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FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

The Best of the Best

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The votes are in. Students and Tallahassee locals have spoken, and in your hands you hold the winners of this year’s FSView & Florida Flambeau Best of Tallahassee. We all know there are a lot of great things about

Tallahassee that make it the best: lovely (slightly bipolar) weather, football, southern hospitality. But, one thing locals pride themselves on are our local businesses. That’s why we here at the FSView & Florida Flambeau like to take time out once a year to recognize the businesses

that make Tallahassee the best. And the real best thing about it? The winners were picked by you, because who knows our awesome city better than our great community members? This is your city. These are your businesses. Our staff has reached out to these local businesses

and community members, to talk with them and see what makes the winners outstanding. If you come across a local restaurant, shop or service you haven’t tried before, we encourage you to give them a try. We hope that you enjoy taking the time to read the Best of Tallahassee.

Beyond the Tennessee waltz Zachary Goldstein Content Specialist

Our Best Of Tallahassee awards are a unique experience. They allow readers the opportunity to vote for their favorite places to shop, play and most importantly, eat. What they don’t tend to do, however, is broaden readers’ horizons about the food that can be found on this island of a college town. This year more than ever, our results showed a tendency to fall prey to what I call “Tennessee Fever”—a predilection for establishments that line the main thoroughfare of town between Monroe and Ocala. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some great places to eat on Tennessee Street, but others can be found if one takes the time to branch out and explore. In the years since I arrived in good old Tallytown, I’ve made a concerted effort to get out and explore the places that are off the beaten path to become a veteran of the local fare. I know I

still have more to discover, but here are a few places that I share with everyone when I know they’re looking for something unique and tasty. The Egg: This breakfast place split off from Another Broken Egg in Thomasville, and continues to serve up delicious fare much closer to town. Try the made-from-scratch corned beef hash, or the extravagant (and filling) bananas foster Belgian waffles. Korean BBQ: This place is a hole in the wall that only serves in styrofoam. I am not only willing, but excited to drop my crusade against the worst substance on the planet when I open up steamy to-go boxes of beautifuly shaved marinated grilled pieces of pork or beef with perfect sticky rice. Also try their Korean take on a sashimi bowl or the sweet potato noodles—made from the potato’s starch and is super fun to eat. Leon Pub: If you want to know what a dive bar felt like when your parents were in college—smoke and all—this is your place. A local favorite, it’s grungy,

dark and has over 300 beers for sale—50 of which are on tap. Leon Pub also has one of the best jukeboxes in town, and the ceramic LEON sign above the tables opposite the bar is the original sign from the segregated movie theater in Tallahassee. El Viroleño: This is the place in town for authentic Salvadoran food. If you’ve never had a pupusa smothered in pickled cabbage and spicy salsa before, smack yourself in the forehead and promise yourself that you’ll go there—like yesterday. Be mindful that they close at 8 p.m., so don’t expect any late night munchies, but it’s easily one of the best spots for lunch or dinner in town. Did I mention that it’s dirt cheap, too? Siam Sushi: Contrary to its name, this is a great place to go for Thai. Their tom kha, a chicken soup with coconut milk and kaffir lime, alongside their massaman curry with coconut milk and cashews, are some of the best I’ve ever had. Alchemy: Fancy a stiff drink concocted by true artisans who know their

booze? Check out this 1920s-themed speakeasy tucked away behind a hidden door in Midtown. There are a set of rules to follow—dress smartly, and gentlemen keep your advances toward the fairer sex through a bartender— but this is the place to get a truly handcrafted cocktail. Just be ready to pay for it. Shell Oyster Bar: There is no place in the world like Shell. Sit down, crack open one of the brews you brought with you, and peruse the menu of locally caught fresh seafood—including some of the best oysters you can get in town. But don’t ask for water—the sweet tea is free as a bird. Samrat Indian: Hands down the best Indian food in Tallahassee. Their korma and tikka masala will blow you away, and their garlic naan laced with coriander and traces of powdered curry is divine. They also have a rotating lunch buffet that is well worth the trek from Tennessee Street to fill your appetite for something more interesting than freaky fast or the original chicken sandwich.

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau

BEST OF TALlahassee



Best Restaurant/Craft Cocktail 101 Restaurant

Elena Novak Staff Writer

101 Restaurant received the honors of Best Craft Cocktail and Best Restaurant Overall in this year’s Best of Tallahassee awards. The restaurant, located on the first floor of Kleman Plaza across from the Challenger Center, is a social dining venue with a slogan of “Eat. Drink. Socialize.” This upscale location, open until 2 a.m. every night, boasts a variety of live music and enticing specials to enhance the diverse dining experience. The restaurant opened in 2005 and since then has served the Tallahassee community a wide range of menu options such as pizza, steak, seafood and tapas. Another proud quality is their unique drink specials, such as a double happy hour from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. plus $4 wine and martinis every day. General Manager Rico Hill is thrilled with the announcement of the restaurant’s distinction. “I think it’s an extreme achievement,” Hill said. “We pride ourselves on being one of the top spots in Tallahassee and if we were voted the best restaurant overall, I can only agree with that, of course.”

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

Hill says the restaurant will go about business as usual and hopes people will continue to notice the value of the restaurant. “We reach out to as

many people as possible, to network sites and other marketing tools that we use,” Hill said. “We encourage people to come out and enjoy themselves here especially because

they think we’re the best restaurant overall.” 101 also shares real estate with Club Mint and Versi Lounge. More information can be found at



BEST OF TALlahassee

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

Best New Restaurant Sweet Rack Rib Shack Adrian Chamberlin Senior Staff Writer

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

Sweet Rack Rib Shack, open since Aug. 17, won Best New Restaurant in the 2013 Best of Tallahassee awards. Owners Chris and Amanda Dickens answered promptly when asked about why they think they won this year’s award for Best New Restaurant. “I think we just have great food,� said Amanda said. Chris felt dedication to their product is the difference.

opening fall 2013

“It’s amazing what comes out when you put true passion in something,� said Chris. Sweet Rack’s award shows the establishment has benefitted from business decisions the owners have made since it opened. “We offer a 10 percent discount to FSU students with ID,� said Chris. Sweet Rack also offers a rewards program and a “Drinking with Lincoln� discount. With the purchase of a meal, patrons can drink multiple beers for one penny. The promo-

ve li W NE

NEW STUDENT HOUSING i€…j‘”…TC-ZÆsx”ƒn‘‘jnƒ”nÂ?Æ”aƒƒxƒvinlÆÂ?n‘…Â?” ‘”Â?€n‘›x‚‚xƒvÂ?……€Æj…‚Â?•”nÂ?jnƒ”nÂ? Â?Â?xša”ninlÂ?……‚‘ÆÂ?Â?xša”nia”wÂ?……‚‘Æ›a‘wnÂ?lÂ?Â?nÂ?Æxƒlxšxl•a€€na‘n‘Æ•”x€x”xn‘xƒjۥlnl

apply online today @ Q…•”w-Â…Â?n€aƒl/Â?ÆSa€€awa‘‘nn6@ renderings and amenities are subject to change

tion is offered between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. In addition to live music in the late afternoon on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Sweet Rack enjoys the high customer volume available as a result of being near popular restaurants such as AJ’s Sports Bar and Chipotle. The Dickens’ credited good food, good prices and great service as the overall keys to their success, as well as a strong base of repeat customers. “We have people coming in three or four times a

week, and that’s an amazing thing,� said Chris. A rotating menu is also part of the success of Sweet Rack. Fried chicken, for example, is available only on Wednesdays, while brisket is only on the menu on Tuesdays and Fridays. Regardless of what the future holds for Sweet Rack, the recognition of being the best new restaurant is important to the owners, personally and professionally. “It’s a major pride thing,� said Chris. “It’s going to spark some interest.�

