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40 Heidi Kallet, Making Life Personal talks about balancing life, career and family. 42 Nature’s Own- Discover farm to table dining on the road in a 1960s refurbished bus, its’s simply outstanding. 50 Power of Networking Learn what steps to take to position yourself for success

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Spring 2011


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Face ISSN 2154-1337 Spring 2011, Volume _, Issue 1, is published quarterly by Kendal Alexander Media, LLC. Chantilly, VA 20152. Oneyear subscription rate $16.00 for U.S. To order a subscription, email

Contributors RACHEL SHELTON (LFT Row- Top)

In “ReInvent Yourself” offers helpful advice on ways to add. DC-based writer and model, Rachel Shelton, gives useful tips on achieving illustrious looks from simple to adventurous in “Alluring Beauty”.


Being “Fit for Life” is one of many adages Leslie “Dee Dee” Clark promotes when it comes to health and exercise. In “Creative Alternatives to the Gym,” she offers fun and innovative ways to break a sweat. With a love of fitness, she inspires and encourages others to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.


In Urban Roots, Andrew throuigh photojournalistic storytelling focuses on the ever-evolving relationship between people, the world in which we live and the natural systems we depend on for survival, security and happiness.


With her holistic approach to healthier living, Darlene Mitchell discusses the benefits of an active, healthier lifestyle in “Cleaner Livining.”


Kimmie offers a unique perspective in Cinderella Dreams. Through her photography, she believes that spray paint, corsets, and ice cream can solve most any problem.


Bottom) London-raised fashion specialist, Natasha Thomas, elevates fashion to its highest potential in “Catwalk to Closet” and “Shoe Report.”


is an educator at heart and in trade. In Power of Networking, she provides professional development on navigating the corporate culture offering tips on increasing your power.


Through photos and stories, Georgia-based writer Crissie, loves to share new experiences. In her book review of “Sweet Potato Queen” she describes a funny, heartwarming tale of best friends in Jackson, Mississippi. Spring 2011


editor’s Note We are thrilled to introduce Face with this exciting issue, A New You. As we enter Spring, it gives us time to revisit the commitments made at the new year and truly go beyond where we are now to what we want to achieve and become. We are in our blooming season- our moment to create or recreate our authentically, satisfaction guaranteed selves. In this issue our focus is on creating a newness, a fresh perspective and empowered life. Our content flows with emerging women who are empowered, driven and changing the fabric of our society. We take a look inside their lives to offer you words to chew on, steps to take and mentoring style advice to guide you, as you move throughout 2011. Explore the urban roots of New Orleans, take a road trip in 1960s refurbished bus, discover how to make life personal, go beyond conventional exercise and read a good book. Live a cleaner life and most importantly buy shoes. I want you to be inspired and encouraged by this one statement: “No matter where you are in life, it’s an opportunity to begin something new within yourself and have that transcend into every part of your life.” Our objective is to equip you, the emerging woman to realize, at this moment, you can start fresh with a new perspective, measurable goals, and a focused, action- oriented plan for every area of your life. We truly embody and believe in the power of you. Face is hear to be the platform, the voice for you- exploring the issues, our aspirations, and the challenges each of us face as we achieve our measure of extraordinary success. Simply and profoundly, Face is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that breaks the monotony and celebrates— you, the emerging woman. Take this journey with me, as we undoubtably discover what drives us, is unique and powerful within us as emerging women, I truly am excited about building a trusting and long-lasting relationship with you. Tell your friends, associates and love ones to join our community. It’s time to show your face, your beautiful hue and emerge.

- Emerge,


Earthy Impact By Genice Phillips

As we shift into the cool and moist season, sticking to conventional, beauty products can bring harmful results to the Earth. With the many chemicals, artificial ingredients, dyes and other unpleasantries we put on our skin for the price of beauty, why not use healthy, affordable products that sustain our Earth and transform our minds and bodies, too? Taking the au naturel approach, although not new, is beneficial. Ergo processed chemicals that ravish the earth (and your pores) and go for something more clean. Spring is about the sprouting of life’s joys and all things fresh, new and nourishing.

I Want Beauty 1

au naturel

Badger Nutmeg & Shea Every Day Moisturizer Restore dry skin to its soft, supple youth, while reaping the benefits of a smooth and natural skin protectant. USDA Certified Organic, this formula of West African Shea Butter, nutmeg butter and oil, and other chemicalfree ingredients, offers an inviting fragrance that lasts.


Molton Brown London – Energizing Sea Moss Bath and Shower Touched with horse nut extract and fortifying seaweed picked from South Atlantic waters, this bath and shower gel is meant to stimulate dull skin, leaving a pure, luminous glow. Each use can improve circulation and leave you feeling energized. This refreshing body wash is part of the Molton Brown Bath and Body Line with 22 other amazing scents.



ZOYA – Intimate Collection Nail Polish Deemed the longest-wearing nail polish, ZOYA presents Intimate - the Spring 2011 collection of cool metallics and light creams. Runway looks this fashion season inspired the mix of 6 romantic shades. Check out these luscious and glossy “colors of romance.” Marley (ZP542) - lavender pink with a whisper of metallic Dove (ZP541) - delicate, pale gray cream Caitlin (ZP540) - misty, moody gray violet cream Dannii (ZP537) - sparkling, enchanted orchid metallic Jules (ZP538) - soft, glimmering gold kiss metallic Gemma (ZP544) - mysterious green/purple duotone metallic

Erbaviva – Refreshing Organic Foot Balm Feet need love, too. Lucky for us there’s Erbaviva’s Refreshing Organic Foot Balm to soothe tired pieds after a long day at the office. With warming ginger and citrus aromas of grapefruit and cypress oils, please your toes and relieve swelling ankles. 100% organic and petroleumfree, Moms-to-be can also use copiously.


Revolution Organics – Lip Gloss Pure color for gorgeous lips fits in this one bottle. Chemical free, moisturizing and non-sticky, this lip gloss adds a lasting shine to show off inviting lips. Make your pick of 5 fresh shades: VIBE – Fresh Coral, TRUTH – Hot Pink, INTEGRITY – Golden Rose, INNOCENT – Soft Pink, and FREEDOM – True Red.


