video that appears on the NowThis Her Facebook page has totaled more than 12 million views.

To learn more about Smart Straws and to keep up with Carolina, Susana and Victoria, visit smartstraw.co and follow @SmartStraws on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

news around gulliver preparatory 18

S U M M E R 20 1 7

Maggioni Wins Silver Knight Award for Speech, Gulliver Boasts 10 Nominees by Maegan Azpiazu

For the second-straight year, a Gulliver student took home a Silver Knight Award as Alessandra Maggioni ‘17 was named winner of the Speech category in a ceremony held at the James L. Knight Center on May 17, 2017.

The Miami Herald Silver Knight Awards program recognizes outstanding students who have not only excelled academically, but who have also generously applied their knowledge and talents to contribute significant service to their schools and communities. "Having one of our students win a Silver Knight Award is such an honor," said Gulliver Head of Schools, Frank Steel. "The Silver Knight is one of the nation's most important and prestigious student awards programs, Maggioni ‘17 receives the Silver Knight and we are thankful Alessandra Award for Speech at a ceremony held at the James L. Knight Center to have student nominees every year. We are so proud of Alessandra and how she embodies our school's dedication to academic excellence and community involvement. She is a truly deserving recipient of this award." Including Alessandra, Gulliver nominated 10 exemplary seniors for the 2016-17 Silver Knight Awards program: Art

Catie Schwartzman


Niles Miller

Maxim Salikhov

English & Literature

Alejandro Muñoz

General Scholarship

Emily Fakhoury

Mathematics Music & Dance

Alaz Sengul Paola Rodriguez


David Herrera


Alessandra Maggioni (winner)

World Languages

by Maegan Azpiazu

In November 2016, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27) announced Gulliver Prep’s Vicki Rios ‘17 as the winner of the 2016 Congressional App Challenge for her Congressional district. Rios was one of 2,150 student participants in this year’s Challenge which yielded 650 apps created across 123 Congressional districts. The Congressional App Challenge promotes education in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen presents Vicki Rios with field. This year marks the her Congressional App Challenge Award second official Challenge, as 120 members of Congress from 33 states received app proposals and designs from thousands of computer science students nationwide.

Gulliver's 2016-17 Silver Knight nominees

Digital & Interactive Media

Gulliver Prep’s Vicki Rios Wins Congressional App Challenge

Tina Barrios

Rios’ winning app, Simple Sign, provides a free platform for learning sign language, something that hits close to home for the senior. “The app was inspired by my younger sister who is deaf,” Rios said. “I just thought it would be cool for my family to use because I have family members that are always like, ‘Oh, I wish I could learn this; oh, wow that’s so cool’.”

Vicki Rios ‘17 created an app called Simple Sign, which assists people in learning sign language

While sign language apps are already available in app stores, Rios noticed that the existing apps carry a fee – something she considers a road block for those wanting to communicate with loved ones or just simply learn how to sign. “Right now on the app store sign language apps either cost more than you’re willing to pay, or you have to pay inside the app to unlock more sections,” she said. “What I tried to do was get all the information I could and put all my effort into it, and make it free for everyone to access. That was my goal; free access.” In April 2017, Rios joined winners from across the country in showcasing her app to Members of Congress and members of the tech community at #HouseOfCode, a Washington D.C.based reception. Rios’ work will be featured in a permanent display in the U.S. Capitol Building and on the House.gov website for one year. Winning students are also awarded a portion of $50,000 in credits donated by Amazon Web Services. Scan this QR code to view ABC 10 coverage of Vicki Rios' winning app. 19

c o nn et w e sn t s

Headline GulliverArticle Athletics Caps Off Stellar Year with Accolades MiamiGoes ThisMultiple Is Where the ArticleatSubtitle Herald Athletic Awards Banquet by Author Name by Daniel Boston '00 and Maegan Azpiazu

Gulliver Athletics representatives accept the award for 6A-1A Best Overall Sports Program in Dade County

Following a successful 2016-17 season, which included a pair of state championships and various individual accolades, the Gulliver Athletics program was recognized with multiple honors at the annual Miami Herald Athletic Awards Banquet, held at Jungle Island on May 23, 2017.

Gulliver prevailed over Miami Dade County's best to receive some of the Herald's most prestigious awards. Eight student-athletes and one coach took away accolades in their respective sports, while the school’s overall success in athletics for the year earned Gulliver the designation of 6A-1A Best Overall Sports Program in Dade County. Individual highlights from the Miami Herald Sports Banquet include: Chris George Brooke Ellis ‘17 Miguel Cancel ‘18 Miguel Cancel ’18 Emily Cordovi ‘19 Natalie Varela ‘20 Natalie Varela ‘20 Ysabel Gonzalez-Rico ‘17 Andre Libnic ‘17 Lilly Barlow ‘17

32 Student-Athletes Commit to Playing Collegiate Sports by Maegan Azpiazu

Gulliver continued its strong tradition of producing student-athletes who participate in National Signing Day this year, as 32 studentathletes committed to continuing their athletic and academic careers at the collegiate level. Throughout the academic year, these Gulliver

Robert Burns ‘17 is attending the University of Miami where he plans to major in business and play football

student-athletes not only excelled on the field but in the classroom and in the community, achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.83 and recording 5,434 hours of community service. 32 Gulliver student-athletes have committed to playing sports at the collegiate level

Chris George, Coach of the Year, Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming

Coach of the Year, Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming Scholar-Athlete Finalist Male Athlete of the Year Finalist Male Swimming Athlete of the Year Female Swimming Co-Athlete of the Year Female Athlete of the Year Finalist Female Cross Country Co-Athlete of the Year Female Tennis Athlete of the Year Male Tennis Athlete of the Year Softball Co-Pitcher of the Year

In total, Gulliver Athletics boasted 44 First Team All-County selections in 2016-17. The girls’ swimming team won its third-straight 2A state championship, while the boys’ swimming team captured the 2A state title for the first time in Miguel Cancel ‘18, Male Swimming program history. Boys’ tennis and Athlete of the Year, and Emily Cordovi ‘19, Female Swimming Co-Athlete of girls’ water polo finished their seasons the Year as state runners-up, and several student-athletes enjoyed additional high-level success:


