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Fall, issue 3

September 17, 2013

SGA adds freshman representatives to senate Rebekah Duntz Campus Life Editor Never before has Student Government had a representation from the freshman class. This semester marks the first year of freshman representatives working with the other twenty senators. “It thinks it’s very important; it’s a great asset for SGA because we’ve never had representation from the freshman before, and it’s the biggest class. It didn’t make sense to me to not have freshman in the Student Government. They are tasting how the campus is, they are feeling it. They’re new and feeling everything out,” said Carla Deras, president of SGA. The freshman, upon arriving at orientation this year, were given applications and had four days to fill them out and submit them on Wednesday night at 12am. The next day, students attended the organization fair in the Clemente Center on August 15th, and freshmen were asked to vote for their freshman class representatives. No photos were shown in the vot-

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Photo by Efram Goldberg Carla Deras, Jess Cushman and Maddie Sciullo conduct the first SGA meeting of the semester

Panther football splits first two games David Barkholz Sports Editor

ida Tech football. Just don’t say it hasn’t been thrilling to watch. Only two games into their existence as a football program, the Panthers have already orchestrated two late-game comebacks, experiencing both possible outcomes on their way to a record of 1-1. Students, faculty and fans throughout Brevard County packed into Pirate Stadium Sept. 7 to witness the beginning of a new era at Florida Tech, with the hometown Panthers hosting the Stetson Hatters. Led by team captain Justine Arcune, Florida Tech’s defense played resiliently throughout the night, keeping a sluggish Panther offense in the game and down

Sean Ashley walked towards the line of scrimmage with a minute left in not only the first college football game of his career, but the first college football game in the history of his university. With the game tied, Ashley received the snap, ran right and fell forward into the history books. Game over. Just one week later, Bobby Vega found himself in a similar situation. Down by four with fewer than two minutes remaining, he was only 16 yards from making lightning strike twice. On fourth and five, Vega dropped back, took a hit and got sacked. Game over. Say what you want about Flor-

Photo by aaron funk Panther Football scores their first touchdown ever.

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Security to begin ticketing bikes and longboards Hershlay Raymond Editor-in-Chief We see them everyday. From the longboarders loudly traveling across the wooden bridge, to the cyclists biking along crosswalks. Beginning this semester, security will be issuing citations and tickets to bike and longboard riders not following proper procedures crossing crosswalks and bridges. “We are requiring students on skateboards to stop that skateboard and walk across the crosswalks.” said Kevin Graham, Florida Tech’s chief of security. “We would also like bicycles to

stop and walk across roads, and I’ve see a lot of kids doing that already. It’s for their own good.” “We will handle the citations like we would a car,” Graham said. “If we catch you, we’ll write you up and it may turn into a warning or it may turn into a fine. If you want to appeal, you can do it through the appeals committee. ” Graham has seen many accidents involving students on bikes and longboards. “An individual was skateboarding on the Columbia Village bridge and hit a girl and knocked

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SGA committees Staff writer Rebekah Duntz covers SGA’s four committees.

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Photo by Neal Carrera Jonathan Quesada longboards behind biker Andres Hernandez.

Football in photos See FOOTBALL, pg 7

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2 - September 17, 2013


The Florida tech crimson

SGA committees strive for a strong school year Rebekah Duntz Staff Writer Some students, whether they are incoming freshman or veteran graduates, may not know what the Student Government Association does on campus to improve student life. Many of the programs on campus are run by SGA senators; they work hard in hopes that the student body enjoys their time here at Florida Tech. “This is my third year in SGA and I never saw people working together from the beginning. It’s been a great start. This is the first year we’ve done the leadership retreat and it was so much fun. We got muddy, we got sweaty, we were all sore the next day. It was nice to see the students work together,” said Carla Deras, President of Student Government Association. In SGA, the Senate is split into four different committees. Those committees are: Quality of Life, Ad Hoc, Public Relations, and Academic. The Quality of Life Committee is the largest one, and it impacts the students directly. It involves anything that directly influences the students: housing, parking, facilities, the trolley, security and food services. The Ad Hoc Committee is in charge of the New York Times program, where they buy issues of the newspaper and distribute them throughout designated areas on campus like the SUB or the Evans Library. They also work with the bookstore on campus, making sure all the textbook prices are affordable for students. The Public Relations Committee takes care of all of the events and also promotes SGA events. The senators on PR take care of the calendar in the SUB. They will