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau

BEST OF TALlahassee



Best Barbecue

Sweet Rack Rib Shack David Walker Staff Writer

The Sweet Rack Rib Shack has attempted to put Tallahassee on the map when it comes to being a destination for people seeking good southern barbeque, and thus far, it has been a rousing success. Located at 1814 West Tennessee Street, just off the edge of FSU’s campus, the Rib Shack is home to award-winning barbeque. They offer

southern-style barbeque staples, including pulled pork, hand-patted burgers and ribs, along with fresh sides made daily. The term “southern hospitality” may have become cliché, but this barbeque joint tries to embody that mentality’s spirit whole-heartedly. Not only will you get the proverbial service-witha-smile, you will get it quickly as the food is usually out in no time. In the words of Chris and Amanda Dickens,

the Rib Shack’s owners: “We don’t want to be the biggest, we just want to be the best.” The Shack’s story begins in 2007, where a group of friends attempted to make their maiden voyage into the world of pro barbeque competition. This preliminary foray into professional barbequing quickly turned into a passionate journey to true southern barbeque enlightenment. Success eventually came and the

premier spot for barbeque in Tallahassee was born. The inception of their distinguished name comes from their “secret” to great barbeque—the local cherry wood racks they grill on. If you ever want to get a true taste of the South or just have a craving for a delicious rack of sweet ribs and a cold drink, the appropriately named Sweet Rack Rib Shack is the place to go.

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

“Thank you to everyone who voted for Sweet Rack Rib Shack for the Best of Tallahassee.”

Free Dessert

Bring in this ad an nd re ecievve a free e dessert with purchase, exxpire es 7/31//13

Our rack and butts will drive you nuts 1814 W Tennessee St Tallahassee, FL 32304 (850) 270-9061



BEST OF TALlahassee

Best Bakery Lucy and Leo’s

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

Best Best Breakfast vegetarian Canopy Road or vegan Cafe Sweet Pea

Jessica Militare Arts & Life Editor

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

Kayla Becker News Editor

Tallahassee’s favorite bakery, Lucy and Leo’s, is also one of America’s favorites. Just last year, the cupcakery made it to the final round of the Food Channel’s Cupcake Wars (Ahem, we still think they should have won—hands down). Nestled in the heart of Midtown at 1123 Thomasville Road, Lucy and Leo’s shares space with a quaint local bookstore. Besides an inviting atmosphere, daily cupcake favorites include the classic chocolate, vanilla and red velvet flavors, while unique flavors are rotated in throughout the Monday to Saturday work week, including Key Lime, chocolate peanut butter and lemon blueberry, to name a few. Every day of the week offers a little something for everyone. On Wednesday, vegan selections are offered, Tuesday sees a unique flavor-creation

called “LUXE,” Monday and Thursday feature gluten-free options and Friday is the all-time favorite— Happy Hour. You may be wondering just one thing: Who are Lucy and Leo? Leo is the owner’s pointer/bulldog mix and Lucy is the owner’s next door neighbor’s black basset hound/ lab mix. Both pups were adopted from the Leon County Humane Society. The two can be seen smiling down on customers in the shop’s logo. The idea for a cupcakery started when the owners made a visit to London in the summer of 2008 and came upon a bakery in Notting Hill called Hummingbird Café which only served cupcakes. “We were charmed by the decor and the delicious treats,” the owners wrote on the shop’s website. “Knowing that Tallahassee is a well-traveled, intellectual community, hungry for creative ideas, we thought it would be the perfect market to open our very own cupcakery.”

Sweet Pea Cafe cooks by one philosophy: give a little more, charge a little less. In the past two years, the charming red rancher on West Tharpe Street has become a staple for affordable, quality vegan fare crafted from local produce, organic grains and fair-trade chocolate, coffee and tea. “It’s really great to know that people are liking it and responding really well,” co-owner Rachel Kaufmann said. “There’s constantly new people, but we have a lot of regulars and people like not just the vegan aspect of it, but the local produce.” The gem’s bestsellers— a Tempeh Reuben with ruby sauerkraut, mozzarella daiya cheese and a homemade Million Island dressing on rye, and the panko-fried Buffalo tofu sandwich (both come with a choice of veggies and hummus, hand cut regular or sweet potato fries, carrot ginger slaw or beans and rice)—are healthy plates under eight bucks. Nori-wrapped fried tofu with tartar sauce, known as the Sea Sandwich special, washes down smoothly with

a Mason jar mimosa or a glass of house lemonade infused with grapefruit or cucumber. Sweet Pea is 100 percent vegan, but any palate is welcome. Kaufmann says even the owner of Star’s Meat Market next door occasionally comes by for a black bean burger. “It’s a lot of people who come along with friends and are usually pleasantly surprised, which is one of my favorite things,” said Kaufmann. “The people that didn’t expect to like it—that makes me so happy.” The intimate eatery plans to stay small, but it recently expanded its dessert menu. Sweet Pea’s cookie spectrum includes double chocolate peppermint, banana oatmeal and chocolate coconut, and customers can special order cakes and pies. Among others, Kaufmann bakes strawberry shortcake with coconut whipped cream, carrot cake, oatmeal cream pie and chocolate cake with avocado butter cream. “We wanted to make Sweet Pea more accessible to every day,” said Kaufmann. “And I think it’s proven to work because there’s a lot of people who eat here multiple times a week.”

Riley Shaaber/FSView

Mat Hooper Staff Writer

A little bit of a way down Monroe Street next to a vacuum store is a little restaurant called Canopy Road Café. Their website reads, “We like to think that we formed our little niche in an over-crowded restaurant market by following one rule: keeping it simple.” They’ve done just that. There’s no bright sign or logo on their door and their inside is merely one room with another small one connecting in the back. The inside of the kitchen can be seen from any spot you are sitting. Despite the simplicity though, if you were to drive past the restaurant on a weekday morning, you’re more than likely to see a crowd of people

on the outside waiting patiently to be seated. It’s the crowd that puts Canopy Road Café over the top. Unlike many of the places around campus, where it’s all college students, the restaurant attracts all sorts of people from around the city. Business men on their way to the capitol building, families getting a bite to eat and couples wanting brunch for two all make time for Canopy Road Café. The food inside is cooked to order with fresh ingredients and it tastes that way, too. The flexible menu has something for everyone and is sure to be satisfying. From atmosphere to menu, Canopy Road Café has it all and should be no surprise as being voted Best Breakfast.

BEST OF TALlahassee

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau



Best Coffee shop Atomic Coffee

Kayla Becker News Editor

Forget the days of automatic coffee machines and cloned, sugary cups of joe. If you want to taste something authentic, head to Tallahassee’s Best Coffee Shop, Atomic Coffee. Located on 625 West Tennessee Street next to Pitaria, Atomic has quickly become the college student’s best study spot since its opening in 2012. “It’s a great honor [to receive this award] because as a business practically on

campus, we know that the majority of our customers are students and faculty,� said owner Jolene Hazelwood. “We have made it our priority to take this into mind and do our best to accommodate and serve their needs, so this means a lot.� The only coffee shop for hundreds of miles that offers coffee from Intelligentsia, Counter Culture and Stumptown roasters, Atomic consistently crafts a cup of coffee freshly prepared by trained baristas. Signature lattes like the Honey Bear, Girl Scout and

S’mores are all house favorites. But more rare crafted concoctions—from the standard mocha to Baconlicious latte and the Meximocha, a latte with a dash of cayenne—can offer just the right dose of spice to kickstart the morning. Coffee isn’t the only attraction that keeps patrons coming back. Chocolate-covered bacon, pistachio muffins and the breakfast behemoth—the Waffler-—all leave mouths watering. “Most coffee shops don’t actually cook food or bake their goodies on site,� said

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

Hazelwood, who was inspired to bring big-city quality to Tallahassee. “We start baking every morning at 5 a.m. and we serve breakfast and lunch every day to 4 p.m., using the

highest quality ingredients like fresh eggs, real butter and thick bacon.� The shop is open weekdays at 6 a.m. and weekends at 8 a.m. until midnight and offers a delivery

option. “We really appreciate their support and love FSU,� Hazelwood said. “We are looking at opening more spots near campus soon.�

    Ć‹  S S A L C O T K L A W         ÄŠ   Ć‹ Ä? Ć‹ Ć ă Ăž ÄŠ Ä‚ Ä€ ă ÄŠ Ä Ăż Ăž Ăž Ć‹ Ä? Ć‹ Ăż Ć Ä€ ă Ć‹  Ć‹   Ć‹      



BEST OF TALlahassee

Best sushi Sumo Sabi

Drew MacFarlane Contributing Writer

Voted best sushi in Tallahassee, Sumo Sabi has become the go-to place

for lunch, dinner and latenight cravings. Sumo Sabi has risen to fame by offering all their delicious sushi rolls until 3 a.m., and with delivery service, the recipe

Best cheap eats Taco Bell

Tammy L. Noel

Custom Content Editor Where else can a surplus of Mexican ingredients be wrapped in a flaky crust made of Doritos? At the inventor of the fourth meal—Taco Bell. The Mexican fast-food giant has earned its title of Best Cheap Eats. “Taco Bell fits the fast food stereotype,” FSU senior Gaetscha Marcelin said. “It’s not my first choice when it comes to Mexican food, but it’s a good last-minute choice.” Taco Bell’s new menu items—the Cantina Bowl and Doritos Locos Tacos— have reenergized the fastfood chain and students’ appeal to it. “It’s a great marketing tool because [the Locos Tacos] is probably one of their best sellers,” social work grad student Chantal Sibley said. “Bringing something like the Cantina Bowl to their menu reminds me of Chipotle or Moe’s, however I still see Taco Bell as a fast-food

restaurant.” With recent updates to the restaurant’s decor and menu, last-minute fast food doesn’t feel so quick. Warm lighting and intimate dining quarters makes Taco Bell more than just a drive-thru option. “I’m really impressed by Taco Bell’s new interior decor,” said Marcelin. “It made it more of a looker. It made me more inclined to actually dine in.” What’s even sweeter is their dessert menu. Taco Bell offers mini churros, cinnamon twists and caramel apple empanadas. “When I want something sweet, I want the cinnamon twists,” said Sibley. “They are good and really sweet. I love the empanadas. That’s my favorite dessert from them. I love it with ice cream.” Rumors have it that spicy and sweet Locos Tacos will soon debut. Could it get any better? Perhaps, since Taco Bell is on the rise to dominating the fast food sector.

to find success in a sleepless college town. Sumo Sabi’s menu runs miles long, including hibachi and curry in addition to the all-popular sushi list. The long list of rolls is broken down into three different categories: traditional rolls, specialty rolls, and crunchy rolls. Starting from the top of the tradi-

tional rolls list and working your way down through the specialty and crunch rolls, the different ingredients in each roll get more unique and of more variety. Sumo Sabi has embraced the FSU spirit with appropriately named rolls like the ’Nole Chop and the Seminole roll. Aside from the delivery

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

service that runs nearly all night, dining in at Sumo Sabi offers a low-key lounge type atmosphere. Dining in or taking out also has its benefits as the staff at Sumo Sabi prides itself on being “The Fastest Rolls in Town.” The active crew is constantly at work trying to get your orders out as quickly as they can in order

to have you on your way. What sets Sumo Sabi apart from all the rest is the large variety of rolls they offer and the delivery service that runs deep into the night. In a perfectly placed location, Sumo Sabi has captured the appetites of local Seminoles who voted them best sushi in Tallahassee.

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BEST OF TALlahassee

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau

Best pizza



Best Weekend brunch


Brendan Bures


Sports Editor

Some lazy weekend mornings, when Tallahassee’s frenetic pace slows down just a bit, it’s nice to start your day with a nice brunch. In Tallahassee, the FSView recommends Andrew’s Downtown as our weekend brunch site. Andrew’s Downtown is owned and operated by Andy Reiss, “Mr. Downtown” himself. Reiss has worked at seemingly every position in the food industry, from his days as a dishwasher at Caril-

lon Hotel in Miami Beach to kitchen manager of Chanelo’s Pizza in Tallahassee. It’s that type of experience from top to bottom that separates Andrew’s Downtown, as customers feel appreciated from service and more than satisfied by the food. On Sunday mornings from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Andrew’s hosts a brunch buffet for $14.95, which may seem pricey at first, but not when you consider the litany of food provided for your consumption. The buffet serves a

“create-your-own” omelette station, complete salad bar, soup, Eggs Benedict, a carving station, French Toast and, as the menu says, “all the breakfast extras.” In short, it has the munchies you may be craving early Sunday morning as well as providing healthy options. What people want from a great restaurant is simple: great food and great service. Andrew’s Downtown has both and it’s why they’ve earned our Best Weekend Brunch of Tallahassee title.

FSView file photo

Drew MacFarlane Contributing Writer

When Momo’s advertises their pizza has “slices as big as your head,” they aren’t exaggerating. Momo’s two different Tallahassee locations have been serving up the best New York-style, handtossed pizza south of the Big Apple. Momo’s Pizza and Brew offers a wide variety of pizza, toppings, calzones, bread and cheese stix, salads, beer, wine and other beverages. What sets Momo’s apart from other local pizzerias is the portions of food they serve, and in this case,

yes, bigger is better. Aside from the single slices that are about the size of your noggin, Momo’s flaunts three massive sizes for whole pizza pies: a 16 inch medium that serves 2 to 4, a 20 inch large that feeds 4 to 6, and a monstrous 30 inch extra-large that feeds a party of 8 to 10. Aside from the size of the pizza you receive from Momo’s, what makes the pub so popular amongst local college students is the price. The hand-thrown, head sized slices you crave won’t break your bank. A mere $3.50 is all you need for a basic cheese slice and an additional $.75 is

tacked on for every one of the 35+ toppings you have to choose from. Aside from the worldclass pizza, Momo’s boasts a long list of domestic, import and crafts beers on its brew menu. Both locations have numerous beers on tap and the Market Street location even features its own brew house where head brewer John Larsen brews a fresh, high quality craft beer. Momo’s Pizza and Brew offers delicious pizza and a variety of different beers and beverages in a pub style atmosphere, the perfect setting to get voted best pizza in Tallahassee.

Zachary Goldstein/FSView



BEST OF TALlahassee

Best Fine Dining Cypress

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

Tammy L. Noel

Custom Content Editor With unique menu items with local and fresh ingredients, Cypress blends Tallahassee’s surrounding cultural influences into a mouthwatering medley. General Manager Caroline Brewster describes the cuisine as “southern eclectic.” “We are fortunate to have one of the best chefs in Florida,” said Brewster. “He’s our owner David Gwen. He makes it easy on us. We’ve got so many local farms that he really likes to focus on getting fresh local produce—it sells itself.” Though the winner of the fine dining category, Brewster stresses that Cypress is more than a place

to wine and dine. Guests are welcome to enjoy quality food and customer service year round—not just for special occasions. With four dollar drink specials, the Cypress experience is accessible with the student budget, which can definitely be enjoyed with great bar specials and seasonal events, like wine dinners and art openings. Cypress is fine dining with a down home-feel that’s worth the experience. “We do art openings here every first Friday [of the month],” said Brewster. “We like to feature local artists. So we are always looking for artists, if there are any students out there with nice portfolios interested. We also have live music at the bar during happy hour.”

