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On Sept. 7, the Festa della Rificolona was held throughout the streets of Florence. There were many events preceding the parade, but the main event began at 8 p.m. in Piazza Santa Felicita and made its way up to Piazza della Santissima Annunziata to conclude with bonfires and songs. The Renaissance city of Firenze is one that is known for

colored paper lanterns of various sizes that they carried

its rich traditions and culture. One of these traditions

to Florence to light the way. Besides celebrating the

is the Festa della Rificolona, held every September 7th,

birth of the Madonna in the Basilica of the Santissima

which can be dated back to the mid-seventeenth century.

Annunziata, the pilgrims brought their fresh products

This important Florentine festival celebrates the birth

such as cheese and vegetables and also yarns and fabrics,

of the Virgin Mary, September 8th. This four century

in hopes of selling at the fair trade market the next

old event is derived from the arrival of the peasants

morning. While this was a beautiful celebration of one

and mountaineers from the nearby countryside. Their

of the most prolific religious figures, this did not take

pilgrimage through the day and night was guided by

away the fact that there were many differences between


the residents of Florence and the peasants. Allegedly

Fast forward to today, I was given the chance to embrace

the young Florentines made fun of these people, teasing

the wonderful tradition as I took part in the parade of


them after their long journey and oftentimes preventing

Rificolone. There were so many events that lead up


them from sleeping. Another part of this alleged tale

to this very special moment and even an award show

was that the Florentines would especially target the

following to honor the best paper lantern. The energy

women because of their clumsy and unkept appearance.

and beauty of Florence was simply breathtaking. As the

The name “Rificolona” comes from the distortion of the

paper lanterns whirled by me and the sounds of children

word “Fierucolane,” which they would call the women

laughing rang in my ear it finally set in; this place full of

because of their participation and rounded sides. The

rich tradition and culture was mine to call home. I stood

Florentines would build lanterns that resembled the

there frozen, taking it all in. I encourage all students to

peasants, in particular the women’s shapes and their

stay updated with what events are going on in Florence

rounded skirts. This term is still used to describe

and truly indulge in this beautiful culture while you can.


women dressed in an unconventional, eccentric way.





The Museo Novocento will hold an exhibition titled

It is evident that in order to achieve great painting

From Modigliani to Schiele, from De Chirico to Licini,

dexterity, an artist must go through the process of

until Thursday, October 17, 2019. This exhibition gives

continuous study. There may be finished and unfinished

you an inside look into the creative eye of various artists

sketches that pile up in arid drawers but the flowers that

such as Gustave Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, and Egon

blossom out of the seed of constant creation are worth

Schiele, primarily through their preliminary sketches

the effort. And suddenly, what once was considered

of painted works they created throughout their careers.

a simple study of human reality, takes in the role of

Held in the stunning Villa Bardini, Dance Steps is the

photographs and oil paintings of figures that dominated

The exhibition is on loan from the National Gallery of

artwork itself.

first Italian exhibition dedicated to the prolific American

the walls. The last work we saw was a black and white

Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, which owns

What the Museo Novocento did with this exhibition

dancer Isadora Duncan. The show is comprised of 175

video of a performance entitled Bacchanal in which

over 13,000 initial sketches from 19th and 20th century

is give voice to all of those unheard sketches, to allow

paintings and sculptures, entirely figurative works

dancers’ movements were seemingly improvised but

artists. When you initially walk into the exhibition the

them to become the great artwork they already were,

depicting dancers suspended in motion. The pieces are

upon closer inspection were executed with extreme skill.

walls are covered in quotes by the artists being displayed

but were not perceived as such.

from the early twentieth century leading into the Avant-

From the perspective of an international student, it

that pertain to their identity and creative process.

Garde. They vary in medium however their energy is

could have very well been intimidating to walk through

These walls act as a verbal representation of the artists’


an exhibit unable to understand the description of the

idiosyncrasies, where they can be understood on a more

The walls feature stunning larger than life photographs of

art due to it being written in Italian.

rational level by all viewers. This allows the viewers to

Isadora Duncan, furthering the visual connection of her

But, in this case, there was no intimidation. The beauty

be completely aligned with both thought processes and

performances with the works. The exhibition also shows

of this exhibit was that the art spoke for itself. The

visual representations resulting from such thinking.

a glimpse into Duncan's life through original documents

movement of the sculptures moved us exactly where we

Schiele’s Girl Standing with Green Dress and Red Bow

such as photographs and letters. In addition to artworks

were supposed to go.