HollyBeth’s SHINE Vanilla & Peppermint Soy Candle Spiced and sweet, this candle drifts you out of those winter blues into spring mornings. Infuse with silent meditation or solo yoga. Even a better gift for you and your beau on a romantic night in.

Don’t forget to Celebrate Earth Day on April 22.

Spring 2011



Face | Fashion

All New Heights: Wedges by Natasha Thomas

Wedged heels have been a growing trend for several seasons, with 2011 seemingly being their biggest season yet. The variety is now almost endless, as they’re available in every shape, size, color, and material imaginable. The resurgence of this 70’s trend is a welcome respite from stiletto heels. Wedges are much more comfortable to wear. Which means you’ll probably want to wear them much more often. They’re like wearing a pair of flat shoes built on a platform; what could be better? It’s the best of both worlds!

How to Wear Your Wedges Wedges are great for casual weekend ensembles and most are comfortable enough for you to wear all day. Wear them with a skirt if you have a unique pair that you want to show off. They also look amazing with flared jeans and pants; you’ll definitely be channeling a 70’s diva if you go for the flares.


BodyStyle By Rhonda F. Adorno Every woman has a style that flatters her body type. Identifying it is the easy part. Shopping for it presents the challenge. Unfortunately, many women believe they must buy and fit into whatever trends department stores feature and display. The good news for all of us is that we can confidently dress according to our body type and not only according to what is trending. The benefits of dressing for your body are:

“Fashion as an expression… begins with finding the confidence in yourself. The clothes come next. It’s easy to go in to the local store and buy whatever the trend piece is of the month, but [it’s about] finding what fits with you, understanding who are as a person, and being able to feel confident dressing that way…. You may see a piece on someone [that you wouldn’t wear] but it completely goes with them because it fits their personality and to help you focus and develop your style, we’ve listed four Spring dress styles from that will work with any of the four common body types: Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear and Apple. Take a look and be inspired to dress for your body type!

< HOURGLASS: Rock & Bow

Accentuates a hourglass’s small waist and curves down frame

1. You’ll look your best 2. You’ll feel more confident 3. It’s your personal style 4. You’re in charge 5. Your money will stretch farther… to buy more expensive shoes!

APPLE: Style Simplicity Hides tummy and accents shoulders and legs that are

I admit, sometimes you want the best of both worlds— looking great while being trendy. While being trendy is not always possible since certain styles do not compliment our unique figure, looking great is never something you’ll sacrifice. In early February, Tiffany Hager, founder of Love of, an online boutique offering outstanding advice about dressing to compliment your figure, along with Cristina Farrell, founders of Jacksonville Fashion Week, sat down to discuss their views on fashion and personal style:

PEAR: Audrey

“Fashion as an expression… begins with

RECTANGLE: Champagne Bliss >

Draws eye up towards neckline and full skirt hides a fuller lower half

Gives the illusion of feminine curves to an otherwise straight up and down frame.

Spring 2011



Face | Health

conventionalism Creative Alternatives to the Gym By Leslie “Dee Dee” Clark

It’s no surprise that January and the summer months are when gym memberships increase. After the holidays, when we’ve totally over indulged, we make that all too common New Year’s resolution to lose those extra 5 to 7 pounds and get back in the gym. The summer heat brings long days, shorts, and vacations; but, it also usually means heading back to our local fitness center to get our bodies’ swimsuit ready. But, let’s be honest. You won’t stick to anything that you don’t like and feel is boring. No matter how good it is for you. I think I learned this lesson back in the 5th grade when my mother had me take piano lessons. Eventually, I quit. I didn’t care about the importance of learning to play a musical instrument or see how valuable it would be to my future. I just knew I hated to practice and would’ve preferred to be outside, playing with my friends. This can also be said about our consistency with the gym. It’s hard and for some people, even unrealistic to continue doing something they just don’t enjoy. Even if the reward is a flatter stomach. Of course exercise is very important. I don’t need to quote the latest research findings of how physical activity increases life expectancy, reduces 10

stress levels, and produces feel good endorphins. Still, there is not one set rule that we must adhere to obtain physical fitness. There are many alternatives to the local fitness center that will help you stay in shape and have fun at the same time. Some of my favorite activities are Bikram Yoga, Caribbean Cardio, and kickball. Birkam Yoga comes from long-established yoga techniques. It became popular in the 1970s. Bikram’s classes are 90 minutes and consist of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It is likely to be practiced in a room heated to 105°F (≈ 40.6°C), which is why it is also called hot yoga. This type of yoga can be very beneficial to anyone with back problems, joint pains, digestion issues, and those that have scoliosis. The heated studio facilitates deeper stretching and injury prevention. Students that attend regularly claim that it stimulates and restores health to their muscles and joints. However, if you don’t like to sweat, this will not be for you. Participants leave the class drenched from head to toe, as if

And now business professionals, educators, Stay-at-home moms and really anyone that is interested in the sport are forming co-ed kickball leagues across the country. Appealing to the child heart, this activity allows adults to participate in a sport perhaps reminiscent of simpler times. they had just come out of a swimming pool. You will also feel cleansed of toxins with a renewed and fresh mind. If Bikram sounds too intense, Caribbean Cardio will definitely be more your speed. After all, who doesn’t like to dance? Ok, so you maybe you can’t move like Beyonce! But, when your favorite song is on and you think no one is looking, admit it, you shake it a little! Caribbean Cardio is a dance class hat has participants moving their hips to the rhythmic sounds of island beats that include calypso, reggae, and salsa. The great thing about this class is learning and mastering moves while actually losing weight. You won’t feel like it is an audition or a dance class where each student is meticulously evaluated. Students are encouraged to move at their own pace. And, the biggest advantage of Caribbean Cardio is the 300-500 calories you can lose in the hour class. If you want to move out of the dance studio and get outside in the fresh air, Kickball might be your workout of choice. Most of us haven’t played kickball since elementary school. Remember waiting with the rest of the kids to be picked by one of the team captains? Praying you wouldn’t be chosen last. Well, kickball has made a comeback!

Teams usually socialize after games by having drinks or getting together for lunch. This allows for great networking opportunities with other professionals. Kickball is no longer a child’s sport. Enterprising professionals that are looking to get fit and make connections have found this activity to be very rewarding.


