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SEPTEMBER 13, 2012



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Fayetteville State University Students Earn

By Brian Ashley Nance Fayetteville State University students displayed growth “well above expected” on an test of higher order reasoning competencies, according to a report by the Council for Aid to Education (CAE) released July 13. The test, The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), is a tool for higher education institutions to gauge the affect they have on students’ development of critical thinking and writing skills. The CLA varies from other tools because it compares the actual test scores of seniors to their expected scores based on their incoming academic abilities as freshmen. Students are evaluated as “well below”, “below”, “at”, “above”, or “well above” the expected outcomes. Rather than multiple-choice questions, students are given scenarios and must choose a standpoint to support, similar to an arbitrator's responsibility. They are also asked to critique arguments based on logistics. John Brooks III, Associate Professor of History and Dean of University College, finds the test to be very practical in its methods. “What I like about the CLA is it’s more like a real world situation. It is more like the problem solving that [students] would do as citizens and professionals”, Brooks said. Seniors in 2012 were the first group of students to complete the four-year CLA assessment. FSU seniors, on average, scored “well above” expected, based on the test's scoring scale. The Council for Aid to Education estimates this level of growth to be in the 90 to 99th percentile, meaning FSU’s gains were greater than 90 to 99 percent of institutions that participated in the CLA nationally. “We are very proud of our evaluations and students should be too,” said John Brooks III, Dean of University College.

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September 13, 2012


No Freshman Left Behind Courtesy of

By Shirley Townsend Student health insurance costs have nearly doubled this year as a result of the new federal requirements of the Affordable Care Act . The increase, which has already taken effect, applies to all 17 institutions in the University of North Carolina system, including Fayetteville State. Students who do not sign a waiver by Sept.15 stating that they do not want the university -sponsored insurance and show proof of other coverage, will be charged on their tuition bill. The new fee schedule is $709 per semester, up from the previous $451 for the fall semester, and $375 for the spring semester. Over the past two years, only 30 percent UNC students were covered under the university-sponsored plan, according to Joni Worthington, vice president for communications for the

University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill. The other 70 percent were covered under another plan. Although this increase [in cost] is substantial, the student sponsored plan continues to provide quality coverage at competitive rates,” Worthington said. The insurance fee policy was put in order to provide access to affordable health care for those students who need coverage in the open market. The insurance fee will cover many services including but not limited to checkups, STD testing, pregnancy tests, blood pressure screenings, and more. Students who are covered under another plan can waive the insurance online only at www.studentinsurance. com. For further information or questions, call (910) 672-1259 or (910) 672-2164.

By Annissa George Welcome Dr. Tyson Beale, the new Associate Dean for University College. Beale will oversee the Freshman Center and Learning Center programs, which offer a variety of services including academic advisement, seminar courses, literacy and math support. Continuing in the role of University College to prepare students and provide the foundation to transition into college, Beale will strive to propel Fayetteville State’s goal of retaining and graduating students. Collaborating with departments on campus, and along with the Freshman Center and Learning Center, the associate dean hopes to encourage students toward resources that are already available to them, rather than implementing new programs at this time. Dr. Beale says that he wants to push and motivate the students in the direction that they desire. “I am here to hold you accountable for what it is you said you wanted to obtain.” says Dr. Beale. Beale earned his Bachelor of Science and MBA from Radford University in Virginia, and Doctoral Degree in Higher Education at Morgan State University. As an undergraduate at Radford University, Dr. Beale was never one to sit and wait for opportunities. He sought opportunities where he could gain more and has worked with/for a variety of student positions while at Radford & Morgan State Universities. After hearing Oprah ask “If you could do something you love for free, what would it be”, Beale decided to give back to students. He is very possionate about helping students. “I will push every student until I can push [no]more”

In order to receive the student health insurance students are required to meet the following three criteria: n n n

Must be enrolled in six or more credit hours on the main campus Must be eligible to pay the student health fee Must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program at FSU

Students under the Home Study programs, online classes and television courses do not need to fulfill the same eligibility requirements as traditional students.

Courtesy of

Dr. Tyson Beale, Associate Dean Universtiy College

2September 13, 2012

Take Note

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Chesnutt Bites an Apple® By Barron Jamel Green

Some Fayetteville State University students will get a chance to take a bite out of an Apple® this semester. The Charles Chestnut library has kicked off this new academic year by hosting a contest called PILE-ON (Promoting Information Literacy in Education Observing the Need). Nine lucky students will have unlimited access to an iPad2 for research purposes throughout the fall 2012 semester. The basis for the competition is "to emphasize how much we cannot function without finding information especially in today’s generation," said Robert Foster, Inter Library Loan Coordinator. This contest highlights the definition and importance of information literacy and how to strengthen Fayetteville State University students' use of technology as a tool. The contest questionnaire asked students to write an essay defining the word information literacy, explaining the value of being an information literate person, and describing the benefits information literate people possess.