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

Best late night munchies Guthrie’s

Adrian Chamberlin Senior Staff Writer

Guthrie’s has won Best Late Night Munchies in the 2013 Best of Tallahassee awards. Alexa Rodriguez, a student at Florida State and a Guthrie’s employee was clear about her reaction to news of the award. “I thought it was expected,” said Rodriguez. That being said, Rodriguez showed she is not jaded to the importance of the award. “I think it’s pretty cool,” said Rodriguez. Voters in the poll must agree, since Guthrie’s was not the winner of this title last year. The 2012 winner was Whataburger, another restaurant catering primarily to students who are out late. Though Whataburger is open 24-hours and Guth-

rie’s is not, the difference in restaurant hours seems to have been unimportant this year. Rodriguez pinpointed the cornerstone of Guthrie’s success. “I it’s think because the boxes are filling,” said Rodriguez. The “boxes” she refers to are Guthrie’s signature dish. Comprised of four chicken fingers, French fries, Texas toast, Guthrie’s sauce and coleslaw, the meal is served on a plate or in a box for those carrying out. Though the box is popular, Rodriguez acknowledged it is somewhat expensive—$6.75 with tax. Students and other customers, however, seem to consider the large quantity of food worth the cost. Guthrie’s win this year as the best place for late night munchies reflects the franchise’s popularity with students and Talla-

hassee residents. Rodriguez indicated that popularity is also present among the em-

ployees. “I’d probably go to Guthrie’s,” Rodriguez said.


When you’re tired of living AT the party

T E X T ARBOR TO 29999

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

4910 North Monroe St Tallahassee, FL 32303 850-536-3103

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau

BEST OF TALlahassee

Best dinner/Seafood Harry’s Perry Kostidakis Senior Staff Writer

It’s not often that a restaurant is nominated to FSView’s Best of Tallahassee list. With all of the selections available in our fine city, to be even selected for a category is an honor. So what does that say about Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grille garnering two nominations, for best dinner and for best seafood? Harry’s got its start in Jacksonville in 1987, founded by Louis and Greg Saig. Today, it’s located at 301 South Bronough Street, Harry’s has served the Tallahassee area since 2005, with other locations in Ocala,

Gainesville, Lakeland and St. Augustine. Specializing in good ol’ Nawlins Cajun and Creole food, Harry’s offers a wide selection of food for early dining, lunch and dinner in addition to having a separate catering menu. It is managed by Rob Pettis, who “brings 24 years experience in the hospitality industry to the Harry’s Seafood team,” according to his bio on the restaurant’s website. The piece goes on to say that Pettis is “a friendly and fun person to be around. Rob invites you to say hello on your next visit, and highly recommends you try his favorite dish, the Tilapia Meuniere.” Like most places in Tallahassee, Harry’s has

a great variety of drink specials, mainly their every day 2-4-1 Happy Hour, which includes draft beer, house wine and liquor from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Other deals include Monday when the eatery offers half-price wine by the bottle, “Every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday” with $1.65 domestic drafts, $2.15 import drafts, $3.00 house wine, $4.00 martinis, and all liquor drinks $2.65 to $4.25 are available, and finally, half price on all martinis on Wednesday. With their fine selection of seafood and array of Cajun and Creole cuisine, the honor of FSView’s Best of Tallahassee is proudly bestowed upon Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grille twice.


Best sandwich Jimmy John’s

Gerald Johnson II Campus Content Editor

Known for their slogan, “freaky fast, freaky good,” Jimmy Johns is this years winner of best sandwich or sub in Tallahassee. Backed by the constant support of the students around Tallahassee, Jimmy Johns will always remain “Feels pretty great to be rewarded such an honor,” said Manager Kat Brashier. “We work extremely hard here to make all of our customers happy, and its feel good to know that everyone on campus sup-

ports what we do.” Jimmy Johns remains the best subs in Tallahassee year after year because of their ability to deliver timely service coupled with high quality submarine subs at a price that is sensible to a college student’s budget. Their hours of operation also helps Jimmy Johns maintain its perception of being the go-to study food for students engaging in a late night study session. “We’re pretty laid back and fun here,” said Brashier. “We enjoy joking around with our customers, which helps create a friendly

Best wings Hobbit

Mat Hooper Staff Writer

Riley Shaaber/FSView


For most people in the world, The Lord of the Rings movies are what first come to mind when they hear the word hobbit. In Tallahassee though, it’s the restaurant located on 2020 West Pensacola Street and their finger-looking good wings. Their wings were award-winning before even winning Best Wings according to their menu, which list some of the fan favorite flavors such

as Fiesta Ranch, Carolina Gold and Garnet & Gold. Their menu tells you: “It’s ok to gnaw on the bone, lick your fingers, lick your friends’ fingers (might want to ask permission for that one). Lick the sauce… they’re that good!” Besides the stunning wings, Hobbit has everything else you’d want in a wing restaurant. TVs are plastered to every wall, waiters make jokes about how the weather is great outside yet their stuck inside and every-

environment. We strive to get things out pretty quickly.” Their menu features 17 sub combinations that include the simple but filling Gourmet Smoked Ham Club, the Totally Tuna and the favorable Italian Night Club, which is made with three Italian meats and offers a free order of hot peppers to spice things up a bit. “Many of our customers enjoy the No. 9 Italian Night Club,” said Brashier. “Then you get the guys that will come in and try to be macho and get the Gargantuan.” one comes with a great attitude. On most days it’s seat yourself with long elongated tables in the middle, so you could use to try to make friends with fans of your sport team you came to watch or just enjoy your wings with who you came with. Florida State pictures are hung up on some walls while others have Seminole figures spray painted graffiti-style on them so there is never a doubt you’re in Tally. All waiters are very accommodating about changing the television channels to a sporting event you’d like to watch too. Yes, Hobbit is more than just Bilbo Baggin’s race. It’s also the home to the Best Wings in Tallahassee.



BEST OF TALlahassee

Best Lunch Gordo’s

Perry Kostidakis Senior Staff Writer

When you think of Tallahassee restaurants, one of the first ones that comes to mind is always Gordo’s, and for that reason, it’s no surprise it’s been named to

FSView’s Best of Tallahassee list. Known for their great selection of Cuban food, Gordo’s has been a favorite of the Tallahassee area since 1996. There are two locations, one on Pensacola Street and another at Mar-

Best dessert

Yogurt Mountain David walker Staff Writer

For those who do not just view their dessert as something tasty to order and consume as quickly as possible and rather a way to push themselves creatively and artistically then Yogurt Mountain may well be a godsend. Tallahassee’s premier froyo destination offers a rotation of 16 alternating flavors and more than fifty toppings whose innumerable combinations are only limited by your own imagination. Designed around a do-ityourself concept, Yogurt Mountain lets you take your bowl and gives you unimpeachable freedom as you choose your favorite yogurt flavors and topping, offered up in a very salad-bar type set-up.

“We have the best variety, we offer something for everybody,” says Renee Michaelis, the manager of Tallahassee’s Yogurt Mountain, located at 1801 West Tennessee Street. The pricing is done by the ounce, so the limitation of your froyo creation is only held back by the size of your wallet. Being open noon until midnight on weekdays and noon until 1 a.m. on the weekends helps it accommodate the college students’ sometimes erratic schedule. They also try not to discriminate towards some those who avoid all things lactose by offering gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free yogurt. If the only limitation you want in building your perfect dessert is your own ingenuity, then Yogurt Mountain is the place for you.

ket Square, each location specializing in its great ethnic cuisine, specifically in its sandwich department— the main attraction at the restaurant. As said on their website, “Gordos brings the flavor and flair of Cuban food to Tallahassee. The extensive menu has traditional fare such as croquetas, yuca, empanadas, aduros,

and Cuban sandwiches, as well as delicious burgers, salads, and sandwiches that have a Cuban twist. The casual atmosphere provides a welcoming dining experience for groups of all ages.” Perhaps one of the brightest upsides of Gordo’s is the presence of their happy hours and beer specials, always a plus in bringing

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

in the average college student. Their happy hours are on weekdays, starting at 4:00 p.m. The restaurant also recently debuted its “Drinking the Daze Away” specials, debuting each new deal on the eatery’s Twitter, @GordosTally. As follows, the specials are: $5 Mojito Mondays, $2 Tequila Tuesdays, $2 well drinks on Get

Well Wednesdays, Smashed Up Thursdays, and $4.50 flavored margaritas on Flavored Fridays. For all their innovations in keeping the college crowd crawling back for delicious drinks and cuisine, it’s no wonder that Gordo’s has been named to the FSView’s Best of Tallahassee list.



