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Meet the human battery Chibu Umerah Staff Writer

patents are, already, awarded by the U.S. and more patents pending by USPTO. The device can convert heat from our sun, geothermal energy, and human and animal body heat will be harvested to vastly increase our available energy

Imagine jogging at night and being able to light your way without carrying batteries. Now, imagine listening to your iPod as you pound the ground along your trail, without having to charge it before leaving home. Imagine charging your phone as you run. It’s not science

with metal nanocrystals that when close enough can conduct electricity when heat at even room temperature is detected. It’s kind of like the Matrix. As said by Morpheus, one of the characters from the

On a day closer than you think, you will be able charge your cell phone, tablets, or your heart pacemaker just by being active. You will become the charger or the battery! By using the heat generated by your body, you will be the energy source. Novel materials will convert the heat from these sources to electricity that will power a limitless number of electronic devices. This body-heat cellphone technology was created by Fayetteville State University’s Dr. Daryush Ila, associate vice chancellor of research and technology

virtual reality: “The Matrix is a computergenerated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this [holds up a Duracell battery].” We can now power not some machine overlords, but our own lives. This device not only can be applicable to cell phones but to other applications as well like space power and for automobiles that burn too much fuel. This groundbreaking technology will not only help in keeping our precious cell phones charged where ever, whenever needed, it will also save energy, reduce costs, help our environment and the world as we know it.

four patent disclosures. Two of these Photo by Cassandra Carter

Campus safety concerns some students Jelia Hepner Staff Writer

college, one of their top concerns will always be about their safety on campus. Within the

In 2014, there were 23 crimes reported on Fayetteville State University’s campus, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s Campus Safety and Security Analysis. That is down from the previous two years, comprising nearly half of the crime reported in 2012. But the perception among students is that crime is on the increase. It seems as though every time a student opens up a newspaper or watches the news, they come across tragedies, such as school shootings, violence and assaults on college campuses. When students make the choice to attend

reported two incidents of robbery of students on campus via email to the student body. Yoshi Lashae, a student who lives on campus at FSU, stated, “Sometimes I don’t feel safe even during the day walking alone on campus. You just never know who might try to attack you or rob you.” FSU students have many concerns when dealing with the safety on campus. They usually are about people who are not students coming on campus causing discomfort to those who are students. “There have been times I would come back

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to my dorm room from class and will see some individuals who were not FSU students outside hanging out of the dorm building. It did not bother me as much, but it did make me kind of alarmed and made me start watching my surroundings more. When you don’t recognize certain individuals, you just become more alarmed to what is going on around you,” stated junior Premilla KeAsia. The university has security guards that patrol the university 24/7 on campus, trying to decrease the opportunities of individuals trying to create disruption. Safety doesn’t stop at FSU security, but it takes a whole community to make sure that all students are safe on campus.

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The Voice News

Nate Murry Editor-in-Chief

When the Student Center opened came available and closer to students. In the Student Center, we now have the career center, a movie theater, as well as a new Health and Wellness Service just inside of the W.T. Brown Entrance to the Student Center. Letitia Johnson-Arnold, medical and health program consultant, which is focused on the more behavioral side of and sexual health. Now, you might wonder to yourself why the university is so interested in the health and wellness of its students. I think the better question is, why aren’t the students more interested in the health and wellness of the students? Between club activities, university events, procrastinating on homework and tests, and trying to get that classmate to notice you, it can add a lot of stress to a student’s life. All that stress, lack of sleep and skewed time dis-

tortion does a body bad. Not just any kind of bad though, a famous kind of bad--the Freshman 15, the myth of freshman gaining 15 According to medical researchers at the department of pediatrics of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City along with analysts in the department of pediatrics in the University of Rochester, NY, it’s kind of true. They found that freshman weight gain was 5.5 times greater than experienced by the general population. Along with that, men are apparently more likely to gain that type of weight than women. Pennsylvania State University and Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pennsylvania found that over a period of seven semesters weight gain was found, but it was exacerbated by multiple other issues, such as lack of consumption of fruits and vegetables and daily of physical activity. Also, living off campus seemed to really push the weight gain even more. So take advantage of the services FSU has to offer!

