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(the we totally should have had one of these out before today edition, now with less sodium.) eye contact, just fleeting enough so i can take a mental image of that surprised look in your eyes for when i dream that we’re friends, only to wake up to a reality of unsure nods and incessantly banging my head against the wall.

Love is like murder It’s satisfying wet and sometimes bloody intimate only one survives.

tantric sex and tired eyes. i think i heard you weeping last night.

y, eap da l n o s ay wa f four, o birthd t y u m o h imes I wis three t w. t a h t So kno would e n o o N

Like what you see? Think you could do better? Feeling lonely?

Tired of these rhetorical questions? Come to an & meeting. We have them, like, every week or something. At 8pm. In the basement of Rodrigue’s Coffee House.

The Vagabond (February 2013)  

Fordham University's The Ampersand presents The Vagabond, a (quasi) monthly newsletter of original student art & writing.

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