There really is no excuse not to exercise. There are plenty of fun options out there that don’t require stepping one foot in the gym. In addition to Bikram Yoga, Caribbean Cardio, and Kickball, there are fitness DVDs’ that can be rented for free at your local library. A gym membership or expensive entertainment system is not necessary. Let’s face it; as long as you have two feet, a brisk walk for 30 minutes around your neighborhood is all that’s necessary to get your heart rate up and burn calories. Remember, you’re more likely to stick with a workout program if it’s actually something you enjoy doing. This spring, find an activity that you enjoy, one that works for you. If you do, it’s most likely that next spring, you’ll still be doing it. *Before you begin a new physical activity, consult with your physician.

Spring 2011



Face | Emerge Whenever make excuses and to make opportunities for yourself. As an emerging woman in the film industry, Renee has done this well. She has walked up to the sunrise, taken it from its celestial shelf, tempered it, set it, and now wears it like a jeweled pendant about the neck of a countess. This blithe resolve looks good on her. If there’s a methodology for owning the sunrise, it’s apparent she learned how to follow it a few years ago when the nay-sayers were limited to herself. Renee admits,

“I was timid, anxious, shy… willing to give up on my dreams. [I] regarded people’s opinions too strongly… •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

RENEE SIMMONS writes her own story

My Friday FRIDAY TÊTE-À-TÊTE with screenwriter, producer, Renee Simmons was an education on empowerment. Armed with one powerful cup of coffee, she talked about that genuine, selfmotivated kind of empowerment we know well. It is the kind we pull from our grandmother’s basement and our mother’s attic, the kind our heels dig into when the room is full of nay-sayers. It’s the resilient kind she learned from her grandmother Freda Edwards—to never make excuses and to make opportunities for yourself.


I had very little confidence in myself and spent more time dreaming than doing…. When I realized I was capable of far more than I’d given myself credit to believe, my life began to soar.” Not until this decision to actively change her thoughts and actively walk through the door of her dreams did side this wom “I …happen to be a very competitive individual. If someone tells me I can’t do something or I’m not good enough, I’m determined to prove them wrong!” Renee talked more about the resistance she has met on her journey, how fierce a woman needs to be in her position, and what other women can do to activate their potential and make their own opportunities.

“When you’re trying to achieve something great, you’re going to meet opposition at every turn.”

their online community. Ken saw my post that I was looking to collaborate with local directors and producers and approached me about writing a short film…. Now we have several feature films in development together as well as a couple of television series.”

Use [it] as a learning tool instead of a discouragement. It took me one month to launch my career once I put my mind to what I wanted to do. …though I’m still not quite where I want to be (I have pretty big plans for myself), I’ve made amazing progress and can’t wait to see where I’ll be two years from today. ”

It’s because of Renee’s unapologetic confidence in herself and ability that her success is most attractive.


It was hard in the beginning, she confessed. “[Yet] you have know when to separate yourself from your emotions, and in to indulge in them. You have to tell yourself there are no boundaries in what you can do or what you can accomplish in life, and have the courage to prove that to yourself. … I think outside the box now. I’m moving steadily toward obtaining my dream life. I’m passionate about life and self discovery. I know what I’m worth, what I want out of life, and what needs to happen in order to get it.” It’s safe to infer, after her epiphany, Renee was diametrically opposed to the alternative. The alternative would have prevented her from meeting film producer Kenneth P. Olson in 2010 to develop, write, and co-produce a short thriller film titled, The Amulet, which is queued to debut in the 2011 Film Festival circuit. In order to see the big picture (no pun intended), you must see how practical the steps are which Renee took towards being where she is today. “I had been working as a journalist for a little over a year and decided I wanted to get back into the world of fiction. I had always been fascinated with the process of producing movies and had written one full feature script, so I decided to become a member of the Naples International Film Festival and network through

I presented a few of Face magazine’s “house interview questions” which we ask our emerging women. Renee shared her up close and practical advice so, even if you’re not writing and producing films in sunny Naples, you can still be one to own the sunrise. [F:] Many women with ideas to start their own business or follow their entrepreneurial passion often feel daunted by insufficient start-up capital and an insubstantial network. How can they circumvent these real obstacles and began to bring those ideas to fruition? [RS:] “First, realize exactly where the gaps lie in your plans and be specific. If it’s money, know exactly how much you need. If it’s connection, who’s missing from your team to launch your project? Then research how other women got started and where they went to succeed. Also network, network, network! I can’t stress this enough. You may not have the connection at the moment that you need to succeed. But that doesn’t mean you won’t meet someone tomorrow who knows the person, who knows the person, who knows the person that does. Put yourself out there and amazing doors of opportunity will open themselves.” [F:] What is the advantage that women have in business? This is to punctuate, of course, one exists. [RS:] I absolutely believe women have considerable advantage in the business world. I just don’t think enough women recognize it in order to take full advantage of it. Spring 2011



Face | Emerge

Genetically, women were created to be superb multi-taskers, problem solvers, and organizers. We were created to think with both intelligence and emotions, and we have the exceptional ability to nurture start up projects and impart with patience over a span of decades the tools necessary for those projects to finally stand on their own. We can be fierce when we need to be and compassionate when it’s called for, and most know how to live in a balance of the two extremes. And we’ve been given an attractive exterior to this package that, when used correctly, demands both attention and respect. [F:] How would you characterize an emerging woman? [RS:]To me, an emerging woman is someone in the midst of the process of life. She’s recognized her dreams, acknowledged her weaknesses and is building on her strengths. She may not have arrived at her destination just yet, but is well on her way. She’s breaking through societal walls, dismantling the barriers of her life and changing the world around her for the better in some way. She’s inspiring greatness in others simply by aspiring to greatness in herself. [F:] If you could offer advice to our readers what would it be? [RS:] Stay strong. Don’t believe anyone who tells you it can’t be done. There will be a thousand people who will tell you “no”, but all you need is that one person who says “yes”. Know who you are and stay true to yourself. And ultimately, don’t ever, EVER g ive up on yourself or your dreams. It will be worth it in the end. Renee resides in Naples, Fl. For more information and to keep abreast of her projects, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and via her website, www. Watch the Amulet trailer and support an emerging woman.