University of Virginia

Brianna Austin


Villanova University

Lilly Barlow


Young Harris College

Santiago Burgos


University of South Florida

Robert Burns


University of Miami

Samantha Earle


University of Florida

Brooke Ellis


Vanderbilt University

Nina Fernandez


Catholic University

Raymond Gil


University of Miami

Pedro Goldberg


New York University

Ysabel Gonzalez-Rico


Emory University

Harrison Herskowitz


Dartmouth College

Taylor Heyser


Agnes Scott College

Kayla Jensen


University of Buffalo

Pedro Jimenez


Ave Marie University

Jack Johansson


College of Charleston

Caio Jordao

Water Polo

Bucknell University

Shannon Kunkel


Hawaii Pacific University

Sarah Lobo


University of New Mexico

Mayte Lezcano


Nova Southeastern University

Andre Libnic


Babson College

Pablo Luchau


University of Chicago

Mason Lykes



Jordan Lyon


Ave Maria University

Chris Nido

Golf University of Florida

Ysabel Gonzalez-Rico ‘17 Ysabel Gonzalez-Rico ‘17 and Lindy Lyons ‘17

State Champions, Doubles Tennis

Lucas Rego


College of Wooster

Kayla Jensen ‘17 Natalie Varela ‘20

Girls’ Weightlifting State Finalist Girls’ Cross Country State Finalist

DeWayne Terry


Dartmouth College

Mikaela Thomas



Francisco Tonarely


Bard College

Robert Touron


University of Miami

Jalen Watson


Howard University

Monica Zabian


Florida Institute of Technology


State Champion, Singles Tennis

Armando Alonso

S U M M E R 20 1 7

Green Means Green Winners by Stephanie Sanchez Eighth graders Stan Olijslager ‘21, and Juan Lazcano ‘21, were honored by the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce during the city’s 2017 Green Means Green Award ceremony. This award recognizes individuals, companies and students in our community that have placed a strong emphasis on sustainability and outstanding green practices. As part of their International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme community service project, and in support of Stan Olijslager ‘21 and Juan Lazcano ‘21 pose proudly with their Gulliver’s core value of giving back, Stan and Juan worked parents after being presented with their award diligently to clean up trash and debris that was cluttering beautiful Matheson Hammock Park. The duo also took the opportunity to educate others on the dangers and effects of plastic pollution. “I hope our project can change how people feel as they see the damaging results of throwing trash in the water,” said Juan. Not only did the soon-to-be Prep students convince their fellow teachers and classmates that plastic bags should not be used, they also presented their findings before the Coral Gables City Commission. Commissioners have since unanimously approved the ordinance to ban it, making the Gables the first city in Florida to ban the use of single-use, carryout plastic bags. More specifically, this new ordinance prohibits the use of plastic bags by retailers in Coral Gables and at city special events. Anyone found in violation of the new rule can be fined $50 to $500. “I felt very proud to be honored,” said Stan, “I hope our project will inspire other students to take on similar projects.” Gulliver applauds Stan and Juan for standing up and speaking out against practices that contribute to the destruction of our planet, proving that everyone has the power to make a difference.

n ews around gulliver academy 21

c o n et w e sn t s

Article Headline Girls in Engineering Win Building This Is Where the Article Subtitle Goes Design Competition by Author Name

by Stephanie Sanchez

Gulliver Middle School Wins National Chess Championship by Stephanie Sanchez

Congratulations to Mr. Orozco’s fifth period Girls in Engineering class for winning both the State and Southeast conference of the SCHOOLSNext competition in Greenville, South Carolina.

Gia Burke ‘24, Paul Karam ‘23, Coach Randall Smith, Felipe Perez, Maximo Acosta ‘22, Matteo Wakeman ‘22, Pierce Garbett ‘23

Willy Orozco stands proudly with this Girls in Engineering class after being presented their award

The SCHOOLSNext competition is a global challenge where students plan and design a 21st century learning environment with emphasis on innovation in teaching, conserving resources and being environmentally responsive while engage the surrounding community. Students Lilly Enekes ‘21, Andrea Park ‘21, and Carmela Ribadeneira ‘21 did an excellent job in designing, preparing and presenting their STEM building. STEM focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They will be one of the few select groups representing the United States in the SCHOOLSNext International competition in October.

Both the Gulliver Prep and Middle School chess teams recently competed in the National Chess Championships. The tournament was held May 12-14, 2017 at the Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee. The tournament was the largest scholastic chess event in history, attracting 5,578 individual players and 1,586 of the top teams in the United States. The competitors played seven games over a three-day period, with each game lasting up to four hours. The middle school team in the K-8 Under 1000 division finished in sixth place. The middle school team in the K-9 Unrated division finished in first place, becoming the national champions. Pierce Garbett went undefeated and is the new individual national co-champion in the K-9 Unrated division. This marks the sixth time that Gulliver has won a team national chess championship.

Project team members: Porter Bowen ‘21, Lilly Enekes ‘21, Natalie Guillamon ‘21, Jaden Katz ‘21, Andrea Park ‘21, Alissa Pascual ‘21, Alexandra Ramirez ‘21, Carmela Ribadeneira ‘21, Gabriela Sanchez Yarza ‘21, Ciara Schweitzer ‘21. Jack Epstein ‘22, Nicolas Parody ‘23, Sebastian Stephens ‘21, Coach Randall Smith, Deven Kamlani ‘21, Nicolas Puttre ‘22


S U M M E R 20 1 7

Academy Softball Clinches South Florida Middle School Conference

Academy Girls’ & Boys’ Tennis Teams Earn South Florida Middle School Conference Title

by Stephanie Sanchez

by Stephanie Sanchez

On April 17, the Academy girls’ tennis team won the 2017 South Florida Middle School Conference Tennis Championship. The Raiders, defeating both Carrollton and Ransom Everglades, were led by Lia Fletcher ‘23, Mia Suarez ‘23, Victoria Hagenlocker ‘22, Kathleen Lewis ‘22, Emma Malmkjaer ‘23, and Sophia Hernandez ‘21.

The Academy softball team celebrates their win against Florida Christian

The Academy softball team clinched the 2017 South Florida Middle School Conference Championship versus Florida Christian with a score of 20-8. Natalie Menendez ‘21 went four for four with three RBI’s and pitched a complete game with five strikeouts. Porter Bowen went two for five with two RBI’s. Alexis Roades went one for three with two RBI’s in the fifth inning, extending the lead for the Raiders. Great defense was played by Paulina Posada and Sofia Mueller. Tournament MVP: Porter Bowen ‘21 All Conference: Natalie Menendez ‘21, Paulina Posada ‘21, Sofia Mueller ‘21 Team members: Hadley Bowen ‘23, Porter Bowen ‘21, Emma-Grace Delvillar ‘22, Carmen Hall ‘22, Natalie Menendez ‘21, Sofia Mueller ‘21, Paulina Posada ‘21, Alexandra Ramirez ‘21, Alexis Roades ‘23, Sophia Sims ‘21, Sophia Cunill ‘24. Congratulations to the girls for a great season on the diamond!

