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INTERVIEW WITH MARTHA NOWAK ON HER KNITWEAR COLLABORATION It is always a joy to see our alumni continue to do great things after leaving FUA, especially when they come back to show us! Martha Nowak was a FUA student in the summer of 2015 and finds herself back in Florence to embark on an exciting new project with FUA instructor and fashion designer, Eva Di Franco. Martha caught up with us to update us on what’s next for her fashion career.

Welcome back to Florence! How was your experience here at

to the project, as I’ve ended up studying Textile Design, so I’ve been


working a lot on knitting and weaving. Eva herself specialises in

It’s great to be back! I studied at FUA for 4 weeks during the summer

apparel and so she has taught me a lot with regards to patterning

of 2015, right after I graduated from high school and I was preparing

garments and the design process.

to start at the Rhode Island School of Design. I was already thinking about specialising in Textile Design in particular, and I took a Fashion

What has been the most exciting element of your collaboration

Design course with Eva Di Franco, who is both an instructor at

with Eva Di Franco?

FUA as well as an independent fashion designer. I learnt a lot about

I really love that although we specialise in two different kinds of

drawing models and figuring out proportions of the body, as well

fashion, our beliefs in dexterity, commitment and putting time

as gathering together ideas and inspiration for making apparel.

into something you make are very much the same. I have always

For me, that was a really important starting point for my studies.

believed in devoting time and effort into making something by

Now I’ve already completed 3 years at Rhode Island and I’m about

hand and making it well. Knitting itself is a very immersive process

to start my final year.

that’s mostly based on specific technique and mathematics. When everything comes out right it’s very satisfying. I really admire that

What brought you back to Florence this summer?

Eva takes time over her work and commits a lot of effort into sewing

Eva Di Franco and I had a really great relationship as student and

everything out herself before starting a project. It’s been an amazing

teacher from the very beginning. After I left FUA and started at

experience to see her studio and work alongside her. Eva from end

design school, I stayed in touch with Eva on Instagram and we kept

to end is immersed in the design and production processes, so that

track of each other’s work. I’m back here in Florence to work on a

she knows the garment inside-out by the time it’s finished.

collaborative project with Eva. We both bring our different talents 14

BLENDING Newsletter AUGUST 2018  

BLENDING Newsletter AUGUST 2018