Health and Wellness Service by Bronco Lounge

Photo By Nate Murry

Aysha Carter Arts and Culture Editor

The Voice Staff Editor-in-Chief: Nate Murry News Editors: Fatima Butt and Arabhis Nicholson Arts and Culture Editors: Aysha Carter and Dajah Johnson Sports Editors: Thomas Parnell and Aaron Williams Views Editors: Daylin Harris and Misha Thomas La Voz Coordinator: Dr. Lenora Hayes Online Editor: Jacquelynn Elmore Social Media Editor: Bria Battle Copy Editing Chief: Emily Newton Photo Editor: Blaze Wilkins Design Chief: Cassandra Carter Faculty Adviser: Alanna Miller

Fayetteville State University now has its highest retention rate in recorded history, meaning that freshmen are more likely to return for a second year here at FSU. The average freshman retention rate at FSU for 2010-2013 is 73%, according to U.S. News and World Report. FSU has grown into a mid-sized university enrolling more than 6,000 students of diverse backgrounds. The university is well known for excellence at all academic levels and is currently ranked as the 23rd top historically black university in the United States by U.S. News and World Report. In fact, thanks to a low student-faculty ratio of 17:1, students can interact in small classes for personal development. While freshman year can be a great experience for many college stutransfer or take a break from college altogether. A large number of extra curricular activities for student involvement is one of the main reasons that students remain enrolled at Fayetteville like Cheer, Supplemental Instruction (SI), and freshmen seminars are helping new students stay on track and make the best of their college experiences.

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FOXY mobilizes for a cause Jelia Hepner Staff Writer

lina. In the mean time, many activists such as Tap Mosango, a program collect and deliver supplies to those affected by the storm. decided not to just send donations and money but to actually gas up some vehicles, including moving trucks to make several trips to help victims.

What’s cooking at FSU ?

out moving trucks in order to go down to South Carolina to provide victims with supplies that were needed. They collected everything from bottles of water, food, diapers, cribs, clothes, shoes, animal food and more. especially those in Columbia, South Carolina that is where the storm hit the hardest. We wanted to be hands on, to get to see the faces of people, and we wanted to touch the people,” stated Tap Mosango.

Fatima Butt News Editor

The Campus Kitchens Project (CKP) is a national leader in community service for students and is the future of hunger relief. CKP is empowering the next generation of leaders to implement innovative models for combating hunger, developing food systems and giving back to their communities. Campus Kitchens Projects partner with high schools, colleges, and universities to share on-campus kitchen space, recover food from cafeterias and engage students as volunteers who prepare and deliver meals to the community. Student volunteers develop partnerships, recover food, plan menus, run cooking shifts, organize drivers, garden, glean and teach nutrition education to children and families. Every campus kitchen is set up differently, to cater to the needs of the community and what the university or school can offer. So far, CKP are at 49 schools around the country. tire nation to have one! CKP offered grant opportunities for food recovery. In order to receive one of their 5,000 launch grants, university’s submitted a documentary stating why it is essential for their community to have one. three schools with the most votes would be given the grant. Three

together in hopes of helping South Carolina victims during this dif“It’s a message that we needed to get out to South Carolina is that people care! We came up with the initiative at the last movement We


strong, so individually the states can hold their own, but when they come together, they become powerful. It’s strength in numbers,” said Tap Mosango, a big smile on his face. South Carolina has made good progress, but there are still many victims out there who need any help they can get. Anybody can still support the cause.



of her, so much of this is possible. She has attended many conferences in order to see how Campus Kitchens are successfully executed. Joel Cook, the student coordinator, mentioned how his vision would not be begin until next year, but the process of setting it up will begin in April. Getting student volunteers will be the main concern. If you are interested in helping and providing leadership, want service learning opportunities, or want to take part in building and giving back to

Photo courtesy of Foxy 99

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Welcome our NC Universities newest department! stress science and Dr. Todd Frobish Communication, Language, and Culture Department Chair