On April 28, the Academy boys’ tennis team won the 2017 South Florida Middle School Conference Tennis Championship. The team fought hard and kept their lead, defeating Ransom Everglades by one point. The team was led by Yannik Rahman ‘23, Pierce Garbett ‘23, Francesco Di Mise ‘21, Diego Cedeno ‘22, Nicolas Rengifo ‘21, and The Academy Boys' tennis team defeated Ransom Everglades to be named the 2017 SFMSC champions Joshua Delgado ‘21. The girls’ tennis team finished the season with a record of 8-2 and the boys’ team finished the season with a record of 9-1. Girls’ team members: Sasha Boyers ‘22, Daniela Chiarini ‘22, Johanna Ernsberger ‘23, Lia Fletcher ‘23, Mays Gowda ‘23, Victoria Hagenlocker ‘22, Sophia Hernandez ‘21, Kathleen Lewis ‘22, Emma Malmkjaer ‘23, Eva Mesa ‘22, Mia Suarez ‘23. Boys’ team members: Diego Cedeno ‘22, Phillip Connor ‘22, Joshua Delgado ‘21, Francesco Di Mise ‘21, Piece Garbett ‘23, Bailey Goldstein ‘21, Oliver Lee ‘23, Yannik Rahman ‘23, Nicolas Rengifo ‘21. Congratulations to the Gulliver Academy tennis teams on their accomplishment!



Get Ready for Alumni Reunion Weekend 2017! July 21-23, 2017 by Rachele Huelsman


ulliver reunions have traditionally consisted of three events: a Friday night cocktail, an alumni pool party and a Saturday evening all-alumni banquet. Beginning this year, a number of activities have been added to accommodate a growing number of attendees of all ages. Here’s a look at what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and what’s behind the shift. What’s Changing? The most significant change is the creation of individual class anniversary mixers to honor classes ending in “2” or “7,” which will be hosted throughout Miami on Friday, July 21, 2017. These events give classmates an intimate environment to reconnect with fellow alumni from their class year. Gulliver is also pleased to host several affinity group reunions such as Project Lead the Way, Music and Football. If you were involved in an activity on campus and are interested in helping host a group reunion, please contact Rachele Huelsman, Director of Alumni Relations, at 786.709.4073 or huer@ gulliverschools.org. The Venue! This year, Reunion will be hosted at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne located at 455 Grand Bay Dr., Key Biscayne, FL 33149. The Ritz offers a sequestered serenity just minutes from downtown Miami. With features including separate family and adult pools, globally-inspired dining destinations, luxurious full-service spa and fitness center, worldclass Tennis Center, nearby golf and Ritz Kids program, the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami offers opportunities for adventure, recreation and relaxation at every turn. Distinguished Alumni & Faculty Awards As part of the Saturday night program, the Gulliver


S U M M E R 20 1 7

Alumni Association will present the first annual Distinguished Alumni & Faculty Awards. We invite you to nominate and honor alumni and faculty in the following categories: Distinguished Raider Award: Recognizes achievement of an exceptional nature in any field, vocational or voluntary. Rising Star Award: Recognizes a young alumni (those who received their diplomas within the last 10 years) who is already making significant contributions to greater society through professional or philanthropic work. Hank Langston Alumni Service Award: Presented to an alumni who advances the mission of Gulliver through dedicated volunteer efforts in support of its programs, thereby ensuring Gulliver’s impact on our community and future generations of students. Marian C. Krutulis Award: Honors current or previous faculty for extraordinary contributions to teaching and to the student experience of life within the Gulliver community. For more information or to submit a nomination, please visit gulliver.life/alumniawards Class Wars! This year, the Gulliver Alumni Association has launched the Class Wars Challenge. The challenge is to make giving back to Gulliver a part of who we are. Reunion gifts, regardless of size, provide an opportunity for your class to show a little school spirit- or maybe a lot! The class with the highest participation will be honored at Alumni Reunion Weekend. Finally, an all-alumni farewell brunch has

been added to close out the weekend and reflect on the memories made. What’s Staying the Same? Alumni can expect the usual social activities, like cocktail receptions, an exciting lineup of parties and time to reconnect with classmates. The weekend will be filled with recreational and family-focused activities, and programming will be tailored to match the interests of each attendee.

Is there something else you would like to see? Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please contact Rachele Huelsman, Director of Alumni Relations, at 786.709.4073 or huer@gulliverschools.org. Looking forward to seeing you July 21-23, 2017 at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami!

The Saturday party will be hosted as a beach party and the Saturday evening all-class reunion banquet will remain a staple of the weekend. What to Expect This Year • Class-, school- and affinity-specific events • Family-friendly activities, as well as childcare provided for Saturday night • Receptions and events with Head of Schools Frank Steel and Gulliver faculty As always, alumni from any graduating class are welcome to attend. It’s our goal to honor alumni and provide an opportunity for them to have a great time while reconnecting with friends and Gulliver. The more the merrier! What’s Behind the Shift? Many Gulliver alumni have expressed interest in participating in a vibrant, comprehensive reunion experience, and the desire to engage with other alumni classes. With larger classes, the Gulliver Alumni Association is expected to grow tremendously over the next 15 years and Gulliver wants to continue to engage and connect with as many alumni as possible. Alumni Reunion Weekend provides a relaxed environment to mix, mingle and reconnect. Stay Up-to-Date on the Weekend’s Events For the most current information on the weekend, visit gulliver.life/reunion or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gulliver.raider. For classes ending in “2” or “7,” please join your individual class Facebook pages which are accessible through the reunion website. 25



S U M M E R 20 1 7



Classes of ‘77, ‘82, ‘87, ‘92, ‘97, ‘02, ‘07, and ‘12

Alumni Reunion Weekend The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami Presented by

July 21-23, 2017 Events Schedule Friday July 21, 2017

Saturday July 22, 2017

Sunday July 23, 2017

1:00 – 6:00 pm Registration Opens

Morning Various activities

10:00 am –12:00 pm Brunch and Farewell

5:00 – 6:00 pm Cocktail Reception

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Registration

Hotel Information

6:00 – 7:30 pm Pep Rally

1:00 – 4:00 pm Lunch and Beach Party

Evening Anniversary Mixers

7:00 – 8:00 pm Cocktail Reception (21+) 8:00 – 10:00 pm Reunion Celebration and Distinguished Alumni & Faculty Awards (21+)

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami 455 Grand Bay Drive, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 305.365.4500

10:00 pm After-Party (21+)

To register please visit gulliver.life/reunion2017

To book your stay please visit gulliver.life/bookritz #GulliverReunion



Homecoming 2016 G is for Game Day by Jasmine Frazier '07


n Friday, October 21, 2016, the Gulliver Alumni Association hosted the annual Homecoming Alumni Cook Out. Over 200 guests attended including alumni, faculty and family. Complimentary food and drinks were provided by Buffalo Wild Wings and My Ceviche. Homecoming sponsor, the Tina Dailey Foundation, shared their message about substance abuse awareness to the Raider community. The 2000 State Champion Football Team were recognized on the field at halftime. Hall of Fame inductees Rick Sarille ‘95 and Danielle Polley Bowen ‘94, P ‘21, ‘23 were also in attendance.

