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nikkiGIL Celebrates the Active Lifestyle

with Reebok

Tech on-the-go: Turn your smartphone into a workout partner!

From Slacker to Fitter:

Our resident trainer gives you tips on how to ease your way into an active lifestyle

Sweat in :


How to break out a sweat (and still look great!)

Fitness OST:

Run, walk, stretch, or lift with our adrenaline-pumping soundtrack

Get your fitness regimen started sans the intimidating gym hardcores!

EDITOR’S NOTE FTW, in Urban Dictionary, means For The Win - which, might as well be what this magazine is all about. Except that it’s not, because FTW in this case could mean a lot of things such as fitness, technology, wellness; food, travel, workout - things or state of being that people nowadays aspire for. FTW is your handy guide to living your best life - today. For our maiden issue, our cover girl and Reebok Easytone brand ambassador Nikki Gil, lets us in on her fitness must-haves and must-dos. We also have an assembly of fun and informative articles on basic workouts, music, food, and a snazzy app for your Blackberry. FTW is fun. FTW is active. FTW is life-changing. FTW is for YOU.

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Doc Marlon, Jar Concengco, Ena Terol CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Chappy Callanta Vicky Ras


Forefoot Productions EVENTS MANAGEMENT

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Vicky loves to live her life supersized, whether it be through sports, work, or leisure.

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The FTW team are all smiles after the shoot with cover girl Nikki Gil.


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FTW Maiden Issue: Your primer for a fit and fun lifestyle


Workout tips & outifts The Science of Sports Footwear


Walking versus Running


The Curves Challenge

Funky Tunes for your Workout


Your Starter Kit


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10 Nikki Gil Celebrates the Active Lifestyle with Reebok

Featured App

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Now you have a reason to take your BlackBerry with you while doing your workout!

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style x




Working out is an activity which, when practiced on a regular basis can form into a habit that eventually leads to a state of being people classify as fit and healthy.

stantly pull down your shorts or skirt because it keeps riding up your thighs. In the same way that you should avoid very tight clothes that will keep your attention away from your workout because it’s so uncomfortable.

For some people, working out is a necessity. You see them all the time – those who spend several hours a week in the gym, attend yoga classes, run around the village or regularly participate at the weekly road or races. On the other hand, there are those who cannot be bothered to leave the house, much less lift weights. We won’t talk about them here.

How do you make your workout fun, fit and fashionable?

For those who make fitness a priority, being equipped with the right workout clothes, apparel and accessories are just as important. In fact, wearing proper clothes, and if you have the budget for it, having the trendiest outfit on your back and feet, can be added motivation for you to hit the road or the gym where people can see and admire. In choosing your workout apparel, THINK COMFORTABLE! There’s nothing worse than having chaffed skin or having to con-




By: margaDEONA

You may not be aware of it, but a lot of research and history is involved in the footwear you are wearing at the moment. During the early days our ancestors roamed the earth with hardly any footwear to shield their feet. They scoured for lands far and wide, walked all over – from stony trails to snow-capped hills – with only animal hide and their calloused soles to buffer unforgiving terrain. Accompanying the need to hunt is the urge to run. Chasing animals down required brute force and nimble feet. Whether it is to run towards the chase or run from apparent danger, man has been running ever since, making running the world’s oldest sport. Eons have passed and, over the course of many civilizations, humans have taken to wearing footwear. From simple moccasins to highheeled shoes, our feet have been shielded from the dirt of the ground. Eventually, as tough feats have been taken on with brute strength and endurance, sports – both recreational and competitive – have kept the increasingly sophisticated human being in touch with the hunting instinct. With the advent of sports technology and the overwhelming need to keep fit in a sedentary world, running and walking in the 21st century is an summation of what the human body is predisposed to do and the vastness of what the human mind is capable of. For instance, shoes built to simulate the experience of running barefoot acclimatize our sheltered soles into moving along with nature in the same way our ancestors did, yet offering adequate protection against the elements and possible injury.



style Twin pods promote natural instability for more leg and gluteal toning.

> > Perfect for light workouts

> Ante up your training by running with this pair!

EASYTONE Style and breathability are beautifully combined in this athletic-inspired EasyTone. The SmoothFit hiddenseam liner ensures minimal rub and irritation, while the anti-microbial sockliner manages moisture.


The TrainTone System is versatile enough to make almost any type of exercise more enjoyable and productive. The upper materials feature breathable ventilated leather with a lightweight, supportive synthetic overlay.