by Darlene Mitchell There is nothing like the anticipation of spring, the freshness and feeling of something new- the possibilities and ideas sparked from a new year! The fact that you are reading this article is evidenced by your accomplishment of making it through the past twelve months with all your challenges, trials, victories and successes. You are indeed a conqueror! As a conqueror your nature is to overcome, win, and gain mastery over obstacles and opposition. You are destined to Win! To insure your victories in 2011, began rewriting your lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s script. No more mediocrity, face your fears, magnify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths; transform your existence. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s start the process with how to treat your temple â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the body! The body is much like a home, it requires much care and attention in order to maintain its luster and curb appeal. Your body has a need to be nourished with foods that are enriched with vitamins, minerals and supplements. Healthy foods help the body produce new blood cells that contribute to your overall well being, such as a strong cardiovascular system and a resilient immune system that combat disease. The quality of your nutrition is exemplified outwardly through your eyes, hair, nails and skin. If you are eating poorly, not only will you look unhealthy, but you will often feel sluggish, tired, depressed and heavy. Foods that lack essential nutrients and are high in fat, salt and sugar contribute to common risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, congestive heart failure, glaucoma, and other conditions that can severely decrease your quality of life and can even lead to death. Conversely, healthy eating habits lead to weight loss, high energy, increased fitness, risk factor control, increased quality of life and more importantly longevity.

Spring 2011



Face | Health The formula for healthier living is 75/25; 75% nutrition, 25% fitness . We will talk about fitness in Part II of this article. It should not be surprising that 75% of living healthy involves nutrition. Think about it, almost every activity in which we participate or contribute involves food. Whether it’s the holidays, celebrations, office functions, social, community or religious events, it all surrounds food. Food is what bring people together and it makes us feel good therefore it is critically important that you have the discipline to manage and control your food decisions. It is a good practice to start simple with one meal at a time, beginning with breakfast.

fat dinner has been consumed, most of it will be stored as fat in the body, targeting the mid-section areas . A healthier regimen would include a dinner with generous portions of fresh vegetables and salads, lean meats, fish, chicken, beans, peas and lentils. Desserts include fresh fruits, Jello, low-fat ice cream and apple sauce.

Breakfast, the first meal of the day, is the most important meal of the day! In order for your body and brain to perform efficiently you must be refueled after a night of fasting. Breakfast ignites the metabolism to burn calories all day long, which ultimately produces weight loss. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast tend to be overly hungry later in the day, during the time when the metabolism is slower and burns fewer calories. This explains weight gain whenever meals are skipped . Breakfast should include whole grain products such as breads and cereals that provide carbohydrates for energy, B vitamins and fiber, fruits that are rich in vitamins A and C and dairy products that are rich in calcium.

A few things to remember with your nutrition:

You midday meal, typically lunch, can be selected as the biggest meal of your day. This meal comes at a time when your metabolism is still burning at a high rate and works to recharge you for a productive afternoon. Smart lunches include bean or broth based soups, whole grain sandwiches with lean deli meats, vegetables and fruits. Dinner, by far is the most misunderstood meal of the day. The original concept of dinner was to bring families together over a meal to reunite and reconnect after a day of activity. Unfortunately, in certain communities this meal has become a festival of overindulgence and gluttonous, offensive behavior, and then followed by sleep. This is a hazardous routine that often results in unfavorable conditions such as heartburn, snoring, sleep apnea and substantial weight gain. After 4pm the metabolism slows down considerably and after 8pm it is at a near standstill. Since the metabolism is at rest and not performing as well, if a high16

Snacks are important and should be included several times throughout the day to help curb your temptation to overeat. Pretzels, hummus, cheese, nuts, granola & fiber bars and fresh fruits are just a small sampling of healthy snacks that are good for you, convenient and low in fat, salt and sugar.

1. Be sure to drink plenty of water all throughout the day, especially before and after meals. Include 100% whole fruit juices earlier in the day. 2. Eat a green salad at least once a day. 3. Take a multivitamin once a day. 4. Fill your plate with 75% fruits & vegetables and 25% lean meats and starches. 5. Replace white rice and white potatoes with brown rice and sweet potatoes. 6. Eat slowly. 7. Use smaller plates. 8. If you are still hungry after your meal, eat more vegetables. 9. Do not add salt. 10. Floss and brush your teeth before you go to bed. A new start to a new healthier, cleaner life does not have to be complicated or include long drawnout plans. Simple steps that are smart and well thought out will yield incredible results in a relatively short period of time. Just remember your outcome will far exceed the sacrifice!

___________________ 1 Ezine Articles by Linda J. Bruton 2 HealthFirst Wellness & Fitness Center 3 WebMD, “Healthy Eating & Diet” 4 Disabled World, “Defining Metabolism”

COLOR t s r u B Citrus Orange, Peacock Blues, Sunburst Yellow and Brilliant purples

Quick fix tricks, colorful, nature infused themes to transform and entertain Spring is here and you finally have the perfect weather to thrust open your patio doors, raise the dusty windows, and inhale fresh green air while standing proudly on the mat of your back door. You’re ready to lounge by the pool, relax in the hammock, read on the balcony, and finally host that backyard event you’ve been looking forward to all winter; the possibilities are tremendous! But does one look at your frostbitten paradise and neglected garden deflate all enthusiasm? Don’t be discouraged yet. Even with the conundrum nature has created in your private little respite, you can still have your seasonal event just in time for spring. Here a few, quick fix tricks and colorful, nature infused themes to transform your little plot of paradise be it balcony, porch, backyard or ol deck.

Add a Gazebo or Hammock or Simple Patio Set It is possible to find affordable outdoor furniture to spruce up your space. Catch the deals early and do some shopping around before making your purchase. Don’t be wary about trying out different stores or considering second-hand options. Many times, people rarely use their patio furniture or may be downsizing and need to sell. It only takes one addition to your space to create an outdoor paradise.

