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About  Fountain  Water  


Fountain W ater  specializes  in   providing  innovative,  affordable   and  sustainable  water  and   wastewater  related  services  in  sub-­‐ Saharan  Africa  to  address  the   perennial  problem  of  inadequate   access  to  clean  water  and  basic   sanitation.    Fountain  Water  is  a   one-­‐stop  shop  for  all  water  and   wastewater  related  services   including  technical,  research  and   capacity  building.  

Key Contributors:   Fountain  W ater  Ltd.  has  identified  some  key  contributors  that  can  help  make   this  epoch-­‐making  seminar  a  success.  These  organisations  and  individuals  can   contribute  by  delivering  a  paper  or  presentation  at  the  event  or  by  formally   inviting  key  stakeholders  to  participate  in  this  unique  private  sector  led  event.   These  organisations  include:   •

World Bank,  African  Development  Bank,  Water  Aid,  Centre  for   Sustainable  Water  and  Sanitation  Technology,  Women  Farmers   Advancement  Network,  U niversity  of  Cambridge  /  Oxford,  Nigeria   Centre  for  Disease  Control,  International  and  Local  Development   Partners,  Private  Sector  Companies  and  Service  Providers;  

Ministry of  Water,  Health,  Environment  and  Agriculture  

What Next?   Kindly  confirm  your  availability  to  speak/participate  at  the  seminar,  what  date   th nd th in  May  2014  (15 ,  22 ,  or  29 )  is  suitable,  and  if  proposed  topic  is  adequate.   We  look  forward  to  your  contributions  and  we  hope  that  our  collective  efforts   will  bring  about  much  needed  improvements  in  the  water  sector  in  Africa.      

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2014 Fountain  Water  Presents:  

Water, Food,  Sanitation  &   Climate  Change  Seminar   Hilton  Hotel,  Abuja  (Nigeria)   May  2014  

Seminar Program  

Seminar Background  

Learning Objectives  

The Current  Situation  

Stakeholders from  across  business,  government  and  civil  society  must   be  made  aware  of  the  significant  challenge  facing  us  today  -­‐  that  of   ensuring  water  security  for  all.    Without  concerted  effort  by  all,  the  gap   between  water  demand  and  supply  will  continue  to  widen  drastically,   with  serious  social,  political  and  economic  repercussions.  As  such,  the   Fountain  Water  seminar  will  bring  together  leading  international   experts  from  academia,  industry  and  key  development  agencies  to   help  Nigerian  practitioners  and  decision  makers  consider  a  wide  range   of  solutions  that  can  help  secure  rural  and  urban  water  resilience  in  an   uncertain  future.    

Climate change,  population  growth,  increasing  water  demand  and   environmental  degradation  have  significantly  depleted  freshwater   resources  in  Africa.  Today,  many  countries  in  sub-­‐Saharan  Africa   experience  either  water  stress,  water  scarcity  or  both.  As  a  result,  food   insecurity  remains  endemic  throughout  much  of  Africa,  and  millions  of   people  still  lack  safe,  sufficient  and  sustainable  access  to  clean  water  -­‐   resulting  in  many  deaths  each  year  especially  amongst  young  children.      

Participants •

Senior government  officials,  including  officials  at  rural,  state   and  federal  levels  from  the  Ministries  of:  Water,   Environment,  Agriculture  and  Health;  

Local and  international  development  agencies;  

Policy leaders;  

International funding  organisations;  

Private sector  companies  and  service  providers;  

Academia and  practitioners;  

Members of  civil  society  and  organisations  whose  work  cut   across  water,  sanitation  and  environmental  protection  


The seminar  will  consist  of  presentations  and  papers  by  expert   speakers  in  academia  and  industry  from  Europe,  North  America  and   Africa.  Private  sector  companies  and  service  providers  will  also  exhibit   some  of  the  latest  technologies  available  for  water  supply,  treatment   and  distribution.  Fountain  Water  and  other  key  development  partners   will  discuss  some  strategies  and  solutions  to  address  specific  water   problems  such  as  in  schools,  rural  communities  and  in  urban  areas.  

The Way  Forward   New  science  and  technology  must  lead  the  way.  Decision  makers,   policy  leaders  and  development  partners  must  also  understand  and   adopt  strategies  that  address  climate  change-­‐induced  water  stress.   Hence,  integrated  water  resource  management  strategies  that  utilize   modern  technologies  are  pivotal  to  securing  rural  and  urban  water   resilience  in  sub-­‐Saharan  Africa  in  an  uncertain  future.  

The 2014  Fountain  Water  Seminar   The  seminar  will  focus  on  how  to  achieve  improved  access  to  clean   water  and  adequate  sanitation  in  sub-­‐Saharan  Africa  by  leveraging   modern  technologies,  international  funding  opportunities  and  by   adopting  integrated  water  resource  management  strategies.  

2013 Fountain  Water  Seminar   In  June  2013,  Fountain  Water  held  a  2 -­‐day   seminar  on  the  theme:  “Rethinking  Water  –   A  Critical  Resource”.      Delegates  from   academia,  government,  international   community  and  federal,  state  &  rural  water   ministries  discussed  and  learned  about   some  of  the  immediate  challenges  facing   the  water  sector.  

2014 Fountain Water seminar brief  
2014 Fountain Water seminar brief  

2014 Fountain Water seminar brief