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Less than 4 miles from FSU, FAMU and TCC! 3380 Fred George Road Tallahassee, FL 32303

Come live free in our world!


2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau

BEST OF TALlahassee



Best burger Wells Brothers Bar & Grill Gerald johnson II Campus Content Editor

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

Featuring a diverse array of burger combinations and great customer service, it’s no coincidence that Wells Brothers Bar & Grill (previously known as Monk’s) has once again been voted the best burger in Tallahassee. Michigan natives, brothers Matthew and Adam Wells, strive to provide a favorable environment for all college students that eat at the restaurant. “It feels great to be voted best burger for the fourth year in a row,” said Adam Wells. “Being voted best burger, that

many times in a row, is something that we communicate to our customers when they eat here.” Customers that visit Wells Brothers Bar & Grill would be intrigued by the shear fact that a basic double cheeseburger with pickles and onions isn’t a highlighted item on their menu. The restaurant tempts their customers to step outside the norm and try burgers that feature toppings like coleslaw, squash, pickle chips, and many others that are sure to fulfill any craving you may have. “One of our most interesting burgers is the peanut butter and jelly burger,” said Wells. “The create your own burger

has over 9 million different combinations, which helps our customers be as creative as they want.” If being creative doesn’t interest you, Wells Brothers Bar & Grill also has some preset favorites like the pizza burger, and the Italian stallion, which is topped with spicy pepperoni and melted mozzarella. A small fact that owner Adam Wells wanted his customers to know is that their legal name is no longer Monk’s. “We’ve been the Wells Brothers Bar & Grill for about four years now, said Adam Wells. “Even though our name has changed, our food and service will remain the same.”

Best International Cuisine Pitaria Gerald Johnson II Campus Content Editor

Offering the best in authentic Greek and Mediterranean food, Pitaria is the best international cuisine restaurant because of its ability to deliver an exotic taste that will excite your taste buds. Pitaria features a menu that has a wide variety of Mediterranean salads, veggie pitas, sandwiches and platters. A common favorite among students include the many Kabob platters that include chicken, beef, or lamb that come with a choice of rice, couscous, hummus, and other favorites. “Here at Pitaria, we do a lot of special things with our menu items,”

said Manager Zack Zituni. “Food like lamb skins really shows the diversity of our menu.” Aside from the food, another main reason why customers keep returning to Pitaria is their customer service and friendly environment. Run by an owner who is only interested in pleasing the customer, students can feel that they are receiving a meal cooked to perfection. “We do a good job and we always care about the customers by having good prices, hospitality and we always put the students first,” said Zituni. “We never let anyone walk out of the door without food. Even if they don’t have money or are short a dollar or so, we always work it out for them.”

Zachary Goldstein/FSView



BEST OF TALlahassee

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

BEST MUSIC VENUE The Moon forward to the future with high hopes, aiming for the venue to continue serving the community as Tallahassians have now come to expect. “This year, so far, our most popular show has

been Willie Nelson,” Heisterman said. “It was a sold out show and it did really, really well. We have Asking Alexandria and Tab Benoit, a Louisiana Cajun artist, coming next month.”


When you’re tired of living AT the party

Francesca Urcuyo/FSView

Jasmine Spitler Staff Writer

For the last 28 years, The Moon has consistently presented the Tallahassee community with colorful music in an array of styles. This year is no different—The Moon won the Best Music Venue in the FSView’s Best of Tallahassee competition. FSU students like Craig Wood reflect positive reviews of their experiences at The Moon. “My experience was entertaining,” said Wood. “It was a nice night off-campus and it was definitely a different atmosphere than what I’m used to. It was a great stereotypical image of what Tallahassee nightlife is.” The Moon is also wellknown in catering to many different demographics of people in their selection of performances. Manager Randi Heisterman gives a run-down of

a typical schedule done at The Moon. “On Friday night is our Stetson Nights, so we do country music, and then we do Top 40, which I think brings out the college students,” Heisterman said. “On Wednesday nights is actually Ladies’ Night, so we do a special for ladies. They’re in for free, 21 and up until midnight. Saturdays are an older crowd, so we only do 21-and-up, and every other time is 18-and-up. I guess people just come out on the right nights. For instance, when we do concerts, like when we just did Willie Nelson, so that was kind of the older, more country crowd, and then all the FSU shows obviously bring all the FSU students.” Heisterman is excited by the turnout from recent shows and looks


600 Victory Garden Dr Tallahassee, FL 32301 850-877-5535

BEST OF TALlahassee

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau




Blair Stokes Senior Staff Writer

Proof Brewing Company is a beacon of hope for the discerning beer enthusiast in Tallahassee. This all-inone brewing company, liquor store, and bar, with its vast array of brews, aptly proves that, yes, there is beer that tastes beyond the standard collegiate fare of Natty Light and PBR after age 21. If the Proof complex was an alcohol, its ABV would be impressive, as it features a fully functioning brew house, tasting room, a retail store, two

outdoor patios and two floors, each with fully stocked bars. The bar’s comprehensive setting concocts two different vibes: the upstairs bar accommodating a livelier mood and downstairs is better suited for casual socializing. With Proof’s largely upperclassmen clientele, patrons needn’t have a previously refined taste to appreciate the bar; Proof is sophisticated without being snobbish. Tallahassee’s craft beer scene is a burgeoning one, and Proof is at the forefront of expanding FSU

students’ palates with their ever-expanding beer selection. In addition to its award winning PBC brand house brews, Proof boasts some 100 bottled beers at the bar and over 700 in-store varieties, plus its 50 frequently rotating taps. Proof’s selection of international bottles lets patrons imbibe culture with each sip. Proof general manager Carlos Saez said the company offers over 100 highly rated international ales and lagers. Further, Saez noted that while their house brews outsell any other beers sold at

Proof, outside beers like SweetWater, Cigar City and Bells are popular among the college set. “Our crowd is great and loves to experiment, so any new brews we put on rarely last more than a night,” Saez said. For five years, Proof has enjoyed the Best Beer Selection title. This is its first Best Bar win, eclipsing Bullwinkle’s. “We’re totally proud of this because we go out of our way to make sure we provide everyone with the best atmosphere, service and overall selection,” Saez said.

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

BEST HAPPY HOUR Potbelly’s Natalie Michelle Rankin Contributing Writer

Riley Shaaber/FSView

Florida State University offers a bachelor’s degree in over 80 rigorous programs, as the oldest continuing place of higher education in the State of Florida, and combines a variety of over 300 clubs or organizations to be involved with on campus. It is safe to say that when the weekend comes, it is important to refresh and recharge. With an indoor and outdoor place to relax after what could be a long, stressful week, the award for

best happy hour went to Potbelly’s, located on College Avenue, a mere block away from the iconic Westcott Fountain, symbolic of all Florida State University has to offer. Established in 1994, the institution that prides itself on being the college bar for students includes not only a bar, but a club as well. Known for other events such as “Purgatory Thursdays” or “Lavish Flydayz,” Happy Hour is one of the most popular, according to Potbelly’s owner Dan Gilbertson. “We’re going on 18 years,” said Gilbertson.

“We pride ourselves for a sense of place at Florida State University for college students. There’s nothing better than having alumni come back and reflect on the time spent at Potbelly’s. Happy hour has always been a stable, consistent event.” Friday happy hour, known for being “A Tallahassee Tradition,” includes $2 Wells from 3-9 p.m., $9 Domestic Buckets from 3-7 p.m., $10 Domestic Buckets from 7-8 p.m., $3.50 Pitchers of Natty Light from 3-7 p.m., and $5 Pitchers of Bud Light & Miller Light from 3-7.



