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October 2009

THE HEADS OF THE CLASS Five Freehold Township seniors named National Merit Semifinalists by Jeff Fox

photo by Jeff Fox National Merit Semifinalists (from left to right) Josh Lipson, Vicki Shen, Scott Lief, Sophia Nguyen, and Hannah Greenwald joke around in the media center.

Homecoming 2008, on Friday, October 17, was characterized by excitement, thrills, and a win for the Patriots’ football team. However, for five individu-

als, the following Saturday would prove to be the more memorable day. On that day, then-juniors Victoria Shen, Sophia Nguyen, Hannah Greenwald, Josh Lipson,

and Scott Lief made their way to the high school, along with many others, for the Preliminary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Qualification. Also known as the

FTHS welcomes new assistant principal by Ashley Sheridan and Nicole Madera

“When you enjoy something, Child Left Behind), and Middle what an important role prioriit’s a positive… you look forward States. She also works in con- tizing plays in her life, and she to it,” says new vice principal, junction with SMART, which is suggests that students can do the Susan Field. This positive attitude a committee that carries out the same. “It’s about knowing what is exactly the outlook Field has on goals set by Middle States, and needs to be done now versus what her new job here at FTHS. needs to be done later,” she Although. Field was resays. cently promoted and is still Furthermore, Vice Prinadjusting to her newfound cipal Field believes that one responsibilities, working should not learn to just tolerin the administration is not ate his or her job but should enjoy what they do. Not unfamiliar territory for her. many people can pinpoint Field states, “I was a teachexactly what they want to er in the district for twenty do for the rest of their lives years [over at Marlboro High School] and a departso early on in their lives, ment supervisor of electives but Field states that she has always wanted to do somefor five years at Freehold thing with education. “My Township. mother suggested [teaching] Field articulated that, photo by Kelly Zarnowski along with her new position, New Vice Principal Susan Field works hard to ensure early on,” she said, “and put that seed into my head.” she has had “the opportu- a successful school year. We’re all looking forward nity to work with additional staff members on school commit- ABC, which stands for “Always to a great year with Vice Principal Field and wish her the best of tees.” Some of these committees Building Character.” include Attendance, NCLB (No Above all, Field emphasizes luck!

PSAT/NMSQT, the test ultimately meant more for these individuals than just a preparation for college entrance exams. With their scores, the five current seniors met the criteria to be semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. The National Merit Scholarship Program, founded in 1955, recognizes the best scorers of the 1.5 million PSAT-takers across the nation. Overall, there are about 16,000 students who reach the semifinalist level, and only several thousand of these individuals survive to the finalist level. Freehold Township’s representatives all have a realistic chance of winning the scholarships. Shen, Nguyen, Greenwald, Lipson, and Lief are all exceptional students who have consistently worked at the highest levels. Their interests are diverse, from Lipson’s love of politics and philosophy to guitar and Sporcle quizzes in the case of Greenwald. All five are interested in elite colleges, with Nguyen and Lipson both expressing a desire to attend Princeton. Their strengths come not only from hard work and a natural affinity for academics, but also from test-taking philosophies. “Relax the night before the test, get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast,” Shen advised. Nguyen, only half jokingly, sug-

gested a more aggressive approach: “think of tests as the enemy. Then crush them.” However, she also says, “The best thing to do is stay calm.” Outside of the classroom, the semifinalists have assumed positions of power in all forms of extracurricular activities. Nguyen is the president of the Forensics team and managing editor for this publication; Shen is a member of the National Honor Society executive board; Greenwald is Math League captain and Forensics vice-president; Lief is president of the FTHS chapter of the Junior State of America, while Lipson is the Lieutenant Governor of the Mid-Atlantic State, putting him second in command of a large area of the nation. Should any of the Patriot semifinalists win the scholarship, they will join an elite grouping of previous winners, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield, and author Stephanie Meyer. Both Greenwald and Lipson said they associated best with the ice cream expert. Lief, however, had a rather unique relation. “I’m just like Stephanie Meyer,” he said. “Teenage girls love me.”

Look for more on Alice in Wonderland in our next issue!

It’s a ‘wonder’ful life

photo by Jordana Kranz

Seniors Kate Barron and Matt Hallinan rehearse for the school’s upcoming production of “Alice in Wonderland.” The plays runs from November 18 to November 21.

2 Opinion Page

wrong with new drug testing policy How technology is Nothing By Dylan Tyler latest controversial issue these rite of passage events, the nurse will bring them down to the taking over our lives that The has broached the Freehold school district has only had to nurse’s office and request from by Kelly Zarnowski

Technology today has opened ing to people and advertising oura world full of possibilities by selves. Even I’ll admit, Facebook broadening our social lives, let- is an excellent source of procrasting us meet other people faster, tination. It can be tempting to put and shrinking our global com- homework aside and login to see munity. However, even with all who’s “on” at the time. Ashley of these so-called improvements, Simpson, a freshman at FTHS the sad reality is that all of this laughs and states bubbly, “It’s a technology is actually hurting hu- great way of communicating as long as you don’t become too obmanity. Take, for example, Facebook. sessed. Facebook before schoolPretty much EVERYONE has work is not good.” This mostly helpful website is one. It’s a great way to catch up with other people. Alexis Barker, completely changing our ways. A a freshman at Freehold Town- sort of frenzy has begun to change ship, states, “It’s pretty fun, but I our “status” just to make sure evget annoyed when people update eryone knows what we are doing their status a lot and when peo- and what our friends and family are up to, ple poke me.” She also adds, “Thanks to Facebook, but it has also sarcastically, every waking moment of become something more. ”There’s nothing more fun our lives has become a Nowadays, a relationship than a virtual photo op.” seems to be pillow fight!” deemed “ofWe spend so much time caring about what ficial” when the partners change other people think that we are their status from “single” to “In a beginning to lose ourselves. relationship”. That little red heart Facebook is basically an adver- pops up for everyone to see. Plus, tisement of ourselves; we put if people have conversations on our interests and whatever we do Facebook, they’re only doing it that would be labeled as “cool” to so everyone else will see. If they get people to like us. Thanks to actually care about someone them Facebook, every waking moment they might text them, call them, of our lives has become a photo or even log off of Facebook for op. Yes, Facebook has allowed us once and actually hang out with to catch up with old friends, but them. Like Simpson says, many teens it’s also an abundant resource of a little too much information of put off their homework to check our peers. Let’s be honest: how Facebook instead, which is not a many of your “friends” on Face- recipe for success. When Facebook do you really know? All of book users limit their time on the these online social networks are website and have a well rounded great for catching up with friends schedule that does not center and family that we don’t normally around this social site, Facebook see, but these sites have quickly is a helpful tool with keeping up turned into a daily habit of talk- with friends and family.

