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march 25, 2014

sPRING, issue 5

Masteller outduels Cato, Hughes in Spring Game

Student Government Association 2014-2015 Election Guide presidential candidates Carla Deras

photo by Amanda Stratford Photography Dan Masteller threw for four touchdowns and 345 passing yards in Florida Tech’s Spring Game on Saturday.

David Barkholz Sports Editor Head coach Steve Englehart and the rest of Florida Tech football coaching staff walked into Pirate Stadium Saturday night still looking for their starting quarterback. Dan Masteller made himself pretty hard to miss. The red-shirt freshman threw for 345 yards and four touchdowns, two of which came in the in the final two minutes of the program’s spring game to seal a 28-17 win for the Panthers over Florida Tech. “All together I think I did pretty well,” Masteller said after the game. “I think offense did well. We had spurts where we really showed how good we can be, but I think we still need to eliminate little mistakes.” Essentially an intrasquad scrimmage, the entire team was split into two opposing sides, the first-team offense pairing up with the second-team defense in black jerseys as the “Panthers,” and the first-team defense pairing up with the second-team offense in white jerseys as “Florida Tech.” Quarterbacks wore yellow jerseys and the entered the game on a three-series rotation, allowing each time to work with both sets of offenses. “I really got what I wanted,” Englehart said of the spring game as a whole. “I got some big plays on the defensive side of the ball and I got some nice big plays on the offensive side. “ That’s not to say it was perfectly played game however. Like most spring games, there were several mistakes made by both sides in what Masteller led off the night by putting up the first points on the board with a 8-yard toss to Colby Lynch for Florida Tech. The lead was quickly erased, however, as Mark Cato, who was the first quarterback to take the field in the game, lead a quick drive down the other end of field that was capped off with one-yard touchdown run by Jomo Daniels. Cato finished the night an also impressive 15 of 22 for 213 yards. Masteller would fire right back on his next series two pos-

sessions later, finding Terrance Bynum on another short touchdown to send the Panthers into halftime with a 14-7 lead. Brion Ashley’s 35-yard field goal for Florida Tech would the only points of the third quarter. Transfer quarterback Steven Hughes walked gingerly off the field at the 7:50 mark in the fourth quarter. He finished the night nine of 15 for 103 yards and an interception. Florida Tech’s defense would show its teeth late in the fourth quarter, forcing a fumble in the Panthers’ own end zone and recovering the ball for the go-ahead touchdown with 2:50 left in the game. “I wanted to see our defense create turnovers and I think we had three interceptions and several forced fumbles,” Englehart said. “They bring pressure and they bring a lot of blitzes which can cause sloppy play by an offense.” But once again, Masteller stepped up big for his team, finding an open Xavier Milton streaking across middle of field for a 67-yard touchdown to put the Panthers up for good, 21-17. With the game already in hand for the Panthers, Masteller added on more touchdown for good measure, a 15-yard strike to Tyler Bass as time expired. “Overall I think Dan played really well,” Englehart said. “He stepped in the pocket and threw some great balls and just had really good command of the offense. He’s been in for three years now, so he’s been around and understands and knows what it’s all about.” “I don’t think anything really flustered him. Even talking to our offensive line, they know when he’s in the huddle and there’s a certain command that he brings in the huddle. He had a great spring game. “ But still months away from the start of the season, Masteller knows the job is not his just yet. “I think that’s still going to be an ongoing thing,” he said. “I think we all tonight showed our downsides and our upsides.” We’re just throwing the ball down the field a little bit more. Our quarterbacks are going through their progressions where last year we kind of just got it off quick to the check-down.

Graduate Student Mechanical Engineering “My experience and knowledge of the position (as current president) gives me a great advantage, I am completely familiar with the duties, responsibilities and time commitment that the position requires and the administration has knowledge of my work.

Casey Doran

Junior Software Engineering (also running for vice president, treasurer and senator) “With two years active experience (and a semester unelected participatory experience my freshman year) and consistent contributions to SGA, I’m poised and ready for the challenges that SGA faces in the coming year. As Speaker of the Senate this year, I have personally architected revisions to the bylaws, constitution, and SAFC document.”