Jonathan Messinger ‘84, James Williams ‘84, Matt Sullivan ‘88

Members of the 2000 State Champion Football Team

Leann Kurzner, Erik Lichter ‘08, Jan Patterson

Ted Sullivan ‘97, Julio Diaz Jane ‘00


S U M M E R 20 1 7

Jonathan Messinger ‘84, Faequa Khan ‘05, Jeff Baxter ‘84, Betsy and Frank Steel

Rick Sarille ‘95, Tyler Master ‘94, Woody Beckham ‘07

Athletic Hall of Fame The 2016 Induction Ceremony by Jasmine Frazier '07

Hall of Fame Member, Matt Sullivan ‘88, Inductee Rick Sarille ‘95, Ted Sullivan ‘97

Dan Mulligan, Hall of Fame Member Kelly Mulligan, Coach Steve Howey, Eileen Howey

2000 State Champion Football Team table

Sandy Paget P ‘95, Jill Paget Lowe ‘95, Vilma Dailey P ‘95 ‘97 ‘03

Gulliver's 2000 State Championship Football Team

Family and friends of Inductee Eric Brewton ‘84

Beverly and Marcus Jones ‘03, Jared Dall'au ‘02, Greg Bellamy ‘02

2000 State Champion Football Team with coaches and faculty/staff, as well as Athletic Hall of Fame indutees Rick Sarille ‘95 and Danielle Polley Bowen ‘94

Family and friends of Inductee Megan Rivera ‘01

Hall of Fame Member, Coach Janet Gomez, Inductee Danielle Polley Bowen ‘94


n Saturday, October 22, 2016 the Gulliver Alumni Association honored alumni who have made a significant contribution to the advancement and reputation of Gulliver’s athletic program into the Athletic Hall of Fame. The 2016 Athletic Hall of Fame inductees are Rick Sarille ‘95, Danielle Polley Bowen ‘94, P ‘21, ‘23, Eric Brewton ‘84, Julio Guzman ‘93, Megan Rivera ‘01 and the 2000 State Champion Football Team. Sharing stories that highlighted the power of their Gulliver experience, the inductees exuded their strong Raider pride. 29

l an t s c o ng ta e

An Enchanted Engagement

Article Headline Gulliver Gala 2017

This Is Where the Article Subtitle Goes by Marie Dieppa '04

by Author Name


ulliver held its annual gala at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The sold-out event hosted close to 600 guests, including current and former parents, alumni, board members, community leaders and many of Gulliver’s biggest supporters. Guests gathered to celebrate the bonds that tie our community together and recognized Henry O. Langston, Gulliver’s Dean of Faculty and Director of University, Corporation and Community Affairs, for his lifetime of achievements and dedication to Gulliver. The evening’s spirit of generosity made it truly an Enchanted Engagement, and together we “Raised the G.” The increased support from our community through sponsorships and underwriting, as well as our first-ever live fundraiser, resulted in more than $340,000 in support of our Annual Fund, a 37% increase in net revenue over last year.

Event centerpieces created by Gulliver parents, custom chocolates provided by Cacao Art

Domingo and Maggie Moreira ‘94 P ‘23, Jill Reiter ‘89 P ‘20 ‘23 ‘25

Our unprecedented success was due in large part to the overwhelming amount of support from our parents, alumni and students. Alumnus and current parent Saif Ishoof ‘93, P ‘24 led the evening program as the emcee. Mayor of Key Biscayne, Mayra Peña Lindsay ‘83 presented the Key to the City to Hank Langston. The alumni network contributed significantly through in-kind donations including the flower décor donated by Richard Perdomo ‘04 and The Queen’s Flowers and the dessert station underwritten by Sarah Davidoff ‘88 with Fare to Remember. A special thank you to the gala co-chairs, Stephanie Burke P ‘23 ‘24 ‘28 and Elizabeth Vargas P ‘22 ‘24 ‘26 for leading this year’s exceptional gala committee. Members of the committee leveraged their networks to enhance our auction by soliciting unique student experiences and securing sponsors for the event program.

Tatiana Guimaraes P ‘25 ‘36, Eduardo Egea P ‘25 ‘26, Karina Gutglas Medcalf P ‘25 ‘30, Sandra Penagos-Brown P ‘25, Libby Witherspoon ‘87, P ‘25

The continued commitment and support of our alumni and community helps ensure all Gulliver students realize the power of their potential.

Enrique Freund ‘87 and Ana Hughes Freund ‘89, P ‘19 ‘23, Dania Alonso ‘94, P ‘23 ‘25 ‘30, Rosemary and James Hartigan P ‘23 ‘25 ‘31, Silvia and Joseph Corral P ‘24


S P R I N G 20 1 7

Priscilla Marrero P ‘19 ‘22 participates in a new fundraising initiative, "Raise the G"

Mayra Peña Lindsay ‘83, Mayor, Key Biscayne, Hank Langston, Doug Kraft P ‘09 ‘18, ‘20 ‘21 ‘23, Vice Mayor, Pinecrest, Head of Schools Frank Steel, Jim Cason, Mayor, Coral Gables

Ximena Kavalekas P ‘26 ‘28, Jessika Padron, Lourdes Padron P ‘21 ‘26, Caterina Chirdaris P ‘26 ‘29, Ana Mesa P ‘26 ‘28

Lauren Willis, Joe Traba '10

Thank you to our Cocktail Reception Sponsor, Falcon Americas Finance

Thank you to our Ruby Sponsor, AA Uniform

Sonesh Chainani P ‘26, Sabriya Ishoof ‘91, P ‘23, Saif ‘83 and Amira Ishoof P ‘24 ‘26, Paula and Daniel Aizemberg P ‘24 ‘25 ‘29, Soledad and Justin Lowe P ‘24 ‘26 ‘28

Gala Co-Chairs Elizabeth Vargas P ‘22 ‘24 ‘26 and Stephanie Burke P ‘23 ‘24 ‘28


l an t s c o ng ta e

Article Headline This Is Where the Article Subtitle Goes by Author Name

Thank you to our Bar Sponsor, Bacardi

Antonie and Nadia Karam P ‘23 ‘24 ‘27, Elizabeth Vargas P ‘22 ‘24 ‘26, Jorge Dalmau P ‘13 ‘22 ‘26

Cocktail Hour at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Luis Delgado P ‘15 ‘18 ‘21, Teresita Haskett P ‘20 ‘21, Esther Delgado P ‘15 ‘18 ‘21