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Jeff Fox Editor in Chief Sophia Nguyen Managing Editor Courtney Renz Asma Jafri News Editors Vera Defusco Features Editor Zarina Bamji Assistant Features Ed. Ashley Sheridan Dylan Tyler Op/Ed Editors Chelsea Thorsheim Sports Editor Megan O’Shea Copy Editor Ms. Kimberly Aleski Adviser

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Regional High School District’s walls is the random drug testing policy. FRSHD will begin randomly drug testing students in an effort to drive students away from drinking and drugs. I support the district’s decision to begin random drug testing on students. Random drug testing can only be administered to “privileged” students that participate in extracurricular activities or seniors who hold a parking permit. Random drug testing for all students is not allowed because of the Supreme Court Ruling, the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 92 of Pottawatomie County v. Earls in 2002. The Court ruled that only students who participated in extracurricular activities, such as sports or band or drama, could be subjected to random drug testing. The Freehold Regional High School District has already used an alcohol detection program at various school events, such as homecoming to prom. Due to breathalyzers being present at

deal with a handful of incidents. This action causes students to have an enjoyable, satisfying, and safe night. Random drug testing is just yet another plausible way to dissuade students from trying drugs in the first place. With random drug testing in effect, students may think twice before participating in the use of illegal substances. Due to random drug testing, students now have another excellent reason to answer “no” if they’re offered drugs. Random drug testing is just a preventive measure to help keep students on the right track and drug-free. It should not be viewed as any form of punishment, but rather as a precautionary measure to help steer students away from destructive dangers, such as drinking and driving. The random drug testing is set to begin in September 2010. Here’s how it’s going to work: All privileged students will have a random, confidential identification number. When a student’s number is selected, the school

them a urine sample. If a student’s test returns positive or the student and his parents are uncooperative, the student will be barred for participation in their privileged area for a minimum of 30 days. The student will then have to see a counselor and retake a negative urine sample before they are allowed to participate again. The purpose of random drug testing is not to catch kids in the act of using drugs, but to keep them from ever trying them in the first place. Once someone begins to use drugs habitually, each time they come back for more, it will become harder and harder for them to step away from their destructive behavior. Children become addicted to drugs more rapidly than adults and overcoming additction is an extremely hard and hellacious battle. With random drug testing in effect, the program is nipping this whole situation in the bud. Random drug testing should be applauded not jeered at.

Faulty ethics behind random drug testing by David Tejada

Freehold Regional High School District administrators have decided to randomly drug test students. Oh how very wrong it is! Students must only be drug tested only if there is evidence that the student is under the influence. The school should not waste its time and money, as well as, most importantly, the students’ time. If one were to randomly test students for drug use, one would be bound to get a drug user eventually. Drug testing is fine as long

as it is strongly suspected that a student is using drugs. It is understandable to test a student who is destroying property or an athlete who has improved immensely in a short period of time, but why test a student who has no signs of using drugs? There is a higher chance the test will come back negative and become a waste of time to all parties involved. However, there is a deterrent factor at play here. One would most likely not use drugs if there is even a slight chance of getting

tested and into a world of trouble. Only time will tell just how effective this deterrent facor is, but it is not fair for the students who do not use drugs and have to go through this frustrating experience. As Mrs. Caruso-Mills says, “If you have nothing to hide what does it matter?” Many students and staff take a neutral stance towards this issue. I am all for drug testing, but I believe random drug testing is going to do more harm that actually help.

Saving The Planet: A Guide for the Everyday Teen By Courtney Renz Did you know that 36 states are expecting water shortages by 2013? If you think that’s scary, just think about this: 3 trillion gallons of water would be saved if every household invested in water-saving appliances, not to mention $18 billion. So why is the environmental movement going nowhere? Anyone can make a difference without becoming an extreme environmentalist. Although 64 million tons of material have been prevented from going into landfills by recycling alone, still 23% of America has decided to not recycle. Recycling just one aluminum can takes 95% less energy than making a completely new one. Some people think that environmentalists are going to fix this mess we have plummeted into, but the truth is that we, as a people, need to work together in order to make any difference. Yes, recycling one water bottle may not be as large an impact as saving an animal from extinction, but if every single person in the United States

recycled just one water bottle a day 307,425,936 each day would be saved from a landfill. A change is possible: it is not too late and there is so much we can do. Even in school, there are so many green options. To start with, think about all the paper each person uses in a day. Instead of opting for a new sheet of paper for every day of notes, use the back of the paper; it won’t change the way you study. If you want to go super-green, try getting a recycled notebook or paper with the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled content. Plastic water bottles are not biodegradable: when they land in the land fill it is forever so instead opt for a reusable aluminum bottle. When asked what she thought of tap versus bottled water, Sara Wiess, a junior at Freehold Township, claimed that after switching to an aluminum refillable bottle, she enjoyed the taste of tap water better and felt good about doing her part. Shutting down your computer at night saves energy;

shutting down your monitor is recommended if you are not using it for more than twenty minutes, as is fully shutting down the computer if you are not using it for more than two hours. When printing, use both sides of the paper in order to get the maximum use out of your paper. Also make sure to throw away trash in the correct bins. There are also a lot of things you can do outside of school as well, such as switching to fluorescent light bulbs, turning off lights when you walk out of a room, and getting reusable bags at the grocery store instead of plastic bags, which ultimately end up in landfills. Always make sure to turn the water off when brushing your teeth, and try to shorten a shower to 5-7 minutes. These are only a few things that we can all do to make a difference. If you want more information, go to or

School News


FTHS walks for Alzheimer’s

by Samantha Sharma Peer leaders lead the way up the collected! The walk was three years. Since 2006, FTHS has Point Pleasant boardwalk, march- miles, once up the boardwalk and raised 60,000 dollars for the founing for money. On Saturday Sep- once down, starting at 10:30. This dation. Almost all of the money tember 26, many of the students distance didn’t seem long at all goes directly to the cause, whethfrom Freehold Township High though, says Nicole Sparapani, er it be to carign for assisstants, or School walked along the beach grade 12, “between everyone tracking devi ces, so people don’t raising money and awareness for singing and everyone painting forget where they’re going and Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a dis- their face, along with the walking get lost. This year the team won ease that causes a person to lose it was a fun morning, and all for a the Circle of Honor Award. One their memory. He or she might good cause.” The songs and spirit team out of New Jersey every forget little things, like names or of the people proves that every- year is picked by the foundation appointments but they and recognized for their could also forget big good deed and service. things, like how to get A dinner will be held in to where they want to - The Peer Leaders and Octagon their honor in Novemgo. About two thirds of Club estimated that they raised about ber. The Fiorletti family the peer leaders at our will be asked to attend $15,000 to combat the disease. school joined to help this dinner for their the cause. Members of - The Patriots have collected about hard work and generosthe FTHS Octagon club $60,000 in the past four years. ity. Between the twin and a couple teachers seniors, Anthony and - Biggest earners were Anthony, including Mr. McEvoy, Vinnie, and their older Mr. Dohan, Mrs. Jones Vinnie and Nicole Fiorletti with $3,000. sister Nicole, they have and Miss Merolla acraised about $3,000. companied them. ToThe goal is to gether everyone had a great time. one enjoyed themselves and there eventually raise a total of 100,000 You might’ve been asked was a lot to do there, more than dollars over the years of jointo donate to the fund by people just walking and face painting. ing this walk. To become a part around school. The people in- Awareness stands for other causes of this group next year look into volved were selling pledges for were set up, informing everyone peer leadership or the Octagon just two dollars. That may not of different ways to get involved club. “It was kind of cold in the seem like a lot but it definitely and speeches were made thanking morning,” says Ben Levine, grade added up. Th e money has not everyone there. There was live 11 “but it was sunny while we been totally counted up yet but music and raffles at the end of the walked.” The warm weather must so far they know they’ve raised walk too. Two of the peer leaders have helped to make it more en10,200 dollars. It is estimated that won prizes! joyable and fun. Great job to all! in the end the final number will be Our school has been taking somewhere around 15,000 dollars part in this event for the past three