Tamerlan Yeleussizov

Freshman Aerospace Engineering “I believe that I am the best candidate for the postition because becoming part of the SGA will develop my leadership skills. I also want to help the student body in the university.”

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2 - march 25, 2014


the Florida tech crimson

Student Government Association 2014 Election Guide (con’t) vice presidential candidates Jessica Cushman

Petra Valaskova

Junior Biomedical Engineering “As Vice President I have reorganized the four committees of Student Government to improve the productivity of the Senate. I also initiated the addition of responsibilities to the position of Speaker of the Senate as there previously were very few. I am very conscious of the efficiency of the organization, I will always work to ensure that Student Government is organized to be productive.”

Sophomore Psychology (also running for treasurer) “I think I would be a great candidate for these positions, because I have already had several positions before in the sorority and I have a lot of experience. I would like to maintain the good direction that SGA has and improve the school dynamic even more.”

Treasurer candidates Karley Herschelman

Benoy Shah

Sophomore Computer Science and Mathematical Science (also running for senator)

Senior Chemical Engineering (also running for senator)

“I am the best candidate for this position because I’m hardworking, organized and passionate about the things I do. Also, as a current SGA senator and the founder/ president of a club I have seen the organization from both points of view and understand the need for increased communication.”

“Everyone has special ideas, everyone is unique but the major difference between the rest and me is “I do what I say and I say what I do”. I would consider myself as patient, hardworking and I take complete pride in my work. My former leadership experiences and attributes makes me the best candidate for this position.”

Gena Alexander Junior Forensic Psychology (also running for senator) “I am the best candidate for the position because I have financial background, I am excellent at making decisions with financial spending. I have previous experience in Student Government Association as a secretary. By having this position will help me to maintain what Student Government needs while maintaining accurate records.”

sga elections

3 - march 25, 2014

The Florida tech crimson

senate candidates Tafadzwa Amani

Junior Pre-Med Biology

I am good at advocating and representing other people’s voices or concerns about the challenges or proposals that they suggest to make student life better at this school. I have enhanced this quality as a Resident Assistant hence communicating with others is one of my capabilities. I am also good at working with others.

Aaron Edgar

Freshman Aerospace Engineering

This is my second semester as part of the SGA, I like working for it. I believe that I am good at working with groups and organizing events. I want to help make the university better for students and I believe that I still have a lot of input that can help.

Jasmin Pimentel

Junior Pre-Med Biology

My leadership roles as the historian of the Bioscience club in my high school and the secretary of the Latin American Student Association of Florida Tech have better prepared me for an influential role as a senator of the SGA. I believe my academic dedication and my dedication to Florida Tech make me a competitive candidate for the position of an SGA senator.

Camille Bobiak

Junior Ocean Engineering

I believe I am the best candidate to be a senator because if the experience I have in SGA. This past year I deeply immerse myself with SGA and made it a part of my daily life. My drive, passion, and dedication to SGA make me a great candidate for reelection.

Trevor Frey I have an ear that is always open to the students of this campus. I will do everything in my power to make sure your voices are heard and your questions & concerns are answered and taken care of.

Freshman Aerospace Engineering

Dylan Polasko

Senior Psychology

I have experience being on SGA as head of the Quality of Life Committee. This semester my committee has worked with Dining Services to address some of the complaints we’ve received during Table Thursdays. I aim to improve life on campus for students I shall continue to do so if re-elected.

Christopher Cole

Senior Computer Science

Uday Bhaskar Pasupuleti

Graduate Student Computer Information Systems

Junior Information Systems

Because I’m a very hardworking person. Whenever I participate in any activity, I make sure that everything is done with high quality. I have good leadership, communication, and people skills. I know a lot of people on campus, therefore, I believe I will be a great coordinator. Moreover, I really like helping people, and I love helping my university.

Sophomore Biomedical Engineering

Junior Biomedical Engineering with Premed

Robert Rogulski

Jerry Wang I’m a very good listener and I enjoy representing the student body to SGA.

