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cherry bomb

rasberry beret

cherry bomb

clockwork orange

blueberry hill

Newgreen shades envy

purple haze

Creative semi-permanent pretty flamingo pink moon conditioning colour

blue velvet yellow

pretty flamingo

purple haze

red corvette

pink moon

green envy

electric blue

yellow fever


yellow fever

rasberry beret

cherry bomb


Remember to take into consideratioN... At each natural hair depth there is a dominant underlying pigment

turquoise blue

turquoise blue clockwork blueberry whiterblueberry shade ofhillpale blueberry blueberry blueberry hillhillhill hill

clockwork orange clockwork orange clockwork clockwork orange orange orange blueberry hill hill blueberry blueberry hill red corvette

redred corvette corvette red corvette

clockwork orange clockwork orange electric blue


whiter shade of pale

blueberry hill hill blueberry

blueberry hill

electric blue

red corvette

electric blue blue electric

red corvette corvette red

PASTEL formulas blue velvet

cherry bomb cherry bomb cherry cherry bomb bomb purple purple haze purple haze purple haze

purple haze purple haze purple purple haze haze green green envy green envy green envy

purple haze

rasberrygreen beretenvy rasberry beret

cherry bomb bomb cherry


blue velvet blue velvet blue blue velvet velvet pretty flamingo pretty flamingo pretty flamingo



pink moon moon


pretty flamingo pretty flamingo pretty pretty flamingo flamingo pinkpink moon moon pink moon

blue velvet

blue velvet velvet blue yellow fever


pink moon pink moon pink pink moon moon yellow fever yellow fever yellow fever

green envy green envy green green envy envy

raspberry rasberry beret beret

purple haze haze purple

yellow fever yellow fever yellow yellow fever fever blue velvet

pretty pretty flamingo flamingo pretty flamingo

pink moon moon pink

pretty flamingo

Mix Whiter Shade of Pale with Paintbox shades to cherry bomb purple haze create pastel shades. green envy green envy

green envy

Create pastel shades or use as a toner after lightening to reduce yellow tones in the hair. If you need to dilute the tone butpinknot pretty flamingo moon neutralise ‘warmth’ then yellow fever fever yellow just add Fudge Dynamite Conditioner instead.

turquoise blue

yellow fever

whiter shade of pale

turquoise blue blue turquoise

/ Intense direct pigments: 14 intermixable shades enabling you to create any colour, from rich chocolate browns to deep reds and coppers. pink moon

/ Ammonia Free! Do not mix with peroxide

9 Platinum Blonde

Palest Yellow

8 Very Light Blonde

Pale Yellow

7 Light Blonde


/ Hair must be pre lightened for vibrant results. yellow fever



Orange / Yellow


Dark Blonde



Light Brown

Red / Orange

/ Mix Whiter Shade of Pale / Remember the rules of or Dynamite conditioning the colour wheel, treatment to create pastel neutralise unwanted shades and colour glaze yellow tones using the soft baby pinks, caramels violet toning shampoo and many more. or Whiter shade of Pale before colour application. / Contains essential Fatty Acids to assist in the hair’s natural moisture, condition and shine.





Dark Brown

Brown / Red (Containing Blue)



Black / Brown (Containing Blue)

COLOUR CHART When lightening natural hair, melanin (pigment) is removed with blue first, followed by red and lastly yelllow. The base for the final colour result will depend on the level achieved post-lightening.

whiter shade of pale


turquoise blue whiter shade pale turquoise blue e.g. Client whiter shade of pale base isofpale aof 5—target shade Cherry Bomb turquoise turquoise blue blue whiter whiter shade shade of pale whiter shade of pale pale whiter shade of pale turquoise blue whiter shade of

of pale

Dominant Underlying Pigment


electric blue electric blue red electric electric blue blue redcorvette corvette red red corvette corvette corvette blue electric blue electric electric blueblue clockwork orange

rasberry beret rasberry beret rasberry rasberry beret beret cherry cherry bomb cherry bomb cherry bomb

Natural colour level



whiter shade of pale

whiter shade shade of of pale pale whiter

1/ Pre-lighten hair using Speed Bleach and 20Vol (6%), development time is visual, 20-30minutes, not using heat. We need to reach a base 7, all orange/red tones required.

3/ Dry hair to 95%, mist with 1 Shot Professional.

2/ Shampoo using Detox Shampoo and condition using Dynamite, towel dry and mist with 1 Shot Professional.

5/ Apply chosen colour with a tint brush, working carefully from ends to roots.

4/ Apply Fudge Hair Varnish to hairline to protect the skin from staining.

6/ Apply plenty of colour and check application carefully. 7/ A plastic cap may be used to contain heat and maximise intensity of colour. Do not use heat 8/ Development time minimum of 30 minutes.

9/ Colour will last 3-30 washes depending on client’s hair porosity, condition and lifestyle.

1/ Mix equal parts of Fudge Speed Bleach, warm water and Detox Shampoo.

10/ Rinse till you feel the colour residue is removed, do not shampoo, condition if required with Colour Lock, Dynamite or 1 Shot Professional.

2/ Apply to damp hair, only to the area requiring colour removal.

11/ Style and Finish

3/ Comb gently to lift and remove colour pigments.

4/ Timing is visual. 5/ Shampoo and condition using Fudge Detox Shampoo and 1 Shot Professional.

Make sure you use a very dark or old towel as some staining will occur. Be careful that Fudge Paintbox colour does not come into contact with any surface, as staining is more evident with wet hair. Advise your client to refrain from washing their hair immediately as this will allow the colour to lock in and promote longevity

Suggested Home Care product: / Colour Lock/Torture Tonic Shampoo / Colour Lock/ Torture Tonic Conditioner / Dynamite

Fudge Paintbox Salon Wall Chart  

The Fudge Paintbox range with application and care instructions.

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