Fast Facts

photo by Kylie Moore

photo by Kylie Moore

Random drug testing comes to FRHSD by Laura Boyce

The Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education passed a new random drug testing policy at a meeting on August 31. The policy is expected to become effective during September 2010. The FRHSD was concerned about the number of students using drugs. So, the FRHSD Superintendent of Schools James Wasser told board members during their survey had been given to juniors attending the six schools in June during the 2008-2009 school year. 48.5% of the students who answered the survey said that they have used drugs or alcohol, but the board members say that it is most likely that there are some drug users who did not respond to

the survey. The policy states that any student in any sports, clubs, or any other extracurricular activity will be subject to submit to a random drug test. If a student were to test positive, then there would be a 30-day suspension from all extracurricular activities. The student will then be required to meet with their guidance counselor for an education program four times. The student must also pass a drug test with negative results before they are able to return to their activities. The policy is expected to cost around $25,000-$30,000. The policy has raised controversy between students and parents. At a Junior State of America (JSA) meeting at Freehold Town-

ship High School on September 15, this policy was discussed. Senior Josh Lipson spoke against the policy. He had some points about why it should be abolished. The school district already punishes people who use drugs in a way that disrupts the educational process. If a student was high at school, then they should be dealt with. Instead, the policy is going to use large amounts of money on a process that violates civil rights and accomplishes nothing new. This could also discourage students from joining extracurricular activities because small things such as poppy seed bagels could cause the student to test positive. Some students may not be willing to take that chance and might not

sign up for any extracurricular activities. Most of the students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more responsible, and therefore less likely to be doing drugs in the first place, so it is pointless to test them unless there are suspicions of them doing drugs. Senior Gayatri Oruganti spoke for the policy. She had reasons why it should be kept. Drugs are harmful to students; they can affect behavior in and out of the classroom. Using and possessing drugs is a crime, so the students would be punished for their actions. Only students that are in extracurricular activities will be tested, ensuring that the students stay responsible. It would worth

it to spend the money on drug testing if the students doing drugs could be caught, punished, and set straight. Then the number of students using drugs could go down. About 10% of students participating in extracurricular activities are expected to be tested. Before being able to participate in the activity, the parents must sign a form allowing the student to be randomly drug tested. If the parent does not sign the form, then the student is not allowed to participate in the activity. The board also said that if a student were going to be drug tested, then the parents would be notified.

by Marlene Parry On Friday, September 18, the freshmen class voted on their new class officers. The candidates worked hard all week by campaigning during lunches for their desired positions. The candidates gave their honest and intuitive speeches to the freshman class in the auditorium, during first period on Friday morning. Afterward, the freshmen class voted on their favorite candidates, which was who they thought could do the best job as class officers. After waiting all day to find out, the new freshmen class officers were announced. Keith Clark was elected new freshmen class president, Mike Tuozzelo received the position of freshmen

class vice president, Niki Gaire was voted in for freshmen class secretary and Gabrielle Davis was voted as the new freshmen class treasurer. The freshmen class president, Keith Clark, is from Barkalow Middle School. Clark’s speech was well written and entertaining; his opening statement was a rap introducing himself, which caught the audience’s attention right away. When asked how he would make freshmen year fun and eventful, Clark responded, “I will try to make sure we schedule fun activities throughout the whole year.” Clark also said he would devote 100% of his time and effort to make freshmen year

eventful and unforgettable. Clark also gave insight into an event he wants to arrange for this year, “I want to have a charity event where students in our school help kids with special needs.” The new vice president of the freshmen class is Mike Tuozzelo, who, along with the new president, came from Barkalow Middle School. Tuozzelo’s speech was thoughtful and humorous: he added his own jokes, giving the class a glimpse into his witty personality. The new vice president was asked if he would devote his full time and energy to the freshmen class, and he then responded “Yes, I will be focused and determined and do all in my power to

make this year the best it can be.” He also said “I’m going to try to organize dances and other things, like the Harlem Wizards game, and things we haven’t really tried before,” to make freshmen year fun and memorable for everyone. When Tuozzelo was asked how he would benefit the freshmen student body by being vice president, he responded with “I can bring my creativity and determination to the table and work off of that to come up with original ideas to make this year memorable.” Niki Gaire was elected the new freshmen secretary, whose speech was very truthful about how she wanted to help the class of 2013

and what she planned to do for her freshmen class throughout the year. The new class treasurer, Gabrielle Davis, is from Barkalow Middle School. She gave an insightful speech about what she plans to do to make freshmen year fun, like starting fundraising for the class’ four years at Freehold Township. The new class officers have begun their jobs on Monday, September 21. They will begin planning the school events and working hard to make this year fun. All of Freehold Township wishes the new officers good luck for this upcoming year.

Class of 2013 votes for student government officers


World News

President makes health care speech to Congress by Jason Fox

On September 9, Barrack Obama made a speech to Congress outlining the health care bill he hopes to put into action. During the speech, Obama quoted a letter that Ted Kennedy had sent him, saying that “health care is that great unfinished business” left to every president since first mentioned in 1935. However, Obama intends to be the last president to have to deal with this issue. His speech outlined how he plans to strengthen the coverage that Americans already have and how to give those who don’t have coverage the health care they need. When put into effect, this plan will not require anyone to change the health care they have or switch doctors. The people will get to choose whether or not to change their coverage. However, with a growing number of reports coming in about health care companies dropping coverage for people when they need it most, Obama plans to illegalize the dropping of a person’s health care due to a preexisting condi-

tion or when they become sick. The law would also state that health care companies must cover preventive care and early detection procedures. As an added bonus, Obama’s plan will eliminate coverage caps, allowing many to get needed procedures and medicines that they could not normally afford. From senior citizens to teenagers, many are skeptical about hwo the president plans to fund this plan. For example, Michelle Grushko, a sophomore at Freehold Township High School, says, “what Obama is trying to do is great, and we do need everything he says, but we can just not attain it, not in this economy.” In his speech, the president assured the public that by enhancing the ways we spend our money, his plan will be paid for in full. As a key point in the entire process, Obama made it clear that this health care bill will not add a single cent to the nation’s deficit. To make everything easier on the people of America, Obama states that he will create a special

market in which anyone can buy affordable coverage. This market, which he titles “The Exchange,” will be competitive due to the fact that the affordable rates will give tens of millions the opportunity to buy health care, and give the companies the chance to acquire millions of new customers. For individuals and small businesses in particular, health care would be sold at reduced prices, and a special clause will be added for those who still cannot afford coverage. This clause will enable them to receive tax cuts and credits. Although Obama’s plan looks like salvation in the eyes of many, it looks like the end of freedom just as many. In his speech Obama says that “one of the unique and wonderful things about America is…our fierce defense of freedom…”, and many have taken this quote to heart. Rallies have begun breaking out all over the country preaching that by passing this bill the American people are giving government complete control over the entire health care system.