(1910), illustrates a young girl keenly smiling at the

created in direct inspiration of Duncan, works focus on

The soul carried in the sculptures was reflected in the

viewer. Throughout his career, Schiele has painted

the style of modern dance that she pioneered which

paintings and vice versa. In every room the story was

numerous women in intimate settings; where the soft,

shows her influence on an international scale. The

clearly interwoven between every work. The positioning

curved lining of their bodies mirrored his fondness of

exhibition emphasizes Duncan’s connection to Florence,

of the displays were not all placed straight forward, so

the human flesh. It is almost as if a poem was slowly

having performed here several times during her life,

it challenged the eyes of the viewer and required us to

unfolding in front of his eyes and with his brush he

multiple Italian artists whose works are included in the

think about why it was placed in that specific way. Once

attempted at representing, as delicately as possible,

exhibition, viewed Duncan as a muse.

we looked around to the next work the reasoning was

these irregularities of the human composition.

Fittingly, as we weaved through the gallery’s maze

explained through a natural discovery. Dancers have

Kokoschka’s Girl Who Reads (1913), illustrates an older

of rooms, the windows of the villa looked out onto a

a way of communicating without words, therefore a

woman who appears melancholic and thoughtful as

panoramic view of Florence. Another turn led us back

connection was made easily.

she flips through a book. The artist’s choice to portray

into another richly filled room full of dancers suspended

A breathtaking tribute to one of modern dance pioneers,

her face with bolder and more stable lines appears to

in graceful movements, arms raised above their heads

it was clear that Isadora Duncan had made quite an

demonstrate a certain stability gained with experience

and dresses flowing away from their figures.

impact. Duncan was a free flowing spirit, with a colorful

of life. Her hands have more dynamic, active lines and

As we navigated through the labyrinth of brass sculptures,

personality. There was a connection to the earth and self

makes one wonder about the agility of this woman to

female figures that recall classical antiquity occupied the

being that left us feeling refreshed and as though we had

work with her hands.

open space of the rooms. We became absorbed in the

just took an inside tour of someone's entire life work.









The famous photograph, An American Girl in Italy, taken

around the city. Notably, having two women collaborate

by Ruth Orkin, stirs up various emotions for anyone that

enabled for the depiction of a woman created by another

comes across it. For many, the photo emulates ideas

woman. Their collaboration allowed Orkin and Craig to


of feminism and the discussion of street harassment.

challenge the gender roles of the 1950s, simultaneously, having fun with it. Although the 1950s were a different

The streets of Florence have remained constant for hundreds of years. They’ve led millions of travelers by foot, bike,

Judging by the American woman photographed, Ninalee Craig's tight grip on her shawl and handbag makes it

time than the twenty-first century, Craig believed that

seem that there may be a certain degree of discomfort

"Public admiration shouldn't fluster you. Ogling the

a place to eat, shop, or spend the night faster, easier, and freer than ever before. A century ago, it was anything but.

or even fear.

ladies is a popular, harmless, and flattering past time."

Some travelers read guide books, like the Italy Handbook for Travellers by Karl Baedeker, to find their way around.

However, for Craig, nothing could be farther from her

Emphasizing that "the gentlemen are usually louder

Written in 1903, the book provides directions, specific locations and even recommendations for Italian cities under

feelings of excitement and the feeling that she could

and more demonstrative than American men, but they

a variety of categories, such as hotels, restaurants, and even doctor’s offices. In Florence, Baeker located five pastry

conquer the world at twenty-three. Looking back at

mean no harm." It feels candid and amusing to think of

shops, or pasticcerie. With my GPS and a little help from my friends, I found each one - or at least where they used

1951, the year the photo of Craig was taken, Americans

being Craig or Orkin in that instance of setting out to

to be - and later researched its origins to learn where they went, why they’re gone, or if they’re still around today.

traveling in Europe was rare, much less, traveling alone as

capture images that reveal how it truly is to travel alone.

a woman. When Ruth Orkin and Craig crossed paths, they

The feeling as if you run the world in a sense. However,



The cafe belongs to the Association

rooms, but today a Crédit Agricole

spoke of what it was like to travel alone. They spent two

understanding today's reality of how some men will

shops had homes on this street in the

of Historical Places of Italy and

Italia bank sits in its place.

hours photographing in Florence in the morning. Some

brutally abuse women every day for merely rejecting

20th century according to Baedeker.

continues to produce pastries and

shots included the famous photo, An American Girl in

them can almost tarnish that dream of excitement and

Doney et Neveur resided on Tornabuoni

confectionery sweets to this day.