: te o e n ert. . k Ta e Al art B Sm fe! Be e Sa B

Foster, who is also the head of the reference department, said his definition of information literary is "lifelong learning." Winners will be announced September 14.

By Jasmine Caldwell

Courtesy of

Campus police urge students to practice safety precautions at all times, after a series of student robberies have taken place already this semester. Campus polices suggested that students should use the buddy system when traveling, especially at night, and never walk alone. Be observant when out and pay special attention to one’s surroundings or suspicious activities. In the event that suspicious behavior is witnessed, please notify campus police. There are emergency boxes placed around campus to alert authorities in the event that a cell phone is unavailable. Regarding the recent robberies in August, the crimes occurred in the same area and have a

similar description. The first robbery occurred at 1:30 am and the later at 3:30 p.m. Both victims were robbed at gunpoint near Seabrook Park for their cell phones, shoes, and pocket items. The suspects were noted as having the following physical description: Suspect 1: Stocky, black male, wearing a grey toboggan hat, 18-20 years of age, and 200-215 lbs Suspect 2: Black male, shoulder length dreads, 18-20 years of age, and 160 lbs Suspect 3: Slender black male, short hair, 5’8, 17-18 years of age, 140-150 lbs The students’ wellbeing and safety are a priority at FSU so we urge all students to practice safe habits. Be alert! Be safe! Be smart!

Features “40 Years is Long Enough”

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Courtesy of TALIAS By Francena Turner

The surviving members of the “Wilmington 10” want Governor Beverly Purdue to issue them a pardon of innocence and they need your help! On September 5, 2012, FSU’s Technology Assisted Legal Instruction and Services Center (TALIAS) allowed both FSU students and people in the surrounding community to be a part of a web roundtable on the topic based at North Carolina Central University, and including students from Elizabeth City State University, Winston Salem State University, and Fayetteville State University. The panel included host Attorney Irving Joyner, Reverend Benjamin Chavis, Rev. Kojo Nantambu, Judy Mack (daughter of Anne Sheppard Turner, the only woman

and the only white member of the Wilmington 10), and Attorney James Ferguson. The Wilmington 10, consisting of nine young black men and one white woman, were a group of activists who were imprisoned after being convicted of setting a Wilmington, NC grocery store on fire in 1971 and conspiring to shoot at police officers. “Two years prior (1968-69) they closed down the black high school and made the black students attend one of the two white high schools. The students were angry. There were few black teachers or counselors. They made it hard for black student athletes to play [sports]. There was no black history taught. Students protested for equitable representation. The school refused

SGA World Wide

By Jalynn Jones

Broncos have touched Indian and Chinese soil! After having two executive board members study abroad, Fayetteville State University’s Student Government Association is off to a productive start, and have decided to bring the global mind set back to FSU. SGA Executive Board members consisting of Jermaine Coble, Jessica Norfleet, Tristin Rainey, and April Love traveled to Greenville, North Carolina on August 24th through the 26th to collaborate with the 17 members of the UNC school system to implement better planning and service to their respective student bodies. FSU’s SGA will also be meeting North Carolina Central University’s Student Government Association at our first Football game of the year on September 1st. SGA Week is readily approaching beginning on September 17th. The next senate meeting is on Wednesday, September 26th at 5 p.m. in the Rudolph Jones Student Center room 236. Feel free

to hear us. We decided to not go to school [in protest],” Nantambu stated. Nantambu was one of the organizers of the protest and was not jailed with the young people involved in the pardon request. Chavis, who is now the President and CEO of the Hip Hop Action Summit, says that he was a “veteran in the civil rights movement” at the time and went to Wilmington on February 1, 1971 to assist the protesters at the request of the United Church of Christ Commission on Racial Justice. While organizing the protesters and contacting various authorities to try to garner protection for the students, Chavis said the violence increased. Several students were shot or verbally attacked. When white students decided not to attend school either, the violence hit a fever pitch. “They didn’t do it in support of our efforts, they said if the [blacks] weren’t going to go, they weren’t either” Nantambu recalled. That weekend resulted in several fires, shootings, and fire bombings. The following year, 16 young people were arrested and eventually 10, the Wilmington 10, were tried for the bombing of Mike's Grocery Store.