Some were in the midst of summer courses. Many were working to pay bills and save up for the next academic year. Others might have been relaxing on the beach or sipping lattes at the bookstore. But on July 1st, a new kid arrived at Fayetteville State University, and I want to make sure you’ve been properly introduced. Say hello to the Department of Communication, Languages, and Cultures. Our department is the result of a merger between the Department of Communication and the Department Both departments had an international faculty and a curriculum that strongly emphasized global literacy. And then there were the many possibilities for collaboration. Why not have Spanish or Chinese language articles in The Voice newspaper? A Bronco-iRadio show about world cultures? Video supplements to showcase FSU’s commitment to global education? So many prospects. The two areas of Communication and World Languages are 2003, if you wanted to study mass communication, a student would have no choice but to declare as a Speech and Theatre major with a Telecommunications minor, which fell under the Department of Performing and Fine Arts. Once the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication was approved and implemented, it grew very popular and very fast. Within a few years, it became apparent to the faculty and administration that Communication needed its own department, and so, in 2009, the Department of Communication was approved and the faculty relocated under this new banner. World Languages followed a similar path in that they too split from its parent department, the Department of English and Foreign Languages, the same year as Communication. They too had grown in size and visibility, and were now the Department of World Languages and Cultures. But this is all ancient history now. By merging, we have combined our strengths to provide additional learning opportunities for students. We have awardwinning faculty and staff who are dedicated to making sure that the students gain the knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience they need to succeed in graduate school or in a career. We have top-tier production studios and computer labs truly enjoy teaching and mentoring students, but also are comthrough their research and creative activities. The Department of Communication, Languages, and Cultures offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. It also offers minors in Communication, Spanish, and Chinese Language and Culture, and a Spanish Teaching Licensure (K-12) track. By completing the BA in Communication or the BA in Spanwish as these degrees are highly sought after by companies around the world. We encourage students who have already chosen a primary major to consider a double major or minor with Communication or Spanish. I encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions. Stop by for a discussion or a tour. We are here for you.


Kyle Franck Staff Writer

In a recent study done by MSNBC, North Carolina universities were listed as some of the best schools to attend for an education in science and technology. In fact, Wake Forest University has a computer to student ratio of 1.08 to 1, as found in a recent internal study done in the beginning of 2015. As many of the nation’s schools push to mimic this trend of advanced technology and science training, it is wonderful for the student body on Fayetteville State University to share in the rich quality of education the University of North Carolina System has to offer. With Fayetteville State University being a constituent of the University of North Carolina, it is only expected the school would exhibit exemplary means to accomplish the same goal of offering top tier education to its students. As of the fall semester of 2015, Fayetteville State University offers a variety of programs science to computer programming. As the technology age of both business and communication evolves, so should university campuses. And Fayetteville State moves to do just that! With new additions to the campus such as the Science and Technology building and strong campus wide Wi-Fi, UNCFSU has advanced heavily in the realm of course studies and sustainability for student activities campus wide. The campus also includes chapters of the Association for Information Technology Professionals and the Association for Science Professionals, both organizations helping students to succeed in not only their course of study but in employment opportunities as well. “Just create something awesome today” is a motto of Roberto Blake, a speaker on technology uses and professional advancement at many presentations here at Fayetteville State University. Blake went further to outline the advances of the UNCFSU campus and the bencampus. He is a Fayetteville native and scholar, recently featured on as professionals around the United States. Further additions are underway for the university campus, too. There will be a variety of additions and changes ranging from safety measures to technical advancements like upgraded computer systems and the newest laboratory equipment for student use. As the fall semester continues, students should keep a watch out for more information on campus upgrades and visit the updated science and technology buildings around campus.

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Previewing Broncos’ basketball Aaron Williams Sports Editor

Upcoming Games Nov. 17: Women’s Basketball @ Pembroke College



Day in Charlotte, NC hosted by the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA).

Women’s Volleyball TBD


nior team captains, Bria Robinson and Doreen Richardson were

Kyle Franck Staff Writer

legality of allowing employees of one online sports betting company wager on games hosted by another company. Depsite not betting on

online sports betting. largest online sports wagering websites in the

that not only are online gambling companies career, according to CNN.

fantasy sports betting started back in the early 2000s, when online fantasy sports became

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on the matter by October 15th, which is now

for many states to follow. Both companies denied to comment on the operations. Fantasy sports fans will be able to

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Photos by Elijah Moore, Tara Smith, and Blaze Wilkins