Spring 2011



Face | Entertaining

Create an Event and Theme Citrus Bruch : Navel Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons and Limes are all in season. Planning a Citrus Bruch is a great way to incorporate nature, food, and a colorful theme at once. Desert Party: Desserts on a stick are not just for kids. Consider this recipe for TwoBite Pop Tarts from the family kitchen: TWO-BITE POPTARTS 1 c. fresh cherries, pitted and diced 3 T. sugar 2 T. cornstarch 2 T. water 1/2 tsp. almond extract 1 pkg. prepared pie crusts FOR THE POPS Wooden popscicle sticks FOR THE GLAZE 1 c. powdered sugar 1-2 T. milk 1/2 tsp. vanilla food coloring and sprinkles (optional) In a small saucepan, combine cherries, sugar, cornstarch and almond extract. Heat on stove over medium heat until mixture has thickened.


Remove from heat and mixture to cool. Unroll pie crusts and using a pizza cutter to slice them into 1 1/2â&#x20AC;?x 2â&#x20AC;? rectangles (I used a ruler to measure mine into equal sizes. Just use a butter knife to score your pie crust before cutting). Place a wooden popscicle stick on top of one of the cut rectangles, then spoon a small amount (about 1 1/2 tsp.) of cooled cherry filling into the center of the pie square, taking care not to get it near the edges.Gently lay a second rectangle over the top of the cherry filling. Press the edges of the rectangles together with a fork. Transfer to a baking sheet. Bake poptart pops in an oven preheated to 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes, or just until the edges begin to brown. In a small bowl, combine powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla to make glaze. Tint with food coloring, if desired. Spoon over cooled poptart pops, sprinkle with colored sugar, and allow to the glaze to harden slightly before serving. Enjoy!

art of living

Work WIth Nature’s Color A great color this season comes from the peacock. Just take one glance at the peacock’s tail and an entire color theme can be born.

be in one place. Choose stationary that goes with your theme and at the same time purchase the thank you cards.

This brilliant blue is a stunning From the Dandelion Patch way to capture your guests’ attention and give you limitless options This Spring, Heidi Kallet offers some real advice on entertaining: for decorating. Throw a party anything from cupGet the Word Out cake tiers to sweets on sticks). It’s extremely simple to get the word out through user friendly platforms like online invitation services or social network sites, but don’t forsake the time-honored route of the mailing your invitations. If you doubt the charm and effect, just watch The Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Cavezal for your inspiration! You can still use your favorite social site to ask for your guests address and as they send them over, save them to your address book. When you’re ready to start addressing your envelops it will

Make sure it’s personal and authentic send invitations. Infuse your backyard or patio with color: peacock blues and purples. Add wonderful entertaining pieces such as: Peony Vase Centerpiece, Lilly pad serving tray, Ottoman scroll tray, and the Seahorse pedestal bowl. Perfect items for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Most importantly its about the It’s about the Art of the Handwritten note: Appreciate, Remember and Thank.

Ottomoan Scxoll Tray


Pa d


Face | Your Style

On the Move Warm Greys, Cool Hues of Violet and Metallics. Everything you need this spring to step out in style.

Designer: Natalia Sanz Photography by Mykl Anthony Stylist: Natasha Thomas Hair by Thomas Shelton, Charisma Salon, DC Makeup by Marie Jilson, MJI Style Models: Nammun, Desaire Davis, and Dana Sheng

Flirt with Spring with these perfect looks:

Green and Blue Multi-Hued Dresses

Not from the Natalia Sanz Collection

Photographed by Mykl Anthony Styled by Natasha Thomas Makeup & Hair by Marie Jilson

Spring 2011



Face | Fashion

In Full Bloom

Photo by Tatiana Gulenkina

by Natasha Thomas


hannel your flower power. A beautiful array of printed blossoms paraded down spring catwalks in a manner of hues and variations. The flower trend for spring is not a new one; but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tried and true, and never gets old. Flowers and buds are perennial symbols of spring time and re-birth. They also serve as a reminder that warmer weather and long days spent


outside enjoying the sunshine are not too far away. Flower prints may bring to mind something a little more girly than your usual aesthetic. However, you may want to take a second look at the offerings for this season. You will be anything but a “shrinking violet” – no pun intended. Designers are ushering in a new age of floral wear that is sophisticated, modern, and very sexy. Christian Dior, D&G, Vanessa Bruno, and Julien Macdonald are just a few who hit a very high floral note during their presentations. Flower-printed sheer dresses can be found in many of these designers’ collections and are definitely among my favorite items of this Season’s Bloom-inspired offerings. In addition to floral clothing options, flowery accessories also made a strong showing; and nobody did it better than Marc Jacobs with his 70’s inspired collection. Hair accessories, belts, and neck adornments— all of the petal variety, were plentiful in his collection. Gorgeous touches of femininity added to otherwise strong silhouettes.

How to Wear the Floral Look * Occasion: A spring or summer wedding, an outdoor party, a dinner date...

Spring 2011



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Cinderella dreams Photography by Kimmie James

photography by Kimmie James

Make-Up artist: Heather Toler Model: Ali Steeby 24

Spring 2011


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Set in Jackson, Mississippi, the lives of four high school misfits are transformed when Tammy, the “new girl,” comes to town. When she is tempted to join the likes of the hoity-toity girls, Jill, Gerald, Mary Bennett and Patsy come to her rescue, and thus, the Sweet Potato Queens are born. Their club motto is “If it ain’t fun, we ain’t doin’ it,” and they abide by that to the fullest. The tale continues to share their journey of bad relationships, deaths, affairs and of course, men.

| By Crissie Elrick | Title: The Sweet Potato Queens’ Author: Jill Conner Browne Publisher: Simon and Schuster Website: Author Jill Conner Browne, with Karin Gillespie, provides a great tale of friendship, life and love in The Sweet Potato Queens’ First Big-Ass Novel (Stuff we didn’t actually do, but could have, and may yet). Instead of giving a fairy-tale approach, it describes real situations that happen in everyday life which makes it easy to relate to.


It’ll warm your heart and make you appreciate the true friends you have. You’ll laugh, and maybe even cry depending on your sensitivity level, but the best part is, you’ll relate to each of the characters. It makes you proud to be a female, and peaks the awareness of your very own inner queen. Although it can be seen as crude, and “strong” language is used throughout, it’s appropriate with the content of the novel. Anything that may be labeled as offensive can be categorized under “the truth hurts” because, despite that it’s fiction, the characters are forthright with each other, no matter whose feelings get hurt. And no matter the circumstance, the Queens are always there to support each other when they need it most, proving there is nothing like true friendship.