Photo by Efram Goldberg Carla Deras, Jess Cushman and Maddie Sciullo conduct the first SGA meeting of the semester hold different workshops much like CAPS, but exclusively for students later in the semester. One of the events that SGA will be hosting is Constitution Day, Sept. 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Crawford green. “Constitution Day is a mandatory educational day where we are teaching the student body about the Constitution,” said Camille Bobiak, Head of the Public Relations Committee. “Each of the Senators is going to be a different person who signed

the constitution, and we’ll only be able to answer questions as that person.” They will have biographies of the people who signed the Constitution, and if students match the correct person with the biography, they get a piece of candy. As far as other events go, the Public Relations Committee plans to host a “Haunted Trolley” theme on Halloween. “We want to do something fun for Halloween,” Bobiak said. The committees also hope to change attitudes toward the athletic programs this semester, breaking the barrier between the

“tech school” label Florida Tech holds, and the new football program. “Almost all the Senators showed up to the football game,” said Bobiak, referring to Florida Tech’s win against Stetson. “I think it’s very important to start breaking that wall from athletics,” said Carla Deras. “It’s part of our school and its part of everything that involves the college experience.” The Academics Committee meets with the different deans and makes sure all the classes are working well for the students and professors. They will also be fighting the issue of cheating on campus this year, providing information on ethics and academic

honesty policies. Their lab survey will be sent out during midterms, to try and raise money for labs on campus. “We need to prove to administration that labs require a little bit more investment and I’m sure they want to help because they have been very open with us and they have been very approachable,” Deras said. “We have tons of ideas that we want to do,” Bobiak said. With all the new ideas that the Student Government has this year, the committees are striving to make this school year strong.


3 - September 17, 2013

The Florida tech crimson

Mathematics Advancement Center will now handle all math tutoring Allison McLellan Staff Writer Changes come at the start of every semester, and students who are struggling with math at Florida Tech are in for big changes. The Mathematics Advancement Center, located in building 405 in the quad, will now serve as the home for all mathematics tutoring at Florida Tech. According to Semen Koksel, the head of the mathematics department, this change was driven by the needs of students and concerns from professors about struggling students. “One common complaint about the students was that they weren’t really going out and seeking help enough,” Koksel said. “They don’t go to office hours, when they fall behind they don’t really do anything until the last moment and they try to do something when it is too late.” To prevent this, new sections of both Precalculus and Calculus 1 were created that feature six hours of lecture per week rather than four. Intensive Precalculus features two hours in the advancement center, while intensive Calculus 1 features one hour in the advancement center and one hour with a G.S.A. These courses have been designed to help students who need a slower pace or require more one-on-one interaction, said Dan Zaffran, the director of the Math Advancement Center ”The goals are the same, the contents are exactly the same, and the tests are common with the other sections,” Zaffran said. “In mathematics, more than many other disciplines, you need to always build on something that has already been there,” Zaffran said. “ If students don’t have the right background, they will be completely lost.”

Other changes to the mathematics department have occurred alongside the new courses. Professors now hold review sessions in the center, and all G.S.A. office hours are now held in the center as well. Tutoring, which was formerly done through the Academic Support Center, will now be done in the Math Advancement Center. Students who are interested in being tutored can simply walk in to see if a spot is available, or make an appointment online. The director of the Academic Support Center, Rodd Newcombe, welcomes the changes. “Part of it is, we’ve never had enough tutors to tutor the whole populace. We get a small percentage of the students coming in, and the more students the better,” Newcombe said. “With this new math center, I’m looking at this as positive.” Newcombe has noticed that the Academic Support Center has been busier than usual this semester. “This year, in the first nine days we’ve had 63 tutoring sessions, 17 writing sessions, 150 study hours and 52 proctored exams. We’re not slow by any means,” Newcombe said. “Interestingly enough, I did not expect to be busier after we lost the math.” “What will likely happen is down the line we will figure out where we can support each other,” said Newcombe. “We are trying to make sure it is the smoothest transition possible for students.” More changes are likely to come for the new center. Koksel has plans for movie and game nights, and challenges for advanced students. The Math Advancement Center has varied hours that are based on when tutors can be available. To view the hours or make an appointment, visit math/mac.