Economic woes affect teens, adults alike

by John Citranglo Following years of good eco- tively as well. A common concern for finding and applying to colnomic times, the U.S. economy fi- among graduating students is the lege are coming to a close. According to FTHS senior nally began to stumble two years cost of college. Many parents and ago, and a “recession” has been guardians of students have lost Dylan Tyler, “College loans are taking place ever since. It began their source of income (jobs). Ac- definitely a concern for me in apwith the collapse of the hous- cording to, the plying to college in these economing market, and then expanded rate of unemployment in the state ic times.” Some students such as into other markets as well. It has of New Jersey has climbed to a FTHS senior Matt Horwitz aren’t seemingly become the main ob- whopping 9.7 %, approximately as concerned: “I’m just saying in stacle our generation must over- twice as high as a healthy unem- general it isn’t really affecting my search since my family wasn’t come. It has become an issue not only in the US economy but “Many students may not be able to hurt in the economic downturn. I’m still looking at all the same in domestic politics and interattend a certain college they have schools and intend on taking national relations. It has forced companies to innovate, making yearned to go to due to high costs, out student loans and applytheir products not only more af- which is something completely out of ing for scholarships in order to fund my education in college.” fordable but more user friendtheir own individual control.” Though it is a great concern ly as well. The recession has to some, students should not also taught us that the U.S. may ployment rate should be. This is potentially very harmful stress too much over it. It is imnot always remain the dominant economic, military, and political to students due to the cost of col- portant that seniors enjoy their superpower everyone believed it lege tuitions. Many students may closing year of High School, would be forever. Nations such not be able to attend a certain col- rather than constantly worrying as China, India, and Brazil have lege they have yearned to go to about economic woes. Senior due to high costs, which is some- prom, senior trips, homecoming, rapidly growing economies. While the recession has taught thing completely out of their own and Battle of the Classes are all us important lessons about the individual control. This is a very upcoming events seniors can look U.S. economy, many U.S. citi- large concern especially among forward too. zens have been affected nega- FTHS seniors since preparations

Obama helps bring politics to Facebook by Jess Carter When you think about the website Facebook, you probably think about your own account or a friend’s profile. Did you know that President Barack Obama was on Facebook? He has over six million fans, giving him the largest following on Facebook. The president is trying to get more and more supporters and is using the site to attract teens to politics. If Obama shows that he can make a difference with Facebook, he could be starting something big. After the president presented his speech at the Wakefield school in Arlington, VA the White House and made plans to

discuss the importance and meaning of the speech on Twitter and Facebook. Some students felt like politics is invading these sites and it is unnecessary. When asked for his thoughts on the Obama’s presence on the internet, senior John Citranglo said “he should have a Facebook so he can connect with more people that way.” Obama’s Facebook has a button above his picture reading “Become a supporter.” When asked if he should be asking for support in this manner, FTHS student Melissa Giaquinta answered, “He is already president, what more does he want?”

People might have seemed surprise when they heard The Pope had joined Facebook and now the president? Who knows what will be happening online next? It is evident that the members of Facebook are surprising and unexpected. It is not just a site for people to catch up with others. It has expanded its role to politics,, and it is used by some of the highest positions in the country and the world. Only time will tell if it’s indeed necessary and relevant for Obama to have a Facebook; as for now he’ll be continuing to add friends.

Race for governor still close

by Asma Jafri

As election day looms, the race for New Jersey governor is becoming tighter and tighter. Currently, there are sixteen candidates running, but only three qualified to participate in statesponsored debates: Democrat Jon Corizine, Republican Chris Christie, and Independent Chris Daggett. According to a recent poll done by Quinnipiac University, there seems to be a tie between Corzine and Christie. Many other polls are conveying the same message, including one that was conducted October 7 through 12. Christie is leading with 41 percent of the votes, while Corzine is trailing with 40 percent. Daggett has obtained 14 percent. Many have questioned why New Jersey, traditionally a Democratic state, seems to be leaning toward Christie. One of reasons

could be the budget cuts enacted by Corzine. Others believe that this is a sign of the state’s dissatisfaction with Barack Obama’s presidency thus far. Aside from the Democrats and Republicans, the independent contingency, represented by Daggett, is acquiring a good amount of votes. Gayatri Oruganti, a senior at Freehold Township High School, says she would vote for Daggett because “I feel he has a genuinely fresh perspective and his views are very practical. He is not conservative or liberal simply because he has to live up to a label his ‘party’ gave him.” As shown, the race is starting to become closer and closer as people begin to depart for the voting booths. Regardless of the statistics, there is no definite favorite. Nobody will be positive of the outcome until Election Day.

Print journalism’s slow, inevitable death by Sophie Nguyen Though some people say the recession is over, journalism is still sunk deep into depression. The newsstands are increasingly empty, the news bureaus dotting the globe are shutting down, profits are falling, and lay-offs decimate the offices. Even the seasoned veterans of journalism who broke many exposés over the courses of their careers are being shown the door. Print journalism is cutting corners to survive. Across the board, print media has slimmed down, and the readership has tapered off. Though the demand for news lessens, the cost of it remains high. Consider the coverage of the Iraq War alone. The reporters obviously must be paid, but so must other vital personnel, such as drivers and guards. Even in far less dangerous locales, in-depth stories are time-consuming, involving difficult-to-obtain interviews and piles of records and files to pore over; this often takes months to do, time for which reporters must have some sort of income. All of this, before cost of the literal newsprint and ink. Though print journalism has been perhaps particularly affected by the economy, its decline begun long before Wall Street’s. With the advent of sites such as Craigslist, once-profitable classified ads are moving away from papers and to the Internet. Advertising revenues and circulation have also plummeted. There have been attempts to adapt, some more successful than others. The Chicago Tribune moved to a “tabloid format” last year in an attempt to be more eye-catching. Websites for newspapers and magazines alike have grown sleeker, with more interactive features, attracting millions of unique visitors daily. However, the future looks largely bleak. Many local and regional papers have closed outright, including the Seattle Post-Intel-

ligencer. In the world of magazines, Newsweek’s advertising revenues have dropped by 27 percent, and Time‘s, by 14 percent. U.S. News and World Report has chosen to stop publishing weekly. There are outlets which have stepped in to fill the gap, though they don’t quite fill the void that these titans left behind. The first and perhaps most obvious is the blogosphere where the Everyman with wireless connection can become what the generous of heart call a “citizen journalist.” The quick-and-dirty, on-thescene observations of the public are undoubtedly an invaluable new resource – take the Twitter posts during the Iranian elections – but they remain unverified and altogether too plentiful; trawling through the Internet to find a reliable source can be an arduous task. Worse still is trying to sort out the important stories from the trivialities in that onslaught of information. This is where the second outlet comes in – the aggregators. Most media are a little guilty of linking to other people’s work instead of doing their own; sites like often borrow the content of newspapers without recompense. Ethical implications aside, this is mostly supplemental. For sites such as the Huffington Post or the Drudge Report, digesting and repackaging the fruits of others’ labors is their lifeblood. There are some who are trying to save newspapers. Some suggest collective efforts to install simple coding to prevent linking, and thus shut out the aggregators; others advise print companies to charge for their online content. Others claim that regardless of its importance in society, its perceived irrelevance dooms print entirely, and that it will go the way of the radio station – supported by private donations, charities, and the government.

Features by Zarina Bamji After a summer filled with relaxation and no disturbances caused by the words, “SAT,” “ACT,” and “college,” ringing in your mind, it’s time to get focused on what you want to do after high school is over. I know what many of you are thinking: “This girl is crazy. There’s no way I’m paying attention to college now! We’re less than a month into the school year!” I’m here to tell you all of the pros and cons, and the do’s and don’ts for your applications. I know a lot of the things you’ve heard may seem confusing and stressful, so I’m going to make it easy and take a lot of pressure off of your shoulders. The first tip is the most important: visit all of the schools you are even thinking about applying to. The campus you will be attending matters, since you will be there for four or more years. You

might think now that if you don’t like the school, you can transfer after freshman year, but that means reapplying to the schools you want to transfer to. This will result in spending a fortune (again) on more applications. If you don’t like a campus that you visit, take it as a blessing; you won’t make a silly mistake going to that school next fall. If you do like a campus, however, look into it deeper. If you can, talk to the tour guide or an administrator one-on-one. With that said, you should also look farther into the schools you want to apply to. My father forced me into looking at the U.S. News & World Report website to see how the schools I wanted to apply to stand among the rest in the state and country. Turns out that it helps a lot! I’ve found most of the schools I’m ready to apply to.