In a series of questionable trials, all 10 were convicted, sentenced to a sum total of 242 years, and served prison time. In 1977, Amnesty International declared them “political prisoners of consciousness”. This was significant because it had never happened in the United States. By 1980, the convictions were overturned and they were released from prison. On May 17, 2012, the remaining members of the Wilmington 10 (four are deceased) petitioned Governor Bev Purdue to grant them pardons of innocence. According to the North Carolina Department of Corrections, a pardon of innocence is granted when an individual has been convicted and the criminal charges are subsequently dismissed. Application for this type of Pardon allows an individual to petition the Governor for a declaration of innocence when the individual has been erroneously convicted and imprisoned and later determined to be innocent. In such cases where this Pardon is granted, an individual is allowed to seek compensation from the state. Chavis stated the group’s focus is to get their pardon. Compensation is not their focus at this time. Ferguson, the

September 13, 2012

original attorney for the Wilmington 10, emphasized that the pardon request is at Governor Purdue’s discretion. He said, “The process is fluid, it would really help if those familiar with the case and the pardon request contacted the governor’s office and indicated that they support it.” Governor Purdue is not seeking re-election and will leave office in January 2013. If she does not address the pardon request, the group will have to start the process over again with the next governor. Nantambu, president of the Charlotte chapter of the NAACP, added that all NAACP chapters have petitions available. FSU’s N A A C P P r e s i d e n t Ti a r a Walker can be reached at Contact information for Governor Bev Purdue:

Office of the Governor Constituent Services Office 116 West Jones Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 Phone: (800) 662-7952 (919) 733-2391 Fax: (919) 733-2120 Email: Twitter: @ncgovoffice Facebook: https://www.


September 13, 2012

By Shirley Townsend

What is OCAP?

OCAP is the Office of College Access Programs, a program offered by Fayetteville State University, that solely focuses on middle and high school students' academic success. OCAP is comprised of three separate programs Gear Up, Educational Talent Search, and Upward Bound. Each program has their own goals and agendas but are under the umbrella organization OCAP. Gear Up is a community partnership program that is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The Gear Up program provides early college preparation and awareness services through mentoring, tutoring, counseling, outreach, and other supportive services for students, educators and parents. Gear Up’s goal is to seek services that can help enhance students' academic skills and involve parents in the education of their children. The Program seeks to significantly increase the number of low-income students enrolling in and completing college. Gear Up hosts a number of events during the year and summer. The students get the opportunity to attend a residential

The AmeriCorps Vista Project By Shirley Townsend

Fayetteville State University students were a part of the first AmeriCorps Vista Project this summer. The students used their summer to help support the OCAP programs by serving as AmeriCorps Vista Summer Associates. AmeriCorps VISTA is the national service program designed specifically to fight poverty. The program operates through the service of volunteers. Authorized in 1964 by President John F. Kennedy, and founded as Volunteers in Service to America in 1965, VISTA was incorporated into the AmeriCorps network of programs in 1993.

VISTA has been on the front lines in the fight against poverty in America for more than 45 years. The AmeriCorps Vista Project's summer associates helped assist academic programs, events, and also served as mentors and tutors. By serving through VISTA, the summer associates had the opportunity to gain new skills, friends, and experiences as well as help youth in the community. During their service, they received a modest living allowance, health

care, and other benefits. Each summer associate demonstrated a passion for giving back and helping youth in the community.

Left: AmeriCorps Vista Summer 2012 Associates Richard Wall, Troy Pickens, Appiffany D. Joiner, Tyson McDowell, Daivd Antoine, Danareyn Hamlett, Hydeia Hayes, Trea D. Landry and Shirley Townsend Courtesy of AmeriCorps Vista

The Voice, For Students, By Students 5

camp where they attend workshops, academic classes, receive tutoring and connect with student mentors. Nikki Massey is the Program Director for the Upward bound Program and it is also funded by the U.S. Department of Education to serve students coming from low-income families. The Program provides academic support services to high school students who meet the federal eligibility criteria. Fayetteville State University's Upward Bound Program is designed to serve four targeted high schools in Cumberland, Hoke, and Robeson Counties in North Carolina. Upward Bound currently serves 56 participants who are striving to enroll in college after completing high school. Each student is provided with academic assistance while enrolled. Upward Bound hosts a wide variety of programs for the participants during the summer and school year. The participants get the opportunity to experience college life by attending residential camps during the summer at FSU as well as informative events held at FSU during the school year. The Educational Talent Search