SGA adds freshman Student Business Incubator gives representatives to students a change to hatch a business the senate Carlo Mencarelli Staff Writer

Starting a business can be tough, but Scott Benjamin helps students blow past the difficulty by giving them the resources they need to be successful. Resources like consulting, legal advice, technical assistance and more are all available at the Incubator for free. The Student Business Incubator is located on the second level of University Plaza and is open to all Florida Tech students regardless of level and major. Dante Smithson, a computer engineering student, learned of the SBI through his roommate last spring and is already working on launching his second company through the program. Smithson said it was a learning experience for him. “The hardest part for me was the elevator pitch and identifying the customer that would use my service.” The elevator pitch, Dante explained, is a short, thirty second summary used to define a company’s product or service. Benjamin, the director of the SBI, is an experienced serial entrepreneur that came to Florida Tech with the mission of assisting

students start new business ventures and creating new jobs while teaching students of all backgrounds best business practices. Having spent the last 20 years as a practicing entrepreneur, Benjamin explained that he “wanted to change how business is taught at the university level.” Since its inception in the spring of 2012, the SBI has helped numerous students create various different businesses ranging from magazines to golf apparel and more. The SBI accomplishes this by having a wide variety of experience in the Florida Tech staff as well as a large number of contacts through partners and alumni to call upon to mentor students in their ventures. Jessica Mellinger, a senior in the College of Business, didn’t intend to start her own business quite so soon, but after visiting the SBI she started to mold her idea and is working to launch her own magazine for rowing at the high school level. “It’s a really good experience, even if you’re not interested in opening a business just go and sit in on a meeting to see what it’s all

about,” Mellinger said. “The sooner you get involved, the more opportunity you have to learn, to help others, and to get fresh perspective on your own ideas.” Brandon Martinez-Onstott said about the value of the SBI. Brandon, a graduate student working on his M.S. in Organizational Behavior Management, took advantage of the SBI last year and now works with Glasslight Technologies as their Chief Performance and Systems Officer. The Dean of the College of Business, Dr. Becker, welcomes any and all students to visit the Student Business Incubator at least once: “Any student that wants to come and talk to us about any idea is more than welcome to come out.” “From peanut butter to Iron Man” Professor Keiron Hylton, an experienced investment banker, added to Dean Becker’s invitation.

Story Continued from Page 1 ing process; the students only saw the applications that had been submitted the night before. The votes were then counted, and the five representatives were appointed. “I think it’s a great initiative, I’m glad I’ll be able to get into Student Government right off the bat, because it’s been my goal to be involved on campus as much as possible and this is a great way to do it,” said Trevor Frey, one of SGA’s new freshman representatives. The representatives do not have the same privileges as the senators; they cannot vote, they cannot be heads of committees, and they cannot hold Speaker of the Senate. Representatives can, however, be a part of one committee; the maximum is two committees, just as it is for senators. “We are still voting on their rights. They may be able to vote next semester. We want them to grow a love for the school like we already have. By the second semester they will definitely have a

feel for the school, and they might be able to vote by then,” said Tyler Seidman, SGA Senator. By the spring semester, the representatives will have had enough experience to vote on campus matters in the meetings on Wednesdays. “I personally am a member of the Academic Committee,” said Bobby Rogulski, a new freshman representative. “I’m trying to get a hang of what I’m doing.” The appointed freshmen were also allowed to attend the Leadership Retreat on August 31. “The senators learned to work together. The leaders in each group really shined. One of the freshman representatives was appointed the day prior, and he was incredibly impressive. He blew me away with his leadership,” said Jessica Cushman, vice president of SGA. “For freshman, I think this works well. And then next year I can go for senator,” said Frey. The future plans for SGA’s new representatives are to make them senators. For the time being, it’s a great start for freshman representation.

4 -September 17, 2013


Increased student body leads to future projects Christopher Penta Staff Writer Those who have attended Florida Tech for more than a couple of years may have noticed the student body has increased. Mike Perry, graduate of Florida Tech and director of undergraduate admissions, noted a three year upward trend in the size of the student body. “The upward trend began in 2011, and continued in 2012 and 2013.” Compounding this is an increasing retention rate, which boosts student population further. The new undergraduate class is roughly 1,000 students. “I can’t give an exact number at this time” Perry continued, “we do our campus census on Sept. 20, the exact number will be released after that.” The larger population has effects across campus, making parking tighter, filling up dorms, and potentially raising class sizes. Florida Tech pays an impact fee to the city of Melbourne for increased student populations year to year. Once a high water mark is established, every student over that mark in subsequent years results in a fee being paid to the town. This impact fee, called so because it is intended to defray the impact on the town caused by an increased student body, has gone directly to the city of Melbourne’s treasury. Perry maintains that the increase in student population