The Voice Arts and Culture


New literary magazine comes to campus Aysha Carter Arts and Culture Editor

In 2016-2017, the Department of English at Fayetteville State University will launch Conjure: An online and print literary journal dedicated to publishing the unique writing and visual art of students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The journal takes its name from Charles W. Chesnutt’s famous collection of short stories titled The Conjure Woman (1899). FSU is a campus nearly exploding with raw, energetic talent. The Conjure Spoken Word Event is an excellent way to expose these up and coming artist. The event is being organized by four English majors but is open to

students of all disciplines. There will be aumain showcase, which will be on November 19th, 7:00p.m. in the School of Business and Economics building, room 140. Spoken Word is poetry that often includes theater, dance, and music; it also emphasizes wordplay and storytelling. This is a chance for all students to express themselves artistically and sound off to like-minded individuals. Our University’s connection to Charles W. nent African American writer made FSU the ideal home for Conjure. To our knowledge, this journal will be the

of uniting the over 100 HBCU’s within the country. issue, in which students from North Carolina’s many HBCU’s will be highly encouraged to submit their work; later, the journal will expand to the remaining HBCU’s during the following year. The editors for the journal are currently looking for submissions of poetry, short stories, essays and visual art. Submissions are being accepted from September 2015 until March 2016 at The journal will also be hosting a literary contest in the spring in anticipation for the online debut issue.

Club Spotlight: Entrepreneurship and Marketing Club and Sigma Tau Delta Cassandra Carter Design Chief

Being a part of campus clubs and activities can open opportunities such as networking, internships, and feeding new interests. If you are looking for a club to join, here are two on campus: Entrepreneurship and Marketing Club and the English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta. Gaining traction on campus is the Entrepreneurship and Marketing Club, whose mission is to give students hands-on experience and make them more marketable as employees. Ashley Henderson, President of the EMC, explained that this club was once just knows as the Marketing Club, but they found that with a large student population of entrepreneurs and such a strong connection between entrepreneurship and marketing, it would make sense to join the two. Currently, EMC is working on a service project with Harvest Family Church to feed 1,000 families and has sent out emails to the student body looking for donations such as

ing. EMC also sponsored a Youth Entrepreneurship Day this year to help children ages 7-13 learn the importance of marketing, pricing, and customer service and learn how to create their own business. Entrepreneurship and Marketing Club meets every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m in SBE 252 and has $15 dues, which covers access to semies and employees. For students who might be looking towards an academic club, Sigma Tau Delta might be a viable choice. Also known as the International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta has a mission to promote interest in literature and the English language, and members are expected to exhibit high standards of academic excellence. Because it is a honor society, some of the criteria for membership include: a minimum of a B in all English courses, rank in the

Henderson believes that having these service projects allows the members to network with business owners, while helping others. If you know a family in need this Thanksgiving, Harvest Family Church is still accepting applications. A yearly event that EMC does is the Bronco Idea Challenge, in which students are encouraged to develop Photo by Cassandra Carter entrepreneurial and creative think- Ashley Henderson, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Club President

class, completion of a minimum of two college courses in English language and literature beyond the freshman English requirements, and completion of at least three semesters of college course work. As a member of Sigma, you receive a Society pin, internships, and opportunities for scholarships. At graduation, members wear Sigma Tau Delta regalia to display your academic accomplishment. Meetings have no set time are typically TBA. Students can contact the advisor, Dr. Eric Hyman, or President, Brittany Beard. Sigma Tau Delta is hosting a Spoken Word Event on November 19 at 7pm in SBE 140.

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Shine brightly with Bronco STAR

Cam Crocker Staff Writer

“I like to fall in line with working with students, and it makes me happy to help” said Bionca Bright, academic success coach and tutor for the Bronco STAR program. Bright is working with Fayetteville State University’s brand new academic program Bronco STAR (Supporting Transition, Access, and Retention). Bronco STAR started at the university last year. Its location is on Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders for different courses, but Bronco STAR has all the courses the students need to pass. Seven tutors, including Bright, will be sure to keep this program going for FSU students. Students still can go to SIs for their courses, but whenever they need additional help they can turn to Bronco STAR. based on helping students get good grades and overcome stress in the courses in which they are studying. Before working with Bronco STAR, she earned an undergraduate degree for psychology and a master’s degree for counseling in Fayetteville State. of Fayetteville State, and they can can assist her in working on other courses such as world history, English, and communication. She has been working hard to help students,in order to guide them to their

goals. “It’s my job to make sure that students are working hard to pass their class” Bright said. Bright has been checking up on the students who attended to Bronco STAR to make sure that they are not falling behind or having any problems with their courses. Every week, it’s important that students have regular meetings with Bright just to be sure that Bronco STAR is being very helpful or if there’s anything that needs to be discussed about the courses that the students are taking. dents come to Bronco STAR events every Friday for a mindfulness session. She thought that having this session can decrease the stress students were having and meet new students who are attending Bronco STAR. Students can keep their minds off of studying for a while and enjoy taking time to relax. A few students attended to these sessions, and it was quite helpful. The sessions that Bright has made is an important tool whenever students feel like the work was too much or hard to understand. has proven that they are making sure that students are focused and successful. The progress that Bright and all the other tutors are making helps FSU students to keep moving forward in what they have learned. Through this program, students won’t be having any trouble forgetting their assignments, being distracted from work, and say what they are thinking.