Urban Roots New Orleans Photo Essay by Andrew Burdick

Spring 2011



Spring 2011


Model: Julia Droppa


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Make a statement this season with vibrant, sultry scarves. Delicate silks and warm, light weight jerseys rest at the neckline as your most versatile accessory. Wear it draped, rock it long, and keep iteffortlessly tousled. Honey suckle by Michelle is our Spring pick for the latest scarves. So check out these chic styles to sophisticate your look. MODEL Lyla â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mrs. Loveâ&#x20AC;? Nutt Photographed by Ray Ally Styled by Tramaine George Makeup & Hair by Monica Hurui

Spring 2011



Face | Fashion MODEL Julia Droppa Left: Sophisticate : Chocolate, Caramel and Plum Scarves. Right: Sophisticate : Pink Gradient Silk, Orange Gradient and Shades of Yellow Sophisticate : Blue Green Gradient Silk, and Shades of Yellow


Spring 2011



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Model Emilie Grant Left: Sophisticate : Pink Gradient Silk, Orange Gradient and Shades of Yellow Right: Suede Knit Cream Scarf Gradient Citronelle Viscone Spring 2011


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Model Lyla “ Mrs. Love” Nutt


Left: Sophisticate Khaki Linen Right: Polka Dot, Multicolored Linen, Soulmate Canary

Spring 2011




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yourself simply

By Rachel L. Shelton One day close to the end of 2010, like most people, I reflected on my life. I concluded I was tired of the tedium. I realized how much my social scene, my wardrobe, even my music bothered me. What was I feeling? Was this the dreaded quarter -life crisis? Given the critical nature of the moment, I called up a few of my friends for help. Thankfully, I was not having a crisis and apparently my feelings were normal. The restlessness I felt was attributed to a need for change. With my usual preferences and consistent lifestyle, I had unintentionally locked myself into a cement prison called Monotony. I pondered this for a while and decided that it was time to break out.


of my 25th birthday. Here are five from my list to help you jump start your own: 1. Visit a city you never been to before 2. Start a blog 3. Tryout a new spa treatment 4. Sign up for a new aerobics, yoga, or dancing class 5. Embrace the performing arts by going to see a dance or musical performance Life is too short and unpredictable, so why wait to make a change that you can start today? We always say with such regret, “I always wanted to do this,” or “I always wanted to go there.” This year, decide like I have that 2011 will be the year where you finally take action!

I didn’t swing a sledge hammer at my delicately constructed life. It was more like an artist’s chisel chipping away the outer shell of what things were worth changing. I took small, simple steps to embrace a new me. First, I changed my look. I gave my hairstylist permission to reinvent me with a new a haircut. Amazed by this simple change, I decided to try more new things.

Three Steps To Help You Act Now:

I started listening to different types of music. Jazz sounds great when cruising through traffic. I began visiting different places in my own city. You’ll be surprised at what you can find to do in your own backyard. I explored new topics in literature. I was so inspired by the simple changes in my life that I created a list of 25 new hobbies to complete by the end of this year in honor

Besides, it never hurts to have some extra encouragement for those moments where you need it the most.

1. Build a support system It is helpful to share your goals with others who support you. When you have a positive friend or relative to hold you accountable, you will have more determination to follow through with your desired change.

2. Write it down Sometimes when you visualize something, you begin to create other ideas you may have never thought about before. This was

the case for me when I was composing my list of 25 new hobbies for 2011. Also, it is useful to have a list in case you forget an idea later. 3. Give yourself deadlines This is another tactic you can try in order to keep yourself committed to your goals. When you know a certain date is coming up, you’ll feel more inspired to complete your task. Most importantly, keep attainable, simple and fun.



By Wendy Williams

Get ready to start your ADVENTURE? There is a whole world out there waiting to embrace the new you! Reader’s Questions: 1. What new goals do you have for yourself in 2011? 2. How will you track your progress? 3. Do you have an accountability partner? 4. What outlets will you explore to discover new and challenging things to try?

As a young child, I never acknowledged the dangers lurking beneath the ocean. I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was out of my element and in ‘someone else’s’ territory. As I got older (and wiser), I started learning about the ocean’s dangers and watched in horror at the occasional news reports about shark attacks. Not just sharks. Great White sharks. It wasn’t always Great Whites – sometimes it was other species but it was the Great White stories that really caught my attention. Those were the big guns and in my mind, in a league of their own. I’ve been fascinated with these predators for as long as I can remember. After decades of watching shark documentaries and reading books, I decided on a whim to google cage diving. I always wanted to do this but for some reason never considered it a reality. Well, now it was.... Find out what happens next on Wendy’s personal adventure. Visit to read this article and others. Spring 2011



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Spring 2011



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Ever wonder who left the curious handwritten note wishing you a great day complete with bubbly hearts and smiley round face...

suspect Heidi.


“…writing a note to me is very special. I think that people underestimate that power.”

Spring 2011




er upbeat candor would convince any skeptic she’s the stationery fairy. But do not expect to find her flitting around the city sprinkling happiness on a whim. On the contrary, this 21st century entrepreneurial darling is strategic down to the letter. Heidi understands the charm and lasting impression such thoughtful notes create. She knows it well enough to not stop there. Transforming this applied lifestyle into a cheerful “hole in the wall” operation was intentional. Progressing to become Northern Virginia’s premier retailer of wedding invitations, letterpress printing, stationery, birth announcements, and party invitations is particularly savvy. “I knew going into it that I wanted more than one store. I knew I wanted more than two stores. I know that I want more than four. That’s never changed.”

With its whimsical name backing and four locations expanding, The Dandelion Patch makes life’s occasions personal. By celebrating and preserving the timeless value of the handwritten message, Heidi grows and delivers a first class brand, sealed and stamped like an envelope from the good, old-fashioned U.S. Postal Service.