benefits the city more than it harms it. “I think the students provide an economic benefit just by living here, and spending money in Melbourne.” Recently, according to Greg Tsark, Florida Tech’s school architect, the university has negotiated with the city to use this money in projects that benefit both Florida Tech and the city. “What they finally agreed to was that we could implement our own project,” Tsark said. “They allowed us to direct that money to specific projects.” The city eventually agreed to two projects proposed by the school. The first, a sidewalk extending from the alumni building on Country Club to the Holzer Health Center is intended to decrease congestion on the east side of the road. The second is more complex, involving revamping the crosswalks at the University Boulevard and Babcock Street intersection. The new crosswalks would be handicap accessible to include tactile, grippier ramps for wheelchairs, and potentially audible crossing signals for vision impaired students. They would move the crosswalks out slightly to increase pedestrian visibility to turning vehicles. The timeline for these projects is unclear. Tsark said he was unsure if the project would take place during this semester. “I’m reluctant to release this project in the middle of the school year,” he said.

the Florida tech crimson

Security to begin ticketing bikes and longboards

Story continued from Page 1 her out. We see these accidents all the time.” This year, Student Government Association plans to work with closely with security to assist them with bike safety around campus. “I feel that it’s reasonable to ticket for people who go on the bridges,” said Dylan Polasko, a SGA senator and head of the Quality of Life committee. “I myself bicycled over the bridge last

year. I didn’t know it was against the rules, but it makes sense to me now because I remember nearly hitting a lot of pedestrians. I would frequently almost injure myself because they are narrow bridges.” “We will be posting signs on the bridges stating that you cannot ride your longboard or your bicycles across them. There will also be signed posted up about other infractions that could occur.” Some student aren’t pleased with the security cracking now on

bikes and longboard riders. “It’s really inconvenient,” said Daniel St. Pierre, a student who often uses his skateboard to get arounds campus. “I understand why security is doing this, but it’s inconvenient if you live on the side of campus with the bridges.” Graham is aware of the inconvenience the ticketing will pose. “It may be inconvenient for them, but when it comes down to it, we are all about safety, so we are asking them all to stop.”

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Top disk burning applications Chris Pangalos Staff Writer Imgburn- One of the most straightforward and easy to use applications for basic tasks, Imgburn is available free of cost. As the name implies it specializes in burning disk images, .ISOs by default. From the main menu you can choose to write an image to disk, then simply choose your source file and disk to get started. Imgburn is compatible with all standard recordable disks ranging from CD to Double Layer Blu-ray, in addition it is compatible with a wide variety of image extensions such as .IMG and .BIN. After copying a disk image you can either burn it to disk or save it for later, you can also choose to run these images straight from you hard drive using a virtual disk drive. One of the downsides of Imgburn is its technical aspects. While Imgburn makes it easy to simply copy a disk to .ISO it chooses most settings by default, as a result users may find it a hassle to create an image to their exact specifications. CdBurnerXP- Another easy to use, cost free application similar to Imgburn. CdburnerXP can perform most of the same tasks but lacks some of the more advanced features such as support for the .BIN and .IMG extensions. CdBurnerXP does however have a few features that Imgburn lacks such as multisession support and command line interface. While it doesn’t have as many options as

many options overall users may find it a bit easier to customize due to a more user friendly interface. Infrarecorder- While it suffers due to lack of Blu-ray support, Infrarecorder remains a popular alternative. It has the same basic features, along with multisession support and audio CD support. While it still has the option, Infrarecorder isn’t designed primarily for image burning which may make it a good option for users wishing to create their own disks rather than copying a precreated image. X-CD-Roast- An option for non-Windows users, X-CDRoast lacks many features but supports Mac OS, Linux, and Unix. X-CD-Roast uses the .ISO extension and supports CD or DVD. Like the others it can be used to copy disks, create audio or data CDs and to create bootable CDs, but unfortunately falls short on versatility when compared Imgburn and CdBurnerXP. Burn CDCC- One of the most basic applications of all, CDCC allows the user to simply select their image and burn it to disk without any special features or customization. Burn CDCC has the advantage of being run from a small single file which makes it good for quickly burning files on public computers without going through the trouble of installation.