Thank you to our Cigar Sponsor, Padron Cigars

Ana and Tony Figueroa Cisneros ‘94, P ‘25 ‘27

Gala Kick-Off Philanthropic Morning & Gala VIP Reception

Stephanie Burke, Anna Zichy, Carola Gomez-Garcia, Beatrice Zapata, Susan Bannon, Ximena Vigdor, Patricia Seymour, Georgina Earle, Zeinab Ramos and Mary Zamora

Elizabeth Vargas P ‘22 ‘24 ‘26, Beatrice Zapata P ‘28 ‘31, Susana Garcia


Thank you to our Gala Kick-Off Sponsors, Natalia Walchli P ‘24 ‘26 and Carola Bravo P ‘24

S U M M E R 20 1 7

Academy students presenting a Performance Art Piece based on Luncheon on the Grass, by Claude Monet

Cigar Underwriter Lopefra

Thank You,

Gala Sponsors

Cocktail Reception Sponsor Falcon Americas Finance Dessert Sponsor Fare to Remember Creative Catering

Presenting Sponsor

Dinner Decor Sponsor Nicklaus Children's Hospital Photobooth Sponsor United Health Care Ruby Sponsor AA Uniform Ana & Tony Figueroa Cisneros ‘94, P ‘25 ‘27 The Chowdhury Family The Haskett Family The Marrero Family The Woolworth Family

Lounge Underwriter The Burke Family Invitation Underwriter Arthur Gallagher Risk Management Services Bar Sponsor Bacardi

Emerald Sponsor The Aixala-Nachtigall Family Miami Children’s Smiles The Seymour Family The Steel Family

Beer Sponsor Barrel of Monks Brewing

Sapphire Sponsors LUXUS Home Care Kaufman Rossin The Witherspoon Family The Phelan Family

Auction Underwriter Fortr3ss

Wine Sponsor Barton & Guestier

Topaz Sponsors Joe Traba - Wells Fargo Foote & Santos Team at Lowell International Realty South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates Late Night Party Sponsor The Perez Family Entertainment Underwriter The Signorello and Stavrinides Families

In-Kind Sponsors Cacao Art The Padron Family Perrier

VIP Kick-Off Sponsors Marinsa International The hARTvest Project Faculty/Staff Table Underwriter The Ramos Family The Seymour Family Wine Wall Sponsor The Leon Family Guardian Floral Sponsor The Queen's Flowers


alumni socials

Kick-Off Alumni Social September 22, 2016

T Jason ‘02 and Inese Bunch, Carolina McCain ‘96, Monica Pardo ‘97

Ed Hill ‘83, George Papazikos ‘85, William Trattler ‘84

Marie Fernendez ‘88, Laura Robbins, Stephen Moser ‘76, Eddie Robbins ‘86, Devin Robbins ‘11

he Gulliver Alumni Association, with the help of Monica Pardo ‘97, P ‘29, welcomed Gulliver Raiders to the fall alumni social on Thursday, September 22, 2016 to kickoff the year. Hosted at Barley American Brasserie, alumni enjoyed delicious food, cocktails and an opportunity to catch up with former classmates. With over 40 alumni in attendance, it was a great start to the year.

TJ Villamil ‘08, Simon Garcia ‘07

Gulliver Travels: DC March 2, 2017 Saif Ishoof ‘93, Ivan Mladenovic ‘02

Jack and Jill Reiter ‘89, Devin Robbins ‘11, Laura Robbins, Andrew Swanson ‘85

The scene at Barley

Gulliver in the Grove February 16, 2017

Washington, D.C. area Gulliver alumni

Hugh Schmidt ‘87, Lori-Ann Cox, Suzanne Landsom ‘92, Bridgette Laskey

Frank Steel, Justin Firestone ‘95, P ‘29, Frank Rosenberg ‘95

Devin Robbins ‘11, Hugo Cardona ‘12


he Alumni Association hosted the Gulliver in the Grove Alumni Social. Alumni from across the decades came together to share an evening of cocktails and conversation. Alumni were joined by Head of Schools, Frank Steel, as well as current faculty. The event provided an inviting atmosphere for networking, reconnecting and networking.

Genny Zhu ‘99 and guests

Carlos Blanco, Laura Pina Pequignot ‘82


Carmen DeLara Acosta P ‘90, Felix Jacomino, Christy Acosta ‘90

S U M M E R 20 1 7

Second generation raiderette Emille Rosenberg ‘31, Ignacio Tejera ‘97


networking events


ibby Witherspoon ‘87, P ‘25 and BNY Mellon, in conjunction with the Gulliver Alumni Association, hosted the annual Lady Raiders Executive Lunch. The event brought together alumnae from across industries and class years ranging from 1981-2015. Our featured speaker Yanyn San Luis, the Win Woman, coached alumni on self-confidence and getting wins in the workplace and life. It was wonderful to see our alumnae reconnect, build relationships and empower each other.


he Gulliver Alumni Association traveled to Washington D.C. to host an evening of Caption text cocktails and conversation at The Gryphon. Head of Schools, Frank Steel, and local alumni discussed Gulliver’s future goals and he provided updates on school improvements. Our alumni community came together and reconnected, engaging with each other and building relationships.

Lady Raiders Lunch May 17, 2017

Khara Vassell ‘15, Caitlyn DePalo-Quayle ‘14

Adriana DeCastro, Suzette Fandino ‘85, Carina Bendeck ‘85

The Annual Lady Raiders Executive Lunch hosted by Libby Witherspoon ‘87, P ‘25 and BNY Mellon

Libby Witherspoon ‘87, P ‘25 addresses the group

Raider's Edge Networking Lunch January 12, 2017

Justin Firestone introduces Wheels Up, which offers private plane charters to its members

Faequa Khan ‘05, Cole Valerezo ‘05, Joe Traba ‘10

Marisa Alvarez ‘90, Lia Yaffar Pena ‘84


he Gulliver Alumni Association hosted our annual Raiders Edge Networking Lunch at Bulla Gastrobar. In attendance were alumni from across industries and class years ranging from 1981-2010. Together they enjoyed lunch, a networking exercise and exchanged contacts. Thank you to Justin Firestone ‘96, P ‘29 and Wheels Up for sponsoring the luncheon, as well as Saif Ishoof ‘93, P ‘24, ‘26 for leading the networking exercises.

