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Advanced Digital Photography School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts Department of Photography Photo by Anastassia SciarafďŹ a

AN EXHIBITION OF WORKS FROM THE COURSE ADVANCED DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Through an internal search tied to the rediscovery of the self that begins with a reflection on the creative stimuli received during childhood and adolescence, Danielle, Anastassia, Madison, Garrett and Olivia are each able to find their own expressive route to their individual creativity. These students, with their cameras and their imaginations, have each created a personal project that follows their instincts and their vision, to produce a coherent and visually effective exhibition. Friendship, introspection and unusual perspectives are the themes touched upon by this exhibition, which represents a fresh and contemporary point of view that is also very personal to each of these five aspiring photographers. Each of them is on their own journey of self-affirmation and in search of their own point of view. IN MOSTRA SONO I LAVORI DEGLI STUDENTI DEL CORSO DI ADVANCED DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Attraverso un percorso di ricerca personale legato ad una riscoperta di se stessi e della propria creatività, partendo da una rivisitazione di stimoli creativi ricevuti durante l’infanzia e l’adolescenza, Danielle, Anastassia, Madison, Garrett e Olivia sono riusciti a trovare la propria strada espressiva. Gli studenti con le loro macchine fotografiche e la loro immaginazione hanno dato vita ognuno ad un progetto personale, seguendo il loro istinto e la loro visione sono riusciti a mettere in mostra i propri lavori in un percorso espositivo coerente e visivamente efficace. Amicizia, introspezione e prospettive insolite sono i temi toccati da questa esibizione che rappresenta un punto di vista fresco e attuale, sicuramente molto personale, di questi cinque giovani fotografi, ognuno nel proprio viaggio di autoaffermazione e ognuno alla ricerca del proprio punto di vista. Simone Pierotti Advanced Digital Photography Instructor

October 20 | November 14, 2016 Corridoio Fiorentino DIVA Via Magliabechi, 1 | Firenze Advanced Digital Photography School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts Department of Photography

On October 20 from 6 to 9 pm at CORRIDOIO FIORENTINO, the student gallery of the Department of Photography of Florence University of the Arts (FUA), will open the POINT OF YOU exhibition featuring selected projects of the “Advanced Digital Photography” course led by Prof. Simone Pierotti. The many themes developed have a common thread: personal research, interpreted through different meanings of the term. It can be the search for ourselves, the search for emotions in relationships, for the detail in a photographic image, color, or techniques for an original representation. Participating students are dedicated to experimentation and the research of various meanings associated to images, which are akin to reflections of the photographers in a window, objects that have propelled curiosity but may be disregarded by the frenetic pace of everyday citizens of a location. What’s captured is something that allows individuals to stop, observe, and discover a unique and original point of view. POINT OF YOU è la mostra dei migliori progetti degli studenti del corso di Advanced Digital Photography, tenuto dal Prof. Simone Pierotti, al CORRIDOIO FIORENTINO, lo spazio del Dipartimento di Fotografia della Florence University of the Arts (FUA) I tanti temi trattati hanno un filo comune riguardante la ricerca, nel senso più ampio del termine: può essere ricerca del sé, ricerca del calore affettivo nei rapporti di amicizia, ricerca del dettaglio che diventa protagonista nel quadro fotografico, ricerca del colore, o della tecnica portata allo spasimo per una rappresentazione originale. Gli studenti che hanno partecipato alla realizzazione degli scatti in mostra si sono dedicati all’esperimento, all’indagine, con la quale hanno potuto trovare risposte dentro il proprio io, con emozioni e sensazioni, come nel loro riflesso in una vetrina del centro della città, in oggetti che destassero la loro curiosità, non notati da passanti distratti. Qualunque cosa che permettesse loro di fermarsi per trovare, per scovare un unico, originale, proprio, punto di vista.

Garrett Kellis Day Spanish Fort, Alabama Florence University of the Arts When I came to Florence 2.5 years ago I knew no one. I had no idea that almost three years later I would be friends with such an amazing group of people. We have been with through a lot together, and we have all grown throughout these past few years. I made them the subject of my exhibition photos because they are some of the most important people in my life. They are my family. Their encouragement and comradery over these years have helped me grow both as an artist, and as a person. I owe a great deal to them, and I hope to one day to be there for them as much as they have been there for me.

Spence Siss Boulder, Colorado

La Mia Squadra


Devon Forde Boston, Massachusetts

Isabella Gutierrez Tijuana, Mexico

Mario G. Eaton Plantation, Florida

Yuliest Nunez Caracas, Venezuela

Talus Andolsek Portland, Maine

J.R. Rellama Manila, Philipines

Nicholas Cucuras MansďŹ eld, Ohio

Olivia McClellan Chicago, Illinois Robert Morris University Untitled For this exhibition I wanted to capture the hidden stories of old bicycles throughout Florence.


Madison Lovell Sycamore, Illinois Robert Morris University Picking Up the Pieces I wanted the objects I took photos of to be out of place and almost hidden. After I photographed the objects, I picked them up to use in the exhibition. The objects are again out of place now that they are on display under the photos. The sheer paper was placed over top to give more of the allusion that they are hidden.


Anastassia Sciaraffia Santiago, Chile Florence University of the Arts Through the Glass “Seeing through something” do not get deceived by the first look, see through it. Be able to tell apart from what it is and what it seems like. Find another way of looking at things having in mind that the chances the way you are looking at now are not the only option.


Danielle Sitzman

San Francisco, California University of Southern California Unwrapped Unwrapped is a visual exploration of the conďŹ ning effect of anxiety and depression brought forth by societal expectations. The plastic wrap illustrates the torment of the subjects. Through a variety of methods, the wrap clings to the subject, conďŹ nes the subject, and impairs the subject.


October 20 | November 14, 2016 Corridoio Fiorentino DIVA Via Magliabechi, 1 | Firenze Advanced Digital Photography School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts Department of Photography Gabriella Ganugi FUA President

David Andre Weiss DIVA Chair

Giulio Vinci DIVA Academic Coordinator

Simone Pierotti Advanced Digital Photography Instructor

Garrett Day Madison Lovell Olivia McClellan Anastassia Sciaraffia Danielle Sitzman Advanced Digital Photography Students

Talus Andolsek Steinunn Ros Gudsteinsdottir Leon Frick Introduction to Digital Photography Experiential Learning Students

Livia Sturlese Tosi FUA Press Office

Alberto Simoncioni Graphic Designer

Printed on October 2016 by FUA Florence University of the Arts

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