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How to Keep Your Headphones from Breaking You’ve finally found the perfect pair of headphones for yourself. They fit like they were made for you. Their sound quality is amazing. The best match possible. That’s great, but what you do next will determine if you end up keeping those great headphones for years to come, or if you’ll be frustrated and back on the market for headphones in a couple months.

What to Do Before Your Headphones Break So you’ve analyzed your listening habits and determined what headphones are best for you. Great! That’s one important step that you’ve taken to not damaging your headphones, but what comes next is very important. The next “make it or break it” moment in the life span of your headphones is how you store them. Cord damage is the number one culprit in the case of broken headphones, and improper headphone storage leads directly to cord damage. If you’re pulling a tangled ball of headphone out of your pocket when you want to listen to music, stop right now. Because you’re slowly killing your headphones.

One of your primary goals when you store your headphones should be to avoid tangling. Like any other mechanical part, your headphones have a life cycle, and bending and tangling them needlessly cuts down that life cycle. If you’re traveling with your headphones in your pocket, we strongly recommend investing in a cord winder to eliminate tangling. If your headphones aren’t in use, try and find an area to store them where you can lay the cord out long-ways to avoid unnecessary bending.

These Tools Keep Your Headphones From Breaking There’s a few tools that make maintaining your headphones a whole lot easier for little to nothing in terms of cost. The difference it makes in the lifespan of your headphones will be amazing. Cable Clips – Cable Clips are a cheap way to save yourself a ton of frustration with cords snagging while you move around with your headphones. If you commonly use your headphones during sports you should strongly consider investing in a few cable clips. Use two or three at once for the best result. Just pin your headphone cord against your shirt or jacket in a few spots. And give the cord some slack near the headphone jack and by the headphone cups so they don’t pull out while you move. It sounds very simple, because it is. But it will still save you a lot of stress with your headphones catching onto something and pulling out, and will keep them from breaking. Cable Winder – Everyone that listens to music through earphones or earbuds should have one of

these. They’re super cheap, very easy to make yourself, and will save your headphones. So there’s no excuse really. A Cable Winder will keep your headphones from becoming a tangled mess in your pocket. No more having to struggle for five minutes to untangle headphone cords. And since your headphones aren’t tangling anymore you’ll get that much more use out of them, without having to look for new headphones so soon. Carrying Case – If you’re the owner of some FullSize, or even Supra Aural headphones, Carrying Cases are a must for you. During travel your headphones are very likely to be damaged if you’re just stuffing them in a suitcase with the rest of your luggage. A good carrying case is going to keep your headphones in perfect working condition during travel so you don’t open your suitcase to find broken pieces of plastic where your headphones use to be. For more tips on keep your headphones from breaking visit

How to keep your headphones from breaking article on keeping your headphones in working condition to prevent broken headphones.

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