The RunTone Motive features six balance pods that distribute moving air across the sole of the shoe, creating micro-instability with every step. High performance 3D Ultralite materials make it lighter than ever.





Walking versus Running By: vickyRAS

Losing weight and getting thin is the key motivating factor behind people’s mounting interest in high-intensity, high-impact workouts. But this obsession with getting thin fast, as some trainers and health experts say, can actually lead us away from what our ultimate goal should be, which is healthy weight and good health. Sadly, most people seem more interested in burning calories than in becoming physically fit. However, if you exercise for its health benefits and take the focus off of the calorie issue, a healthy weight will be a natural byproduct. So in the eternal debate as to which exercise burns more calories – running or walking running certainly takes the cake because of its intensity. But that does not, in any way, lessen the health benefits of walking. The key thing to remember here is that the lower the intensity of your workout, the lower the calorie expenditure – and this is where duration plays a key role. Furthermore, keep in mind that everyone’s body responds differently to exercise. So even though you and your walking buddy may both be walking for 45 minutes each day, your results will differ simply because the number of calories you expend during exercise depends on your body composition (lean mass vs. fat mass). The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn. In addition, the type of exercise you do and the muscles that are involved will also dictate the amount of calories used. 8

keep in mind that everyone’s body responds differently to exercise.

To get the most out of your walking exercise, here are some tips to follow: ·Invest on a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothing, and the motivation to get moving. ·Walking shoes should fit well but leave ample room for the expansion of feet while walking. ·Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat when walking outdoors and the heat is at its peak ·Listen to what your body is telling you. Start slow and up the ante as you get the hang of it. ·Hydrate before, during, and after.




Jumpstart your workout with our 15-minute mix consisting of the following tracks:

“Still Sound (Xinobi Remix)” by Toro y Moi “Bathroom Gurgle (Breakbot Remix)” by Late of the Pier “My Love Sees You (Classixx Remix)” by Beni “Technologic (Go GoBizkitt Remix)” by Daft Punk “Final Round” by Cassian Download it at



cover story

le Celebrates the Active Lifesty

with Reebok


Interviewed by: vickyRAS

Nikki Gil is not your typical girl-next-door, let alone just a pretty face in an industry that is as cutthroat as it is glamorous. This multifaceted celebrity sings, acts, hosts, and is now ranked comfortably among the country’s most soughtafter product endorsers. Nikki From a famous beverage drink, fast food chain, to a hair product, Nikki continues to lend her credibility and wholesome appeal to a number of brands. Recently, Nikki has been tapped by Reebok Philippines to become the face of the Reebok EasyTone line, which first made waves in the U.S. with Eva Mendes as the brand ambassadress, and is now poised to take the local market by storm. Photographed by: Doc Marlon Art Direction by: Chad Villarmino Styled by Vicky Ras Makeup by: Leo Posadas Hair by: Mycke Arcano Special thanks to: Nikko De Guzman


Pink EasyTone long bra, EasyTone capri, red EasyTone Reenew all from Reebok

With EasyTone, you get your workout even while on your way to the gym and then again on your way home after your workout! The Reebok EasyTone line features EasyTone shoes, toning pants and tops which all function as your best ally in toning key muscle groups while doing all sorts of activities from the basic ones such as walking to something more frenzied like working out in the gym or running errands. In an interview with FTW, Nikki let’s us in on her fitness secrets and how Reebok Easytone fits perfectly in her life and busy career. FTW: Can you describe to us what a normal Nikki Gil day is like? Nikki: Well, these days I have really been keep busy doing a lot of things from hosting, to photo shoots, and performing in a musical - although it really varies from day-to-day. Some days I am so busy that I fail to keep my usual gym schedule, but I make sure to make up for it when I have a window.

or so. If I have a trainer with me, I spend about two hours. But if I’m just on my own, I usually just run for an hour and go! But the past two months, I have been extremely busy preparing for the dance musical that gymming had to take a backseat. But I manage to get my workout from the rehearsals and all the dancing required. (Note: Nikki Gil appeared in the dance musical Sweet Charity, which first premiered in Broadway in 1966 and won the Tony Award for Best Choreography on the same year. Sweet Charity was staged at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza on August 2011 and was directed by Robbie Guevara (RENT, The Wedding Singer)

FTW: Speaking of gym, how often do you go for a workout? Nikki: It really depends. On a ‘light’ week, I go three times a week and spend maybe an hour 11

FTW: With this flurry of activities you have to juggle on a daily basis, tell us how exactly does EasyTone fit into the picture?

the person that she is when she’s not active. She feels sluggish, cranky, and lethargic and she tends to eat a lot – obviously a no-no in her line of work.