program is also funded by the U.S. Department of Education for the purpose of providing educational and academic support services to low-income students in middle and high school who reside in Cumberland, Robeson, and Hoke Counties. Fayetteville State Universities Educational Talent Search program is to prepare students for college. ETS strives to create a close relationship with its members and Interim Driector Cheryl Adams assures its progress. The staff is required to do constant checkups on each member and provide them with any assistance needed. ETS also provides numerous programs and events during the summer as well as the school year. Events such as “College Readiness Retreat” and STEM Camps are always available to the members along with others. The Office of College Access Programs at Fayetteville State University can be reached in the Helen T. Chick Building, Room 120 Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Phone: 910672-1351 Fax: 910-672-1699

Golfing in the Fight Against Cancer

By Barron Jamel Green

Lauringburg - A loud pinging sound silenced the geese flopping over the first hole of the Cypress Creek Golf Links course during the opening of the relay for golf tournament Sept. 8. This golf tournament, organized by the Butler Manufacturing/BlueScope Building teams, was one of several teams of local businesses and organizations in Lauringburg, that are holding fundraising events leading up to the city’s relay for life on Sept. 21 at Scotland High School . The American Cancer Relay for life is national phenomenon in which communities gather together and walk laps around tracks to raise money and awareness, as well as honor those who have suffered from cancer. Relay for life also reaches across the globe with 4 million people in more than 20 countries participating, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS) website. Proceeds from the event were raised through the $200 entry fee per four -man team, advertising and donations from businesses. In total, 12 teams showed up with the intentions of battling, but not with one another or the challenges of the course, but cancer, which will kill nearly 600,000 in 2012 alone, according to the ACS website.

The tournament kicked off at 9 a.m. with the crackling of hundreds of clubs that banged together in a motorcade of golf carts speeding to the opening hole. Nearly 50 men and woman played the 18-hole course that presented different obstacles to overcome, including the captain’s choice, lingo for a method of playing golf and utilizing the teammate’s golf ball in the four man team that has the best position after every shot. Charles Haywood, BlueScope’s quality manager, orchestrated the event to include first, second, and third place trophies, door prizes, and lunch following the tournament. Players sat down to steak dinners with all the trimmings to conclude their long day of golf. Mr. Haywood said that this year’s tournament was a success. Every year that the tournament was held the number of participants have increased. The Butler Manufacturing/BlueScope team has organized four events but not consecutively. The last tournament was 2008 and raised $7,000, according to Laurinburg . “The economy has everyone in a financial crunch,” he said. But, Mr. Haywood expressed that he “can’t

wait till next year to play again”. For more information about cancer facts or area relay for life events go to the American Cancer Society’s webpage

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The LeBron X

higher price to reflect the Nike+ technology emThought Michael Jordan’s Nike sneaker, Air bedded in the shoes." Jordan would put a hole in your pocket? The buzz By Nike+ Technology it refers to Nike Plus over the debut of LeBron James’ new sneaker system, Zoom Max cushioning and Hyperfuse “The LeBron X” is not about the materials of the shoe. Zoom Max cushmetallic gold Nike check, but ioning is the lightweight durable the dent it will put in your padding, and foam, which alchecking account. The low the wearer to jump highproposed starting er. The shoe is made of all price of the Lebron’s Hyperfuse[d] materials, could be as much which are supposed as $315, far surto be most the indepassing any of structable materials. Jordan’s original The real deal is the price releases. Nike Plus Basketball Compared to matechnology; a chip jority the of stuimbedded in the sole, dents income, it which monitors movewill be a choice of ment and speed. paying rent or havThat’s right, it tells ing fresh feet. you how fast you ran, and According to espn. even tracks your stats, which, the sneaker will, in you can sync in a mobile app. fact, not be that expensive. This Feeling like a superstar already? could be a valid statement as support Courtesy of Well the Nike+ Basketball technolfrom Nike spokesman Brian Strong ogy also measures vertical jumps, said the discussed price is inaccurate. quickness and hustle. Finally, after all your hard “The LeBron X will be launched in the fall at a work is charted off the court, it can be showcased in suggested retail price of $180," Strong said, in a a virtual game that matches your personal stats with other LeBron wearers around the globe. statement. "The initial introduction of the LeBron X will So whether you’re an athlete or a dedicated LeBron fan, the LeBron be the red, white and blue Nike+ enabled version X will be a hefty price to pay! and that price is still being set, but will be at a

By Cimmeon Q.Terry

September 13, 2012

What do you think about the new LoBron X shoes?