“…Something about the 44 cents in the mailbox and opening it up, that undivided attention and knowing somebody spent thirty seconds thinking of me and writing a note to me is very special. I think that people underestimate that power.” 44

Yet, for Heidi this crafted, personal attention

is not just business; it’s woven into the fabric of her life. Whether that means making the choice to stop working to review homework with her kids or curling up on the sofa to watch (slight grimace) whatever is on the Disney Channel, she takes time out to make the moment count. “I really try to be present and I didn’t use to be that way. I try to soak it up [now] because it may not come back….I’d rather have twelve really good friends than two-hundred people that I don’t know by name….That’s what my business is about because that’s who I am.”

on that note, we concur Experiencing Heidi’s warmth and approachable nature for the first time was quite like receiving an unexpected letter or invitation in the mail. She made us laugh and reflect with her quick and candid, confident feedback. Then the layered, dimensional wisdom she uttered, naturally it seemed, sparked a new, revitalizing perspective on goals and success.

“I really try to be present... I try to soak it up [now] because it may not come back….I’d rather have twelve really good friends than two-hundred people that I don’t know by name…. That’s who I am.”

Spring 2011



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“I’ve always been someone who was driven and ambitious but I never wrote things down.”

Heidi on making goals It wasn’t until she attended a workshop four years ago that she decided to start. First she wrote on a post-it note, and then two post-it notes. After that she upgraded to the back of a napkin, a piece of paper, and finally the computer. Later, when others brought in their homework identifying fifty goals, she brought in a staggering one hundred goals with seven to grow on. Needless to say, the workshop changed her life. It allowed her to reconcile her vision, plus connect with others, some who still keep her accountable by meeting weekly with any advances or setbacks affecting their progress. Refreshingly, Heidi left no excuses and no clouded concepts of what we can do to start and continue along our journey to making life personal; that is success.

Heidi on success For the record, Heidi is not a living success. It takes a strong woman to be successful. But if you ask Heidi what it means to be a success, you won’t get the answer you presume. In fact, demystifying the illusion of success is what she did best. She spoke so transparently that we plucked and collected her statements like petals from a flower. • Have a vision; be ambitious • Failure is not an option • Be insatiably curious; ask questions • Create strong influences; one person can’t do it all • You can outgrow a mentor • Be willing to do what it takes • Create partnerships • You cannot be all things to all people; figure out who your ‘customer’ is • Be flexible • Create followers • It takes a village Spring 2011



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She also emphatically dismissed the notion that strength in a woman must be synonymous with society’s negative double-standard. But the richest moment came when

• Create strong influences; one person Heidi unknowingly articulated the can’t do it all exact gumption we seek to inspire and • You can outgrow a mentor • Be willing to do whatempower it takes emerging women. • Create partnerships • You cannot be all things to all people; figure out who your ‘customer’ is • Be flexible • Create followers • It takes a village

“… I know what I want and I’m not She also emphatically dismissed the notion that strength in a woman mus afraid to askButfor it moment onymous with society’s negative double-standard. the richest Heidi unknowingly articulated the exact gumption we seek to inspire and and I’ll ask for it among our emerging women. thirteen times I ask fo “…I know what I want and I’m notuntil afraid to and I’ll ask for it thirteen times until I get it….” get it…” TAKE THE 30-DAY


First commit to handwriting fifty notes to friends and family and then sen real stories about how this experience revolutionized your life.

Commit To Handwritting Fifty Notes To Friends, And Family

• STEP TWO • Send In Your Real Stories About How This Experience Revolutionized Your Life. 48

POWERof Networking By Tameka Jackson Ilustration by Ryan L. Hawkins


every job requires a resume, cover letter and references. Once a job has been posted, hiring managers are usually bombarded with phone calls, faxed and emailed applications. Often times they will use a rubric to sort through and discard unqualified applicants. This may include scanning the resume to see if the applicant’s work history and education meet the minimum requirements or simply looking at the quality of the email or document. The process varies from organization to organization, but one thing that remains constant is the power of word of mouth. When I was in college, I had the opportunity to participate in a search committee for a major staff position. The methodology that the other faculty and staff used to eliminate applicants was overwhelming for me as a young, naïve undergrad. If an applicant misspelled a word in the cover letter, they would discard the entire application. One applicant’s resume was printed on textured paper with a colorful background. I thought it was original and cute, but the committee quickly chuckled at the thoughtful intent and kindly discarded the entire application. I remember sitting there thinking to myself, she might have been the perfect person for this job, but we would never know. One of the senior college staff members must have read the look on my face and said, “This is a good exercise for you all when you start applying for jobs. Be sure to dot all of your I’s and cross all of your T’s, because unless you know someone, you must be nearly perfect to get in the door”. That experience always comes to memory when I apply for jobs, because I imagine a group of people sitting around a table with big trash cans, tossing applications away, because an applicant did not clearly articulate their objective. So, we can strive to be “nearly perfect” as the staff member stated or we can ask around, talk to others in the field, attend conferences, seminars and social gatherings. The last that I checked, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. I recently posted a job position online and received fifty cover letters and resumes were emailed to my inbox. Never would I have imagined that my process of elimination would entail the same tactics that the search committee used when I was in college. However, I posted the job because I did not know of anyone that could fill the position.

Spring 2011



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If a friend or colleague told me that they knew of a candidate that would be great for the position, that person would automatically have the following: 1) a reference, 2) a unique opportunity for me to actually review their resume, 3) my ear and not my voicemail, 4) a higher percentage of landing an interview and 5) over 75% of being hired for the job.


The power of networking removes the red tape, shatters glass doors and ceilings and opens up opportunities that one would never achieve if pooled with other applicants. For my introverted readers, with the World Wide Web changing how we communicate, networking does not have to involve stepping completely outside of your comfort zones. Many online venues allow people to network and collaborate about their current jobs and future opportunities. These social networking sites do not have to be solely used for entertainment or leisure. Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecademy, Meetup, Networking for Professionals and many other online social networking outlets can be used to fill in the blanks of your resume and cover letter. Networking via an online social networking venue automatically makes the applicant a real live person. They are not an email address, a phone number or an easily disposable application. To the hiring manager, they are a friend of a friend, a person on Facebook that likes pets or someone on LinkedIn that has an exceptional online portfolio in their profile. It puts a face to the application, a foot in the door and allows your skills to speak for themselves. The power of networking expands beyond whom you know, but it should also allow people to speak highly of your skill set and areas in your wheelhouse. 50

Networking can also work against you if it is not done properly.