Rachele Huelsman, Saif Ishoof ‘93, Justin Firestone ‘95, P ‘29, Lori-Ann Cox

Cole Valarezo ‘05, Justin Firestone ‘95, P ‘29

Danielle Velez Morera ‘00, David Samole ‘95

Jason Kellogg ‘93, Chad Freedman ‘97


i c oagnlautmmeenn s ts

Alumni Lacrosse Game

Article Headline November 26, 2016

This Is Where the Article Subtitle Goes


n November 25, 2016 alumni by Author Name participated in the annual Alumni Lacrosse game. With the best turnout to date, alumni ranging from the class of 1993 to current players, enjoyed a day reconnecting with teammates, meeting the current coaches and performed on the same field they played on as proud Gulliver Raiders. Families, friends and fans were also in attendance, cheering on the players throughout the game. Each participant received a commemorative t-shirt, sponsored by Kristian Gonzalez ‘04 and his company, Squadra Soccer. Following the game, the reunion continued at Hole in the Wall.

Lonny Schnur ‘97, Jeffrey Gordon ‘04, Alfie Suarez-Sarmiento ‘04, Allan Schoening, Michael A. Winkleman ‘97

Karin Figueroa Cisneros ‘95, Tony Figueroa Cisneros ‘94, Cassandra Lopez Figueroa, Katherine Marie Figueroa Nicocelli ‘25, Juliette Amelie Figueroa Nicocelli ‘27, Carlos Eduardo Lopez Figueroa

Trevor Pelletier ‘16, CJ Hassan ‘16, Daniel Gautier ‘16, Nicolas Butnaru ‘16

Julio Diaz-Jane ‘00

Jason Biondi ‘93, Armando Rouco ‘93

Alumni Lacrosse Participants

Alumni Baseball Tournament January 14, 2017

O 2017 Alumni Baseball Game Team

Chris Chinea ‘12, Hunter Grimm ‘09

CJ Callero ‘18, Stawberry the Clown, Raymond Gil ‘17, Jorge Gonzalez ‘19, Adrian Del Castillo ‘18, Jacob Marcos ‘18

2017 Alumni Baseball Game Team on the field

Chris Chinea ‘12, Manny Crespo, Raymond Gil ‘17


Steven Paco Rodriguez ‘09

S U M M E R 20 1 7

Ricardo Pozo ‘13

n January 14, 2017 the Gulliver Alumni Association partnered with Gulliver’s head baseball coach, Manny Crespo, to host the annual Alumni Baseball Tournament. The event brought together alumni athletes from 1993 to 2016 for a home run derby and slow pitch softball game. Raider pride ran strong on the field. Congratulations to the home run derby winner Raymond Gil ‘17 and runner up Chris Chinea ‘12, as well as the tournament winning team: Jason Kellogg ‘93, Ricky Eusebio ‘12, Chris Chinea ‘12, Miguel Jimenez ‘08, Gio Soto ‘16, Christian Santisteban ‘12, Alex Prendes ‘97, Tony Socarras ‘96, David Espinosa ‘00 and Alec Shelowitz ‘11.

alumni games

Alumni Soccer Game December 17, 2016


n December 17, 2016 the Gulliver Alumni Association hosted the annual Alumni Soccer Games. The morning started with alumni cheering on the Girls Varsity team as they took on St. Brendan. After Varsity’s big win and the alumni matches for men and women, lunch was provided by Shiver’s BBQ. Participants included alumni ranging from the class of 1981 to current players. Big thanks to coach Chi Chi Nwadike ‘96 for helping to recruit the largest turnout of female alumni players ever! Each participant received a commemorative t-shirt as well as Gulliver gear, sponsored by Kristian Gonzalez ‘04 and his company, Squadra Soccer. Following the games, alumni competed in a crossbar challenge. Our top three winners were Ben Riestra ‘91, Nick Moztarzareh ‘10, and Frank Rosenberg ‘95, P ‘31 who received prizes including Bluetooth headphones, Starbucks gift cards, and a Nike gift card sponsored by Joe Suarez-Sarmiento ‘07 and the Miami Beach Lincoln Road Nike Store.

Alumni Soccer Participants

Ben Riestra ‘91, Nick Moztarzah ‘10, Frank Rosenberg ‘95

Women Soccer Alumni

Men Soccer Alumni

Samantha Ashbel ‘20, Chi Chi Nwadike ‘96, Mekayla Frazier ‘20, Michael Stuart

Alumni March Madness Tournament March 11, 2017

T Marc Rozynes-Chasin ‘14

Alumni Basketball Tournament Participants

Coach Manny Bloom

Abdul Alfassi, Antonio Jones ‘04, Thelbert Green, Wally Mejia, Kirk Taboada ‘05

Joe Jackson ‘16

Academy Cheerleaders

he Gulliver Alumni Association, in collaboration with Gulliver’s basketball program, hosted the 2nd annual Gulliver Alumni Basketball Tournament on March 11, 2017. This year featured a double elimination tournament, with four teams of alumni and friends. This year’s champions, Wizard Liders, led by Antonio Jones ‘04, went undefeated and cruised to victory. Justin Berstein ‘12 won the half-court shot competition.

Justin Berstein ‘12



c o envte netns t s

Article Headline Make a Splash

This Is24, Where September 2016the Article Subtitle Goes by Author Name n Saturday, September 24, 2016 Gulliver hosted the Make a Splash Swim-a-Mile event at the aquatic center. This annual tradition is an opportunity for the entire Gulliver community to engage with one another and support the annual fund and a community organization. As a studentdriven fundraiser we challenge participants to secure support for swimming 72 laps. The 2016 event drew a large number of student and parent volunteers who supported the expansion of new activities throughout the day. This year’s parent committee Judi Kraft P ‘09 ‘18 ‘20 ‘21 ‘23, Ana Luchau P ‘17 ‘19 ‘19 and Betsy Requeira P ‘18 helped develop new activities such as the tiedye station lead by the visual arts students, a dunk tank featuring favorite teachers, students and administrators and a bubble soccer tournament, where players are wrapped in a giant, soft, inflatable bubble ball. Event proceeds supported the Gulliver Annual Fund, benefiting Gulliver Performing and Visual Arts and the Gulliver Athletic Fund. Thank you to Miami Children’s Smiles, this year’s presenting sponsor. A portion of the funds were also donated to The Woody Foundation, established by James Woody Beckham ‘07, which raises funds for the recovery of people with spinal cord injuries.