Antoine Morgan “I’m not looking to monitor my jumps but the price is reasonable for the technology.”

Ishmel “KC” Cooper “They are hot, but too expensive.”

Blake Utley “Its worth it because it's 2012 plus, Lebron is the number one athlete”

Photos by Alisha Murphy

September 13, 2012

Bronco Life

The Voice, For Students, By Students 7

Got Game? James Newton, Game room Manager.

Looking for a place to hang out with your buddies? Try the Game room on the lower level of the Student Center. The Game room has a bowling alley, Billiard tables, chess/checker boards, a dart board, a variety of video games, a Ping-Pong table and a Foosball table. All ready for your enjoyment. The Game room is open Monday through Sunday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Elisa Ewing tries her hand a bowling.

Check It Out!

Courtland White, RichJulian Crews works on ard Davis, and Michael his billiards game. "Austin" Austin playing a card game. Photos by Antonio Monroe

Attention...Attention...Attention The Voice is currently having phone issues. Please direct your calls to our temporary number (910-364-9462) from our regular number (910-672-2210).

Bronco-iRadio presents its first Annual iMUSIC FESTIVAL on Saturday, September 22 from 12-5:30 p.m. on the campus of Fayetteville State University. The iMUSIC FESTIVAL will feature the talents of FSU students and global independent artists, as well as celebrating one year of programming on the student radio station. It is a free, family friendly event that is open to the public, and will feature many different artists and fun activities for everyone to enjoy. The iMUSIC FESTIVAL will allow independent artists, and FSU independent artists a chance to showcase their musical talent in a positive community setting. Proceeds from this event will go towards the continuing operation of the student radio station, is the student ran internet-based radio station where FSU students learn about the radio broadcasting industry. It provides on-the-job training for students and volunteers interested in the field of radio broadcasting. Students are given access to state of the art equipment where they learn production, marketing, photography, videography, music, and media design. Proceeds from the iMUSIC FESTIVAL will allow the station to purchase much needed equipment and computer applications that will allow them to train and educate students in the Broadcasting field. If anyone is interested in being a vendor for the iMUSIC FESTIVAL, please send an email to GM@BRONCO-iRADIO.COM. For more information about the iMUSIC FESTIVAL go to or send an email to GM@BRONCO-iRADIO.COM.

Greek Corner

Left: Members of the Epsilon Beta chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi show out at their "Shimmy like a Nupe" contest. FSU students/staff from left to right Garrion Mangum, Ervin Tyrone Brinkley and Chris Howard.

Who is The Voice?

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Right: Jasmine Caldwell performs the perfect Kappa wiggle during the wiggle portion of the "Shimmy like a Nupe" contest.


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September 13, 2012

New Year, New Players Broncos Serve Claflin By Jerone Gray

The freshmen class is definitely making its presence known this fall semester! In addition to study body increasing, freshmen student-athletes are at an all time high. The Bronco family welcomed 10 new freshmen ladies to the Lady Broncos Softball team. Enthusiastic and confident, the freshmen players can’t wait for their first collegiate game. Coach Miquel “Coach Who” Justiniano Jr., is expecting an exciting season as well. “I have learned that these new incoming players are going to make it a fun ride for [me] and [the] returning players. I believe they will make a big impact on the team. This may be the best year ever.” When talking with some of the new players, "the friendship is are hard not to notice. Pitching jokes and nicknames, the ladies have already bonded, a quality necessary for teamwork. Kristi Bell, a freshmen pitcher from Hubert, NC, and Sharday Smith, a freshmen first baseman from Law-

renceville, GA, are most excited about bonding with their teammates and making lasting friendships. Many of the new players such as Spencer Ember, a transfer junior from Thomasville, NC, and Haley Wood, a freshmen short stop from Spring Hope, NC, are hoping to grow into more independent people this year. With personal goals off the field and in the classroom, the Lady Broncos Softball team is headed for a winning season. Other freshmen team members include Fallon Brown, an outfielder from Columbus, Ohio; Brittany Nicole Freeman, second baseman from Fayetteville, NC; and Kelsey Urquhart, an outfielder from Sneads Ferry, NC. We can all support these ladies on their journey to the CIAA Championship and Division 2 World Series by attending their fall softball games, beginning Sept. 5. Scrimmages will be held every weekend until mid October. ATTITUDE CHECK……BRONCO PRIDE!!!!!