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Whitney Wilson

Cassandra Carter Design Chief

In her senior year, Whitney Wilson, has been on long a jour-

knew that music was her path. Taking nine classes a semester encompassing diction, percussion, voice, and music history, Whitney has a busy schedule of more than singing songs. huge inspiration in her career here at FSU. Wilson recounts a time when she was having trouble singing a piece of music and it

Science Industry

understand the meaning behind the song “Dove sei, amato bene?” Rodelinda, connecting the feeling grieving the loss of someone to music. As an alto, she sings with the concert choir for commencement and other school functions. When

Email us:

goal of becoming a recording artist or an opera singer.

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Señorita Negro y Oro: Miss Black and Una historia revelada Gold: The history revealed

Aaliyah Tate Staff Writer

El 27 de septiembre de este año se celebró el concurso de la señorita negro y oro. Este concurso que fue iniciado por los hermanos de la fraternidad Alpha Phi Alpha incorporado. La fraternidad Alpha Phi Alpha fue fundada el cuatro de diciembre de mil novecientos seis. El primer concurso de señorita negro y oro fue patrocinado por la convención nacional de Alpha Phi Alpha en la ciudad de Nueva York, en el año 1976. La primera ganadora fue la señorita Denise Smith. Desde, entonces, el concurso se ha expandido a cuatro niveles diferentes. El local, el distrito, el regional, y el nivel nacional. El nivel local es el concurso de la sección de la Universidad. Nuestra sección en Fayetteville State University es la sección de Epsilon Zeta. Las reinas electas de la sección de Epsilon Zeta fueron Aaliyah Tate, señorita negra y oro; Keitora Smith, señorita Epsilon Zeta; y April Johnson, señorita 1906. El treinta y uno de octubre fue el concurso a nivel de distrito. Las reinas a nivel de distrito en Carolina del Norte fueron Srita. Micheline Amisi, señorita negra y oro de la University of North Carolina en Chapel Hill; Srita. Ashlynn Miller, la primera representante de Duke University; y Miss Black and Gold Aaliyah Tate accepts her title. Srita. Aaliyah Tate, la seregional del próximo año será en el mes de marzo en Atlanta, GA. La Srita. Micheline Amisi participará en la competencia. La reina a nivel nacional es Srita. Jasmin Eatmon de Spelman College. Ella representará a nivel nacional en Morehouse College. Las fases del concurso son la entrevista, la presentación, modelaje en traje de baño, el talento, la entrevista, y el modelaje de vestidos de noche. Cada candidata compite en todas las fases, y la candidata que tiene la mejor puntuación, es la ganadora. Muchas las chicas que compiten en el concurso Señorita Negro y Oro, también compiten en los concursos Miss FSU y Miss North Carolina. Vamos a ver que le depara el futuro al concurso Señorita Negro y Oro.

On September 27th of this year, Fayetteville State University hosted the Miss Black and Gold pageant. This contest was started by fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brothers. The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded on December 4th, 1906. The Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha in New York City, in 1976. The Since then, the competition has expanded to four different levels. The local, the district, the regional, and the national level. The local level involves the celebration of the pageant by individual universities. Our section of Fayetteville State University is Epsilon Zeta. The elected queens for the Epsilon Zeta section this year were Aaliyah Tate, Miss Black and Gold; Keitora Smith, Miss Zeta Epsilon; and April Johnson, Miss 1906. The district – level competition was celebrated on October 31st, 2015. The elected queens at the district level for the state of North Carolina were Miss Micheline Amisi, Miss Black and Gold from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Miss Ashlynn Miller, runner- up from Duke University; and, Miss Aaliyah Tate, the second runner-up from Fayetteville State University. The regional competition will take place in March of next year in Atlanta, GA. Ms. Miss Micheline Amisi will be the North Carolina representative in the competition. This year’s representative at the national level is Ms. Jasmin Eatmon from Spelman College. She will represent at Morehouse College. The phases of the competition are the interview, introduction, modeling in bathing suit, talent, interview, and modeling in evening wear. Each candidate competes in all phases, and candidate with the highest score is the winner. Many girls who compete in the contest, also compete in the Miss FSU and Miss North Carolina. Let’s see what the future holds for the Miss Black and Gold pageant.