BEST OF TALlahassee

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013


Samantha Husted Staff Writer

Café Shisha, located right across the street from campus on the corner of Tennessee and Stadium, is by far students number one place to go and get their hookah on. With a relaxing atmosphere and awesome music it’s no wonder FSU has chosen Café Shisha as their favorite hookah bar in town. Open everyday from 4 p.m. until 2 a.m., the café offers customers a wide variety of teas, bubble teas, draft beer, and of course fun shisha flavors. It’s a great place for stu-

dents to go study, relax, or just hang out with friends and smoke. “It’s super close and the service rocks!” said server Teale Feeler. Equipped with great deals and some pretty awesome shisha flavors, the hookah bar does not disappoint. Every Tuesday night Café Shisha offers customers all you can smoke hookah. With over 100 flavors to choose from and a new flavor, every 30 minutes, it’s a hard deal to pass up. Especially when you get a tea to compliment it all. While every Friday and Saturday nights from 10p.m. until 12 a.m., cus-

tomers get the chance to see awesome belly dance performances as they smoke. The hookah, belly dancing, music, and tea all blend together to create a really great ambience and an overall fun smoking experience. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable place to go and smoke some hookah, drink tea and relax, Café Shisha is the place to be. It not only offers customers an assortment of shisha flavors, but it’s affordable and close! Located conveniently right across the street from campus its no wonder it’s an FSU favorite.

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

BEST WINE SELECTION The Wine Loft Molly Reed Staff Writer

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

With a chic lounge, a unique balcony bar and an eclectic list of wines from around the globe (over 50 by the glass and 120 by the bottle), it is no mystery why Midtown’s The Wine Loft has found itself in first place for Tallahassee’s Best Wine Selection. Opened in December of 2009, Midtown’s The Wine Loft has been a popular place for Tallahassee’s residents to pop in and get a glass of wine. Trying new cocktails is also a hit since the staff’s creative bartenders are always experimenting. With Happy Hour deals that include $2 off anything with liquor and wine every Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and

free wine tasting every first and third Wednesday of the month, The Wine Loft has been a trendy hangout spot for some of FSU’s 21-andover students as well. “We are very pleased to have won,” said Bob Arbuthnot, the Wine Loft’s general manager. “We strive to have the best wine selection and be knowledgeable in our selection. We try to educate our customers the best we can about our wines and we try to use only the most quality ingredients we can find.” Voted for Tallahassee magazine’s Best Wine List in 2010, the staff strives to use the most quality and best ingredients they can find for their wine and are constantly experimenting to improve and add new unique selections to their wine list.

BEST OF TALlahassee

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau

BEST CLUB Coliseum K. Maxwell Greenwood

The admission fee for Coliseum runs between


zero and $10 according to the club’s Facebook page, a price that pales in comparison to the experience it buys (and pales in comparison to cover charges of many other Tallahassee clubs). The students voted and so for the best nightclub experience in the city, look no further than Coliseum.


the way you want to live.

Senior Staff Writer When it comes to Tallahassee’s nightlife and club scene, the options are seemingly endless. Whether you prefer bars, clubs, concert venues or something else, the city offers some sort of Friday night fun for everyone. But like any real competition, only one club can hold the title of Best in Tallahassee. And filling this year’s No. 1 spot for Best Club in Tallahassee is Coliseum, the West Tennessee Street nightclub that has become a weekend staple for Tallahassee’s college students since its grand opening in early 2012. Sitting adjacent to the Florida State University Department of Anthropology and Zingales Sports Bar, Coliseum offers the loud music, cool atmosphere and energetic crowd that has come to be expected at any good club. What’s more, Coliseum’s periodic specials like the recent “When in Rome Saturdays� make the club standout among its competition. All nightclub standards aside, it is perhaps Coliseum’s ability to attract bigname music acts, such as an upcoming performance by rap star Gucci Mane, electronic dance music trio Krewella or the rising electronic rock band Modestep that has earned Coliseum its title of Best Club in Tallahassee.


When you’re tired of living AT the party








2750 Old St Augustine Rd Tallahassee, FL 32301 850-942-3602



BEST OF TALlahassee

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

BEST HOUSING Mariel Gaetano Staff Writer

Trying to find the perfect place to live—between figuring out the cost of rent, distance from campus, on top of amenities—can be a real pain. Those that ventured away from residence hall life know about the struggle firsthand. Thankfully, tops the charts for the best helping hand when it comes to housing.

Run by the Collier Company, the owner and manager of most apartments in Tallahassee, makes searching for a future place to live an easy task. “ApartmentsinTally. com is unique in that it brings together the best Tally has to offer under one search engine,” Collier Company Marketing Manager Jennifer Cowie said. Extending outside of

the confines of Tallahassee, the Collier Company owns apartments and is also ranked highly among other locations throughout the state and country. “The Collier Companies is repeatedly ranked the No. 1 privately held student housing provider in the country for a reason: we provide comprehensive rental packages, unique amenities and an unparalleled student living experience for our residents,” said Cowie. will help students find the ideal place to rent by easily sorting through what is essential for prospective renters. Whether it is number of bedrooms, location or amenities, the site will narrow down the choices that best fit the chosen criteria. takes pride in knowing they help find the most ideal place that will allow any student to feel like they are at home.

BEST HAIR SALON: Hair on Earth Samantha DiDio Staff Writer

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

Keeping Tallahassee men and women looking sharp since 2009, Hair on Earth provides clients with a slew of different haircuts and color services. Besides having some of the best professional stylists at their salon, Hair on Earth also provides clients with a unique way to decide on new looks. Instead of describing your ideal haircut or color, clients can seek out inspiration from the Hair on Earth Tumblr and Pinterest pages, where photos are posted daily with hot new styles. The relaxed, yet professional atmosphere of the salon allows clients to unwind, while getting pampered with top-notch beauty

products. Along with color and cut services, clients can also make an appointment for special occasions such as weddings, proms and formals. “Hair on Earth strives to be the raddest local salon providing clients with the best experience and atmosphere in Tallahassee,” owner and stylist William Galotti said. The salon wants to ensure that Tallahassee stays the hottest college town by selling their products in store as well. Students can also look out for coupons and salon specials so they don’t have to break the bank while looking fabulous. Although hair design is their main focus, Hair on Earth also offers waxing services. “Have fun. Be yourself. Stay cute,” Galotti said.

BEST OF TALlahassee

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau


Rebekah Suwak Senior Staff Writer

Entering the doors of the Nail Bar, notice the modern dÊcor and relaxing atmosphere; it’s clear they live up to

their mission of indulging the need for pampering, and it’s no wonder they have received the Best of Tallahassee 2013 for Nail Spa. “At the Nail Bar we work to jump on the new

Our savings will be music to your ears Take a tour and mention “Our Low Prices are Music to Your Ears�

market trends to please our customers,� Nail Bar Manager Brandon Nguyen said. “As our salon is centered around the clients, we pride ourselves on having a lot of massage chairs so cus-

Featuring Floor Plans in Town for Lowest Price • Largest ResortStyle Pool in Tally • Tanning Bed • Pet Friendly

tomers won’t ever have a long wait. It’s great to end a stressful day at the Nail Bar and just come in and relax with a free cocktail as you experience a manicure or pedicure.�

,%I AA= A 2? 2, =%!