Next, keep yourself organized. Have a folder dedicated to everything you print out or write on for applications. You can also make a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel or Word, so that you know what you’ve already done and what you still need to do. Calendars also are very handy when you need to remember your deadlines. My third tip is to create an account onCommon App. Once you create an account on this website, you have the opportunity to look up and search the schools you are definitely applying to. Most, but not all, schools are listed on this website. After you’ve selected those schools, you have the opportunity to fill out the common application. It shows your work right on your homepage. What’s great about this is that you don’t have to continually type your basic information for every school;

it carries over. Nothing is finalized until you put in your credit card number and click Submit. You can go back and edit whatever you need to before you click that button. My last and final tip is very simple and straightforward: fill everything out early! Two terms people confuse are “Early Decision” and “Early Action.” Early Decision is submitting an application with the understanding that if you are accepted, you will definitely attend; legally, you are required to. Early Action allows you to apply to more than one school, and you still have the choice of which university you want to attend after acceptance. The earlier everything goes in, the better chance of acceptance you have. Another process you should get done early is requesting your transcripts and getting

teacher/guidance recommendations. You can now request transcripts and fill out your “Student Brag Sheet” online at Naviance. Once you have your brag sheet filled out, make sure to hand it to your teacher, along with an envelope addressed to the university’s admissions office and your home address as the return address. Afterwards, you can either print out the teacher/guidance recommendations directly from the school website, or have your teacher type something up for you. Overall, if you were stressed out about college applications beforehand, I hope things are less stressful for you now. Make an appointment with your guidance counselor as soon as you can if you have any other questions. Let’s not let “senioritis” kick in too soon! Good luck, seniors!

“Lying, cheating, stealing, seduction, backstabbing, betrayal, murder… Just another day at Melrose Place.” On Tuesday, September 8th, at 9 p.m. Melrose Place premiered on The CW. With writers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, the former writers of The CW’s Smallville, and director and producer Davis Guggenheim, Melrose Place is a remake of Darren Star’s original Melrose Place, which premierd in 1992. The only original cast members are Laura Leighton as none other than the Melrose Place landlord and Thomas Calabro as the classic Dr. Michael Mancini. Heather Locklear is guest starring for a short time, as well. As great

as Thomas Calabro and Heather Locklear were in the original show, Katie Cassidy (Harper’s Island, Supernatural) and Michael Rady (Greek, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) are knocking the audience dead as Ella Sims and Jonah Miller with great performances. The series is about a group of people just starting out life on their own, brought together by their apartment building. In the first episode, their landlord, Sydney Andrews, played by Laura Leighton, is murdered and everyone is a suspect. Everybody has their suspicions, except the police. Every tenant has a motive and an alibi. All of the tenants had a unique relationship with Syd-

ney, especially the newest tenant, Violet Foster, played by Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Due to the new writers and cast, the show was expected to do very well. Unfortunately, however, it disappointed many viewers. The CW assumed it would do as well as the 90210 remake did last year, but 90210 did much better with ratings. Despite some bad ratings, I think Melrose Place is an excellent show. It had everything an interesting new series should have. It is entertaining, shocking, and will leave you wanting more. So whatever you do, don’t miss it, every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.!

Catching up on Melrose Place: Just another remake? summer blockbusters by Megan O’Shea by Alexis Barker

Have you seen the top-rated, must-see movies of the summer? If not, here is your guide to what you missed this year. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hit theaters on June 24. Starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and Kevin Dunn, Transformers is about a war between the Decepticons and Autobots, two groups of alien robots that can change shape. Shia LaBeouf plays Sam Witwicky, a teenage boy who is caught between the battle of Decepticons and Autobots. “It was action packed, and over all a really great movie,” explains junior Steve Russo. Transformers brought in about $400 million, and it was nominated for the ALMA Award. Megan Fox and Shia LaBouf won the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Summer Movie Star. The Disney-Pixar comedy Up is about an old man’s lifelong dream to go on an adventure. Carl Fredrickson, a 78-year-old balloon salesman, ties thousands of balloons to his house, and takes off for flight. Russell, an 8-year-old wilderness explorer, interrupts Carl’s plan by getting caught on his porch when Carl

goes up, up and away. Carl and Russell travel to a new world in a flying house held up by balloons. Up was directed by Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson. “It was a really cute movie, and I loved every second of it. I would see it again and again if I could,” says sophomore Casey Heinzmann. The Pixar film won the award for Choice Summer Movie. It was definitely a must-see movie of the summer. Any guys out there need help in the romantic department? (500) Days of Summer is about a boy and a girl who fall in love... sort of. Zooey Deschanel plays Summer, a girl who doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Tom, played by Joseph Gordon, is the love-stuck guy. The movie follows them for 500 days of confusion and utter annoyance with Summer’s onagain/off-again non-relationship with Tom. “Men need to take notes on how romantic he is. I would buy it on DVD twelve times if I could,” explains sophomore Arielle Argenizo. (500) Days of Summer is one of the must-see movies of the summer both for for teenage girls and the boys who would like to learn a thing or two about how girls work.

CAUTION: ‘House’ may be addicting by Christen Carpenter

House M.D. premiered its new season on Fox and it is better than ever! House starts off the season in a psychiatric hospital, trying to break his addiction with Vicodin, a pain medication, to allow him to continue practicing medicine. Will he ever be able to stop? Will he get his job back? If new to the show, watch for the hilarious witty comebacks and sarcastic comments by House, played by Hugh Laurie. Also, the original characters of

Dr. Cameron, played by Jennifer Morrison, and Dr. Chase, played by Jesse Spencer, are back on House’s staff, and make the drama so much more enjoyable. The season will prove to be a must watch show for 2009 and will hopefully get a few more Golden Globes under its belt. Do not miss out, watch it Monday nights at 8 PM, and become part of the elite group of House lovers who tune in every week.

6 Entertainment I’m Feeling This: Gina Marie Soffian reviews Blink 182’s long-awaited reunion tour Lawn seats: redefined. Blink182’s much-anticipated reunion tour arrived in Holmdel at PNC Bank Arts Center on August 26th to satisfy thousands of dedicated, patient fans. It’s been four years since Blink has played live and ten years since they released their breakthrough album, Enema of the State. Clearly Blink-182’s crowd wasn’t just for them. They had some help due to their widely diverse band line-up. As fans nestled in, newcomer band Chester French plugged in and began to perform their pulsating, poppy sound as the opening act. Taking Back Sunday was up next. They were mildly memorable compared to their usual live performances and the audience was apparently not as up to par with the applause as they were

for Weezer. “When Weezer came on stage in their matching sweat suits, I started screaming. I did not shut up until I was halfway home,” exclaims junior Dana Ronan. Rivers Cuomo, exceedingly talented lead singer of Weezer, sent a power surge throughout the crowd when he opened singing a cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs.” As Weezer transitioned from “War Pigs” into “Hash Pipe,” the crowd couldn’t help but join in. This wasn’t a onetime only sing-along. Songs in Weezer’s fourteen track set included many hits that involved the crowd tremendously such as “Island in the Sun,” “Pork and Beans,” “Undone (The Sweater Song),” “Perfect Situation,” and of course the guilty pleasure, “Beverly Hills.” Rivers Cuomo was as in-

sane as ever, jumping around like an animated cartoon in his nerdy fashion. Soon, the crowd died down and began to become impatient. They had waited four years for this and the twenty minutes between band transitions was not helping. “Boo’s” and various profanity were released into the air. Pushes and shoves occurred from fans creating thirty-five second mosh pits. Finally, after four years of not being on stage together, Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus, and Tom DeLonge were back. The crowd went maniacally insane. Swaying and pushing occurred inside the “lawn seats” which really meant “standing.” It’s a mockery that Live Nation even used ‘lawn’ and ‘seats’ in the same phrase. I, along with a few thousand other