Sophomore Mechanical Engineering

I have a previous experience being on the SGA senate. I was one of the original members of the recently formed club approval committee. I am very collected and well spoken individual and excel at critical thinking. I am passionate about Florida Tech and desire to do my part to make it all it can be.

I’ve been a senator for this past year. I know first hand what kind of commitment this position demands. If you want a senator that attends every single meeting and makes representing the student body his number one priority, then look no further. I hope to continue representing my school.

Star Seliquini

I am a hardworking and dedicated student. I enjoy doing service projects and getting to meet people.

Sophomore Marine Biology

I am presently working as the Event manager of ISSO and i also hold a position as Vice-President of Panther Cricket Club, I have been actively participating in all the events held in the college. My prior experience is that i have worked in the student government in my undergrad back in my home country.

Phillip Reynolds

Paul Tufis Khloud Shuqair

I believe that I am the best candidate for the position because of my experience, commitment, and enthusiasm. I have held and learned exponentially from leadership positions. I am committed to helping provide the best experience possible for students. I am excited for what we will accomplish for the community.

I have had ample experience in SGA. I was active in the organization both throughout high school and my freshmen year at Florida Tech. I was one of the first ever Freshmen Representatives in Florida Tech’s history, as well as one of the first freshmen Senators. This experience makes me an ideal candidate, because I have already acclimated myself to the association and understand how it works and what it requires.

Abdullah B. Kurdi

Junior Chemical Engineering

I am a dedicated person, committed and determined to get the job done in its best and fastest way possible, I encourage team work, I’m also self motivated and I try my best to motivate the people around me. I also believe this position involves communication skills and a person who can reach to the public.

Sophomore Aerospace Engineering

Jessi Osterhout

Sophomore Applied Behavior Analysis Psychology

I believe I am the best candidate for this position because of my involvement on campus. I would really love to get involved in an organization that is set out for the betterment of the campus that I love so much and the people that love it just as much as I do.

Ben Hoerlein

Sophomore Applied Mathematics

Since I am heavily involved in many different kinds of organizations on campus ranging from SIAM to SACC, I would be able to listen to many different opinions and help improve the study body on campus. I am a very motivated and a hard worker that will be willing to do whatever it takes to help improve the student body. I would be honored if I was elected as a Senate for SGA and to be able to achieve my goal.

Shreya Yadav

Sophomore Applied Mathematics

I am capable of speaking in behalf of a large group of people and always try to take everybody’s opinions into account. Moreover, I try to look at situations from different perspectives which I believe will allow me to understand the needs and demands of the student body better so that the SGA is able to address these needs.

Campus life

4 - march 25, 2014

The Florida tech crimson

senate candidates (con’t) Marcus Birkenmeyer I am a fast learner and highly adaptive in many situations. I am highly motivated to accept any task. I demonstrate high leadership skills, also I would put forth the most effort.

Freshman Global Management and Finance

Shelby Stansell

Sophomore Environmental Science

I’m the best candidate for this position because of my experience with SGA as Secretary. I’ve seen how the senate runs from an executive position and I have insight in how to not only be a better senator, but also to make our Student Government more efficiently as a whole.

Pranan Mohanty I am committed to my work and always do my best.

Sophomore Mechanical Engineering

Samara Neufeld

Freshman Marine Biology

My enthusiasm for completing tasks on time, my organizational skills and my attention to detail makes me an asset to any team. I’m easy to get along with and love working with others.

Kyle Bielanos I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because I believe that I can adequately represent the student body well and that I can make the school better through this opportunity.

Sophomore Mechanical Engineering

Campaigning begins this week. Voting is from March 31 to April 4. Winners are announced April 9.

