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FIVE TOWNS COLLEGE CIRCLE K Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 Regular Meeting – Room 207 “Live to Serve – Love to Serve” I.

Important Dates i. Divisional at Adelphi ii. DEADLINE to register for DLSSP iii. N.Y.D.L.S.S.P. iv. Huntington Kiwanis’s 10K Walk v. Murder Mystery for EliMiNaTe

Thurs. 9/22/2011 Sat. 9/24/2011 9/30/11 – 10/2/11 Fri. 10/21/11 Sat. 11/12/11


Brief overview of CKI


Divisional at Adelphi i. Tonight at 8pm ii. Meet other kids from other CKI Clubs, learn more about club.


District Large Scale Service Project i. September 30th – October 2nd ii. Register by September 24th for lower price! iii. We will carpool with other LICKI members! iv. Many service opportunities


Huntington Kiwanis’ 10K Walk


Murder Mystery for EliMiNaTe


Notice about meetings.

VIII. Adjournment

Agenda for 9/22 Meeting  
Agenda for 9/22 Meeting  

Agenda for what will be taking place at our September 22nd Meeting