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by Allayna Nofs Photo courtesy of Alexandra Zofcinl

FUA Fashion Alum, Alexandra Zofcin, speaks about how her experiences in Florence not only taught her more than what she travelled there to learn, but also how hearing “no” can push one beyond the point of rejection, catapulting one straight toward the goal that longs to be achieved. Ever since she was in the fourth grade, Alexandra Zofcin says she knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. “Fashion has

Throughout her time with FUA, Alexandra says that all the skills she learned were invaluable but thinking outside of the

always been in my blood,” she shares in an interview with the FUA Alumni Association. In the fall of 2015, Alexandra studied at FUA’s School of Fashion and Accessory Studies and Technology (FAST). All the way from Lynn University in Florida, Zofcin came to Florence with the desire to learn traditional design and patternmaking techniques. She was living out her lifelong dream to “study design in Europe.” While at FUA, Zofcin’s creative work was independently showcased in

box is one that stands out. By learning “how to approach design from different perspectives”, she pushed herself out of her comfort zone, landing her that much closer to achieving the dream she’d conjured. Finally, living in a different country allowed her to adapt quickly and “be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.” This, she states, is reflected in her work. After her first semester in Florence, she decided to return to FUA again during the summer of 2016 for an independent study course in patternmaking. These days, she is working on devel-

the “Tell Me a Story” event at FLY. She was proud of having a solo show and being able to display her hard work for others to see. She tells us that her constructive collaboration with Gaia, Coordinator of FAST and fashion instructor, allowed her to “view design and fashion through the lens in which [she] sees it now.” To this Zofcin adds that her confidence, though still a work-in-progress, would not be what it is today without Gaia’s guidance.

oping her brand, “The House of AmZ”. At the beginning of February, the brand launched a new website, www.thehouseofamz.com, where her fashion forward designs are available for e-sales. For anyone outside the US interested in purchasing a garment, internationally shipping is coming soon! Up next for Alexandra will be putting out the collection that she is working on now-an antithesis to her original work done at FLY in Fall 2015. This May, the new


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BLENDING Newsletter April 2017  

BLENDING Newsletter April 2017