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The Benchmark

december 2015

Setting the Standard for Quality Excellence

Quality Review Program Proving Invaluable After launching this summer, the new Quality Service Representative (QSR) Program, created to help FTD Florists optimize order fulfillment, has already proven invaluable to members. The program, which will expand in 2016, allows an FTD QSR to work collaboratively with florists. The program has provided many opportunities to improve order fulfillment and identify how to increase profitability while streamlining processes at flower shops.

“The FTD quality scorecard provided helpful analytics highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of my shop’s operation. Utilizing the data promptly improved our operations, enhanced our customers’ overall experience and grew our order profitability.” - Michael Azzone, Designs by Guzzardos, Melrose Park, IL

FTD Florists are selected for a QSR review based on the shop’s quality rating, test order performance or customer satisfaction scores. During the review, members are provided with key performance metrics that offer an inside look into a consumer’s view of their flower shop, which can help identify opportunities for improvement. Each florist is also presented with a quality scorecard focusing on three specific metrics—quality rating, refusal rating (rejects and cancels) and customer satisfaction. The scorecard demonstrates how quality order fulfillment can not only improve their local business, but strengthen quality throughout the Mercury Network.

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In This Issue: The FTD® Holiday Wishes™ Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens® (15-C6d)

• Quality Review Program Proving Invaluable • Top 5 Fulfillment Best Practices • Special Delivery for Military Orders • Redefine Luxury • Minimize Overbuying with Top Flowers to Fill FTD Orders

Top 5 Fulfillment Best Practices At the end of the day, a satisfied customer is what we should all be striving for. When your customer is satisfied, they are likely to make repeat purchases and tell others about their positive experience, which can mean more business for your shop.


Achieving customer satisfaction begins and ends with your fulfillment process and how smoothly it goes from the moment you receive an order through design and delivery. The following best practices can help you improve your processes:

Consistently Deliver a Quality Product

• A quality process with checks and balances will ensure that you consistently provide value to your customer. • Use proper care and handling techniques. • Create designs using the proper cut stage of flowers allowing for 7 days of vase life. • Designs should be created by a professional designer, well-versed in the principles and elements of floral design.


• Participation from all of your employees in your quality processes is essential.

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Understand Your Product Use and Sourcing • Understand your customers and the products they want.

• U  nderstand where your product comes from, how to properly care for it and its compatibility with other floral products to achieve balanced longevity. • Test your products for longevity, quality and consistent performance. • Do not substitute unless absolutely necessary. If substitution is needed, follow the FTD Substitution Policy.

Provide Superior Customer Service

• “ The customer is always right” is a good rule to live by. Educate the consumer in a positive manner and be the local flower expert. • R  emember each shopping experience is personal and every customer wants to be treated as if they are your only priority.


Take Advantage of Technology

• K  eeping current with technology can increase sales, improve organization, keep you connected and promote professionalism consistent with industry leaders.

Stay Educated

• S  tay current on consumer trends and styles with a focus on your customers’ needs and wants. • D  esigns should be created by a professional designer, well versed in the principles and elements of floral design.

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The FTD® Advantage

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Hspecial delivery for Military Orders

Did you know that you may receive VIP Military orders for fulfillment from These special deliveries are noted in your Mercury order “Special Instructions.” All orders are important and should receive your utmost care. What is unique about these special military orders is that the sender may be active military and deployed out of the country. Their floral gift, entrusted to you to deliver, is one way that the service member can express their emotions while away from home.

Redefine Luxury The FTD® Luxe Collection is a stunning line of unique arrangements featuring a series of colored and clear glass vases that showcase FTD Florists’ expert design skills. The collection offers a range of price points from $99.99 to $334.99, providing the perfect opportunity to upsell to customers that are celebrating life’s most special moments. As with all types of luxury consumer products, your customer will expect a high quality product and a flawless experience. To assist in creating a luxurious arrangement, FTD has worked with several florists to create specific design tips for the collection. Here is an example of the design tips available for The FTD® Blushing Extravagance™ Luxury Bouquet (LX159): • This is a mixed arrangement and the flowers should be evenly distributed throughout the design in their own space with equal balance. • Prepare the container with properly hydrated floral foam. Secure the foam prior to creating the design. • Please note there is no additional foliage in this arrangement. • Create semi-circle arches with the decorative wire. Attach a wooden pick to both ends of the arches and add to the design after the arrangement is completed. • Distribute the decorative Lomey Diamante Pins evenly throughout the bouquet.

The FTD® Blushing Extravagance™ Luxury Bouquet (LX159) Delivered SRP: $239.98

Visit the Product Recipe Catalog at for design tips for the entire FTD® Luxe Collection.

Minimize Overbuying with Top Flowers to Fill FTD Orders



50 cm Standard Rose

Red, Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Cream, White, Lavender, Pink, Yellow


White, Lavender, Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink

Asiatic Lily

Orange, White

Aster — Matsumoto

Purple, Red

Aster — Monte Casino


In an effort to improve order fulfillment and member profitability, FTD has completed research to determine what products are most helpful for florists to have on hand in order to fulfill orders sent through the Mercury Network.

Aster — Solidago


Button Pompon

Lavender, Green

Calla Lily



Lavender, Fuchsia, Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Red

Cushion Pompon


Daisy Pompon

White, Lavender, Burgundy


Disbud Pompon — Fuji/Spider


• Minimize overbuying of product

Double Stock

Lavender, Pink

• Improved ability to fulfill florist-to-florist and orders

Filler — Buplerum

Green, Yellow

Filler — Sinuata Statice

Purple, Blue

• Improved customer satisfaction for you and the consumer


Hot Pink, Orange



The following flower varieties and colors are best to have on hand to maximize your ability to fulfill the best-selling florist-to-florist and orders.

Green — Pittosporum

Green Pittosporum

Green — Pittosporum

Variegated Pittosporum

Green — Salal

Salal, Lemon Leaf






Purple, Blue


Purple, Lavender

Lisianthus — Double


Miniature Carnation

Pink, White, Purple, Orange, Hot Pink, Green, Fuchsia, Magenta

Oriental Lily


Oriental Lily — Stargazer


Spray Rose

Hot Pink, Orange, Peach, Cream, Yellow

Standard Carnation

White, Lavender

Sunflower — Mini




Azalea Plant


Dish Garden in Basket


Green & Blooming Plants


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The Benchmark - December 2015