Nikki: What I love about Easytone is that even when I’m just walking around, for example, I am getting a workout. The EasyTone shoes, with its built-in balance pods help tone the hamstrings, quads, and butt. The EasyTone tops, meanwhile, have the ‘ResisTone bands’ that help correct your posture and support your back while you workout. Same with the EasyTone pants which also helps tone your leg, thigh, and bum while you do your thing. With EasyTone, you get your workout even while on your way to the gym and then again on your way home after your workout! So that’s how EasyTone is really helping me keep fit even in the midst of the hectic schedule I keep.

“If there’s one thing I can share to everyone out there regarding fitness, it would have to be that we should all find time for it. We make time to watch a movie, go out for dinner, and go on Facebook, so we can definitely find time to go to the gym or simply to get active. Being busy should not be our perennial excuse for not sweating it out. However, if you really don’t have the time to go to the gym, then you can just wear your EasyTone shoes and walk around,” concludes Nikki.

A self-confessed couch potato prior to her discovery of the active lifestyle, Nikki confessed that she didn’t like

If there’s one thing I can share to everyone out there regarding fitness, it would have to be that we should all find time for it 12

Blue Sport Essential Short Sleeve Tee, Gray Woven capri, blue and white EasyTone Flash, all from Reebok.

I usually just run for an hour and go! But the past two months, I have been extremely busy preparing for the dance musical that gymming had to take a backseat.

Turquoise Vibrance Statement long bra, Sport Essential short, blue and white EasyTone Flash, all from Reebok.



fitness FOR THE women: THE CURVES CHALLENGE When the FTW editorial board was conceptualizing this magazine, we unanimously agreed that the difference between us and other magazines promoting an active lifestyle would be this: we are not going to be neither coaches nor hardcores. We want to be your buddy, your handy companion as you embrace your zest for life.

We conspired with our girls from the Curves circuit training gym for women with this dare. For our maiden issue, we’re daring our good friend Niña Terol-Zialcita, a travel magazine editor and staunch advocate for several social causes, to embrace the very change she inspires in others.

And of course, as what buddies do, we’d like to dare you to try something new. Join Niña in her workout at Curves, located at 2/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. Keep tabs of Niña’s adventures at our site and cheer her on via Twitter at @ninaterol and/or @FTWMagazine. Who knows, one of you ladies might become our next challenger!

featured app EE

FRlackBWerorld via




B pp A


ENDOMONDO for BlackBerry

Now you have a reason to take your BlackBerry with you while doing your workout!


Ever felt like you’ve always been running around aimlessly? Enough of trying to guess the precise distance of your favorite running route – sans expensive GPS watches. Endomondo allows you to track how much far you’ve ran minus the guessing. All it takes is to install it, register an account, and record your workout – be it a leisurely walk in the park or a round of high-octane intervals. After that, go to and check your account – you’ll find your workout’s record right there – along with the route accurately mapped out via Google Maps! It’s free, downloadable via the App Store and doesn’t take much of your phone’s memory.





Don’t set yourself up for failure.

By: chappyCALLANTA Let me start by saying congratulations! By picking this magazine up you are starting your path towards fitness and wellness. One of the common myths of exercise is “no pain, no gain”, and though the path to fitness and wellness is one that takes discipline, determination and dedication, what most people don’t realize is that it CAN be easy. I’m here to help, so here are a few tips to help you start your way towards a new and better you. Set attainable goals You’re not gonna go from a couch-living man to ironman in a month. Set a goal like walking 30 mins everyday, or losing 4 pounds in a month (a very doable number). Don’t set yourself up for failure. Use the installment method Never say that you “have no time to exercise” again. Research has shown that 15 minute bouts of exercise done 3-4 times spread through out the day can mimic the effects of a traditional 30-45 minute workout. You can use a variety of simple exercises like jogging, swimming, biking, push ups, air squats or jumping jacks.

Look around for opportunities to be active whether it be gardening, doing household chores or just rearranging your living room. Aim to do something active at least once a day. The WHO also states that Uninterrupted sitting for more than an hour is harmful to your health. If you are a desk-dwelling worker, set your alarm to go off every hour so. Stand up and walk around for 5 minutes. It will help speed up your metabolism as well. Get a dog


Get a trainer Research has shown that only 15% of home workouts work. Research has also shown that getting a trainer dramatically increases your results by as much as 300% compared to doing it on your own. Be sure to get a good trainer, though, not only someone with experience, but someone with an educational background and certified to train.

or any pet that you need to walk. Walking is a great way to get on the active path, and having a pet to take care of gives you extra motivation to get off that couch and go outside to play.