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Gadget Corner Joseph Stoltz Staff Writer

Star Trek Enterprise Artisan Replica If you’ve ever felt like your nerd obsessions have gone too far and your nothing more than a hulking mass of sci-fi memorabilia and greasy pizza, then you will gladly change your opinion of yourself when you find out what a lot of money and a Star Trek obsession can buy you. Quantum Mechanix, or simply known as QMx, is a company specializing in making high quality movie replicas, of which some are painstakingly handmade and painted to almost exact movie prop quality. This company provides a wide selection of sci-fi memorabilia, but the Star Trek section seems to loom over all other sections with its fleet of splendid starship replicas at hand. One of the many starships offered is the modern retake of the USS Enterprise that debuted in the 2009 Star Trek movie. QMx reproduced the starship just as sleek and gorgeous as it was portrayed in the movie, from simply defining minor imperfections and individual panels down to shaping the sleek curves of the nacelles and including over 200 lighting effects; QMx creates a quite realistic replica of the renowned USS Enterprise Now that you’re in love with this beautiful piece of artwork, I’ll ruin whatever dreams you have of ever owning one by telling you that the price is a very low $6,995.00, which does not include tax, and to make the matter worse, the production is limited to only 250 units. However, you may feel better when I tell you that buying one of these replicas includes the “luxury” QMx Concierge Services at no extra charge. On a final note, if by some chance you are willing to fork out the money for one of these masterpieces, you may want to spend a bit more and upgrade to the USS Vengeance, as seen in the latest Star Trek movie, which only cost a very low price of $9,995.00; true art is priceless.

STAR TREK PIZZA CUTTER Since the previous masterpieces are probably a bit too much for the average person to gaze at, then maybe a pizza cutter is more up you alley; an officially licensed chromed Enterprise pizza cutter of glorious shining omnipotent illustrious beauty. If you weren’t grabbed by the statement “officially licensed chromed Enterprise pizza cutter,” then there’s something wrong going on here. This amazing device is constructed of a magnificent zinc-alloy body and plated in a luscious layer of benevolently shining chromium. This pizza cutter gets even better with its crowning achievement that makes all pizza cutters jealous; the Enterprise pizza cutter has a stainless steel blade, a sleek beautifully laser etched stainless steel blade that allows you to glide through the molten cheese and the crispy crust of the delectable pizza. If you are interested in acquiring this gorgeous utensil, you can simply buy it from the online retailer Firebox for a minuscule price of $39.09, which is a quite smaller amount compared to its much larger siblings. Some of you may still question paying that much money for a pizza cutter, but just remember, you’re buying a piece of artwork that is a pizza cutter, not a mere plebian’s simple pizza cutter.

6 -September 17, 2013


the Florida tech crimson

Former student thrilled about Florida Tech football Chris Bonanno Recent Graduate As a former student who lamented the fact Florida Tech had no football team, it gave me great pleasure to watch my alma mater finally host a football game on Sept. 7. The day went better than the administration could have hoped for, but there are some big issues that need to be addressed. The tailgating on the south side of campus, of which I was somewhat skeptical, was an enjoyable experience. The trolley service was efficient in transporting people to the game. If you ever wondered, after consistently seeing very few people on a trolley, why they were pur-

chased, wonder no more. The real revelation of the night was the atmosphere of the game. I thought the crowd would take a while to warm up to the game, but the crowd was extraordinarily loud and active right from the getgo. Fans deserve a lot of credit for making the best atmosphere ever at an FIT sporting event. there’s no way the students, alumni and faculty didn’t have more pride walking out of the game than they did walking in. The players deserve a tremendous amount of credit. It’s easy to forget, two years of practice and preparation went into that winning performance. The team didn’t always execute flawlessly, but put out a great effort and played with intensity and integri-

ty-- the lack of which cost Stetson the game. But there are a number of flaws associated with the event too. My number one concern is what the school’s plan is in inclement weather. Normally, when lightning is in the area, fans seek shelter. But at Pirates Stadium, no more than a few hundred could fit into the bleachers. So where are other fans to go? If there was a plan, such as to put patrons in Palm Bay High School, it wasn’t spelled out to the fans in attendance and if there wasn’t and with vehicles either parked across the street or at campus, there’s no easy way to get all the fans out of harm’s way when a thunderstorm is approaching.