Italy, and other photos of Craig flirting with men in cafes,

thrill of accepting the long ogling of men in so-called

16, which was “recommended to

In its former store location resides

asking guards for directions, and other playful images

public admiration.

ladies,” while Giacosa on Tornabuoni

home goods store Jo Malone London

11 apparently sold “good coffee for



car, and Vespa to destinations across the city. Using a guidebook of Italy, written in 1903, I visited four streets to find the storefronts that used to be pasticcerie and see what they are today. In the Information Age, any tourist can find


Tornabuoni: Two

70 cents.” Doney et Neuveur, or Gran Caffé Doney, was established at the end of the 19th century. While its original location was in Palazzina Reale, it moved to Tornabuoni, close to the British Consulate at that time, where it attracted many higher-class British citizens living in Florence. It closed in 1986, and today the Italian luxury





takes up about three

storefront windows on the street. Caffé Giacosa was founded in 1815

4.Via della Vigna Nuova: Baedeker

writes the pasticceria Balboni and Müller as having “English bakers” at this time, but there is little history associated with it. With both an Italian


and German name attached to the

Digerini and Marinai was famous for

business, the mystery continues in a

its shortbread biscuits and wafers on

post from the Facebook group My Old

this street during the 20th century.

Florence. It shows a picture of an old

The pastry shop operated out of

flier from the bakery that advertises



themselves as a biscuit and sweets

on Vecchietti and the factory on

factory with a “continuous steam

Via Piagentina. Cookies that were

oven,” “speciality in gluten bread for

“broken” were sold at the production

diabetes”, and “awarded with medal at

factory in small bags at an affordable

the Hygiene Exhibitions of Florence

price for people to enjoy. Baeker

and Padua.” A Gucci store location is

writes that the shop also had tea

now in the old bakery’s place.






on Tornabuoni and was restored in 2001 by Florentine fashion designer Roberto Cavilli for his headquarters. The cafe moved to Piazza della Libertà under a new name, Caffé Lietta, and new ownership in the summer of 2017. Currently in its place on the street is five-star hotel Antica Torre. 2.Via degli Speziali: The oldest cafe

in the city of Florence since 1733, Caffé Gilli, called this street home in the mid-1800s before moving to its current location on Via Roma near Piazza della Repubblica in the 1900s.









I left 30 minutes earlier than I should have. I knew I

it together. As we shuffled onto the tram, it was a mad

Looking down on the major landmarks of Florence sits

would arrive before my friends, but I was going stir-

dash looking for seats. I scanned the aisles until I found

Forte di Belvedere: a 16th-century star on the hill. A

crazy waiting. As I walked to the tram, I wasn’t sure

one and quickly sat down. I instinctually smiled at the

morning walk to the fortress was a great way to escape

what to expect. I had taken a train out of Florence, but I

man sitting across from me and although I was not

the crowded, tourist-filled streets of Florence. After

had never experienced a train going from one end of the

expecting a response, he gave me a cheeky, thin lined

climbing the steep path, I was able to rest and take in

city to another.

smile in return. It was a calming reminder that people in

the incredible view. The Duomo’s red dome contrasted

general are kind and warm.

against the blueish Tuscan hills beyond. Not only did the

After my friends arrived we located the ticket line for

fort provide beautiful scenery and open spaces, but it was

the tram, and our hearts sunk. The line was painfully

I settled into my seat and reflected that while I felt

also home to a captivating contemporary art exhibition.

long and we weren’t prepared. I felt annoyed as I was

similar to the people, this location was so different

The current exhibition features Davide Rivalta’s bronze

ready to get going, but I realized this was simply part of

from anything I had ever experienced. I watched the

sculptures. The art installation is spread out over the

the experience. As I changed my perspective, we took

city zip past me and enjoyed seeing the sun lower over

entire fort. Rivalta’s sculptures dotted the medieval

our place in line. Then, suddenly, we realized we could

the landscape, orange rays filling streets that only got

bastions: a contrast of ancient and contemporary. Frozen,

use a self- help station to purchase the tickets. I was so

busier as the day turned to night. As we got closer to the

metallic animals began to emerge. The sculptures caught

excited that I almost skipped to the kiosk. We made our

hospital, I noticed that the city seemed to expand and

me off guard at first. Otherworldly, yet familiar creatures

purchases and exited the station to wait for our train.