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Campus life

5 - march 25, 2014

Finals approach, students gear up Daniel Hereau Staff Writer With the withdraw date behind us and finals only a few weeks away, students are starting to plan for how they will deal with them to get good grades. Students having difficulties in a subject can go to the Academic Support Center for help with subjects like science and writing essays. Rodd Newcombe, director of the ASC, said that students often come to him for help and advice on what to do to improve their grades and how to study. “One way I suggest reading a textbook is to have some of the material before reading the chapter,” Newcombe said. “Most textbooks have a review at the end of the chapter, the highlights of the chapter, and you can read the highlights of the chapter to have something to focus on in the chapter.” Newcombe also said that scheduling things in advance is a good idea since the ASC and other services get very busy as finals get closer. Rachel Densler, assistant director of the ASC, said there was online tutoring available at for students who were unable to make the times when the regular tutors are in. Densler said the subjects she had seen the most people come in for were writing and science. Students having difficulty with math can go to the Math Advancement Center for help. One of the new things the tutors and director are doing this year are intensive

group sessions for Calculus 1 and pre-calculus to help students that need a lot of reinforcement for the subjects. Dan Zaffran, director of the MAC, said the feedback they got from students said they found the intensive sessions very helpful and that the small group sizes or one-on-one interaction with the tutor helped them get their questions answered. He that they are considering expanding them to other classes if there is a demand for it. “It’s not a lecture, we don’t lecture here,” Zaffran said. “It is an active and interactive lesson.” Zaffran said that the most requested class varied by week and which courses had a test coming up. Kristine Boykin, a GSA at the MAC, said that Calculus 2 was the most frequent course she tutored people in. She said that they often had people stop in for help or to set up an appointment for tutoring. She said that repetition and focusing on key formulas was important, but that she thinks students should focus on their best study habit and use that to help reinforce the material. “Beyond that I usually try to get them to think about what their best study habit is. If flash cards work for you then make flash cards,” Boykin said. “If repetition works best then repetition. If solving lots of the same kind problem to get a good concept base works for you then do that. And always come in for extra help if you need it.”

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6 - march 25, 2014


the Florida tech crimson

CAPS PSA: Popping prescription pills perpetuates problems habits Stephanie L Field, M.S. CAPS Hey you... WAKE UP! Have you noticed you have difficulty sleeping at night? Do you have problems getting up in the morning? Do you feel groggy all day, or unmotivated to study? Perhaps you notice you are having trouble focusing in class. Is procrastination your new habit? Maybe you are feeling worried, anxious, sad... or even angry. Whatever the case may be for you, these are all very common experiences for college students. The experience may be very new to you, or it may be commonplace. So the question is: how do you deal with all of this on top of having to go to class every day, study nonstop, and be successful in your courses? There are some healthy habits out there to help you deal with all of this. However, some students unfortunately think drugs and alcohol are a quick fix. To learn more about drug and alcohol use and misuse, myths and facts about substances, and everything in between, attend the next CAPS event Alcohol and Drugs: The Need to Know and Want to Knows on Thursday, April 3 at 7p.m. in 202 Evans Hall. However, we’re going to focus on the increasingly common issue of prescription drug abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) defines prescription drug abuse as “the intentional use of a medication without

a prescription; in a way other than prescribed; or for the experience or feeling it causes.” While some people see pills as a “magic bullet,” or an easy fix to all of their problems, this method of coping actually makes problems worse. See if you can identify whether the following fictional folks have a problem with prescription drug abuse. Case 1: Jimmy is a straightA senior in Electrical Engineering. He sleeps well, feels refreshed when he wakes up in the morning, and, for the most part, has no major difficulties focusing in class. His roommate is prescribed a medication for ADHD. Jimmy asks his roommate if he can use a pill to help him study for a huge final that he is worried about. He figures, “After all, it’s just once. What can it hurt?” Is this prescription drug abuse? …YES! Some folks find that the “just one” mentality does not always work out. Many times, individuals find that they continue to use and reuse the pills they are not prescribed, leading them down a slippery slope to becoming dependent on the drug. This would mean spending a lot of time finding the pills, taking the pills, and worrying about withdrawal, financial hardship, and health problems this could cause. Furthermore, this might affect Jimmy’s relationship with his roommate, especially if he asks for more in the future. Instead, Jimmy might want to consider adjusting his study strategies and schedule