Bubble soccer shenanigans

The competition builds in the float relay

Swim participants embark on their 72 laps

Orest Danyliv ‘17, Richard Almagro ‘18, Pablo Luchau ‘17, Jonathan Rodriguez ‘19

Ron Castonguay and Prep Band drumline

Zeinab Ramos P ‘21 ‘21 ‘21, Kamal Kay-Ramos ‘21, Hyaat Kay-Ramos ‘21, Awwal Kay-Ramos ‘21, Dr. Gabirela Rolland-Asensi P ‘24

Raider Challenge January 9, 2017


arents, past parents, alumni and sponsors gathered at Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club on January 9 for the Raider Challenge Golf and Tennis Tournament. The event featured round-robin tennis matches, 18 holes of golf, raffles, auction, and awards ceremonies. Three student golfers, Sean Kelley ‘21, Max McKenna ‘18, and Roman Lopez ‘18, volunteered for the “Are you better than a Gulliver golfer?” fundraiser. They challenged participants to tee off against them to see who could get their ball closest to the hole. A new


S U M M E R 20 1 7

fundraising activity, The Golf Ball Launcher, proved to be an amusing success raising additional support for the school. Proceeds from this annual event benefit the Athletic Fund which supports our athletic programs. A special thank you to Jill Soman Reiter ‘89, Michelle Dalmau P ‘16 ‘17 ‘19 and Coach Kelly Mulligan for organizing the tennis tournament and Renae O’Neil P ‘18 ‘25 for supporting our annual golf and tennis tournament.

special events

Holiday Marketplace November 17, 2016

G Gulliver mom and owner of Ximena Kavalekas Inc.

Churro Mania and Academy students

Academy students enjoying Kona Ice

Holiday shopper

Fourth grade chorus performing holiday tunes for shoppers

Academy student shoppers

Rosemary Hartigan P ‘23 ‘25 ‘31, Sylvia Gubbins P ‘14 ‘18, Maggie Gomez Moreira ‘94, P ‘23, Dania Melnick Alonso ‘94, P ‘23 ‘25 ‘30, Magda Lopez P ‘18, Jeanine Sanchez, Georgina Earle, Marie Dieppa ‘04

Tyler Master ‘94, Gy DePalo, Nila DePalo P ‘14, Chris McNeal

Joris Fletcher P ‘23, Dan Mulligan P ‘05 ‘07, Javier Dalmau ‘88, P ‘16 ‘17 ‘19

ulliver’s annual Holiday Marketplace was presented on November 15, 2016. With more than 75 vendors on-site, this event provided parents, alumni and academy students with a fun day of shopping in support of Gulliver. Our vendors sold jewelry, apparel, accessories, sweet treats and more. The middle school music students provided holiday jingles while guests shopped and mingled. The top 10 vendors in each category were invited to a second Holiday Marketplace at the Prep on December 9. The Inaugural “Prep for the Holidays” was a special treat for the Prep students and faculty who are not able to travel to the Academy campus to shop. A special thank you to our committee Maggie Gomez Moreira ‘94 P ‘23, Dania Melnick Alonso ‘94 P ‘23 ‘25 ‘20, Rosemary Hartigan P ‘23 ‘25 ‘31, Magda Lopez P ‘18 and Sylvia Gubbins P ‘14 ‘18 for their leadership.

Thank you to our tennis tournament participants

Max McKenna ‘18, Sean Kelley ‘21

Andrew Swanson ‘85, John Crawford, Richie Naue, Daniel Rotolante ‘97

Paco Figueroa ‘01, Keith Nateman ‘01, Taylor Hicks ‘98, Alex Gonzalez ‘01

Gulliver alum, Daniel Rotolante ‘97, takes a shot from the Golf Ball Launcher


University Book Awards

Thank You,

May 2, 2017


Presented to students who display excellence and achievement across a range of areas.

This year's Alumni Book Award presenters

Book Award Recipients

Connie Ernesberger ‘87 presents Andrew Goldberg ‘18 with the Washington and Lee Book Award

St. Thomas University Florida International University Smith College Washington and Lee University Johns Hopkins University University of Chicago University of Virginia

Felix Perez-Retes Sofia Rebull Helena De Oliveira Laub Andrew Goldberg Sofia Hornstein William Earle Juan Rodriguez Calvet

University of Pennsylvania Massachusetts Institute of Technology Brown University Duke University Cornell University Princeton University Yale University Harvard University

Taimaisu Ferrer Sin ‘17 and her mother, Taima Sin

John Arias Fernando Sayeg Samantha Keepax Anastasia Perez-Ternent Amanda Vera Margaret Rodriguez Augustin Ignacio Garcia Luis Martinez

Gulliver Corporate Partners significant





of $10,000 or more in the future of our school and the business profession by supporting the transformational academic programming, ideas and experiences that make our students innovative leaders. We would like to recognize and thank our 2016-17 partners:

Coral Gables Chamber Breakfast April 20, 2017

Jonathan Schoenwald P ‘22 ‘24 ‘26 and breakfast guest

James Jackson ‘18, Isaiah Manasara ‘18, David Osio ‘18, Roman Lopez ‘18

Kimberly Lampidis ‘28

Zoltan Pinter, Youssef and Christine Zakharia P ‘18 ‘20


Hank Langston and Community Newspapers' Gloria Burns


ach year, Gulliver hosts the Good Morning Coral Gables Chamber Breakfast. This year’s event took place on April 20, 2017 at the Coral Gables Country Club, with a theme focusing on “Educating Students to Become Global Citizens and Leaders.” Guests included Gulliver students across all grade levels, parents, faculty and staff, distinguished alumni and community friends. Youssef Zakharia P ‘18 ‘20, President and COO of Del Monte, gave an inspiring speech encouraging all of us to broaden our worldview. Gulliver’s Dean of Faculty, Director of University, Corporation and Community Affairs, Hank Langston, was also honored for his years of dedication to education and civic involvement.


S U M M E R 20 1 7

2017-18 Special Events We invite you to take part in our annual traditions as we create memorable experiences for our whole community. We look forward to your involvement!

Alumni Reunion Weekend

Holiday Marketplace

Friday, July 21-23, 2017

November 2017

Reunions at Gulliver have a long history of reconnecting classmates with the School and rekindling lifelong friendships. This year, Alumni Reunion Weekend will be hosted at The Ritz Carlton Key Bisycane on July 21-23. We hope you will join us! Wondering about all that’s in store for Reunion 2017? Find out everything you need to plan your weekend at gulliver.life/reunion. Looking to rekindle that class rivalry? To learn how please visit gulliver.life/2017classwars.

Become a vendor at the Holiday Marketplace and showcase your unique items, or join us to find great holiday gifts for everyone on your list. A percentage of all sales goes back to Gulliver.

Alumni Homecoming Friday, October 27, 2017 Homecoming is an annual campus-wide event, and a time for all Raiders - students, alumni, faculty, staff, families and friends - to come together to celebrate their Gulliver pride! Relax before the game at a traditional barbeque and enjoy special seating areas for Gulliver alumni. We hope to see you there!

Raider Fest at Make a Splash Saturday, November 11, 2017 Gulliver’s annual student-led swim-a-thon fundraiser, Make a Splash, is expanding into a complete carnival– style family fun day. Bring the kids for a day filled with pool activities, arts and crafts, live performances, sports contests, inflatable challenges and other exciting booths!