the streets opened. Seeing all of the wide streets and spaced out buildings was a breath of fresh air I didn’t

The hectic energy from the line inside did not compare

know I needed. There were parks and trees and it was

to the chaos reigning outside. As we tried to politely push

refreshing to see the landscape of the city change so

our way to our platform, multiple people were shoving

drastically, despite still being within Firenze.

past us and yelling. We finally found our platform, but the frenzy continued as the train arrived. Everyone

I have found the more I explore this city, the more I fall

began pushing past each other once more, fighting to

in love with it. Riding the tramway, I started obsessing

get on the tram. Eventually, we bit the bullet and shoved

over the history of the buildings we passed and the

our way through. Not only did we easily make it aboard,

stories of the people sitting beside me. I realized that

but I felt a sense of comradery with the strangers, as if

without even leaving Firenze I can experience a whole

saying, yes, we are pushing each other, but we’re doing

new journey full of surprises.

haunted the grounds. Unmoving, they watched over the fort's visitors. The art exhibition continued inside the building, and I was greeted by a life-size gray rhino. In the two adjacent rooms, the artist covered the walls with beautifully drawn flocks of birds. The Murmuration stretched across the three rooms. Upstairs, was another exhibition






interior spaces. Mounted on green walls, the pieces by Massimo Listri represented iconic Florentine sites. Forte di Belvedere was full of surprises. I enjoyed getting lost and wandering between towering stone walls, up and down steps, around grassy lawns, and inside the mazelike complex. The fantastic views of Florence and the engaging art installations were worth a trek up to Forte di Belvedere. 6







Poveglia consiste di due piccole isole situate tra Venezia e

l'isola, rimasta così fino ad oggi disabitata, senza contare,

Lido. L'isola ha servito vari scopi, ma è più conosciuta per

presumibilmente, un’intera popolazione di fantasmi

il suo passato macabro. Nel 1347 la peste bubbonica colpì

che vi dimorano in eterno.

l'Europa, uccidendo un terzo della popolazione europea.

ospedale, una chiesa e un rifugio per le barche - si stanno

Gli ufficiali veneziani capirono che dovevano separare le

congelando nel tempo. I residenti dicono che Poveglia è

vittime della peste dalle persone sane, così i malati furono

una '"isola di fantasmi" e uno dei luoghi più infestati sulla

portati sull’Isola e create via via numerose sepolture per

terra. Come arrivare? Non è facile raggiungere l’isola.

i cadaveri. Le autorità di Venezia decisero di incenerire

Ogni giorno milioni di turisti visitano Venezia e altre isole

buona parte dei corpi per prevenire un'ulteriore

popolari come Burano, Murano e Lido, ma praticamente

diffusione della malattia, tuttavia, durante uno scavo

nessuno va a Poveglia. È comunque possibile noleggiare

sull'Isola, gli archeologi hanno rivelato 1.500 scheletri di

una barca (Veneziainbarca.it) che ci porta sull’isola da

vittime della peste bubbonica. Gli scienziati ritengono

Venezia, anche se si tratta di un viaggio piuttosto costoso.

che ci siano ancora altre migliaia di corpi ancora sepolti.

Quando ci si avvicina all’isola, la prima cosa che vedrai è

Nel 1922 a Poveglia fu costruito un ospedale psichiatrico

il campanile. È una delle strutture più antiche dell’isola.

dove si ritiene che molti pazienti siano stati brutalmente

Ovviamente questo posto non è per tutti. Oggi l’isola è

uccisi e torturati, dopo aver subito numerosi e disumani

una raccolta di edifici abbandonati ed è isolata. Ma se stai

esperimenti. Si dice che un medico si sia suicidato per il

cercando qualcosa di interessante, se sei un fan dei film

peso della responsabilità della terribile sperimentazione

dell’orrore e ami le storie di fantasmi Poveglia potrebbe

umana condotta sui pazienti. Nel 1968 gli ultimi pazienti,

essere il posto perfetto per te!