Photo by Richy Dickens

2012-2013 Lady Broncos Softball Team

Reigned on by Braves By Jennifer Lucas, Editor-in-Chief

The Broncos took on the rain only to lose to the UNC Pembroke Braves on Saturday night at the fourth annual Two Rivers Classic. Both teams fought hard for the win, which was claimed by the Braves with a final score of 31 to 21. The Broncos are Photo by Shakieviea Gilchrist now 0-2 for the 2012 season. The next Fayetteville State University Brongame will be against the Panthers of Vir- cos, Chauncey Concepcion (15Quarterback), prepares to throw ginia Union University at home Sept. 15. while University of North Carolina The game is set to kickoff at 6 p.m.

at Pembroke Defensive players Devante Bush (52- Defense Linemen), Ryan Stiles (76- Defense Linemen), Joshua Gooding (95Defense Linemen) and Quentin Pate (6- Defense Back) try to prevent the throw during the Two Rivers Classic.

Photo by Rasheed McLain

Fayetteville State University Broncos, Anthony Duran (5- Wide Receiver), returns a punt during the Two Rivers Classic against of North Carolina University at Pembroke while being guard by teammates Simeon Marshall (21- Cornerback) and Michael Sykes (28- Free Safety) from University of North Carolina at Pemberok players Quentin Pate (6- Defense Back) and Matt Turner (92- Defense Lineman) on Saturday night in Lumberton, NC

Courtesy of Candis Johnson

Fayetteville State University Lady Broncos serve against the Lady Panthers of Claflin University during the Sept.. 5 season opener. By Ti'Aira Southerland

The Lady Broncos defeated the Lady Panthers (Claflin University) Volleyball team Season-opener over Claflin 3-1. The game began with a strong serve by #3 of the Lady Panthers, however, the Lady Broncos took the first set by four points. FSU's Chaquita Jackson and Joylene Thompson both had three kills and one block each. Lady Broncos also

took the 2nd set 25-11 over Claflin. Pre-Season All-CIAA Joi Emanuel & Ifeyinwa Nwokolo , captains, had four kills in set two leading to a victory of the 25-11. The Lady Panther started off rough but stole set three with a 25-23 win, breaking the winning strike by the Broncos for the best of five series 2-1. The Lady Broncos won the game by taking set four 2520 over the Lady Panthers.

Sports NCCU Wins Season Opener

The Voice, For Students, By Students 9

September 13, 2012

Photo by Rasheed McLain

Broncos Defensive Line tries to stop the Eagles of North Carolina Central University from gaining yards on a play during the Sept. 1 game in Durham, NC. By Adrian Ferguson, Sports Information Director

The Fayetteville State Broncos opened its 2012 football season with a 54-31 loss to the Division I - FCS North Carolina Central Eagles in front of 9,077 fans on Saturday evening at O'Kelly-Riddick Stadium. The Broncos fall to 24-9 in the all-time series with the Eagles, and traveled to UNC Pembroke on Sept. 8 for the Fourth Annual Two Rivers Classic at Grace P. Johnson Stadium. FSU (0-1) used a two-quarterback system in the opener as Andreas Hudson started the contest before Chauncey Concepcion replaced him in the second quarter. Hudson made his first start for the Broncos since the 2010 season opener against UNC Pembroke, but would later suffer an injury later in the year that forced him to miss both the remainder of the 2010 campaign and the entire 2011 season. "I thought Andreas threw the ball well tonight, and Chauncey did some good things with the football," said head coach Kenny Phillips. "Chauncey threw the interception, but other than that I thought we played well as a football team. I told the team before the game the thing we can't do is turn the football over; and we come out and turn the football over four times. You can't do that and win football games. To me, that's the difference in this football game is those four turnovers." The FSU defense and special teams set the tone early in the opening quarter as NCCU (1-0) was forced to punt in its first two possessions, and the second punt put the Broncos ahead 7-0 as Joseph McLean blocked an Oleg Parent punt and Chris Person recovered it and rank eight yards for the first touchdown of the season. The Eagles' special teams responded a few minutes later as Geovonie Irvine returned an Antonio Mayo punt 31 yards for the game-tying touchdown, but Mayo put Fayetteville State back in front 10-7 with a 38-yard field goal. The field goal by Mayo was the second of his career on his second collegiate attempt, and capped an 11-play 56-yard drive that was aided by two 15-yard penalties by NCCU. The Broncos forced the Eagles to punt on the following possession, but fumbled