Raider Challenge Golf and Tennis Tournament Monday, February 5, 2018 Hit the links with alumni, parents and friends at Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club for our annual golf and tennis tournament featuring round-robin tennis matches, 18 holes of golf, raffles, auction, and awards ceremonies. Have you participated in other local tournaments? Join our committee as we kick our tournaments up a notch.

Gulliver Gala Spring 2018 Gulliver’s annual gala is a philanthropic evening celebrating the bonds that tie our community together. Featuring live and silent auctions, dinner and dancing, our gala is defined by a spirit of generosity as guests commit to “Raise the G” by investing in Gulliver’s future. Our gala committee is looking for alumni and parents to share their talents as members of the committee. This is an opportunity to help shape themes, decor and new ideas for auction items. Each gala has a unique experience; help us create a memorable 2018 gala.

Please contact The Advancement Department, to discuss your engagement for the 2017-18 school year at advancement@gulliverschools.org or 786.709.4005.


alumni memories

1977 1982 1987 1992 42

S U M M E R 20 1 7

1997 2002 2007 2012

Share your memories with us! Please visit the Gulliver Alumni Facebook page at @GulliverAlumni and post all of your throwback photos. Be sure to tag your friends!


class notes

Maria A. Noguera Dezubiria '81 received the Coldwell Banker 2016 International Diamond Society Award for her exceptional sales performance.


William Trattler '84 was included in the Power List for Ophthalmology by the publication The Ophthalmologist. The award was for inclusion in the Top 100 most influential people in the world of ophthalmology.

Alix Hayes '92 her husband John, and their children Dylan (7) and Jordan (5 1/2) are living in Oakhurst, NJ. Alix is the Regional Public Relations/ Special Events Manager for New Jersey for Boscov's department stores.


Eddie Stephens '89 was selected as one of Wall Street Journal’s 2017 Best Lawyers in South Florida.

Rush Bowles '94 was chosen as one of the 2017 Wynwood Life Street Festival Winners.

S U M M E R 20 1 7

Tanya Hayes '91 left Sotheby's New York, where she was an Assistant Vice President leading single-owner collections, after 20 years and recently began overseeing art collections for a private family office in New York and Newport.

Maggie Moreira '94 and her husband Domingo welcomed their son, Corey Alexander, this past November.

Ric Sarille '95 was inducted into the Northeast Conference Hall of Fame this past February. Ric was also inducted into Gulliver’s Athletic Hall of Fame in October 2016.


Bryan Abasolo '98 is a contestant on the current season of ABC’s The Bachelorette, vying to win the heart of Rachel Lindsay.

Josh Yavelberg '98 recently completed his PhD in Higher Education at George Mason University and is now the Manager of Online Education for the National Recreation and Park Association. He also continues to work as lead faculty for the art history department at University of Maryland University College. Josh and his wife Ashley are expecting their first child in October.

Gina Arcic-Beekman '00

and her husband Gavin had a baby boy, Ezra Benjamin Beekman, in October.

Justin Hayes '99 is the Director of State and Community Outreach for the Maryland CompTroller's office, living in Baltimore with his wife Callie, an Assistant State Attorney, and their 10-month-old son Wally.

Erik Bondhus '01 and his wife Christal welcomed Harlow Sutton Bondhus into the world this past October.

Marissa Mornick '99 welcomed her daughter Juliana to the family this past December.

Felipe Rubio '02 and his wife Vanessa had their first son this past February.

Ana Cristina Cash '03 released her new project “The Tough Love EP.”


class notes

Alex Mijares '02 had his painting featured on the cover of Yacht Miami Magazine at this year’s Miami Boat Show.

Jaime Sasso '06 won her second Sports Emmy for her work at the Rio Olympics on Tuesday May 9, 2017 in the category of Outstanding TransMedia Sports Coverage (she won her first Sports Emmy in 2013 for the London Olympics). She started her interest and passion for television product ion at Gulliver in Raidervision with Mr. Sylver. Now she is a rising star in her field working for NBC Olympics, and has produced Olympic coverage at every summer and winter Olympic games since Beijing 2008.

Nicole Martinez '08 married Aaron Spano last November. In February they moved from Charlotte, NC to Tampa Bay and have both started new jobs. This November they will be traveling to Madrid, Rome and Paris for their belated Honeymoon and First Anniversary.


Woody Beckham '07 was honored on April 26, 2017 by the Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida as one of the 2017 Twelve Good Men.

Gabriel Madan '11 is a first-year graduate art student in the University of Miami's College of Arts and Sciences and is already establishing himself as a professional. Congrats to Gabriel on his first exhibition, Cool Your Jets, in Wynwood.

S U M M E R 20 1 7

Brittney Barreto Sunset '07

and her husband Erik welcomed their daughter Emma Grace Sunset into the world on October 10, 2016.

Caro De Paoli '13 and her Cornell team won this year’s IHIF Student Case Competition, held on March 6, 2016 during the 20th Annual International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin.

Stephanie Texeira '13 was highlighted as one of FIU’s biggest softball standouts and earned the C-USA Player of the Week honor on March 20 after breaking the FIU career record for runs scored.

Build a Legacy: Brick by Brick Order an engraved brick today!


Leave a Legacy and support Gulliver's Annual Fund, which enhances all aspects of student life, including academic programming, activities and resources, facility improvements and campus beautification. You are invited to become a permanent part of Gulliver by purchasing your own personalized, engraved brick. Each brick will be placed at your preferred campus location. Bricks can be purchased for $125. All contributions are tax deductible.


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage


Miami, FL Permit No. 00667

9350 South Dixie Highway, 11th Floor Miami, FL 33156

We are proud to celebrate a growing culture of philanthropy in the Gulliver community.

2016-17 philanthropy highlights: • • • • •

W en e loo ga k gem fo en rwa t i rd n t to he yo 20 ur 17 co -1 nti 8 s nu ch ed oo ly ea

Our Annual Fund has grown because more and more Gulliver parents, alumni, students, faculty, staff, trustees and friends participate each year. These contributions directly support, strengthen and sustain the exceptional programs and resources that define a Gulliver education.


t and generous investments Thanks to your commitmen 2016-17 Annual Fund goal! we surpassed our $1 Million

Over $1.7 million raised in total gifts and commitments - 50% increase from last year Over $1 million raised in support of the 2016-17 Annual Fund Increased net revenue from our Gulliver Gala by 37% raising over $340,000 Increased parent giving participation by more than 35% over last year Increased faculty and staff participation in the Annual Fund by more than 15%

We thank all of our stakeholders for your participation and generosity to help us surpass our goals!

S U M M E R 20 1 7


Profile for Gulliver Schools

Atrium Summer 2017  

Atrium Summer 2017  

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