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What Does Obamacare Mean For You? P.A.C.E. Investing: A Second Quarter Review How the Wealthy Get Their Money

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Follow The Money Volume 3 Number 3

New Expected Retirement Age: 67 The Rules of the Game Are Getting Ready to Change‌ Again! China: The Emerging Energy Giant An Introduction to Niche Marketing

Follow the Money: The 10 Largest Corporate Political Donors in 2012

Introducing the FTM Financial Philosophy


Here at FTM Quarterly, we hold some firm beliefs about how to build a financial plan that will stand the test of time. Below is a graphic representation of how we view a solid financial game plan. Note that each level is color coded. We will categorize many of our articles using these levels in each edition of FTM Quarterly to help you know the focus of the article.


The Global Breakdown

Hermann Wilhelm Gรถring, was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi Party.

“An S&P 500 price rise from July 31 through October 31 traditionally has predicted the reelection of the incumbent person or party, while a price decline during this period has pointed to a replacement. Since 1948, this electionprognostication technique did an excellent job, in our view, recording an 88% accuracy rate in predicting the re-election of the party in power (it failed in 1968). What’s more, it recorded an 86% accuracy rate of identifying when the party in power would be replaced (it failed in 1956).”



What Does Obamacare Mean For You? by Jennifer Robinson

Key Aspect

What It Is

What It Means For You

Children’s Pre-Existing Conditions

Health plans cannot limit or deny benefits or deny coverage for a child younger than age 19 simply because the child has a “pre-existing condition”

Plans that cover children can no longer exclude, limit, or deny coverage to your child under age 19 solely based on a health problem or disability that your child developed before you applied for coverage. Until now, plans could refuse to accept anyone or limit benefits for that condition. Depending on your age, you may have access — at no cost — to preventive services such as: Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol tests Many cancer screenings

Preventive Care

You and your family may be eligible for some important preventive services — which can help you avoid illness and improve your health — at no additional cost to you

Counseling on quitting smoking, losing weight, etc. Routine vaccinations Flu and pneumonia shots Counseling, screening, and vaccines to ensure healthy pregnancies Regular well-baby and well-child visits, from birth to age 21

Doctor Choice & ER Access

Guarantees that you can choose the primary care doctor or pediatrician you want from your health plan’s provider network, that you can see an OB-GYN doctor without needing a referral from another doctor, and that you can seek emergency care at a hospital outside your plan’s network without prior approval from your health plan

Curbing Insurance Cancellations

Stops health plans from retroactively canceling your insurance coverage solely because you or your employer made an honest mistake on your insurance application

You select your doctor No health plan barriers to OB-GYN services Access to out-of-network emergency room services

Until now, if your insurance company found that you’d made a mistake on your insurance application, the insurance company might “rescind” your benefits. Now, they cannot rescind coverage for this reason. Your children can join or remain on your plan even if they are: married

Young Adult Coverage

You can now add or keep your children on your health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old

not living with you attending school not financially dependent on you eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan

Lifetime and Annual Limits

Prohibits health plans from putting a lifetime dollar limit on most benefits you receive

Key Aspect

What It Is

Lifetime limits on most benefits are prohibited in any health plan or insurance policy issued or renewed on or after September 23, 2010. No annual dollar limits are allowed on most covered benefits beginning January 1, 2014.

What It Means For You Preventive services are covered under Medicare. Services include: Annual wellness visits Tobacco Use Cessation Counseling

Medicare Preventive Services

If you have Original Medicare, you may qualify for a yearly wellness visit and many preventive services for free

Mammograms Cholesterol Screenings Diabetes Screenings Bone Mass Measurement Others

If you reach the coverage gap in your Medicare Part D coverage, you will automatically get a 50% discount on covered brand-name drugs Medicare Drug Discounts

Helps make your Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) more affordable

You will also get a 7% discount on generic drugs while in the Donut Hole You can expect additional savings on your covered brand-name and generic drugs while in the coverage gap until the gap is closed in 2020

Strengthening Medicare

The life of the Medicare Trust Fund will be extended to at least 2024 as a result of reducing waste, fraud, and abuse, and slowing cost growth in Medicare

You get future cost savings on your premiums and co-insurance. Starting in 2014, the law offers additional protections for Medicare Advantage plan members by taking strong steps that limit the amount these plans spend on administrative costs, insurance company profits, and things other than health care.