Asking Alexandria erupts from England by John Purcell

Exploding out of York, England, new metalcore band Asking Alexandria has blown away the minds of listeners around the world. Signing to Sumarian Records, their debut album, “Stand Up and Scream”, hit stores September 15. It is a collaboration of metal guitar, with deep tuning and many heavy breakdowns, and techno music breaks; the techno is also sometimes mixed into the breakdowns to give it a unique and different sound. Their lyrics vary by topic. One song, “I Used To Have A Best Friend”, is simply about how the singer was left behind by someone he once cared for and now that person has no hope of surviv-

al. Another song, “If You Can’t Ride Two Horses At Once…You Should Get Out Of The Circus”, is about withstanding the struggles of life. This just shows that they have a horizon of things to write about and they certainly will not be holding back on that front. The album displays various methods of guitar, including sweeping, fast picking, and clean strumming. Sweeping is a technique where one strums the strings of the guitar while moving their fingers on the frets, hitting the desired notes. This is done extremely rapidly, producing a fluid-like strum. This is only evident on one song, “No One Don’t

Dance No More” and is located in a late breakdown. They both scream and sing. Their screams are typically deep and growl-like, while the singing is clean and easily understandable. Aside from the touch of British accent in the clean vocals, it is nothing too special, just very enjoyable. The breakdowns are mostly fast and deep, with quick picking and eighth and quarter notes on the symbol of the drums. This band presents great talent and shows that their music will not be dying out anytime soon. Go buy their album at any local FYE or Best Buy. You will not regret it!

people, were clearly not sitting on seats. We were clearly standing like a pack of sardines-rude and barbarian sardines at that. Although, the concert was worth it. Blink performed many greats. They started off with their classic “Dumpweed” to entice the crowd. Hits followed hits. “What’s My Age Again?”, “Feeling This,” “I Miss You,” and “All the Small Things” were performed. Profanity followed profanity and mistakes followed mistakes. Blink certainly wasn’t their best but they certainly provoked the crowd. Sophomore Danielle Barbieri “thought it was hilarious and that it was a great experience because they’re my favorite band.” Travis, Mark, and Tom made it through their nineteen track set list and exited the stage. Fans

began to chant, “Blink, Blink, Blink!” Moments later, an encore began. Travis Barker was the only one on stage. He was immersed in his drum set and began his solo. Suddenly, Travis Barker’s drum platform began to rise and rotate. It began running in a horizontal fashion, turning all different ways. Travis Barker defied the laws of gravity that night. The encore contained “Carousel” and “Dammit” along with Barker’s gravity defying drum solo. When the group left the stage, fans roared in ovation. Four years away from the stage and they were still just as powerful. Blink 182 was back. You could tell from the yellow, pink, and white-splattered black t-shirts everyone was donning on August 27th.

What’s the most played song on your iPod?

Samantha Sharma, grade 11- “Here Comes the Sun,” The Beatles

Meghan Pak, grade 11- “My Blue Heaven,” Taking Back Sunday

Molly O’Connor, grade 11- “Starstrukk,” 3OH!3

Hannah Greenwald, grade 12- “She-Wolf,” Shakira

Jaq Myers, grade 11- “A Better Place, A Better Time,” Streetlight Manifesto

Melissa Montano, grade 11- “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” All Time Low

Jason Fox, grade 10“Feathers,” Coheed and Cambria

New show makes audience ‘glee’ful Don’t miss fall’s hottest shows by Gabby Lavden

“Don’t stop believing, hold on to the feeling,” sings the cast of the new series “Glee.” Director of the new show, Ryan Murphy, creates a story line that brings out the underdog in all of us. The pilot premiered September 9 and brought in about 10 million viewers for Fox. The main character, Will Schuester, played by Matthew Morison, is an optimistic teacher that attempts to save McKinley High’s glee club. He brings six students together: Kurt (Chris Colfer), Mercedes (Amber Riley), Artie (Kevin McHale), Rachael (Lea Michele), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Finn (Cory Monteith). Each character is blessed with a great singing voice, and their hopes and dreams lie in the business of singing and show choir. At McKinley High, though, show choir is considered lame. Things like football and cheerleading are at the top of the list.

But Will is determined to makegGlee club into something that McKinley High has never seen and tries to get more students to join. The fun filled cast is filled with both first-timers and Broadway actors brought to television. One person who isn’t a stranger to the small screen is Matthew Morison. You might have seen him in the hit Broadway show, “Hairspray” were he was cast as the heartthrob, Link Larkin. He has also made some guest star appearances in shows like “CSI” and “Ghost Whisperer.” Another cast member wellknown on Braodway is Lea Michele . Her Broadway debut was “Young Cosette” in “Les Miserables”. But, she is best known for her role as “Wendla” in the Tony Award Winning Broadway musical “Spring Awakening.” Someone who is very new to the television is Chris Colfer who plays the character of Kurt.

He first got into theater by assistant directing a theatrical benefit for his performing community. By the end of his senior year he wrote, directed and starred in a musical spoof of “Sweeney Todd.” Kevin McHalem, another TV novice, plays Artie. He first started his acting career doing commercials in Dallas and then he set out to be an actor. Some of his appearances include, “True Blood,” “The Office,” and “Zoey 101.” As you can see, “Glee” has a fun-filled cast that has a lot of acting experience. With a plot that is like “Bring It On” meets “High School Musical,” it is very entertaining, lively and just overall funny. Teens and adults of all ages will enjoy watching this high school comedy. So what are you waiting for? Catch “Glee” on Wednesdays at 9 on Fox!

by Sarah Kim

September: the beginning of a new school year, but also the month for new television show premiers and new seasons. As students, although we are busy with preparing for a new school year, we are also getting ready for a new season of TV. September 2009 rises in excitement with the new hilarious, juicy, and addicting TV dramas. “90210” is a must see show. It is a sequel to the hit show that first debuted in the early 90’s. The show takes place in Beverly Hills, California. The second season begins as Naomi, Silver and Adrianna form a tight friendship with one another after spending the summer at summer school. However, Annie feels left out from her group of friends and her family as she worries about her hit-and-run. As summer is ending, the gang chills out at the Beverly Hills Beach Club. At this place, Naomi and Silver meet Teddy, a famous movie star’s son. Also, Dixon and Silver work to

save their relationship, but it may be too little too late. It’s an old zip code, but filled with new drama. Also on the list is the show that many are familiar with, “One Tree Hill.” It’s been around for almost a decade! Season seven kicks off as one year passes by. There are plenty of new faces making their way to Tree Hill. Nathan’s sports agent, Clay, faces an accusation that challenges Nathan’s entire basketball career. Brooke and Julian’s professional prospects soar with a new fashion line and a big movie. Haley receives a shocking surprise visit from her sister. Last but not least, Jamie’s 7th birthday arrives. “One Tree Hill” is an old show, but has new breath-taking drama this season. Be sure not to miss all of the TV shows of the new season! Want more of those shows? Well, watch “90210” on Tuesdays on CW11 at 8 pm and “One Tree Hill” Mondays on CW11 at 9 pm. You will fall in love with the new drama of these addicting shows!