to prepare for this big exam. For example, he might plan to study with a group and use flash cards throughout the day to jog his memory. If he finds he is having difficulty with a specific subject, he could also seek support from the Academic Support Center or his professors. These are strategies he has never used before, but it’s worth a try! Case 2: Jane, a 19-year-old sophomore at Florida Tech, lives with her parents in the Melbourne area. She has struggles to sleep at night since she broke up with her longtime boyfriend last week. Jane’s mom is prescribed sleeping pills, which she only takes “as needed,” so she always has enough available. Worried that Jane’s grades will be negatively affected by her lack of sleep and concerned that she will fall asleep at the wheel on her drive to school, Jane’s mom offers her one of her sleeping pills every now and then. Is this prescription drug abuse? …YES! Jane might actually have more trouble sleeping after taking this pill, which may cause her to want to use it more and more. Therefore, similar to Jimmy’s situation, this could lead to dependence and cause some strain on her relationships. Since they have not been prescribed these medications by a medical professional, Jane and Jimmy also risk dangerous side effects or reactions to these drugs. There are many more effective methods for sleeping. Jane could consider a sleep hygiene routine, such as

taking a warm shower, having some decaffeinated tea, listening to soothing music, and reflecting on positive aspects of the day before bed. She may also use mindfulness and relaxation skills by focusing on the present moment, doing deep breathing, and trying muscle relaxation strategies to help her get to sleep. However, if her sleep issues continue, she may benefit from seeking support from the Student Health Center, CAPS, or her primary care physician. Case 3: Molly is a freshman at FIT. The other day at a pickup soccer game she fell and injured her knee. The pain was bearable until she tried to walk to class all the way across campus. When she returned to her dorm she decided to take one of her leftover pain pills that she was prescribed when she had her wisdom teeth taken out a few months ago. Is this prescription drug abuse? …YES! Even though this is Molly’s own medication, she is not taking it for the intent it was prescribed. Should Molly continue to self-medicate for this injury, it could lead to dependence. Pain pills are of particular concern; when one becomes dependent on a pain medication, the user actually feels that he/she is in MORE pain than is actually present. It almost acts in opposition to its original purpose because the user becomes tolerant to the “numbness” effects of the pill. So not only is the person in more pain than ever, but they are highly likely to take more pain

medication to reduce that pain and need more of the drug over time. Instead of misusing her medication to manage her pain, Molly would benefit most from assistance from the Student Health Center or a primary care physician. In the future, Molly might want to look into appropriate ways to dispose of her leftover medication. Hopefully some of this information has been beneficial; however, if you find yourself still struggling, CAPS is available to help. We are here on campus to offer assistance for many challenges college students face. To make an appointment with a mental health counselor, you are welcome to call (321) 674-8050 or walk into the center. CAPS is located beside the Health Center, at the corner of Country Club Road and University Boulevard. The CAPS website (www. offers additional information regarding resources, services and groups, as well as brief screenings for depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders and alcohol use. We realize it can be uncomfortable to reach out for help for the first time, but we hope you do contact us when you need us. CAPS is just one of many resources at Florida Tech that supports maintaining a happy and healthy you! Remember to check out Alcohol and Drugs: The Need to Know and Want to Know on Thursday, April d at 7p.m. in 202 Evans Hall. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

7 - march 25, 2014


The Florida tech crimson

What you need to know about 3D printing Christopher Pangalos Staff Writer The process of 3D printing originated back in 1984, but it was not until recently that 3D printers have become available to the general public. While there are 3D printers capable of printing in a wide variety of materials from metal to clay, the ones currently available to consumers use thermoplastic filaments. These use the process of extrusion deposition to create models through layers of molten plastic. Currently, the two main types of filament (the plastic material) are ABS and PLA. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is the material Legos are made of. It’s strong, but requires a heated print-plate and it produces a strong smell when

printing. PLA (Polylactic Acid) is another type of plastic that doesn’t require heating, and is available in a wider variety of colors, because it’s made from renewable resources. It is much more environmentally friendly than ABS. Overall, ABS is generally stronger and more flexible, making it preferred for use in machinery. Polylactic acid is generally more detailed and glossy, making it better for models. There’s no significant price difference between the two types, though as of right now, a 1 kg spool runs about $30. Despite how expensive they sound, low resolution models can be obtained fairly cheaply.