Even as there was visible lightning to the west during the game, there were no announcements made about what fans should do if inclement weather struck. Florida Tech needs to act with caution to alert fans early of danger and to make clear the procedures fans should follow. The canned panther roar after big plays has to go, as it’s just very minor-league, something that doesn’t inspire and runs the risk of drawing the wrong kind of emotion out of fans. I love that Florida Tech had a band, cheerleaders and a mascot! I just wish the latter two would come to sections beyond the student section as their presence adds to the ambiance. It’s impera-

tive that the school form a marching band, because nothing says college football more than a band playing in the stands and on the field. As great as it was to have enthusiasm from the fans, some behavior wasn’t good enough. Booing the team, or shouting out insults at individual players is embarrassing, especially for a fledgling program. Deriding hard-working 18-to-22 year olds who aren’t getting paid is a joke. I enjoyed my time at the game and I think most everyone who went did as well. If nothing else, I hope an honest assessment spurs debate and even some tweaks to make the experience more enjoyable.

CAPS PSA: College- It’s More Than Just Classes! Stephanie L Field CAPS Now that you have gotten through the first week of reviewing the class syllabus, breezed through the second week of reviewing material, and maybe even started taking quizzes and exams, college is probably starting to feel real... real intense, that is! College is so much more than just going to class. Whether new to college or returning to campus, we can start to feel burned out, stressed, and overwhelmed pretty quickly. Lucky for you, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has some answers! On Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 7p.m .in 202 Evans Hall we invite you to attend our “Are You Adjusted (Back) To College Yet?” event where we will provide strategies for successful and effective balance of college activities and expectations. Let’s play with some Mad Libs to see how your semester is going so far. Before looking any further at this article, think of a person, a place, and an item, and list them here in that order. 1) Person:______________ 2) Place:______________ 3) Item/Thing:______________ Now, think of 3 adjectives (descriptive words) and list them here: 4) ______________ 5) ______________ 6) ______________ Finally, think of 3 verbs (action words) and list them here: 7) ______________ 8) ______________ 9) ______________ While you think some more about what words to choose, let’s take some time to review some problems faced by college students that are often overlooked: PROBLEM: Environment change. The change can be as simple as a difference in weather, for example, which may agitate your allergies, lead to dehydration, or cause heatstroke when walking to class. Yikes! Also, being around so many other people from on a daily basis means that we are all at a heightened risk for contracting an illness. SOLUTION: Keep yourself healthy by having a check up at the Holzer Health Center and asking if vitamins or other supplements may improve the effectiveness of your immune system. Also, regularly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after using the restroom, before eating, and if you have shaken hands with someone who has the sniffles. PROBLEM: Being away from loved ones. Homesickness is more common than you may think and it manifests in many different ways, including physical illness,

anxiety, sadness, and poor grades. It can be uncomfortable and even feel impossible for some folks to make new friends and acquaintances, which can unfortunately lead to loneliness, isolation, and withdrawal from other people. SOLUTION: Get involved! Florida Tech has so many groups, clubs, and organizations to join, it might even be hard to choose which to attend! This is the time to try out different organizations to see where you may be most comfortable. Think outside the box, as well: you can also meet and be around people just walking around campus (or maybe something about the dining halls or lounge areas on campus), exercising at the gym, or simply riding the trolley. PROBLEM: Change in food. If you are used to certain home cooked meals, have a specific dietary need, consider yourself a “picky eater,” or come from a location with different food selections, it can be tough to make selections at the dining hall. For some, this unintentionally leads to malnutrition, which in turn affects your overall physical and mental health functioning. SOLUTION: Always make sure you are getting the proper nutrients. Educate yourself about what foods have adequate nutritional value vs. foods that may contain “empty calories” or few nutrients. Also, remember that “you are what you eat!” When you study and learn your brain uses glucose, which is a sugar derived from grains, fruits, and vegetables. Feed your brain well to help make college a breeze! Change is uncomfortable and can develop into challenges with both physical and mental health, which also impacts your academics. The moral of our story is: keep yourself healthy in all aspects of life! To learn how to do this, remember to come to the “Are You Adjusted (Back) To College Yet?” event on September 17 at 7p.m. in 202 Evans Hall. Okay, back to the Mad Libs. Have you chosen all of your words? Are you ready for the big reveal? Now simply insert the word you chose next to the respective number below. When I wake up in the morning I (7)________ directly to (2)________. I’m already feeling pretty (4)________, so I also (8)________ just to make sure my day starts off well. When I get to class, I realize I forgot my (3)________. I remind myself it’s not the end of the world, but I’m still bummed, so I talk to (1)________ when I get back to my room. After I (9)________ my homework, we decide to take the trolley to hit Panther Dining Hall for a bite to eat. Being around good company and hav-

ing a (5)________ selection of food definitely makes me feel (6)________ and happy! We hope these are some helpful hints; however they may not be sufficient for the support you need. If you need help coping, CAPS can help! CAPS is right here on campus to offer assistance for the many challenges faced by college students. To make an appointment with a counselor, you are welcome to call (321) 6748050 or walk in to the center. CAPS is located beside the Health Center, at the corner of Country Club Rd. and University Blvd.