school news

7 A Day in the Life of an FTHS Freshman

by Melissa Giaquinta As the summer ended and the 2009 school year began, new students at Freehold Township High School poured into the halls, ready for their next four years to unravel. Coming from smaller and less crowded schools from several different towns in the area, everything is much different, and there are a lot more things that the freshmen will become used to, if they have not already. There are far more clubs,

activities, sports and classes offered at Freehold Township than was available to many students in their middle schools. Though navigating the school may have been a challenge at first, everyone seems settled and ready for the upcoming year. When asked why she preferred high school to middle school, freshman Jessica Carter replied, “There are more opportunities and more people to meet at Town-

ship. I am so excited for the next four years.” High school is filled with great memories and many opportunities. The freshmen at Freehold Township are bound to agree, and most are anxious for the great things awaiting them in high school. Freshman year is very important in high school. It’s a new beginning and a start for the next four years. Slacking off is not an option anymore when thinking

about what colleges one would want to go to and where the future will take you. Ninth grade is when people start growing up and taking responsibilities. Working hard every day is a must, though it is wise to take a break from work once in a while. While freshman Natalie Kalaitzidis feels that she would “much rather go back to middle school to see all her old friends,” senior John Citranglo enjoyed his fresh-

man year: “My freshman year was very enjoyable, I had the opportunity to meet new distinguished people, take part in clubs, and take part in school sponsored events. It was a great introduction to high school and shaped my high school career.” High school is a whole new experience. For every new student, it’s best to enjoy your time and make the four years you have at Township memorable.

FTHS Clubs provide something for everyone

by Madhura Karajgikar FTHS provides its students with a variety of extracurricular activities, and many students jump at the chance to become involved in many of the activities. However, there are many students who may have been overwhelmed by the choices. The activities the school offers give a chance for them to make new friends, learn new things, participate in competitions, and stand out on college applications. Of course, students don’t need to participate in all the clubs the school offers, but taking part in one or two is a great way to

. There’s a wide range of clubs available, from the Junior States of America and Forensics to Latino Mix and the Step and Dance teams. Certain clubs allow one to excel academically, while others allow them to socialize with people they never thought they would. Clubs such as Open Door and Octagon allow students to voluntee ant take part in community service. Science and Math League allow students to compete academically against their peers at other schools. The drama club gives students a chance to

share their talents with the whole school and community through the production of plays. StudenGovernment allows students to raise money for their grade. Recently, a new club has been introduced to the school: Knitting Club. Many students attended its first meeting, showing that new club ideas are supported at FTHS. Students can show their talents when by becoming involved in these activities. And, there’s one thing to remember: there is a club for everyone at FTHS. So, get involved, show your talent, and remember to have fun.

Girls soccer team an ‘unstoppable’ force

by Kelly Zarnowski

The girls varsity soccer team is tearing up the field with their intense battles. The bonds between these extremely talented girls are evident on and off the field, and led by Coach Scharff, they are unstoppable! The girls are on a role with a record of 10-3 (as of October 16). As a freshman soccer team member, I think the girls are all very skilled and play a smart, aggressive game. It is almost impossible to not be pumped up and ready after watching this team perform at their best. Scharff agrees that his team is an excellent one. But, he says, it is not just because of their individual skills. The true reason

why these girls continually succeed is because of how they bring all of their skills together and execute as a team. Scharff states with a smile, “The concept of being a true team player is what our philosophy is all about. We win as a team and we have lost as a team.” These girls are on a team to play soccer for our high school, but they are connected by so much more than just soccer teammates. Kimberly Kasten, a junior and defender on the team, has an opinion that greatly resonates with that of Coach Scharff. Kasten describes the deep sense of togetherness that the girls share. In describing her relation-

ship with her teammates, Kasten says, “The relationship between my fellow teammates and myself is truly indescribable. Not many teams can say they are friends off the field, but at Freehold Township, we are more than friends. We are sisters. These girls are my best friends, They always help me and will always be there. I love them. They’re like family.” The Patriots girls soccer team is the epitome of the idea that even a small thing such as soccer can create such a complex bond between people. “For the future of this team, I see great things,” Kasten predicts. It is clear that anyone watching these girls would agree.

Cougar Invitational, the team placed second in the varsity large school division. Overall, the team was disappointed that they were unable to win for the second year in a row, but they are still proud of their performances. At the district tournament, the Lady Patriots placed second, with many of the girls coming in the top twenty. Chelsea Thorsheim led the team, placing 8th. The rest of the team had a strong pack following, finishing in places 13 to 17. As far as the rest of season goes, there are still several more races left, including Monmouth County Championships, Shore Conference Championships, and State Sectionals. Furthermore, the Lady Patriots and the entire FTHS community are ecstatic about cross

country team’s new state ranking. As a team, they rank 20th in the state, which is a major improvement from their rank of 114 just last year. Overall, the team has much more depth than in previous years, and it is evident that the girls are working hard to be the best team possible. The varsity team, composed of Chelsea Thorsheim, Bridget Joyce, Jessica Faith, Amanda Rosenberg, Brianne Roche, Meghan Burns, Heather Spadola, and Christen Carpenter, hopes to make it to the second round of states as a team. The first round of states is on November 7, 2009 at Holmdel Park and the next round of sectionals is to be on November 14, 2009 at Thompson Park.

Girls cross country running down a stellar season by Chelsea Thorsheim

The Lady Patriots cross country team is in the midst of a fantastic season. The girls started off the season with a win against local rival Colt Neck at Holmdel Park. Unfortunately, the girls were unable to defeat Middletown North, thus putting them out of the competition for the A-North title. The race against Howell at the Howell Reservoir produced great times by all of the girls, but the victory could not be snatched from the talented Howell team. The girls also beat Marlboro, Middletown North in a second matchup, and Manalapan. Each member of the team recorded personal best times at the home meet against Middletown North, improving, on average, 30 seconds per person. At the New Balance Colts Neck

Extra, Extra! Look for a special Homecoming edition of the Patriot Press, coming soon. Frosh football shows the meaning of ‘team’

by Matt Alimena

The freshman football team shows the meaning of team every day, in and out. Coaches Mike D’Antonio, Gene Blanco, Brian Glick, and Pete Reilly try their best to really push this matter. Whether if it’s on the field or in school, the boys are always trying to stay tight so they can keep good team chemistry by working as a team. When a lineman, running back, or receiver hits the ground, someone runs behind them to pick them up. The littlest things that the freshman team does help show others that there is no “I” in team, which is a very important factor for having a successful team. The key in any sport is to recognize who you’re playing with, and being able to figure out how you work together. The funny part is that people think, “They’re only freshman, their team doesn’t mean anything, it isn’t even like a sport; no one cares about their games…” The thing that is really funny is that even if no one watches your games because you are “little freshmen”, that does not mean that they can’t show other teams how they have great chemistry. A team is a team; you still have to work as a team to be successful. Not one person’s point of view should change a team’s way of working together. If every person on a team has heart and has the ability to play for themselves and play for the team, than it will make a big difference in their season. This year’s freshman team has forty-eight players. While some may view this as too many, it

is actually good to have a lot of players on the team. This can not only help keep the players fresh after their breaks off the field, but can also help them work better as a group. Having all of these boys on the team really helped them in their first game. They were down 6-0 to the East Brunswick Bears through the first half of the game. Then, Nose Guard Jeff Coluccio pumped the team up by his forced fumble in the third quarter, after hitting the quarterback. The team was wearing out the Bears. After that, in the fourth quarter with two minutes to go until the end of the game, quarterback Taylor Pine delivered a “screen” pass to backup quarterback and wide receiver Dan Bloodgood. He then scored a touchdown on an 85 yard run due to lane clearing blocks from running back Shane McGhee and tight end Manny Maragoto. The Patriots kicker, Justin Miller, drilled the extra point attempt to put the Patriots’ up 7-6. After taking the lead, the defense then iced the game with an interception from Drew Intile. The Patriots were down, but came together as a team to win the game. As Coach D’Antonio would say, “Finish… Finish…” That is what the freshman football team did to pull off the victory to become 1-0. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is for a group of kids on a school team to work together. The skills of teamwork can make a player better as a whole: on and off the field. This year’s freshmen football team is a great example of what working together can accomplish.