As of right now, the cheapest 3D printer is the Printrbot Simple, running about $300. Being the cheapest, the Printrbot Simple only has a small print area, low-detail and can only print in PLA, since it doesn’t have a heated bed. Most other cheap models range from $500 to $1000, while mid-range are from $1000 to $2000, and high quality models such as the Replicator 2X are over $2000. Many higher-end models feature the ability to print in multiple colors, universal cartridges, faster speed, Wi-Fi connectivity and better detail. Users can create printable 3D models in .stl format through the use of computer software or 3D scanners. Online users can find a wide variety models. The website allows users to upload and share models free of cost while provides models for purchase. Controversy has stemmed from Defense Distributed, which designs models for firearms called “wiki weapons” and previously allowed users to download them online, stressing the right to bear arms. They designed the first 3D handgun known as the Liberator, which was demonstrated by their founder Cody Wilson in a Youtube video. The Liberator fires .380 caliber bullets and the only nonprinted piece is a single metal nail to act as the firing pin. The Undetectable Firearms act requires 3D firearms have a metal strip inserted so they can’t slip by metal detectors. In addition, Defense Distrib-

uted has been required to remove all weapon download links. Another issue is the fact that, like illegal movie downloads, there’s no way to prevent the distribution of copyrighted or illegal designs. Many of them can be obtained through peer-to-peer file sharing sites. According to Cnet news, a man in New Zealand is using a 3D printer to build a car. He’s printing out about 2500 pieces to use as fiberglass mold plugs for the body of a 1961 Aston Martin, giving new consideration to the anti-piracy phrase: “You wouldn’t download a car”.

Gadget Corner Joseph Stoltz Staff Writer

the June bracelet Sadly, there were several gadgets from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that shamefully went under my radar. The first gadget that stuck out was a new smart bracelet that will make you fear the sun even more than you already do, or at least start you down that path with its dooming data. The second gadget that stood out was yet another device that will turn your gadgets into a weapon and will bring a whole new meaning to the term “phone accident.” If you haven’t become afraid of the sun yet, buying the smart bracelet June will surely make you so. Developed by Netatmo, this little wearable wrist gadget is able to perform real time measurements of the sun intensity, while also keeping track of the total amount of sun exposure you are receiving over a time period. Since June does not have its own display, all of the acquired data from the device is sent to a smart phone app that will provide you with “tailor-fit sun protection advice,” like when you should apply SPF or wear sunglasses. This may seem nice to some of you, especially those that are concerned about skin health, but after a while— you’ll start to realize how much radiation you’re actually picking up from those lovely sun rays in Florida, and you’ll probably start turning into a hermit. Paste Magazine even goes so far to even say that June is “the perfect gift for your favorite introvert, hermits everywhere no longer need to make excuses, they can simply say ‘Sorry, but my bracelet says I need to go inside’.” If you’re interested in buying one of these gadgets, Engadget reported that June actually has a surprisingly affordable price of $99, along with a choice from three colors: platinum, gold, and gunmetal.

yellow jacket stun gun case The second gadget may not seem like much at first sight, but it will be quite an electrifying addition to your cell phone, since it’s the fusion of a hard protective case and a stun gun, or as Paste Magazine puts it, “the love child of an Otterbox and a miniature stun gun.” This gadget, simply called the Yellow Jacket stun gun case, packs an 18,000 Volt shock to protect yourself with, or for some of you, hurt yourself with; if you have problems butt dialing on your phone, imagine if you somehow activate the stun gun. If you’re interested in trying to electrocute yourself while butt dialing on your phone at the same time, you can buy the Yellow Jacket from its own website where two versions are offered. The first version is for the iPhone 4/4S, which has a price tag of $99 and an electrical current of 0.8 mA. The second is the newest version, which is made for the iPhone 5/5S and has a price of $149.99 with 1.3 mA of electrical current.

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