LFFjG1e| (ej[_ )…ĚÇ [ÄŞÄŞÄš ĪĚĞſŰÇŗ @…› _Ć—ĂžÄšÄšĂžÄ ĂŠ YÄŞÄŞÄ? Ć—ĹŤ .ÄŞĹ° eſ› (ŗÇÇ e…ĠĠÞĠÊ LÄ  (_j ĹżĹ&#x; [ĪſŰÇ (ÞŰĠÇĹ&#x;Ĺ&#x; ÇĠŰÇŗ ƗÞŰø Â…Ĺ&#x;ÄŒĂ‡Ĺ°Â›Â…Ä?Ä? ĪſŗŰĹ&#x;

Y[eFGe (ej[_

_Ğ…ŒÞĪſĹ&#x; (Ä?ÄŞÄŞĹ—ÄžÄ?Â…Ä Ĺ&#x; .ÞÊø _ĞÇǚ 1ĠŰÇŗĠÇŰ şÌ.[ LÄ  Â…Ä?Ä? F…ÞĠŰÇĠ…ĠŒÇ (ĹżÄ?Ä?Ć? (ſŗĠÞĹ&#x;øǚ jĠÞŰĹ&#x; Y…Ġތ ſŰŰĪĠĹ&#x; ÞĠ Ä?Ä? [ÄŞÄŞÄšĹ&#x; YŗÞƖ…ŰÇ …ŰøŗĪĪĚĹ&#x; _j1e 1ĠšÞƖޚſ…Ä? (ej[_ @DžĹ&#x;ÇĹ&#x; YŗÞƖ…ŰÇ ĠŰŗ…ĠŒÇĹ&#x; _j1e (ej[_ >ÞیøÇĠÇŰŰÇ ÞĠ …Œø ǚŗĪĪĚ YŗÞƖ…ŰÇ ĠŰŗ…ĠŒÇĹ&#x; (ĹżÄ?Ä?Ć? (ſŗĠÞĹ&#x;øǚ _ſÞŰÇĹ&#x; >ÞیøÇĠÇŰŰÇ ÞĠ …Œø ǚŗĪĪĚ YŗÞƖ…ŰÇ …ŰøŗĪĪĚĹ&#x; 1(ĹżÄ?Ä?Ć? šÞ ޚ(ſŗĠÞĹ&#x;øǚ Ä? @ _ſÞŰÇĹ&#x;


• Largest


Not only does the Nail Bar offer an extensive nail and gel nail color list, they also offer hair extensions, facials, waxing and free cocktails during your spa experience—they pride

themselves on their high quality, neighborhood feel. Since opening their doors in 2009, they have hosted many private events and they offer their services for any occasion.


When you’re tired of living AT the party

NEW _e LOWER _ejGe RATES u@j

)[e @Le1LG

Ä?ÄŞĹ&#x;Ç Ĺ°ÄŞ (Ä?Īŗޚ… _ۅŰÇ jÄ ĂžĆ–Ă‡Ĺ—Ĺ&#x;ÞŰĆ?´ (Ä?Īŗޚ…  ‘ F´ eÂ…Ä?Ä?…ø…Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x;ÇÇ ĪĚĚſĠÞŰĆ? ÄŞÄ?Ä?ÇÊÇ


����� -/2!"20

The Park at Forest Ridge

Apartment Homes


T E X T A B R ST N TO 29999

2677 Old Bainbridge Rd Tallahassee, FL 32303

Call us to tour your next home!



619 Arbor Station Ln Tallahassee, FL 32312 850-386-1900



BEST OF TALlahassee

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

best Clothing Boutique Henri Girl Ariel Backer Staff Writer

Every trendy fashionista is aware that the most chic clothing boutique within the Tallahassee area is positively Henri Girl; it is obviously no wonder that the fabu-

lous venue won the Best of Tallahassee award for “Clothing Boutique.” When Henri Girl heard the news about their award, it actually came to nobody’s surprise. “I think we have a huge, diverse selection of clothing, such good prices and

we can really cater to anyone of any age,” Henri Girl manager Erin England said. With fun and affordable fashion, Henri Girl redefines the wardrobe of the average college student and any girl who lives on a budget. With none of

their items costing more than $100, the boutique offers a vast selection of the latest trends alongside exceptional customer service. “A lot of the girls who go to Florida State are super trendy and want to be up on the latest trends

and that’s our biggest purpose when we buy our clothing—keeping up with the latest trends and providing people with the latest merchandise and styles for our customers is key,” England said. The beauty of shopping is embodied in Henri

Girl’s persona and atmosphere. The store is sleek, fun and undeniably welcoming. While Henri Girl celebrates their win, the girls of Tallahassee celebrate the beauty and fun of shopping; they are head over heels for this clothing boutique.

Justin Alley/FSView

REASON #223:

TO DO: se 1. Sign a Lea $1000 2. Receive a Gift Card GE! 3. LIVE LAR

Text “FSU” to 47464 or call 850.574.7663 for more info!

SHOPPING SPREE! 600 Dixie Drive Tallahassee, FL 32304


RIGHTCHOICE. Everything you need and everything you want with a few extra surprises—ALL RIGHT HERE. • Fitness Center

• Sand Volleyball Court

• Sparkling Pool & Hot Tub

• Private Washer & Dryer

• Computer Lab w/Print Center

• Extended Cable w/HBO

• Poolside Island Gas Grills

• Bus Route

• Community-Wide WiFi

• 24/7 Emergency Maintenance

• Individual Leases


• Basketball Court



850.5 2 3.10 0 1 | 132 5 W. Tha Tharpe rpe St reet | Ta l l a h a s s ee, F L 3 2 3 0 3

• Tanning Dome



BEST OF TALlahassee

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

BEST TATTOO SHOP Setareh Baig Staff Writer

Finding the right tattoo shop is an essential part of getting inked. Not only do you have to take into account the safety and cleanliness of the tattoo shop, but you must also find a

Euphoria Tattoos

place that matches your tattoo style. The reputation of the tattoo shop is always a worthy indication of where to get your ink; a good reputation is vital to ensure the permanent mark on your skin is worthwhile. Even with the abundance of tattoo parlors all

over Tallahassee, Euphoria Tattoos has earned the reputable title of Best of Tallahassee 2013. “Collectively, everyone in the shop is honored and excited,” Euphoria tattoo artist Luis Gonzalez said, who has been tattooing at Euphoria for three years.

Decked out in ink from his face to the rest of his body, Gonzalez was all smiles and said he was nothing but enthusiastic about the title. “We’re glad people think highly of us and we appreciate all of the support,” he said.

What differentiates Euphoria from other shops is not only the talent and skill of their tattoo artists, but the friendly attitude that radiates from the workers at the intimate store on the corner of West Gaines Street. “Everyone here does

their own thing,” Gonzalez said. “We have a variety of artists here that do different styles, so people have options here. We try to be as nice as we can to people and we try to be as original as we can. We work very hard and that is what sets us apart.”

Michele Magaro/FSView

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau

BEST OF TALlahassee



BEST BARBER SHOP Renegade Barber Shop Ricky Kent Staff Writer

The Renegade Barbershops are one of Tallahassee’s best-known local businesses, blending style and affordability to offer their customers a unique experience. They pride themselves on stripping away the formality that had crept into the hair-styling industry through the mid80s and into the early90s. By 1993, they were ready to open up shops

in Tallahassee that would ditch all of the frivolities and bring back the old school barbershop to the state’s capital. They have nine locations around town, and they each offer a unique experience. Professional barbers work at every location, and each place is a bit different. Each location has flat screen televisions for customers to watch while they wait for their appointments, and there are plenty of games for kids to play

while they’re waiting with their parents to get a cut. Renegade has real barber chairs that embody the history of the barbershop, and they added their own touch in terms of getting the hair that everyone hates off of people’s necks. Renegade uses air hoses you’d see at gas station tire pumps to blow all of the hair off of their customers. The Tennessee Street location is a big shop with plenty of memorabilia on the walls that

separate it from other salons or barbershops in town. Signed photos from Florida State legend Bobby Bowden rest at the store’s front. Renegade is a place where the differences in people are accepted, and encouraged. “It’s diversified in and outside of the chair,� said Dee Everett, one of the barbers at the Tennessee Renegade shop. “We get all kinds of people that work here, and all kinds of people that come into the shop,�

Zachary Goldstein/FSView

NEW STUDENT TOWNHOMES OPENING FALL 2013 #.!0Ĺ?(+0%+*Ĺ?0Ĺ?++ 3. Ĺ?2!Ĺ?Ä’Ĺ?.!2. Ĺ?0Ĺ?Ä‘Ĺ?"1((5Ĺ?"1.*%/$! Ĺ?ÄƒÄĄ/0+.5Ĺ?0+3*$+)!/Ĺ?Ä‘Ĺ? !/%#*!.Ĺ?%*0!.%+.Ĺ?"%*%/$!/


    Þ ŕĄŕÝôôŕÞŕŕŕĄŕßÚôÞÝúÚÞÚÚôú renderings subject to change.



