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the fast and easy workplace meal program for top employers

Improve productivity Empower teamwork Create collaboration Feed the bottom line

Workplace food is serious business, but most companies would rather starve than spend the time and money it takes to set up a workplace kitchen or catering operation. FUDUworks is the easiest, fastest way to put great food in the hands of hungry employees – without hiring a chef or losing control over costs. The FUDUworks mobile app feeds your folks while they work. FUDUworks is perfect for teams, great for meetings and delicious every time.

Your most valuable people eat lunch every day. The real question is, who picks up the tab?

There’s nothing wrong with employees going out for lunch every day. But top-performing companies like Google make workplace food a top priority.

In-app notifications remind employees to order in time for delivery

Employees decide what to order for lunch using the FUDUworks mobile app

Choice and convenience at your finger tip Daily specials from local providers Free delivery to the workplace Employees place scheduled delivery orders

Doing good eating well

Do better eating well

The easy way for employers to offer a delicious workplace food benefit that builds teamwork and collaboration – boosting productivity. Great restaurants and specialty food purveyors compete for your employees’ taste-buds while taking a bite out of hunger in Madison.

Faster and easier than hiring a chef! FUDU concept:

FUDU finance:

FUDU is the curated subscription meal plan that connects exceptional food providers with hungry subscribers.

FUDU employers see improved teamwork and collaboration by encouraging teams to eat together.

Employers invest to reduce the $10.00 FUDU meal deal price. • •

offer Payroll deduction support 3-5 meals per week

Employees place orders (individually or in groups or teams) for delivery to your FUDU Rally Point: Order by:

Delivery by:

9:30 AM 10:30 AM

11:30 AM 12:30 PM

Get started online:

Employer invests $5.00 when employees subscribe to FUDU for 3 meals/week using payroll deduction: Total Plan Cost per Employee: $10.00 x 3 meals/week x 48 weeks = $1,440.00 per year

Employer Invests 50%: $720/employee

Employee Pays: $10.00 FUDU Meal Price (+ sales tax)

- $ 5.00 Employer Investment = $ 5.00 per meal

Get started online: Contact: (608) 709-7779

FUDUworks for your company  

How to get the fast, easy workplace meal benefit plan for any size business

FUDUworks for your company  

How to get the fast, easy workplace meal benefit plan for any size business