Coach Chappy Callanta is FTW’s resident training buddy. He runs a gamut of training programs, such as Power Plate core vibration, Jungle Gym XT, and circuit training. You may find him at Power Plate Philippines’ studio at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City and 360 Fitness Club, with gyms located in both the Ortigas and Makati business 15 districts. Hit him up on Twitter for more fitness tips: @chappycallanta

Vital Code ALPHA MEN: The complete supplement specially formulated for men. OPTIMA: Rejuvenating and age-defying overall nutrition ALPHA WOMEN: The complete supplement specially formulated for women.


Fantastic Finds x

Modern Thai cuisine Tucked in the heart of Pasig’s Kapitolyo district, Nav Modern Thai Cuisine boasts of flavors that are authentically Thai. We highly recommend their Pad Thai – as good as the sidewalk noodles in Bangkok – and Son In Law Eggs – the slightly tangy sauce and crunchy egg whites make this dish a guaranteed hit. Nav Modern Thai Cuisine is located at 16-C United St., Pasig City. For reservations call them at 655-8395, or look them up on Facebook via the keywords Nav – Modern Thai Cuisine.


Here are a few things we’re digging at the moment from food haunts to fuel for your workout.





go for better water The lighter it is, the purer it is. Free of additives, Lightwater helps replenish the human body’s lost fluids without the unnecessary impurities.



buyers’ guide

Suit up, shape up! x

You don’t have to look dowdy when getting started with a more active lifestyle. Here are a few starters for the budding fitness enthusiast.



From left, clockwise: Zig track jacket. Zig short sleeve tee. Zig knit short. Zigdynamic.

If you’re looking at doing something a bit more high-octane like jogging and running, the Zigtech gear’s good for wicking off sweat, getting you to toe off from the starting line up to the finish.

From L to R: Easytone pant. Long bra top. Easytone Flip II. Easytone Reenew.



Easytone For low-impact workouts, the Easytone line allows you to get in shape without so much of the hardcore activity. Perfect for indoor activities and leisurely walking.



buyers’ guide Samsung Samsung is, undeniably, all over the place. We mean that in a good way. From top-of-the-line Android smartphones to household appliances, Samsung’s been coming up with products made to make living simple – but smart. Trust this eco-friendly Samsung Scout Washing Machine to take good care of your laundry, whether it be after a grueling day at work or a rejuvenating workout.

> Reebok Fitness Equipment

Generally, images of staid treadmills and rusty free weights come to mind whenever the word “workout” comes to mind - but not with Reebok’s line of fitness equipment. The treadmills and elliptical walkers are sleek and small space-friendly, and the accessories such as medicine balls and fitness mats come in bright, punchy colors.

From L to R: Wrist weights. 1kg medicine ball. Fitness mat. Elliptical walker.

shoppers guide Reebok

Reebok Equipment


Reebok Concept Stores U/G level SM Megamall 2nd level Festival Supermall 2nd level Trinoma 2nd level Eastwood Citywalk 2 Royal Sporting house The Shoe Shop and other selected dealers nationwide

Security Bank Building, Greenhills Greenbelt 5 Phase 2 Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Level 4 Shangri-La Plaza Mall Level 2 North Wing Mall of Asia Level 3 Trinoma Mall Edsa Level 2 Ayala Center Cebu, Active Zone

All leading department stores and specialty appliance shops


STOMP is a high-energy percussive symphony coupled with dance. Although STOMP uses non-traditional instruments - such as garbage can lids, buckets, brooms and sticks - for its performances, it transforms the stage into a pulsating, witty, and arresting theatrical event. There is neither singing nor dialogue – STOMP takes miming to a whole new level. Catch it at CCP’s Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo from October 18-23. Tickets are priced at P750, P1000, P1500, P2000, P2500, P3000, P3500, P4000, P4500, P5000, P5500, and P7000. Senior citizens enjoy a 20% discount. All tickets are available at all TicketWorld outlets, selected National Bookstore branches, Robinsons Department Store (Galleria, Malate, Metro East, Festival Mall & Starmill Pampanga), and Ayala Center (Greenbelt 1, Glorietta 4, and Trinoma Mall Cinema Booths) and TicketWorld Office at 6793 Ayala Avenue, Suite 701 V. Madrigal Building, Makati City. To book, call +632 891 9999 or visit TicketWorld’s website

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