La Voz El dos de noviembre: DĂ­a de los muertos

10 November 2nd: Day of the dead

Giselle Cole Staff Writer

Day of the Dead is a festivity in which people celebrate their ing this celebration, people clean the graves of -



date in which they celebrated their dead to -


Photo by Patricia Hernandez

ence between all three festivities is that the Day

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: La fuerza despierta Daniel Williams Staff Writer






The Voice Views Misha Thomas Opinion Editor

Growing up in a Christian home, abstinenceonly was the norm for me. However, when I reached high school I assumed this would be the time I would have the opportunity to have my questions answered about sex, the misconceptions of it, sexual assault, and even consent. I was horribly disappointed. Aside from the basic anatomy of the male and female body, I received lessons on biology, but not sex, and certainly nothing about consent. The lack of education left my peers and I to learn and discover for ourselves what sex was. Whether it was through pornography, the media, or what our parents might or (more often) might not have told us. wanted, informed, mutual, honest, and verbal agreement. Advances cannot be coerced, through use of threats, force or pressure. Psychological threats, emotional threats, and manipulation can be effectively used in terms of coercing behavior or action out of someone. Emotional coercion can come in many forms, whether it’s the use of guilt or implied threats to the relationship or to a person’s reputation. So can coercion be considered sexual assault? Yes, it can. It is a tactic used by perpetrators to intimidate, trick, or force someone to have sex with him or her. Contrary to popular belief, men can be sexually coerced. There is an unspoken yet agreed

upon myth that women are incapable of sexual misconduct since most of the discussion revolves around the question of women’s consent. She has to be the one to call the shots; she is the only one that needs to be asked because men are assumed to always want sex by default. This presumption is just as danger-

Common coercive phrases: - I bought you dinner, now you owe me. - If you love me you would do this. - It bothers me that you’re holding back, we’re together so it’s okay. - Look, everyone is going to think we did it anyway. - If you won’t do it, I’m going - I thought you loved me I guess you don’t, I just don’t know if I can be with someone like that.

Fatima Butt News Editor

So what is slut shaming? Slut shaming is the act of criticizing women for their real or presumed sexual activity or behavior. Sexual behavior includes dressing in clothing thought to be provocative, wearing “too much” make-up, having several boyfriends or several sexual partners, or for speaking too suggestively or expressing her sexual desires. A girl does not have to be sexually active to be called a slut. This term is so loosely used that people use it to police, judge and condemn women for being comfortable with their own sexuality. A feature spefor women and girls, is the fact that these same behaviors which illicit shaming towards girls go on to congratulate boys. It is no shock that our culture and society teach girls that they must always be cautious of what they say and do. Women are frequently held to a different standard and are drowned in these impossible idealized images: that beauty is an important feature to attract the opposite sex; that they must be sexy but not too sexy; and that acquiring attention from men is a good thing, but you must not go far with this notion. If she actually starts to make sexual choices, then she is labeled a slut. If she openly speaks about taking birth control, she is questioned for her choices. The biggest problem in all this is that there is no equivalent word to “slut” to punish boys for their sexual choices and behaviors. Shocker. Instead, boys are often rewarded if lots of girls appear to be interested

ous because it opens doors to sexual violaan individual are completely disregarded. The media depicts women’s attempts to manipulate men into sex as cute, comical, and always welcomed. This creates a problem; it sets up a power dynamic that undermines consent as an ongoing conversation between two partners. Encouraged styles of communication vary greatly between girls and boys, women and men. Being polite, sweet, and unassuming is the most acceptable style of communication for women and girls to practice, while beboys to practice. It is no surprise that men are traditionally positioned in a place of power as the gatekeepers of consent. So what can be done in order to raise awareness? We must begin to recognize instances in which consent is being assumed where it does not exist. We must also communicate, listen, and hold ourselves to a high standard of sexual communication. This would also include creating classes for students on campus to freely discuss Sex Ed, communication skills, sexual assault, and misconceptions. As we increase our standards for what constitutes our own consent, we must also grow more conscientious about obtaining unequivocal consent from others. We’re all capable of violating others’ boundaries, and we can only better respect them once we admit that and no longer dwell in ignorance.