Se hai bisogno di una vacanza al mare, considera di

Se non sai nuotare, è interessante scoprire quanto

visitare Polignano a Mare. Questo villaggio sulla spiaggia

l’acqua sia molto salata, rendendo così più facile lo stare

di Bari è il luogo perfetto per rilassarsi, esplorare,

a galla. Per cena, la Grotta Palazzese nell’hotel omonimo

e mangiare bene. Polignano a Mare non è mai stata

è spettacolare. Il ristorante è costruito nella scogliera,

una meta turistica, solo recentemente questa gemma

così, mentre mangi, guardi l’oceano. La cena è illuminata

nascosta è diventata più popolare, per i posti dove fare

da lanterne ed è bellissima di notte. La cena costa 180

shopping e per il mangiare e bere. La città è conosciuta

euro a persona per tre portate o 240 euro per quattro

soprattutto per la sua burrata e per la focaccia con i


pomodori. Sulla strada per la spiaggia, impossibile non

Dopo cena, la Casa del Mojito offre ottimi cocktail. Questo

fermarsi al mozzarella bar di Massarì, dove si può trovare

bar si trova nella “città vecchia” dove si possono trovare

una gran varietà di formaggi, alcuni ripieni persino di

tanti negozi e ristoranti che rimangono aperti fino a tardi.

Nutella. Dopo aver sostato tra le prelibatezze di Massarì

Di notte tutti a Polignano a Mare vanno in giro. La musica

si può scendere verso Cala Porto, una bellissima spiaggia

suona nelle piazze e le famiglie camminano per le strade.

proprio nel centro della città, con meravigliose scogliere

È molto divertente passeggiare per la città di notte.

che si affacciano sul mare. Per entrare in mare si può

In conclusione, Polignano a Mare è un posto bellissimo

passare dalla spiaggia, oppure camminare attraverso una

con le sue spiagge meravigliose, ottimi ristoranti, bei

grotta. Anche se è spesso affollato, la vista vale la pena.

negozi, e persone ospitali.

Gli edifici rimanenti - un

oltre al personale dell’ospedale, hanno abbandonato 8











Unfortunately, summer is coming

sophisticated look on top. For the

to an end, but you know what that

bottom, we decided to add some

means? It’s time for fall fashion! If

dimension to the look with a black

you’re wondering what the hottest

pleated skirt designed by Ter et

trends will be this fall don’t worry, we

Bantine. For shoes we have a Gucci

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pump with a classic signature gold

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Fall is just around the corner, and though it’s still warm

This look will give you confidence when wearing bold

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Quartiere Tre, a local brand that

in Florence, we have some great transitional Fall outfits

colours. Pistachio green is another big trend this Fall,

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We decided to pair a backpack with

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make a bold statement this season, this look we created

For FLY’s look of the month, we styled

this outfit to evolve into a modern

green are colours we believe are necessary Fall staples

will do just that. We went with a simple white tee and

our model Mikayla in a “bourgeois”

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a beautiful pistachio green skirt, paired with a Pucci-

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Last but certainly not least, we decided

The FLY Mission is all about putting your own creative

inspired colourful printed jacket over the shoulder. Knee-

the French word “bourgeoise” which

to bring the look to life with a fun

spin on a current fashion trend, and we believe that

high black boots perfectly compliment the other colours,

translates to “middle class” during

cheetah print scarf from the next

you can love a trendy look while still being yourself.

while giving the look a fashion insider inspiration.

the 18th century. Bourgeois women

collection designed and crafted by

This month’s two trend highlights at FLY are all about

These trends can be worn from day to night if you pair

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colour. We’ve been seeing these two tones all over

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With this look, you are ready to take

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be attending classes, a busy workday

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dress code.We hope you try to incorporate these Fall

Renaissance. Inspired by bourgeois

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trends in your wardrobe this season. While bold colours

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BLENDING Newsletter SEP/OCT 2019  

In the first Fall 2019 Issue of Blending Newsletter, we inaugurate the new academic season by featuring pieces about ancient Florentine past...

BLENDING Newsletter SEP/OCT 2019  

In the first Fall 2019 Issue of Blending Newsletter, we inaugurate the new academic season by featuring pieces about ancient Florentine past...