on the first play of their drive and led to a three-yard touchdown run by Andre Clark on the very next play to go back on top 14-10. It became 20-10 on NCCU’s next possession on Arthur Goforth's 11-yard touchdown run. Concepcion would enter the game following the touchdown and immediately made an impact as he went 4-for-4 passing for 50 yards, including a long of 17, and scored from six-yards out with 31.7 seconds remaining in the half to trim Fayetteville State's deficit to 20-17. The Broncos offense opened the second half with a solid drive offensively, led by Concepcion, moving into Eagle territory. NCCU's defense then forced Concepcion into his first mistake of the game as Allonte Tuppins intercepted his pass and returned it 69-yards to extend the Eagles lead to 27-17. FSU then fumbled the following kick-off, and NCCU made it 3417 three plays later on a 20-yard touchdown pass from Matt Goggans to Irvine. The Broncos were not to be denied as Michael Johnson returned the following kick-off 94 yards for a touchdown to make it a 34-24 contest, but the Eagles scored on their next two possessions on touchdown runs by Clarke and Gary Douglas. NCCU made it a 48-24 contest after those two touchdowns. Concepcion responded to the two touchdowns by going 5-for-5 for Fayetteville State through the air for 52 yards, while also rushing for eight, as Tyrel Bryant-Dove capped off the drive by running in from 19-yards out and cut the score to 48-31. Adrian Wilkins would end the game for the Eagles as he returned a Bronco punt 57 yards for a touchdown as time expired to end the game with a 54-31 score. Concepcion finished the game 14for-18 through the air for 141 yards, while Hudson went 6-for-7 for 58 yards. Bryant-Dove led the Fayetteville State ground game with 33 yards, and Antonio Allen had 68 receiving yards and tied Kasunn Williams with five catches each. Johnson also had a team-high eight tackles on defense as four Bronco players were in on sacks. Joshua Scales also had an interception for Fayetteville State.

Upcoming FSU Games

Voice Photo by Shakeyla Bailey

Volleyball n Sept 15 vs Virginia Union @ Lincoln, PA game starts at 1 p.m. n Sept. 15 vs Bowie State @ Lincoln, PA game starts at 3 p.m. n Sept. 16 vs Lincoln(Pa.) @ Lincoln, PA game starts at 9 a.m. n Sept. 20 vs Livingstone @ Salisbury, NC game starts at 6 p.m. n Sept. 21 vs USC Aiken @ Charlotte, NC game starts at 1 p.m. n Sept. 21 vs Armstong Atlantic @ Charlotte, NC game starts at 5 p.m. n Sept. 22 vs Johnson C. Smith @ Charlotte, NC game starts at 3 p.m. n Sept. 25 vs Saint Augustine's @ FSU game starts at 6 p.m.

Voice Photo by Rasheed McLain

Football n Sept. 15 host Virginia Union kickoff is at 6 p.m. n Sept. 22 host Elizabeth City State kickoff is at 6 p.m.

Voice Photo by Charnell Harris


n Scrimmages every weekend @ FSU's Seabrook Park until midOctober

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September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012


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United We Stand

Dr. Charles said. "It also helps that Fort Bragg, the Headquarters [staff] of the Army, who work alongside FSU’s CDHS to help prevent and combat these catastrophic and man-made disasters, is right in our backyard.”

Training tomorrow's leader in STEM The recent emphasis placed on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) within the last decade is helping students become more engaged in these areas in order to compete within the U.S. and around the world. Dr. Charles stressed the importance of having K-12 students being exposed to STEM because, as cliché as Courtesy of it sounds, these children are the future and if they aren’t able to catch up with innovative science and technology they By Theresa “Raey” Walker will be left behind. Are you interested in working to de“We must prepare the next generafend the U.S. and world against natural tion and in order to do that we must and man-made disasters? You may be impact K-12 first,” said Dr. Charles. in luck. On Fayetteville State UniversiWhen Hurricane Katrina devastated ty campus, the Center for Defense and New Orleans, for instance there were Homeland Security (CDHS), is devel- few, if any correspondents that were oping programs to do just that. able to communicate clearly with the CDHS is a cutting edge research fa- victims of the storm. Some people cility that is spearheaded by Dr. Curtis didn’t understand the culture or lanCharles, senior associate vice chancel- guage, therefore communication was lor and director of CDHS at FSU. The dwarfed and getting help to the victims center is necessary to “prepare the next was stalled. generation for the workforce specializ“When we incorporate more minoriing in national security and defense," ties into the equation they can better

help because they will understand how to communicate," Dr. Charles said. "It is vital that we ensure women and minorities are getting into the STEM fields." However, he added that developing communication devices specific to the needs and training people to use them properly is a vital necessity.