in them, for making sexual choices for themselves, and for especially being sexual. Here is where the double standard lies, when guys behave sexually they are congratulated, but when a woman is in control of her body and choices she is labeled as a slut. Their reputations are ruined; they are scorned for the same choices praised when made by men. Recently the model, Amber Rose starred in a video called, “the walk of NO shame,” a movement where women should not be humiliated or embarrassed for their sexual choices. In the video, Rose is walking home early morning in a black dress and her heels (implying these are her clothes from the night before) and people are shouting out words of encouragement as she walks, instead of perpetuating this idea that women aren’t allowed the same pleasures as men. The video seeks to end the problem of slut shaming in this patriarchal society and a protest against sexual violence. Both men and women are guilty of participating in a culture that insists on an ideal of femininity and punishes women and girls for not living up to this ideal. We live in a society that blames the rape victim but not the rapist, by just stating that women must not wear certain clothes in order to prevent rape. In its place, we need to be saying why don’t people understand consent? No means no, no matter how “inviting” she looks. If we want our daughters to live in a society where their sexual choices are to be accepted just as boys’ are, we must be strong advocates and accepting of women and their choices. So whoever said boys were from Mars and girls were from Venus were wrong. They’re both from the same reality, so start treating them so.

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Love is love

Love to write? Take Pictures? We want YOU!

Shakira Nelson Staff Writer

The legendary Maya Angelou once stated, “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” On Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages.


option of becoming legally married in the United States. The ruling came as no easy achievement. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community have continually fought for their rights within a society that favors coupling that meets the criteria that is considered “normal.” The Stonewall Inn had a series of violent demonstrations consisting of the LGBTQ community that were sparked by a police raid on June 28, 1969. This establishment is also considered the birthplace of the Gay Rights movement. On June of 2015, the establishment was listed as a

to help be the voice of your campus community. MAKE SOME NOISE!

York. Although the LGBTQ community has had an unprecedented victory, ples partaking in same-sex marriages are often deemed abnormal causing them to be discriminated against. Religion is one of the reasons some ing against same-sex couples. One religious cliché often stated related to same-sex marriages is “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

is looking for students of all types

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Pageant provides platform for growth Monique Taylor Staff Writer

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support of gay marriage. Although same-sex marriages are legal, 40 percent of American society is still opposed to gay marriage. LGBTQ individuals that chose to marry are often discriminated against when attempting to rent a home or hotel, and seeking services related to wedding ceremonies Similar to same-sex marriage discrimination, is the history of interracial marriage. There were riots and protests related to interracial marriage during the nineteenth and twentieth century, and like same-sex couples, interracial couples were exposed to many discriminatory acts, and religion was used as a means of sanctioning intolerance. In addition, criticizers hold the belief that children of same-sex or interracial marriages will grow up confused and become desolate; research suggests this myth is false. Interracial marriages were not legal until Loving v. Virginia 1960 case, when the Supreme Court ruled interracial couples had the right to marry. support same-sex marriage in 2012. During a speech given at the White House after the June 2015 Supreme Court ruling President Obama stated, “Americans should be very proud, because small acts of courage slowly made an entire country realize that love is love.” In the end, love is our best friend, helper, and healer winning after all.

October 5, 2015 was one of the best moments of my college experience. I took the plunge to run for Miss Homecoming Queen at the illustrious Fayetteville State University. I was debating and contemplating many days and nights on whether or not I wanted to run since I don’t like to compete against others. I won Miss Homecoming Queen my senior year in high school, which motivated me to run my senior year in college. I strongly believe in “Continuing the Legacy.” What I enjoyed the most throughout this wonderful experience was working with Adri, one of the best photographers on campus, designing make-up done for coronation, and most importantly having a supportive campaign team. Campaigning wasn’t an easy task, but my campaign team made it so smooth. They were there every step of the way,

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around the school, to promoting me, to cheering me on at my campaign speech, and so much more. The money and the time invested was really worth it and I would encourage anyone to go for it. Although I didn’t get the title, running for Miss Homecoming Queen has taught me that “You win some and you lose some” in dence is still the same as well as my motivation to “Uplift, Encourage, and Inspire” many others.