CAPS is also offering three groups this semester. “Get in the Game” is for students who have social or communication challenges to learn and discuss how to cope with managing stress, build communication skills, and engage in perspective taking. “Real Relationships” is for students who may be looking to improve their interpersonal relationships. “Leave Me Stress-Less” is for anyone who is looking for new ways to reduce stress, with strategies, tips, and mindfulness techniques for anxiety reduction. Contact the center or visit CAPS’ website for further details.

The CAPS website ( edu/caps) offers more information about resources, services, groups, and events, as well as brief screenings for depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and alcohol use. We realize it can be intimidating to ask for help, but we hope you reach out when you need us. CAPS is just one of many resources at Florida Tech that supports maintaining a happy and healthy you! We look forward to seeing you for our “Are You Adjusted (Back) To College Yet?” event on Sept. 17 at 7p.m. in 202 Evans Hall!

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the Florida tech crimson

Panther Football’s Inaugural Game in Photos All Photos by Efram Goldberg and aaron funk

Panthers going for the field goal.

The pep band and fans view the game from the stands.

Iranian students at the game.

Tevin Kirkland after the game.

Xavier Milton runs the ball.

Coach Englehart looks on.

Matt Nelson prepares for a rush.

Pirate Stadium before the game

Pregame coin toss.

Manny Abad recovers a fumble.

Visit or for more photos.

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September 17, 2013

Panther football splits first two games Story continued from Page 1 only 13-6 midway through the fourth quarter. Ashley finally made the efforts of his defense teammates pay off however, tossing a 26yard strike into the end zone to receiver Xavier Milton for the first touchdown in school history with six minutes left in the ball game. The crowd, which had been in frenzy since kickoff, erupted as kicker Brion Ashley put the extra point through the uprights to tie the game. When they needed it most, Florida Tech’s defense came up big one more time, forcing a fumble on the first play of the ensuing Stetson drive and giving the Panthers the ball back with five minutes left. Head coach Steve Englehart put the weight of his football team on the back of running back Trevor Sand, who bowled his way through and around defenders as the offense moved methodically down the field. But it was an explosive 32-yard run by former SEC running back Jarvis Giles that put Ashley and the offense on the threeyard line a minute remaining, making the first game in Florida Tech football history the first win in Florida Tech football history. “I’ve been playing for a long time, man, and I don’t care how we get wins,” Englehart said to his team after the game. “It may not have been pretty and we have a lot of things to do to get better, but, defense, played your dang hearts off.” Such a fairy tale ending makes it hard to believe the same thing nearly happened a week later when Englehart and the Panthers rode their shocking upset all the way to Newberry, South Carolina to take on the New-

berry Wolves. It was much of the same story for the offense in Newberry as it was in Melbourne. While the two-quarterback system of Ashley and Vegs did manage to move the ball better in the early portions of the game, it was, for the most part, still ineffective. Luckily, the defense hadn’t changed much ether. Other than giving up a few big plays here and there, Arcune and the Panthers had another stellar outing, forcing four turnovers and giving the offense another chance at some fourth quarter magic. Down 19-23 will just a few minutes left to steal a victory, Englehart elected to play Vega on the game’s final drive, who responded by marching the Panthers down into the red zone before being sacked on a fourth down, effectively ending the game. “I don’t think there’s been very many times that I’ve been part of a game where we don’t turn the ball over, our defense gets four takeaways and scores a touchdown, and we lose,” Englehart said in a press release. “We need to simplify some things on offense and get back to basics. We had our chances. I know we were one play away from winning that football game. When you’re that close it stings.” The Panthers will have their work cut out for them this week as they return back home to face the Gulf Coast Conference Champion West Alabama Tigers in a game that will be nationally televised on the CBS Sports Network.

Fall issue 3  
Fall issue 3