What does CDHS offer Research provided by CDHS is an extra step FSU educators have emphasized, making competition for jobs in homeland security more realistic for students. The research at CDHS focuses on four main areas: Infrastructure Protection & Disaster Management, Cyber Security Systems, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (or C4ISR), and Chemical and Biological Countermeasures. Each of these areas translates into research that continuously needs to be conducted and jobs that need to be filled in the near future. CDHS does not offer a degree. It is a catalyst for STEM, however, it provides opportunities and grants for students to participate in internships at Oakridge National Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.). This past summer FSU sent six students to these institutions and allowed for students to network within their chosen fields. The CDHS recognizes that in the

very near future there will be a vacancy of jobs within the national security and defense areas due to many retirees. FSU hopes to fill those vacancies with some of its students. According to, the average mean income for an individual in STEM related fields $77,880 and only four of the STEM occupations were below $43,460. In order to to compete in STEM careers, applicants must have a clean police record. In fact, many of the jobs that involve national security require a background check and a security clearance. Just last week, New Orleans and surrounding areas were threatened again with Tropical Storm Isaac. This time, the city, state, and surrounding areas were better prepared because they invested in the infrastructure and improved communication, which were direct results for CDHS’s research and technologies. So, the next time you wonder what you can do with a degree in biology, chemistry, computer science, mass communications or any field, stop and think about what CDHS at FSU can do for you. For more information about the Center for Defense and Homeland Security log onto their FSU webpage at

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Bronco Community

September 13, 2012

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Backpack Give Away

By Ricky Dickens Business owner Kevin Brooks, is all about giving back to the community and August 25 marked the fifth year of the annual Backpack Giveaway. Located in Bronco Square shopping center, Trimmerz barbershop hosted the event, which gave away nearly 500 backpacks. “I wanted to do something to give back to the community, our community”, said Brooks. The event has grown from its original 100 backpacks, and each pack includes free school supplies. In addition to the supplies, Trimmerz hosted a cookout with free food and music. The Fayetteville Doggpound motorcycle club was in attendance, along with Ronald McDonald, and other games and activities for the children.

By Cynthia Arroyo

The Possession

Lately exorcist movies have become a cliché but ‘The Possession’ gives it a twist by stepping out of the Catholic realm. This time we are given the Jewish interpretation of exorcism. It also gives tells a story about a girl going to a yard sale and buying a pretty craved box that turns out to be a bad purchase. The main source of the paranormal and frightening occurrances is a Jewish inscripted wooden box. The box becomes property of the Brenek family, a family separated by the fast paced life of Clyde (Jeffery Dean Morgan). Clyde tries to form a strong bond with his two daughters Em (Natasha Calis) and Hannah (Madison Davenport) since they live with their mother Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick). Clyde takes his daughters to a yard sale where Em finds this beautiful engraved box. This box brings about violent and dangerous behaviors in Em when she opens it. Dybbuk an evil Jewish spirit who feeds off the souls of innocent children has possessed Em. Clyde is highly alarmed and stops at nothing to save his daughter from this evil and life-consuming demon. Possession is definitely a well-crafted horror movie. Sam Raimi and Ole Bornedal really outdid themselves with this film. If you’re in the mood for a good scare as well as suspense ’The Possession’ is a definite go see movie. Fandango and I highly recommend this movie.

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Poetry Garden I Jumped

I jumped out of out of your boat into his then I jumped again just to end up swimming in the ocean (waiting for him) Guess it is like they say there are more fish in the see but I saw many fish but their was only one kind of my sea And that was you Know I realize why I jumped out your boat into his Just to end up where I am Finding out the only reason I did it was because I was still in love with you and he was my safe zone So I needed him To fill this empty spot in my heart and to keep my mind busy be cause too many thoughts run through my head I need him to fill a void So he gave me the attention I needed the communication I craved for and the love and affection I was a fiend for So I am no longer a fiend or crave, need or want anything from you Because now my best friend has become my homie and turned into my man And I’m feeling like I’m in love all over again expect for this time it’s real and right So now you are ghost to my heart and stranger to my thoughts Because he was there when I needed help and that help for me turned into like to care to love to head over heels in love with him I jumped Out of your boat into the ocean so I could be saved by my destiny And now you are just a fish under our cruise ship where he is the captain and I am the queen ~ Brittany Warren

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Volume 4, Issue 2

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