Hunt for a new title: FTHS soccer sets out for states

by Joe Caputo

Only one year ago, greatness was achieved. For the first time in school history, the FTHS varsity soccer team was crowned Shore Conference Tournament Champions after knocking off division rival Marlboro for the third time that year. However, though the title had a ring to it while it lasted, the Freehold Township soccer team is putting it all on the line again in 2009. As most great school teams do, the Patriots suffered a loss of many key players due to graduation, but that should not phase them. Freehold Township will be returning eleven of its varsity players, six starters, and four of them captains (seniors Nick Composto, Connor Egan, Anthony Fiorletti, and Gregg Tilley) giving them the necessary experience and leadership to do it all over again. Although it will be an uphill battle to repeat, the Patriots’ players, head coach Todd Briggs, and captains all seem to believe they have the fire power to bring Freehold Township High School back another little something to cheer about. Coming off a championship and returning to work hard in the offseason is one of the hardest

things to do in organized sports; it is up to the coaches and captains to be able to motivate the team to strive for greatness once again. Specifically, when asked what will be the toughest part of this year, Patriots captain Connor Egan replied, “Finding new emotional leaders to replace the captains we lost last year. The 2008 captain’s leadership will be missed most in 2009.” To overcome this, the Patriots changed up their offseason plan to try to move on. In the offseason, they worked on conditioning and practice, instead of joining a summer league. According to many of the players, the conditioning was the most physically challenging part of the Patriots’ offseason. Nonetheless, the Patriots had the regular season to worry about, and their excitement seemed to be rising. The players, captains, and coaches were finally going to see whether the offseason workouts and team captains had motivated and prepared the team enough to make another run. Initially, it did not look good for the Patriots. Overall, the Patriots were “flat” in their season opening loss to Marlboro. Looking for a bounce-back

Field hockey team is ‘in it to win it’ By Jen Golotko

The field hockey team has started out with a great season. The varsity team is proud of their 3-1-1 record (as of September 25). The captains even see a potential division win in the future. This would be a challenge for the team, but it something that is definitely possible. Practices for the girls are long, and involve a lot of running and drills. “Practices are long and hard, but I get to spend every day with my best friends,” Kara Cronin says. However, practices do get a little tough when the girls fool around and get yelled at by their coach. Coach English is a hard, yet compassionate coach. Before each game Coach English writes the girls an inspirational letter. These letters motivate the girls during a game. Recently the girls won a game against Mid-North in overtime. In all of Freehold Township field hockey history, the girls never beat Mid-North. This victorious win broke Mid-North’s six consecutive wins streak. In the game Liz Stankowitz saved fifteen shots, and Brooke Gagliano

showed off her impressive skills by scoring. This game proved that the girls can live up to their nickname, The Gators. The girls call their team The Gators because gators never give up. Gators fight until death, or in their case a victory, and that is just what the FTHS field hockey team does. This year the team is “in it to win it”, and they are proving that by wining some very close games. The freshman girls have also been having a great season. The upperclassmen say the freshman team is really strong, and has a lot of heart. You can see the girls have a lot of passion when they are on the field doing what they love. The JV team has also been having a victorious season. They hold a record of 2-3 (As of September 25), and hope to win some more tough games. The girls definitely look forward to seeing a crowd at their games, so join The Gators in a successful season. Good luck girls!

game against Howell, the Patriots once again disappointed their fans and themselves by losing their second game of the season. It was definitely a start to forget for the reigning Shore Conference Champions, and it was up to the captains to step up and bring the team back. The Patriots definitely did not disappoint versus divisional opponent Colts Neck in their third game. The boys blew past the Cougars 6-1 for their first win of the season. The Patriots definitely got an emotional boost after this victory. When asked about his thoughts on where the team was after the third game, Egan replied, “Not record wise, but I think the [Colts Neck] game was a good bounceback.” Though Freehold Township was unable to repeat a Shore Conference Championship in 2009, their season is not over yet. The Patriots will now try to make a run at the State title, as they head to Brick Township to open up the State Tournament, trying to make up for their first round loss to Toms River South in the Shore Conference Tournament last weekend.

photo by Daniela Imperiale

Ross Caruso attempts to save the ball from going out of bounds in a game against Colts Neck.

A-North champs ran their best by Chelsea Thorsheim

A big congratulations is in order for the boy’s cross county team! The boys won the A-North Division Championship after their victory over Manalapan. The team started off the season with victories over Middletown South, Marlboro, and Colts Neck at the challenging Holmdel course. The wins continued as the boys raced Howell at the Manasquan Reservoir. Defeating Middletown North at the home course set them up for the title, but they still had one more race. Manalapan boys posed a threat to the team’s plan to win A-North. All of the runners ran a smart race, making sure to not go out

too fast or let the front pack gain distance. The boys have been running extremely well in all of their other non-league meets as well. At the Cougar Invitational, the varsity team finished first, with Eric Dynarski leading the way in 9th place overall. Keenan Huggins-Filozof, Graham Huggins-Filozof, Chris Lombardi, Mike Meltzer, Andrew Berkowitz, and Randy Spadola followed close behind, finishing tenth, twelfth, fourteenth, sixteenth, twenty-second, and twenty-fourth, with a fantastic 52 second gap between the first and last runners. In the JV race, James Faith finished first, leading the JV

boys to a fourth place finish. At the Freehold Regional High School District meet, the boys once again ran to victory, with Dynarski leading the way once again. The Huggins-Filozof brothers, Spadola, and Meltzer followed close behind, with only 44 seconds separating the scorers. At the Monmouth County Championships, Dynarski, the Huggins-Filozof brothers, Berkowitz, Spadola, Lombardi, and Faith all put up great times, with the team finishing third in all of Monmouth County. Up next for the boys is Shore Conference Championships at Bucks Mills Park.

2005. Township did not merely triumph, though, but did so in record-breaking fashion. Their score of 108.675 on the road was not only the highest in the Shore Conference this season but also set a school record. Sophomore Nicole Frietas and senior Megan Knauf won their events, with seniors Katie Wilk and Lindsay Gordon and freshman Elise Janczewski finishing in the top three. Each gymnast had an outstanding day. Frietas proved to be a star in the all-around event, with the potential to top the Shore Conference. In the Howell match, she lead the team with a total score of

37.10, winning every event with scores over 9.0. The Shore Conference Championships are scheduled for Saturday, October 31, at Brick Memorial High School. There, the Patriots will face three teams from the district: Howell, Marlboro, and Freehold Boro. Although they are heavily favored, the team will need to continue to produce at the same levels that it has all season. According to captain Jancziewski and fellow gymnast Riana Brown, “the team is in full force and is ready to take on their next victim.”

Patriots become gymnastics juggernauts by Jeff Fox

The Patriots gymnastics team is winding down a season that will be remembered for years to come. Freehold Township, currently at 9-0 at the time of this writing, has taken down several major competitors in the 2009 season, and the team is a clear contender for the Shore Conference championship. Lead by Coach St. Angelo and senior captain Justine Janczewski, the Patriots are exceding expectations. Their greatest triumph most likely came in their October 2 meet at Howell, in which the Rebels were defeated within the A North Division of the Shore Conference for the first time since

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