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Conservatories are not as popular as they used to be, The Rosy idea of a conservatory unfortunately for most people is different to the reality of living with one, by design they are classed as a “temporary structure” which after a few years start to look & feel like one! Using the existing foundations of your conservatory we can build you a real extension, this has never been possible before because conservatory foundations are just not deep enough to take the extra weight that bricks and mortar bring, the lightweight FT Structure system completely solves this problem, saving you thousands of pounds!! The FTS panel system has incredible strength; it is engineered to form the supporting structure of a building up to three storeys in height! Some of the outstanding features of the FTS System; • By conserving heat/cold within a structure, the panels are energy efficient • The panels are lightweight and easy to install. • The system is incredibly strong • The product is cost effective because it gives the building high levels of insulation • Guaranteed to be 100% waterproof • Fire retardant • Any type of external finish - Brick, Render, Cladding, Timber. Incorporating the FTS System into an extension gives major advantages over the normal brick and block method of construction; • Reduction in ‘mess’, what is delivered to site is used, no cutting, therefore no waste. • Speed, using the FTS System allows the structure to be built and waterproofed in a third of the time that it takes with traditional building methods. • The FTS System can be erected in almost any weather, allowing the building to be completed on time.

The FTS panel system has been designed and developed with the highest insulation values in mind. The panel alone far exceeds the current building regulations. When you also take into account the speed in which it is installed and its composite strength you can see why it is the perfect system to use in your project.

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Our Systems were chosen as the official building material for the London Olympics 2012 Because of the speed & Strength of erection, cost effectiveness & superior insulating properties, we also built Fazakerly hospital, Hotels like Liverpool’s Indigo, London’s Tower Bridge, Cardiff’s Hilton & countless projects for local governments, you are in good hands!

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