BEST OF TALlahassee

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013


Starbucks Carolina Gonzalez Staff Writer

Besides a lack of groceries and substantial amount of schoolwork, the No. 1 complaint for a college student is a poor Wi-Fi connection. Without the Internet it is difficult to carry on our daily tasks of checking out social media outlets, skimming over our homework assignments, and distracting ourselves from studying for a huge exam. So, to find those few spots in

Tallahassee where the WiFi connection will never fail you is a true gem. For this reason, Starbucks on Tennessee Street has won our vote for best free Wi-Fi hotspot. It not only offers free Wi-Fi, but also a boost of energy is readily available with premium coffee. This Wi-Fi hotspot provides spacious seating for students in need of a break from the library. Its cozy atmosphere allows students to work on their studies or just enjoy an af-

ternoon at ease while taking in the rich aromas of brewing coffee. Customers have remained loyal to this coffee kingdom because of its dedication to keeping us awake and functioning individuals. There is no competition when it comes to a free Wi-Fi hotspot as convenient as this one. Always in full swing, this Starbucks is readily prepared to serve students with their essential dose of caffeine and snacks to carry on a grueling week.

Zachary Goldstein/FSView



� Steps from FSU Campus � Fully Furnished � Heated, Saltwater Pool � Luxury Apartment Finishes � 2 Story Fitness Center � Fully Furnished w/ Memory Foam Mattress � Private Parking Garage


877.880.2130 One block west of the Medical School. Corner of Call & Conradi.

*Restrictions apply.

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau

BEST OF TALlahassee



BEST OUTSIDE HANGOUT Lake Ella Layni Case Staff Writer

Twelve acres of calm water, blooming flora and blue skies make up Tallahassee’s best outside hangout for 2013: Lake Ella. Florida State students and

Tallahassee residents alike partake in the peaceful environment and beautiful scenery the lake provides, all while enjoying the convenience of the many shops that lie in its backyard. The city has made it clear that Lake Ella is a precious

commodity through their upkeep and construction of the park. There is a paved path encircling the lake, encouraging use of the sidewalk for exercising, or other recreational activities, as well as picnic areas for picturesque

dining. Lake Ella unites people of all walks through the many activities—such as amateur astronomy—it hosts. The outdoor haven is oftentimes used as a prime location for community-wide events such as vigils or the weekly Grow-

ers’ Market. Lake Ella is also home to many businesses such as Black Dog Café, which credits some of its success to its proximity to the beloved lake. “Generally we have gorgeous weather,” FSU se-

nior and Black Dog Café employee Dustin Clark said. “There are a lot of students who come out here for a peaceful experience whether it be here in the coffee shop or setting up a picnic outside or going on walks.”

Francesca Urcuyo/FSView



BEST OF TALlahassee

1375 Pullen Road | Tallahassee, FL 32303 | (850) 422-3424


Samantha Schaum Staff Writer


Deposit as low as $89* *restrictions apply

Free lunch for 2 at Po Boys Key contest - open the door to one month free Free cruise 2 weeks free early move in two 6 month free rent scholarships available 1 year free Gold’s Gym membership

starting at


INCLUDES: • Utility cap - $40 • Furniture pkg available • Free Cable (with HBO) • Free Hi-speed Internet • Private bed/bath • Walk-in closets • 24hr fitness center • Full-size Basketball courts • 24hr maintenance • Car wash • Luxury pool • Sanctuary Study coming 2013 • Tree of Knowledge Outside Study Area • Courtesy Officer •Business Center coming 2013

OFFICE HOURS Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Sunday: 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm

FSView & Florida Flambeau | 2013

An independently owned vintage shop located in the heart of the Gaines Street Corridor, Avant Garb is a time capsule of unique, vintage pieces. The little shop is filled to the brim with both men and women’s vintage clothing, exquisite jewelry, records and a compilation of miscellaneous items ranging from the 1920’s to 1990’s. Owner Heather Wade, a native of Nashville, Tenn., has been working at vintage stores since she was 14 and has always known her passion and pursuit. Wade started her own personal vin-

tage collection about 10 years ago: the prelude to Avant Garb’s humble beginnings. Today, her store is a hot Gaines street staple. “I have been collecting, wearing [and] decorating with vintage for nearly 30 years,” Wade said. “It’s my life, or I guess you could say a ‘lifestyle.’ ” Wade uses consignment to procure the cream of the crop. Customers bring in items to sell in the store and the profits are split between Wade and themselves. She travels around the town and even the country, purchasing items she finds fit for her store, creating an eclectic col-

lection of garb and knick knacks. In addition to selling jewelry fresh from past epochs, Wade has been making her own jewelry for about 25 years. The vintage connoisseur provides her customers with a collection marked by its originality, quality and personality. “My customers can tell Avant Garb is a labor of love for me, not just a business and certainly not a passing fad,” Wade said. While nearly 90 percent of Wade’s customers are college kids, the store welcomes fashionistas, antique enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a good treasure hunt.


Bob’s Auto Repair Brittany Lyons Staff Writer

You may have seen the latest Bob’s Auto Repair commercial. It flashes before and after shots of cars and trucks that they have worked on, with a voice asserting “We can fix that.” At the very end, a picture of Gator fans all decked out in blue and orange shows up on the screen and the same voice apologizes and says that they can’t fix “that.” Most FSU students could prob-

ably agree that it is easier to take their vehicles to a repair shop that is so supportive of the Seminole Nation. While Bob’s Auto Repair offers services that range from oil changes to major engine and transmission repair, their Seminole support most likely sets them above and beyond other repair shops for students. Owner Misty Sullivan is enthusiastic about winning Best Auto Shop this year. “Thank you so much,” Sullivan said. “We are su-

per excited.” The shop has been in Tallahassee since 1980 and offers cosmetic and collision repairs in addition to auto repair services. Bob’s Auto Repair encourages word-of-mouth recommendation and offers maintenance tips and coupons online. The repair center is located on West Gaines Street, and is able to service any Seminole student’s needs, from full paint jobs to wheel alignment and everything in between.

BEST OF TALlahassee

2013 | FSView & Florida Flambeau




The Bicycle House Kristy McDaniel Staff Writer

The Bicycle House is more than a bicycle shop; it is a culture of cycling. The non-profit organization prides itself on promoting community. Patrons come from as close as the Tallahassee community and as far as Europe, due largely to the fact that in addition to being a bike repair shop, the house functions as a hostel, attracting up to 200 people a year. “We had a woman from Turkey come here,” founder of The Bicycle House Scot

Benton said. Part of why The Bicycle House attracts so many people is because it is located on the Florida Connector, a cycling route that is organized by the Adventure Cycling Association. “That’s part of why we are here,” said Benton, whose goal is to service as many people as possible. While the house does not sell bicycles, it does have the parts for cyclists to build their own bikes. The Bicycle House does require patrons to complete paperwork describing themselves and their backgrounds be-

fore giving them any parts. “We want to create a culture of ‘We helped you so you’ll help the next person,’” said Benton. The Bicycle House does accept donations, but they certainly are not compulsory. Mechanics are available daily from 12 p.m., to 8 p.m., to assist with any bike problems and questions. The house also assembles a team of volunteers who perform various tasks, from picking up glass on the roads to keep cyclists safe, and helping clean up the shop and apprentice mechanics.

Justin Alley/FSView

SAVE $274

with no deposit or admin fee UNIQUE TOWNHOME STYLE. HUGE FLOOR PLANS. NEW UPGRADED FURNITURE. | 228 Dixie Drive | 850.309.0100 Rates, fees and deadlines are subject to change. See office for details. Limited time only.

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