Here are some old-fashioned tips:

1) Do not burn bridges (i.e. quitting jobs, making disparaging remarks about old or current employees, managers, or the boss, leaving a job with unfinished business) 2) keep your mouth shut (i.e. do not spread gossip, keep confidential information to yourself), 3) polish your online profile (i.e. keep pictures of you at the party, comments about family, job or other controversial remarks off your work social networking profile), 4) be cordial (assume that the next person you meet is a potential employer or employee who can refer you) and 5) simply be yourself (do not be overly bodacious, shy or contentious -people usually know when someone is being genuine). It is often difficult to express your skills, passions, work history, education and abilities in three paragraphs of a cover letter or two pages of a resume. Job applicants all over the world struggle with the same issue, but the power of networking allows you to express all of these things in various ways. If you are more comfortable talking with others, then put yourself in the place to meet others in your desired field. If your comfort level is better in writing, an online social venue may be a perfect fit. Whatever your particular style may be, it is imperative that you tap into those venues and start networking. It has the potential to put you in front of all those emailing, phone calling, and faxing applicants and open the door so that you can speak instead of your resume and cover letter.

Nature’s Own Picture your table experience

A table stretching out among rolling hills, open fields, and sprawling plains; a chair placed among golden rows of wheat and towering stalks of yellow corn. You sit and admire the green luscious mountaintops reaching upward to expansive blue skies while awaiting your one-of-a-kind experience dining at nature’s table…simply outstanding

Interviewed by Tasha Mitchell Written by Rhonda F. Adorno Photography Courtesy of Outstanding in the Field

Spring 2011


The story begins…

…with a red bus…


â&#x20AC;Śa red, 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, refurbished bus that tours the country, providing an outstanding dining experience you must, in fact, experience to believe! Spring 2011


It travels across North America and finds…

The Location In Nature’s Open Fields

Any place nature provides— on mountain tops or in sea caves, on islands or at ranches.

Then signature tables are set with…

The Décor White, Linen Spread Tables …Simple, yet stunning extended tables with attractive wooden chairs and elegant place settings transform locations worldwide.

Spring 2011

The Meal Farm Fresh Foods … Pulled together from local ingredients and prepared by a celebrated chef of the region

The Idea

Chef, artist, and founder of Outstanding in the Field, Jim Denevan along with Leah Scafe and team have been traveling the country since 1999, re-connecting people to the land – the origins of their food and honoring the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it. To the unfamiliar, Jim Denevan and Leah Scafe would describe their worldwide project as farm dinner events. They are fortunate to work with incredible chefs across the country. The events usually last about four to five hours; guests which include farmers, producers, culinary artisans, and diners have a tour and many of the adults have the opportunity to converse. At the end of the day, they believe it’s about creating the back story that really is the selling point and unique attribute about the OIF events. 56

“It’s really a community, family style event-most attendees really don’t know who they are sitting next t , but it creates this atmosphere and cultivates an opportunity for good dialogue and interesting conversations that take place during this event. “

Photo by Andrea Wyner

Bring people to the source of the food.

“When people are connected to the source of their food, it awakens a new appreciation into the time and care it takes to deliver the food to the table.”

The Experience

Let Yours Beginâ&#x20AC;Ś The Outstanding experience enables people to gather regardless of their food perspective; it supports local farmers and creates an excitement about nature. Cost to Attend OIF is an experience, more than a ticket and is priced as such. People travel to the events, mostly for special occasions and the income levels vary across the board. Tickets went on sale March 20th and the event starts in May. Locate an Outstanding in the Field meal near you! Visit

Spring 2011



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EMERGE Face is looking to highlight emerging women for our American Spirit issue Everyday we encounter women who are inpiring others, changing their circumstances, challenging status quos and driven to influence society. They define what success means to them. If you embody character, style and drive or know of someone, then send it your nominations. Tell us what it means to be an emerging, multi-hued, American woman!

Model Roquois Clarke


All submissions will be considered the property of Face Magazine, and Kendal Alexander Media and may be used for promotional purpsoes and will not be returned.


Where to Buy

I WANT_ Beauty 1. Molton Brown London – Energizing Sea Moss Bath & Shower - $28 2. Badger Nutmeg & Shea Every Day Moisturizer - $13 3. Revolution Organics – Lip Gloss - $26 4. Erbaviva – Refreshing Organic Foot Balm - $14 5. ZOYA – Intimate Collection Nail Polish - $7 per bottle 6. HollyBeth’s SHINE Vanilla & Peppermint Soy Candle - $20 Spring Scarf Frenzy Honeysuckle by Michelle - Soul Mate (turquoise amulet) - $20.00 - Gradient /Citronelle Viscose - Gradient / Green - Polka Dot Multicolored Linen - Shades of Yellow Silk - Khaki Linen - Suede Knit Cream - Belly Dancer Wine- $60.00 - Sophisticate Plum, Carmel, Chocolate- $20.00 per scarf In Full Bloom • Tiano flower dress $180 - • Quinn mesh stiletto $550 - • BCBG Max Azria – Lille Perforated-Leather Clutch $128 - • Muruthi Horn Bangle $425 - • Zanzibar Gold PavÈ Link Earring $175 - Shoe Report 1. Lanvin Ankle Wrap Wedge with Python Platform - $1,400 - 2. Patent Wedge - $1,280 - 3 .Raphael Young Habaki resin and suede peep-toe pumps - $845 4. Acne / Halo Platform Wedge - $700 - 5. Wedge heel boot - $100 - 6. Driven18 Peep Toe Wedge Booties - $50 - On the Move 1. Dana/Door and stairs - Jacket $220 Skirt $110 2. Dana/Strapless Dress (Ponytail)- $350 3. Desaire/One shoulder dress with chiffon piece- $220 4. Desaire/crosswalk- $250 5. Nauum/sidewalk w/hat- $250 6. Fountain- Dana- $275 Desaire- top-$100 skirt-$150

Spring 2011


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Face Spring 2011  

Finally the highly anticipated Spring 2011 issue is here

Face Spring 2011  

Finally the highly anticipated Spring 2011 issue is here