Key Aspect

What It Is

What It Means For You

Small Employer Tax Credits

Helps small businesses and small tax-exempt organizations afford the cost of covering their employees

If you have fewer than 25 employees and provide health insurance, you may qualify for a tax credit of up to 35% (up to 25% for non-profits) to offset the cost of your insurance. This credit will increase in 2014 to 50% (35% for non-profits).

How Will Obamacare Change Healthcare in America?

What Does Obamacare Mean For Me?

New Tax Laws in Obamacare

Affordable Care Act: Summary



P.A.C.E. Investing: A Second Quarter Review by Jay Peroni, CFP

The quarter at a glance

Global economic health

Domestic economic health

Market Averages World markets % CHANGE















S&P 500





2nd quarter P.A.C.E. Portfolio additions Precious Metals Agriculture

Commodities markets

Real estate



P.A.C.E. Portfolio Results As of 6-30-12 (dividends included) Name Precious Metals: ETFs Silver Tr Ishares Comex Gold Royal Gold Market Vector Gold Miners Market Vector Jr. Gold Miners Global X Funds Silver

Purchased Symbol

% Gain/Loss

1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12


-1.02% 2.17% 17.09% -12.95% -24.73% -14.00%

6/28/12 6/28/12 6/28/12 1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12


3.06% 0.72% 5.77% -38.35% 3.41% -3.42% 1.96%

1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12 1/3/12


-5.85% -6.62% 3.52% -10.38% -26.22%

6/6/12 4/17/12 4/27/12 4/27/12 4/27/12 1/3/12


1.90% -2.72% -28.52% 0.94% -7.52% -7.56%

1/3/12 1/3/12 6/28/12 1/3/12 1/3/12


15.97% 15.42% -0.41% 16.49% 13.95% 0.59%

Agriculture: CVR Partners Teucrium Corn Rentech Nitrogen Partners, L.P. Cresud Deere & Co. Powershares Agriculture Chilean Chemical & Mining Commodities:

World Dominators

Powershares DB Commodities Greenhaven Cont. Commodity Southern Copper Co. Tenaris Titanium Metals Energy: Duke Energy Chesapeake Energy Mitcham Industries GeoResources Inc. Statoil ASA ADR National Oilwell Varco, Inc. World Dominators: Kimberly Clark Colgate-Palmolive VF Corp. Abbott Labs. Costco Wholesale TOTAL RETURN

P.A.C.E. Outlook



How the Wealthy Get Their Money by Jennifer Robinson

Income Source Wages and Salaries Interest Dividends Partnerships and Corporations Capital Gains

Percentage of Income from this Source 8.6% 6.6% 13% 19.9% 45.8%

Follow the Money: The 10 Largest Corporate Political Donors in 2012 by Jerry Robinson

New Expected Retirement Age: 67 by Jerry Robinson



The Rules of the Game Are Getting Ready to Change‌ Again! by Jerry Robinson



China: The Emerging Energy Giant by Jerry Robinson



An Introduction to Niche Marketing by Jerry Robinson

Choose Your Niche Market

“Trust Only Movement. Life Happens At The Level Of Events, Not Of Words. Trust Movement.” (Alfred Adler) Then there’s the Micro Niche…

What is a Niche Market?

Why You MUST Understand Niches and Micro Niches

Brainstorm your Niche‌

Jerry’s Niche Brainstorming Sheet

Now, NARROW it Down‌ Your Action Step: Download our free Niche Brainstorming Sheet and write down several markets that are of interest to you. Next, write down some specific niches within each of these markets that interest you. Finally, drill down even further within these niches in search of micro niches.

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